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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Jacob Collier - "All Night Long" [Blues & Jazz]

All Night Long

"All Night Long" music video by Jacob Collier
Added: 03-10-2019
Genre : Blues & Jazz
Description : Jacob Collier - All Night Long (Official Video)

After hundreds of hours of video-editing time, I give you the fruits of my labours... the video for "All Night Long" (Djesse Vol. 1)!

• • • FEATURING • • •

Claude V. McKnight III
David Thomas
Joey Kibble
Mark Kibble
Khristian Dentley
Alvin Chea

Conductor and legend: Jules Buckley
1st Violin: Arlia de Ruiter, Vera Laporeva, Sarah Koch, Denis Koenders, Pauline Terlouw, David Peijnenborgh, Casper Donker, Henriëtte Luytjes, Francoise van Varsseveld, Christina Knoll, Giles Francis & Yannick Hiwat
2nd Violin: Herman van Haaren, Wim Kok, Jasper van Rosmalen, Ruben Margarita, Ewa Zbyszynska, Merel Jonker, Robert Baba & Suzie Collier
Viola: Norman Jansen
Viola: Mieke Honingh
Viola: Julia Jowett
Viola: Iris Schut
Viola: Isabella Petersen
Viola: Wouter Huizinga
Viola: Alex Welch
Cello: Emile Visser
Cello: Maarten Jansen
Cello: Annie Tangberg
Cello: Jascha Albracht
Cello: Sebastiaan de Rode
Double Bass: Erik Winkelmann
Double Bass: Arend Liefkes
Double Bass: Boris Oostendorp
Harp: Joke Schonewille
Flute: Mariël van den Bos
Flute: Janine Abbas
Flute: Liset Pennings
Oboe: Willem Luijt
Clarinet, Saxophone: Marc Scholten
Clarinet, Saxophone: Paul van der Feen
Clarinet, Saxophone: Leo Janssen
Clarinet, Saxophone: Sjoerd Dijkhuizen
Clarinet, Saxophone: Max Boeree
Clarinet, Saxophone: David Kweksilber
Horn: Pieter Hunfeld
Horn: Petra Botma
Horn: Wendy Leliveld
Horn: Lies Molenaar
Horn: Sander van Dijk
Horn: Fons Verspaandonk
Trumpet: Ray Bruinsma
Trumpet: Martijn de Laat
Trumpet: Nico Schepers
Trumpet: Rik Mol
Trumpet: Ruud Breuls
Trumpet: Jo Hermans
Trumpet: Angelo Verploegen
Trombone: Jan Oosting
Trombone: Jan Bastiani
Trombone: Frederik Heirman
Trombone: Martijn Sohier
Bass Trombone: Martin van den Berg
Bass Trombone: Bart van Gorp
Tuba: Ries Schellekens
Percussion: Eddy Koopman
Percussion: Murk Jiskoot
Percussion: Frank Wardenier
Remote Camera Operators: Max Boeree and Alle van der Wal

Alaysia Bookal, Aleigha Durand, Allayna O'Quinn, Andre Smith, Asriel Davis, Asya Bookal, Briana Marshall, Carl Reed, Celine Sylvester, Chad Lupoe, Charles Wallington, Chesroleeysia Bobb, Cleavon Davis, Cole Henry, Dominique DeAbreu, Haley Flemons, Hector Jordan, Holland Sampson, Jonathan Mills, JoPaul Scavella, Jourdan Bardo, Kashea Whyte, Keviez Wilson, Kobe Brown, Kristin Hall, Leonard Brown, Lincoln Liburd, Louis Cleare, Maia Foster, Malia Ewen, Malik George, Malik Mchayle, Marc Simons, Marissa Wright, Matthew Cordner, Mykel Robinson-Collins, Naomi Parchment, Natrickie Louissant, Patricia Williams, Roddley Point Du Jour, Samara Bowden, Samella Carryl, Terell Francis-Clarke, Zarren Bennett & Jason Max Ferdinand. Videographer: Ed Rode

Electric Bass & Drone Operator: Robin Mullarkey
Chord-sign holders: Quincy Jones, Steve Vai
Circle of Fifths guy: Lionel Richie
Black-and white cynic: George Gershwin

Moroccan Gnawa legend / leader: Hamid El Kasri
Krakebs: Abdelhak Bounhar
Krakebs: Abderrazak Moustaqim
Krakebs: Wahid Boudjeltia
Krakebs: Moulay Abdekrim Alaalaoui

Video Footage: Jacob's music room; Royal Albert Hall (London); Oakwood University (Alabama); Muziekcentrum van de Omroep (Netherlands); QPAC (Brisbane, Australia); The Opera House (Toronto); the streets of New Orleans; homes in Los Angeles; London parks.

Audio recorded, edited and mixed by Jacob in Logic Pro X.
Video edited by Jacob in Adobe Premiere Pro.

© Hajanga Records


"All Night Long (All Night)" is a hit single by American singer-songwriter Lionel Richie from 1983. Taken from his second solo album, Can't Slow Down (1983), it combined Richie's soulful Commodores style with Caribbean influences. This new, more dance music, pop-inspired approach proved popular, as the single reached number one on three Billboard charts (pop, R&B and adult contemporary). Richard Marx contributed guest vocals as an unknown until his 1987 debut album appeared.


Jacob Collier is an English singer, arranger, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in London, England. In 2012, his homemade split-screen video covers of popular songs, such as Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing", began to go viral on YouTube.

On January 1 2018, Collier began working on Djesse, an ambitious four-volume, 40-song album. It's been described as a "journey through every musical genre under the sun", featuring more than two dozen artists and ensembles. The first quartile, Djesse Vol. 1, was released in December of 2018; and the second, Djesse Vol. 2, was released on July 19th, 2019.

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