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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

William Fitzsimmons - "Gold In The Shadow (Deluxe Version) (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Gold In The Shadow (Deluxe Version) (Album Stream)

"Gold In The Shadow (Deluxe Version) (Album Stream)" music video by William Fitzsimmons
Added on 06-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description : William Fitzsimmons - Gold In The Shadow - Deluxe (Full Album Stream)


The Tide Pulls From the Moon 0:00
Beautiful Girl 3:39
The Winter From Her Leaving 6:17
Fade and Then Return 9:42
Psychasthenia 14:23
Bird of Winter Prey 18:37
Let You Break (feat. Leigh Nash) 22:38
Wounded Head 26:01
Tied To Me 28:59
What Hold 33:28
From the Water 37:33
Bird of Winter Prey (Acoustic Version) 40:10
Ever Could 43:44
The Tide Pulls From the Moon (Acoustic Version) 47:37
Blood and Bones 50:58
Fade and Then Return (Acoustic Version) 53:44
Psychasthenia (Acoustic Version) 57:23
Tied To Me (Acoustic Version) 01:00:49
By My Side 01:04:18
Gold In Shadow 01:07:04
Let You Break (feat. Julia Stone) 01:10:17
Beautiful Girl (Live from Acoustic Café) 01:13:39
The Winter From Her Leaving (Live from Acoustic Café) 01:16:10
Let You Break (Acoustic Version) 01:19:36


William Fitzsimmons (born 1978[2]) is an American singer-songwriter, based in Nashville, perhaps best known for his songs "Passion Play" and "Please Don't Go", which aired during pivotal scenes in ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. His first two full-length albums, Until When We Are Ghosts (2005) and Goodnight (2006), were completely self-produced and recorded by Fitzsimmons at his former home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His The Sparrow And The Crow (2008) was his first studio record. In addition to the above, his music has also been featured on ABC's Brothers & Sisters and Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, MTV's Life of Ryan and Teen Wolf, The CW's One Tree Hill, CBS's Blue Bloods, ABC Family's Greek, Lifetime's Army Wives, and USA Network's Burn Notice, and he has been given reference in Billboard, Rolling Stone, Paste, Spin, Musikexpress, Uncut, Q Magazine, and Performing Songwriter Magazine.

In June 2011, Fitzsimmons toured in Europe, presenting his recent album "Gold In The Shadow," which was released March 22 via Nettwerk.

Tags : 2011, 10s, William Fitzsimmons