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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Swallow The Sun - "Firelights (Live @ John Smith Festival)" [Rock & Alternative]

Firelights (Live @ John Smith Festival)

"Firelights (Live @ John Smith Festival)" music video by Swallow The Sun
Added: 02-10-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : SWALLOW THE SUN - Firelights (Live at John Smith Festival)

Taken from the album "When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light", out January 25th, 2019.
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Cameras: Heikki Kynsijärvi & Anssi Korhonen
Drone: Jaakko Manninen
Editing: Heikki Kynsijärvi
Live sound & sound recording: Matti Kynsijärvi
Video sound mixing: Juho Räihä @ SoundSpiral Audio
Lights: Asko Kämäräinen


Swallow the Sun is a Finnish extreme metal band whose sound melds classic funereal doom with elements of melodic death and gothic metal, Scandanavian folk melodies, and beautifully dark atmospherics. As evidenced by their debut long player, 2003's The Morning Never Came, their sound balances often lithe, crystalline piano interludes alongside crushing guitar and bass riffs, nearly tribal low-tuned drums, wafting keyboards, and the unearthly vocals of frontman Mikko Kotamäki. This signature has been embellished, expanded and improved upon over long periods of studio experimentation, hundreds of concerts, and travel. Swallow the Sun's central theme is graphically depicting the complexity of human emotions. For 2007's Hope, they used the title as a word in each song, while reflecting utter hoplessness in their music and subject matter; the entire proceedings became a reflection of the place where pain and beauty intersect. The band also revealed their love of classic prog on 2015's epic, triple-length album Songs of the North, I, II & III. The set was split in presentation, offering one death metal album, one acoustic, and one of powerful doom.

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