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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sleepersound - "Give To Time" [Rock & Alternative]

Give To Time

"Give To Time" music video by Sleepersound
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Sleepersound "Give To Time" - official music video


Cinematic indie prog-prockers SLEEPERSOUND release new visuals for “Give To Time”
Shot on Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, “Give To Time” has an essential presence as a waking dream theory which laid the groundwork for the final visuals. From the initial appearance of Inga running along the shore, to the vivid studio setting of the band’s performance, those ethereal milieus presented themselves as manifest destiny.
Sleepersound are from Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, and thereabouts which give deep music heads the ability to make soundtracks for the movies in their own minds. Listening to their new album ‘In Media Res’ feels like hearing what creative young people do in response to the snowed-in and/or super-hot lethargy of the area – extremities forcing friends to hole themselves up in garages and crawl into basements to communicate with each other through building layers of cinematic images through musical instruments. They fight the elements from without by making things elemental within.

One thing about how both post-punk into post-rock music emerged from the heartland is how it was more likely fans would crawl into crates of experimental rock, Noir indie folk, ambient obscurities, and eclectic imports and come out with an American guitar-based love of music for music’s sake. Sleepersound started as a solo project by David D’Antonio (guitars, vocals, synths), and was chosen by him to “invoke the desire to awaken ourselves gradually and ajar from existential slumbers that make us aloof to each other and our world,” David says.

Sleepersound is a development from a previous project David rooted in St. Louis and Chicago – the latter where David was born and raised, coming to Milwaukee by way of Chicago, then Naples, Italy, and St. Louis. Guitarist Kenny Buesing is from Sheboygan, currently in Riverwest Milwaukee. Drummer Dan Niedziejko grew up on the south side of Milwaukee and lives just outside it in Cudahy. Bassist Mike Campise grew up in Chicago and now resides in Milwaukee as well.

‘In Media Res’ is a Latin phrase meaning, “In the middle of things.” The sequence of songs – “Give to Time,” “Passengers,” “Gravity Well,” b/w “Terminals,” “Slow Moon,” and “Error Tape” – “all focus on the journey from life into death,” Mike says. “An exploration behind the veil of existence and into the realm of our place in the larger mechanism.” “Convergence, too,” Dan adds. “Things starting while in the middle of other things but coming together to form something new and putting other things to bed.”

‘In Media Res’ was made of compositions documented, produced, and performed in drummer Dan Niedziejko’s studio, Indian Not the Arrow. The icy winds from Lake Michigan seem to blow through the six chapters, the songs are augmented by the esoteric talents of producer Kramer at Noise Miami, a true collaborator with such avant-garage bands as Galaxy 500, Low, Bongwater, Daniel Johnston, Ween, and Saeta, among others. You can hear both the original Krautrock but also the basement show-equivalent from the more elegant instrumental math-rock bands inspired by them in the 90s.

This is the band’s first full length after a three song EP, and though this is the 12th record Dan has worked on, it’s his most personal statement, really letting his mentor Kramer to come in and help harness the beauty of Sleepersound’s songs. The lush sweep and whisper pop of “Give to Time,” with its surreal Latin feel; the gusts and swells of guitar-chillwave “Gravity Wells”; the haunted picking of “Slow Moon,” all are from a singular place, and you can spot a band from here or then, but it is all uniformly whole and stylistically cohesive.

“About 80% of it was recorded live in the same room,” Dan explains. “Vocals and some small things were overdubbed but mostly it was that room, inspired by Trident and Olympic studio techniques, from the golden age of audio recording.” Mike adds, “As I wrote my parts for this album, I was picturing celestial bodies, silent and alone I the vacuum, suddenly being smashed by comets. It’s an interesting contrast of creation and destruction and I think it helped shape my musical tones.”

Dave: “The music ascends from the ashes of very specific people, the places where the relationships were fashioned, the attempt to memorialize those lost through song, and to connect with the ones in our life who are most unreachable – including a close friend who died in my arms; my father; Kenny’s friend.” The music is written in a fully collaborative environment, based on Dave’s lyrics, which the band tweaks and refines as much as any instrument to fit the composition. “Our music is meant to convey visuals as well,” Dave says. “We physically want to invite our listeners to come with us and be in a shared space when we perform.”

If you’re imaging the twin guitar attack of early Television, the multi-media tendencies of Mission of Burma, or the arch instrumental prowess of Mogwai, you’re not far off. This is another band for those who getting their heads lost in sound is a must, as necessary to their record collection as well-known classics by Radiohead or Pink Floyd. But without sounding much like any of these. They sound exactly 100% Sleepersound, the kind of band you love to discover for yourself, and for themselves.

