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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nolan The Ninja - "IMG" [Hip-Hop]


"IMG" music video by Nolan The Ninja
Added: 11-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Nolan The Ninja - "IMG" | Performance Video

SPORTEE reminds you that the past is always there, just waiting for the right talent to reinvent it. Hunger can’t be faked. Rawness can’t be approximated. Passion can’t be quantified, but you can definitely hear it. Nolan the Ninja embodies those intangibles as well as anyone in recent memory.

Production: Former Co.
Editorial: Randall Kupfer
Graphics: Devyn LaValley
Featuring Nolan The Ninja & Lord Gulley
Special thanks to Andrey Douthard & Jam Handy

Producer: BLAAQ.AU
Scratches: LORD GULLEY

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group, 2019


Nolan Chapman, also known as ‘Nolan The Ninja’, is a emcee, producer and rapper from Detroit. Nolan The Ninja is a throwback in many regards. Nolan delivers a special blend of two different styles; nostalgic yet modernized. In an era where many are just thrust into the realm of music without having gone through a proper stretch of artistic development, Nolan has been through the gauntlet and honed his abilities to the razor's edge over the past few years.
Ultimately, Nolan The Ninja is a promising placement within the genre of hip-hop. Through his words & production equipment, he’s creating a legacy for himself.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Nolan The Ninja