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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Braid - "Frame & Canvas (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Frame & Canvas (Album Stream)

"Frame & Canvas (Album Stream)" music video by Braid
Added on 06-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description : Braid - Frame & Canvas [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Braid’s seminal album, Frame & Canvas, came out 20 years ago on April 7, 1998. It was recorded by J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines) at Inner Ear studios in December 1997.

Order Picture Disc/LP/CD/Tape/Digital:

1. The New Nathan Detroits (0:00)
2. Killing A Camera (4:17)
3. Never Will Come For Us (6:51)
4. First Day Back (10:22)
5. Collect From Clark Kent (13:44)
6. Milwaukee Sky Rocket (17:09)
7. A Dozen Roses (20:22)
8. Urbana's Too Dark (23:47)
9. Consolation Prizefighter (28:03)
10. Ariel (31:16)
11. Breathe In (33:54)
12. I Keep A Diary (36:10)

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Braid is an American emo band from Champaign, Illinois, formed in 1993.

Following several early line-up changes, the band eventually settled on Bob Nanna on guitar and vocals, Todd Bell on bass, Chris Broach on guitar and vocals, Dave Horan on guitar and vocals and Roy Ewing on drums until he was replaced in 1997 by new drummer Damon Atkinson.

In 1998 the group released their third album, Frame & Canvas, to critical acclaim and is considered a staple of the late 90's emo movement. Despite Frame & Canvas's success, Braid disbanded in 1999. Nanna, Bell, and Atkinson formed the more melodic Hey Mercedes, while Broach would dedicate more time to The Firebird Band which was previously a side project.

Tags : 1998, 90s, Braid