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Laprice - "Party Tonight" [Dance]

Party Tonight

"Party Tonight" music video by Laprice
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Laprice "Party Tonight" - official music video


Laprice is ready to Party Tonight in new visuals!
Electronic vibes sizzle across the sound spectrum and accompany a highly engaging and rapid drum beat. It’s a song full of vitality and sensual vibes which is sure to have all hips rotating within listening distance.

About The Video Shoot:
 The shoot was full of energy and the music bouncing off the walls of the studio. It was a small set and we kept it very simple to keep distractions at a minimum. The dancers were very excited to be a part of this production and believe it or not, we came up with the routines on the spot! talk about professionalism, just kidding. I have a background in dance and theater so it was easy for the dancers to pick up on what I wanted from them. The director was blown away as to what the result was.
“This Ep will consist of about six songs give or take and was finished about a year ago so we were very excited to see our vision become to
fruition. There is nothing like having a dream and making it a reality. I hope that everyone enjoys this product and know that this is just the first of many more to come, so if you like this you’ll be in for a treat! dance your worries away and stay tuned because the best is yet to come.”
– Laprice

Laprice was born in Waycross, Ga. Where she was raised by her Grandmother until her mother finished College. Then at the age of four her mother, a single parent moved to Los Angeles. This is when her love for dancing began. At the age of ten, she was introduced to singing by her mother’s friend who was a musician and he saw her potential. He would have her practice harmonizing with his daughters into the early hours of the morning, singing 3 part harmonies, and vocal exercises. She was influenced by the likes of Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, and Faith Evens. By the age of fourteen, she was winning talent shows, and making a name for herself. Having such passion for theater and dance she studied ballet, tap, and lyrical dance. Even though She had a strong interest in the entertainment industry she was always interested in knowing the business and also working behind the scenes. Majoring in business and taking on the position as a manager in the fashion industry has truly prepared her for the business aspect of the industry. By all means, don’t let this Georgia Peach beauty fool you, she is also lethal in the board room and on the stage.

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Breeze Davinci - "Nightlife" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Nightlife" music video by Breeze Davinci
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Breeze Davinci "Nightlife" - official music video


Breeze Davinci releases visuals to debut single “Nightlife”

Breeze Davinci is an artist and writer from Jacksonville Florida and started writing at the age of 8 as a hobby. By the age of 16, he proved his ability to rap by creating music with friends, joining local freestyle competitions, and opening for other local artists. During those years, he realized that writing music was his deepest passion, and that being on a stage was where he needed to be; music became the driving force and motivation to reach success through his determination, and that is when he decided to work harder to make it into a career goal. His great inspirations came from a wide variety of artists such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac Shakur, and Outkast.

Breeze spends the majority of his time writing music, producing, and recording. Today his biggest inspirations come from Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye, Drake, T.I., and a few others, who he believes are artists that have a creative mind, such as his own. Breeze Davinci’s goal is being able to have his music heard all around the world, and inspire his listeners through the messages in his writings, as well as young adults who dream of being a rapper. The powerful meaning behind his messages is that everything is possible and attainable,
if you work hard at it.

Breeze Davinci’s ambition is his driving force, and he is able to compete at any level, at his best. His potential continuously grows, and he is just beginning to blossom into an exceptional artist. The journey ahead is in his favor, and the development of his excellent work ethic will keep him climbing the ladder to reach his dreams.

Up to this day, Breeze Davinci has opened for Big Sean Yela Wolf, Raekwon of Wu-Tang, Nappy Roots, Twista, and Ace Hood. Along with these performances, he has also traveled to Europe and performed at different venues.

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AR Santiago - "Crazy (NSFW)" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Crazy (NSFW)

"Crazy (NSFW)" music video by AR Santiago
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : AR Santiago "Crazy" - official music video


AR Santiago releases visuals for new track “Crazy”
The Atlanta based super sensation AR Santiago is well known for her drop dead performances that grabs attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend, giving them an euphoric feeling that keeps them asking for more. Well known for her vocal dexterity and singing prowess which incredibly combines her sensual power and outstanding beauty as a singer song writer and an impressive artiste to enjoy.
From defying all odds, singing covers of amazing songs to becoming a fast rising sensation in the music industry. The breath taking AR Santiago has won the hearts of fans and music lovers across the world. She has become a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity and notes that constantly melt the hearts of her listeners worldwide.

