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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Skyxxx - "Hotboy Remix (ft. NLE Choppa)" [Hip-Hop]

Hotboy Remix (ft. NLE Choppa)

"Hotboy Remix (ft. NLE Choppa)" music video by Skyxxx
Added: 26-10-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : SKYXXX "Hotboy Remix" (feat. NLE Choppa) (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Hotboy Remix” by Skyxxx Feat. NLE Choppa.

Listen to SKYXXX’s Hotboy Remix (feat. NLE Choppa) here –

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Orlando-based rapper SKYXXX is the founder of the Swamp Posse, and a prolific artist in his own right. His material ranges from more vulnerable, introspective lyrics to more swaggering, irreverent rhymes about drugs and sex. Throughout much of the 2010s, he released several independent mixtapes and EPs, including 2016's SIXXXTY EP, before making his major-label debut with the 2019 single "Hotboy."

SKYXXX was born in New Jersey, but spent much of his childhood in Florida. He began rapping at an early age and formed the Swamp Posse, which included emcees such as Tyla Yaweh, Jinx Cruz, and Eboi, during the early 2010s. He released his first mixtape, 1990: The Sky Project, in 2012, then continued releasing EPs such as SouthSide (2013) and Her (2015), with styles varying from backpacker to cloud rap. Following 2016's SIXXXTY EP, his material generally shifted to a more trap-influenced sound. He released numerous singles and the 2018 EP Hellbound Radio before signing with Warner Bros., who issued his 2019 single "Hotboy."

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