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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Red Wanting Blue - "Hitchhiker's Lullaby (ft. Rusty Young Of Poco)" [Rock & Alternative]

Hitchhiker's Lullaby (ft. Rusty Young Of Poco)

"Hitchhiker's Lullaby (ft. Rusty Young Of Poco)" music video by Red Wanting Blue
Added: 19-09-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Red Wanting Blue - Hitchhiker's Lullaby feat. Rusty Young of Poco [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Official music video for “Hitchhiker’s Lullaby” feat. Rusty Young of Poco from Red Wanting Blue. 

Listen to “Hitchhiker’s Lullaby“ from The Wanting here:

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Listen to Red Wanting Blue - ‘Hitchhiker’s Lullaby feat. Rusty Young of Poco’ on Apple Music:

Tour footage shot by Red Wanting Blue: Scott Terry, Mark McCullough, Greg Rahm, Eric Hall & Dean Anshutz
Additional footage provided by: Seth Basista & Jenna Pace
Post production: Khaled Tabarra & Katie Ann Timko


Red Wanting Blue (also known as RWB) is a rock and roll band led by Scott Terry that formed in Athens, Ohio in 1996. In 1999 the band relocated its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio, the city Red Wanting Blue now calls home. RWB has been touring for nearly two decades playing around 200 live shows a year. Red Wanting Blue is known as an explosive live act to follow, with Terry being compared to some of the most entertaining frontmen in the industry.

The band has released twelve full-length albums to date: Velveteen (1996), Image Trigger (1998), Model Citizen (2000), Sirens (2001), Souvenirs of City Life (2002), Pride: The Cold Lover (2004), The Warehouse Sessions (2006), These Magnificent Miles (2008 & re-release, 2010), From The Vanishing Point (2011), Little America (2014), RWB20 Live at Lincoln Theater (2016), and The Wanting (2018).

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