AR Santiago, full name Ashley-Renee Lolina Santiago, is a product of a black mother and a Puerto Rican father; she was raised by her grandmother with 4 sisters and a brother. As music was her first love, she started singing from the tender age of 4 and grew up in understanding and learning the art of singing, writing and acting. Throughout her days in college, she was homeless and slept in her car determined to make it in Atlanta with her music. She eventually bagged a double bachelor’s degree in business management, accounting and finance at the reputable Georgia state university (GSU), an achievement she will forever be proud of.
Ever since she started singing professionally at the age of 19, she has worked with major artistes like B PACE, B.HESS, NICK GRANT, CHEVY WOODS( TAYLOR GANG) and QUENTIN MILLER. She has a unique blend of the 90’s sound and an impeccable touch of the new school. As a multi faceted lady, this super amazing singer and song writer through the fusion of retro vibes of the 90’s to the urban-pop of today’s hit has been making heads turn to her direction as she is set to fill the gap that amazing singers who inspired her like Brandy, Tony Braxton, Whitney Houston, beyonce, Mya, and Aaliyah use to be. She has delved into showcasing her impressive singing skills and rehearsal sessions at the studio to prove to the world that with hard work and determination, you can always achieve your goals. She aspires to be one of the most sought after song writer for major artistes and eventually bring the 90’s vibe back. Her debut EP titled THROWBACK THURSDAY was released on the 14th of November 2018. A must have for everyone.

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Matt Warren - "How Do I Love Thee (ft Pepper Gomez)" [Dance]

How Do I Love Thee (ft Pepper Gomez)

"How Do I Love Thee (ft Pepper Gomez)" music video by Matt Warren
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Matt Warren "How Do I Love Thee" ft Pepper Gomez - official music video


Platinum Award-winning producer/engineer, Matt Warren has been in the industry for over 25 years. With multiple credits on his resume, Matt has worked in all genres of music including Dance, Rock, Pop, and R&B. Matt has recorded artists for numerous major labels including, RCA, Blue Note, Capitol Records & Bad Boy.

“How Do I Love Thee” featuring Pepper Gomez is the second single from Matt Warren’s new album, ‘Music Is My Life,’ and is a stellar reimagining of Queen Latifah’s original track.  All Hail The Queen!  

The video filmed by our Detroit Video Guru, ACRONYM, features a lovely array of Detroit beauties and will get you movie’ and shakin’ – and begging for more! Wake Up! Music says Peace and Love World – so this official video and song release is Valentine’s Day February 14, 2019.  The world renowned DJ Ralphi Rosario is working his remix magic on this one, too. 

Always something exciting going on at Wake Up! Music ( – the Home of Nu Music the Home of Nu House.  

“Music Is My Life is superb, thrumming with powerful dance grooves and innovative layers of contagious textured savors. Nu House music will definitely get you up and dancing.” 
– Randall Radic, Tattoo

“Warren returns to the house scene with this breakthrough record that is the first ever Nu House album.  Music Is My Life promises to be groundbreaking with mixes that blend in organic instrumentation with electronic beats.” 
– My Nguyen, Stars and Celebs

“Get On Up is another song that is easy to imagine filling dance floors at home and internationally, aided with stellar vocals by high flying dance soul diva Ms. Janis McGee. She really accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative, with her performance on this one It is always nice when an artist/producer releases a new project after a long storied career and the new project adds to that legacy. I can think of no better example of this in House Music than Music is My Life by Matt Warren.” 
– Arnold Cole, BuzzFeed

“Overall this is a solid release. It cannot even be classified as a return to form. Matt Warren has produced great house music at high level since the 1980’s. This is another in a long line of releases that will get people dancing just as Rock It did when it was released. And that is all good.” 
– Darrell Murray, Medium

“‘Music Is My Life’ is an 11-track album featuring 11 collaborators, vocalists, and musicians that Matt Warren has worked with in the past that help drive the messages and vibes found throughout ‘Music Is My Life’. Described as the first ever Nu House album, Warren expects to take the dance music industry by storm with his soulful house tracks, sultry basslines, and standout vocals.” 
– Johnathan Wan, Global Dance Electronic

“Music Is My Life is a landmark album that is about to become part of house music’s history. This is nothing new for Matt Warren who released his debut single in 1984, and over the next few years, made history as one the pioneers of Chicago House made history. Now Matt Warren and the multitalented group of musicians and vocalists who recorded Music Is My Life are about to make history all over again. Fittingly, Music Is My Life was recorded in Chicago, where it all began for him in 1985.”
– Derek Anderson, Derek’s Music Blog

“I heard the remake of Beat the Box and in my mind I was already putting my drink and purse on the floor and starting to groove. There is a lot of music to praise on Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life. I liked Musica Es Mi Vida featuring homegirl Pepper Gomez. Hearing Get On Up for the first time made me want to get on up and dance until my heels hurt. It is an impressive addition to any already impressive career. Warren has done it all, selling over 50,000 records of a song independently and touring Europe with sought after residencies. Releasing this new collection that he conceived, all the while engineering, recording, and producing one of the best house records released in over a decade is welcome and needed.” 
– Kay Kinta, Bored Panda

