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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Manuel Aspidi - "Let Out This Light" [Pop]

Let Out This Light

"Let Out This Light" music video by Manuel Aspidi
Added: 23-10-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Manuel Aspidi "Let Out This Light" - official music video

LET OUT THIS LIGHT was produced by: THOMAS ASPIDI for Genialsong - Music Promotion for Artists ( and by THOMAS Music & Art Ltd (

Artistic direction: NUMA PALMER

Music production and arrangements: JULIAN VICTOR HINTON 



Scene photographers: GIULIA LUCARINI



Video Images by Drone: DRONE ACTIVITY SRLS by Lorenzo Tampucci


Makeup artist: ELENA CECCARINI



Special thanks to PHIL PALMER and ALAN CLARK they are part of my great music producers

A special thanks to the MUNICIPALITY of LIVORNO CITY and the PORT AUTHORITY OF LIVORNO that allowed us to shoot the video in the most beautiful places in the city (MASCAGNI TERRACE – VILLA MIMBELLI – OLD FORTRESS)

And to conclude, thanks to my FAMILY that has always supported me 


talian superstar Manuel Aspidi releases powerful visuals for hit track “Let Out This Light” – The idea was born from the text, which deals in a very delicate way with the theme of rebirth, of the return to light from a dark moment, of sadness and depression, through love and hope. In the video two parallel stories are developed: that of Manuel, the narrator protagonist, and that of the two dancers, who represent the feelings Manuel speaks of in his song. At the beginning of the video the two boys, immersed in their thoughts, look around as if they are lost: from their chance meeting a spark is lit that gives new light to their lives. The location of the video was chosen Livorno (Tuscany – Italy), birthplace of Manuel Aspidi, with some of its most suggestive attractions: Old Fortress, Mascagni Terrace and Mimbelli Villa. 

MANUEL ASPIDI was born in Livorno (Tuscany – Italy) in 1987. He began studying singing at the age of 6 and, only 15, he was already the winner of numerous singing competitions. In 1999 he began studying light music (Pop – Blues – Soul) and, at the same time, he starred as a protagonist in the panorama of opera music. He is the first dramatic tenor in the choir of the Maestro Precious interpreter of operas including Beethoven’s Ninth, Madame Butterfly, Carmina Burana, Vivaldi, Don Pasquale and Norma, taken on tour in theaters throughout Italy. In 2006, nineteen, he joined the cast of the VI edition of the Talent Show “Amici” by Maria De Filippi. The unpublished “Soli a metà”, interpreted by him, is stationed for 4 months at the top of the charts, becoming a summer hit. It is the first successful new program and receives 2 Gold Records and the Platinum Disc.

He then recorded the song “Not like me” a piece at the center of a service realized by Verissimotransmission of Canale 5. In 2010 he recorded his second unpublished work in Italian “Che Senso Ha”, written by Niccolò Agliardi which earned him good air play on the radio. In 2011 it was the turn of the third single entitled “Non ci aspettiamo più”, again from Agliardi. In 2012, Edel released the single “Notte di luglio”, written by Pierdavide Carone, “Cuore” and “Il Mio Mondo”, a delicate journey through reflections and thoughts on the world of disabled children. In 2016 he presented himself at the blind auditions of The Voice of Italy with the song “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. All 4 coaches turn and Manuel, among them, chooses Raffaella Carrà. At the knockout episode, the coach Raffaella Carrà decides, between the disapproval of the audience and the viewers, to end the path of Manuel, who performs interpreting Areosmith’s “I don’t wont to miss a thing” and leaving the talent between applause heard from the public. The video of that interpretation in just 8 days reaches 100 thousand views on YouTube. In May 2018 it records the song L’Uso Delle Mani ( dedicated to all the women victims of femicide. The video of the song totals over 1 million views, exactly one million hundred thousand, demonstrating that Manuel is followed and loved by many fans.

The 2019 opens for Manuel with an ambitious project of international breadth, enclosed in the EP entitled “Libero (I’m Free)”, which the singer introduces to the public with the launch of the single “Un angelo per me”: released on January 24, 2019 it has totaled over 300 thousand views on the artist’s Youtube channel. The latest success, in chronological order, is the video of the single “Libero (I’m Free)”, which gives its name to the EP: released on April 8, 2019, in less than a month it has exceeded 17 thousand streaming over Spotyfy and has recorded over 250 thousand views on the singer’s Youtube channel, managing to climb, day after day, the national independent air play ranking.

On May 19, 2019 the EP is released with the title LIBERO (I’M FREE) containing 6 tracks. The EP immediately received a huge success coming to exceed the short time over 110,000 Spotify streaming.In addition to the fans, literally delirious for Manuel – on the Social Networks they wrote so many comments, all positive – the single was greeted with enthusiasm by Alan Clark and Phil Palmer, – historical columns of Dire Straits – and by the wife of the latter Numa Palmer, who also oversaw the production, musical composition and arrangements and who, in a dedicated video clip, highlighted Manuel’s extraordinary vocal abilities.

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