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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Gershwin - "Porgy And Bess (Excerpts) (hr-sinfonieorch., cond. Orozco-Estrada)" [Classical]

Porgy And Bess (Excerpts) (hr-sinfonieorch., cond. Orozco-Estrada)

"Porgy And Bess (Excerpts) (hr-sinfonieorch., cond. Orozco-Estrada)" music video by Gershwin
Added: 08-10-2019
Genre : Classical
Description : Gershwin: Porgy and Bess (Excerpts) - hr-Sinfonieorchester - Cape Town Opera Chorus - Orozco-Estrada

George Gershwin:
Porgy and Bess – A Concert of Songs 

I. Summertime (Sopran) 
II. A woman is a sometime thing (Bariton und Chor) 
III. Gone, gone, gone (Chor) 
IV. Overflow (Chor) 
V. My man’s gone now (Sopran) 
VI. The Promise’ Lan’ (Sopran und Chor) 
VII. I got plenty o’nuttin (Bariton) 
VIII. Bess, you is my woman now (Sopran und Bariton) 
IX. Oh, I can’t sit down (Chor) 
X. I ain’t got no shame (Chor) 
XI. It ain’t necessarily so (Bariton und Chor) 
XII. There’s a boat dat’s leavin’ (Bariton) 
XIII. Lawd, I’m on my way (Sopran, Bariton und Chor) 

Adina Aaron, Sopran  
Musa Ngqungwana, Bass-Bariton  
Cape Town Opera Chorus 
Marvin Kernelle, Choreinstudierung 

hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony 
AndrĂ©s Orozco-Estrada, Dirigent 

Alte Oper Frankfurt, 13. September 2019 

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