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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Tupelo Sun - "Lost Your Mind" [Pop]

Lost Your Mind

"Lost Your Mind" music video by Tupelo Sun
Added: 04-04-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Tupelo Sun "Lost Your Mind" official music video

Official music video for “Lost Your Mind” by Tupelo Sun

Directed by Mike Mildon

Stream/Save on all platforms Feb 22 2019
Produced by Mike Mildon & Cameron Kearley
Special Thanks to everyone who helped!


Tupelo Sun’s passion for music came after a trip to Graceland with his Dad and older Brother when he was 13. He threw himself into the music of Elvis and drew inspiration that still motivates him today. His name Tupelo is in homage of the musical great who has inspired him to pursue music.

During his first year at College, at the insistence of his peers, Tupelo daringly surrendered to his calling and jumped on stage during an open mic night at the College campus. It was then that he realized that the flame that he had ignored for so many years still burned within. During his performance at the open mic, Tupelo flashed back to his early years often playing the video game “Rock Band”.  Back then, at the age of 14, is where Tupelo imagined himself performing before a live audience. It was at that very moment that Tupelo finally believed that he could do this. As luck would have it, following his performance, Tupelo was approached by a Producer who was interested in working with him, after a few hang outs they decided to create an album together. This validation gave Tupelo the sense that this was something that was actually tangible, and it made him feel that he could do this and do it well. Tupelo recently stated, “ever since that chance encounter, I’ve been working my hardest to make the best music I can so that I can share my personal perspectives with the world”.

With the encouragement of his closest friends, armed with a wealth of music appreciation, Tupelo set out to collaborate with the best in the business; someone who could help him develop what he hoped, one day, would become his signature sound. Tupelo quickly identified Sammy and Bobby Gerongco (publicly known around the world as “Kuya”) as two of the best. Kuya, the multi-platinum award winning Canadian hip-hop, r&b and pop production duo from Toronto, Ontario, provided their mastermind production skills to help cultivate Tupelo’s musical direction for his forthcoming single “Lost Your Mind”. The charmed collaboration with Kuya (Alessia Cara, Nelly, Mase, JRDN, Shawn Desman, Nicole Scherzinger, Little Mix) enabled Tupelo’s musical exploration to develop and grow and allowed him to let loose in the recording booth to find what he now confidently believes is the official beginning of a long-standing musical journey.

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