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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Raised Fist - "Into This World" [Metal & X-Core]

Into This World

"Into This World" music video by Raised Fist
Added: 15-10-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Raised Fist - "Into This World"

"Into This World" by Raised Fist from the album 'Anthems,' available November 15th
Pre-order at

Video by: Alexander Hagman, Raised Fist



Veteran Swedish progressive hardcore band Raised Fist shape an aggressive, inviting sound by honing punk roots with a death metal edge. Dating back to 1998's Fuel (a favorite of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson), one can hear bass and guitar breakdowns juxtaposed with hardcore. The influence of metalcore made its impact clear on 2001's Ignoring the Guidelines. By the time they issued 2006's Sound of the Republic, they had fully integrated death metal into their sinewy musical identity and emerged with a sound virtually unlike any other punk band on the continent. American acts have cited them as influential due to Raised Fist's politically militant songwriting, top-flight musicianship, and unhinged live energy. After signing to Epitaph in 2013, the band issued a wildly syncopated, swinging, metal crunch and punk & roll album with From the North.

 After a world tour and headline appearances at various music festivals, Raised Fist took an extended break. They reassembled at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg with producers Roberto Laghi and Jakob Herrmann, and a determination to do things differently. For the first time, the band limited themselves to issuing just ten songs and pursued that goal while writing in the studio. If a different tune emerged in the process, and was collectively deemed good enough to include, the band would drop a previously agreed-upon track off the list. Another first was the thought and care put into the production of vocals and drums, which were given the same level of care in the mix as guitars and melodies. Prefaced by the title track single, Anthems was issued in October of 2019.

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