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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Brother Ali - "Secrets & Escapes (Album Stream)" [Hip-Hop, Album Streams]

Secrets & Escapes (Album Stream)

"Secrets & Escapes (Album Stream)" music video by Brother Ali
Added: 02-11-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop, Album Streams
Description : Brother Ali - Secrets & Escapes (Full Album Stream)

Brother Ali's "Secrets and Escapes" available everywhere now:

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"Secrets & Escapes" is a compendium of Brother Ali's time spent with Evidence, over the course of three trips to California, recording in a Venice garage with no regard for pleasing the internet or competing with the music industry. Evidence chopped up records on old-school samplers and ran them through a compressor (2 track) so they couldn’t be re-arranged or mixed. Brother Ali sat with the mic and spit rhymes as they came to him, without writing or organizing them into songs. Ev smoked a lot of weed, Ali prayed extensively, and their influences on each other can be heard in the recordings. Any time they made something that reminded them of what they’ve become known for, they threw it away and started something new. Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch and CS Armstrong came through to bless the project with contributions, too.
"Secrets & Escapes" is the result of two friends making rap music for no other reason than because it’s what they love to do.

1. Abu Enzo – 00:00
2. Situated (feat. Pharaohe Monch) – 03:53
3. Greatest That Never Lived – 08:30
4. Father Figures – 10:27
5. Apple Tree Me (feat. C.S. Armstrong) – 13:59
6. Red (feat. Evidence) – 15:37
7. Secrets & Escapes – 19:21
8. De La Kufi (feat. Talib Kweli) – 22:26
9. Red Light Zone – 25:40
10. The Idhin – 28:49
11. They Shot Ricky – 30:36

For more on Brother Ali:


Rapper and activist Brother Ali is among the most prominent artists on the Rhymesayers label. A Midwesterner born Jason Douglas Newman, Ali spent much of his life living in various cities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, where he was first introduced to breakdancing and graffiti and rapping. Eventually, his demo tape Rites of Passage made it into the hands of the still young Rhymesayers crew, who signed the MC and brought him along with them to the 2000 Scribble Jam, at which Ali was a finalist. In 2003 his debut, Shadows on the Sun, produced by Atmosphere's Ant and including a song ("Forest Whitiker") that spoke of his albinism, came out, followed by the Champion EP in 2004. The next few years were tough for Ali, a devout Muslim, as he was dealing with a divorce and struggling for custody of his son. However, all of this just provided fodder for his music, and in the spring of 2007, Brother Ali's sophomore album, The Undisputed Truth, hit shelves and became his first Billboard 200 entry. His 2009 effort Us advocated a return to true hip-hop, and was followed in 2012 by the more political minded Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. In 2017, following a lengthy break between releases -- during which he performed at Rhymesayers' 20th anniversary concert -- Ali issued the Ant-produced All the Beauty in This Whole Life, one of his deepest and most uplifting works.

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