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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Lord Conrad - "Touch The Sky" [Pop]

Touch The Sky

"Touch The Sky" music video by Lord Conrad
Added: 17-03-2019
Genre : Pop
Description :

Director: Gabriel Cash
Coprotagonist: Elisa Pepè Sciarria
Choreographer: Lee Jackson
Photography/Girls: Johnny Zampa’s Bastard Dolls
Make-up and Hair-Stylist: Andrea Marchi
Fisrt Assistant Director: Sandro Chillemi
Second Assistant Director: Valentina Morgia
Location: Nice DiscoClub Rome
Cars: Fabrizio Unamericanoaroma Barbato, Pavel Charger Verzieri
Bastard Dolls: Wendy Stuart, Maria Anne, Veronica Boggiano, Erika Fioravanti, Deborah ifbb Corsatto, Irene De Angelis

MILAN, ITALY – Lord Conrad is a hot new musician out of Italy whose artistic philosophy reflects his own sweet, altruistic and sensitive character. He believes people should focus on spreading positive messages and be themselves by following whatever their passion is.

 “I love helping and listening to others,” he said. “I think that every single person has the potential to achieve great things. No matter what your social, sexual or religious affiliation is – or any other status – we’re all gonna’ make it. Just be yourself and follow your passion and push it to the limit.”

Lord Conrad’s new single, “Touch – The Sky,” is a tribute to that artistic philosophy. He said the song comes from his honesty and the admiration he has for people with high character and who put in hard work. He said the single is a never-done-before “sonorous experiment,” a mix between trance, dance and EDM electronic music that features heavy beats with melodic stabs of electronic piano while showcasing his vocal skills.

"Of course, the lyrics capture my sweet, eccentric, positive, lavish lifestyle perfectly," he said. “On enthusiastic listener stated: ‘This is a masterpiece of musical art.’ And ‘Lord Conrad’s new music is a perfect combination of a two-time speed new generation lifestyle.’”

 Prior to releasing this single, Lord Conrad has been modeling, dancing and doing public relations events at clubs throughout Milan – the world fashion capital – for the past 10 years. It was through those experiences that he said he developed a passion for music – to the point that he wanted to show the world his feelings in a way of sending positive messages to the world. He said that he chose music because it’s a good way to express oneself while encouraging others who listen to the music to embrace the positive messages he’s sending out.

“I had this burning feeling inside of me to show my feelings and get messages out to the world,” he said. “I do have a lavish lifestyle, and my mixed personality is both sweet and eccentric. That’s why I chose the name Lord Conrad, because it sounds like a powerful name for a powerful charismatic personality.”

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