“Music is My Life (Wake Up! Music ) is a new album by a heritage artist called Matt Warren. It is one of the best sounding dance albums this spinner has heard in a long time. So many artists do not do anything new. This album sounds so new and so fresh, they and I are calling it the Nu House album of the year. ” 
– DJ Say-Hey

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Supanova Slom - "Breathe" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Breathe" music video by Supanova Slom
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Supanova Slom "Breathe" official music video


“Love In The Midst of Chaos” by SupaNova Slom is available on all streaming platforms, now!
SupaNova Slom released his first studio album in four years, “Love In The Midst of Chaos,” on the date of his birth this passed January 29th. It is the ninth studio album that the musician, best-selling author, and wellness coach has released. Slom’s recent project is a combination of genres: He categorizes it as Trap, Rock, Punk, Alternative, R&B, Soul, and says it is, “…unapologetically me.”

The Brooklyn-born and raised musician credits Michael Jackson and Prince as his biggest musical influences growing up, but says Prince inspired him to sing as well as learn to play the guitar and piano, while honing his craft as a lyricist. He has been cultivating his musicianship since the age of 10. Simultaneously, his older cousin, Entrfied [@thegodofsound], exposed Slom to recording and performing, live.
Slom’s music production team Ra Sound consists of Chief Producer, Entrfied McCloud, Associate Producer, Rod Heru, and Executive Producer/Vocalist, SupaNova Slom. The album was mastered by Grammy winner, Emily Lazar, of “Lodge Mastering.”

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Don Silver - "Sugar and Gold" [Pop]

Sugar and Gold

"Sugar and Gold" music video by Don Silver
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Don Sliver "Sugar and Gold" - official music video


French Producer Don Silver Releases “Sugar & Gold”
Hailing from Paris, Don Silver is an experienced producer and talented musician responsible for shaping the French urban music scene.
His early introduction in the business was as a vocalist – a Rapper to be exact. Don Silver comes from a rich French heritage. From a young age, Don Silver developed a passion for music and production. He kicked off his music career as a rap artist and has constantly innovated and developed his unique and versatile sound. Today, the artist is well known for his eclectic mix of electronic-pop infused with rich melodies.

Don Silver’s latest release “Sugar and Gold” is a departure from his Hip Hop roots and is decidedly more commercial than some of his earlier releases. Described as Nu Wave Electronic Pop –  it has a huge, international market. Lyrically the song has a catchy hook, clever in places and the vocal arrangement wraps it all together. Vocalist Saydi has the perfect voice over Don’s production a few names that spring to mind to give the heads up are; Debbie Harry from Blondie, Roxette, or Nina Persson from the Cardigans.
Four + Four drum patterns with quirky 808 seasoning over the top, Sugar & Gold is profoundly a lower tempo disco music for the new millennium.

Inspired by legendary producers Pete Rock, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or Giorgio Moroder, Don Silver purchased his own studio equipment to start recording and producing his own music with a DIY ethos. He is now deeply immersed in the production side of the French urban music scene.

As a producer, Don Silver has worked with iconic French artists such as Rohff, Wallen, IAM, and Kool Shen, to name but a few. On top of this, he composed the captivating and atmospheric hit single « Le Son Qui Tue ». In the US i worked with Keri Hilson, Jason DeRulo and Andrea Martin who is signed to Roc Nation

Previously, Don Silver lived in New York and now splits his time between Paris and Rome. His music is deeply inspired by a diverse range of music from Timbaland to Pharrell Williams, among many others.

If this wasn’t enough, Don Silver was also part of the rap duo Noxious, and their EP “Egotrip” skyrocketed Don Silver to success.

Follow the link below to keep updated with future releases from the artist!
Official Website:

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Taveeta - "Catching Feelings" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Catching Feelings

"Catching Feelings" music video by Taveeta
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Taveeta "Catching Feelings" - official music video


Inspired by mystery, romance, crime, and cinema, Taveeta creates a compelling and mysteriously sensual fictional atmosphere for the mind with new visuals for “Catching Feelings”
Catching Feelings was inspired by classic movies like Bonnie and Clyde, gangsters, burlesque, and 1930 crime drama’s, injecting listeners into this cinematic story! A play on two people who shouldn’t be together, for they both know it will result in danger. Will they continue to fall for each other and catch feelings? Or will one betray the other and ignite heartbreak. That is for the listener to decide as song injects them into this cinematic story!

About the Video Process Taveeta say:
“I had such a lovely time shooting this video as it was the first time in my music where I really got to bring the acting side of my life into my music. The song was inspired by cinema, so it was important for me to have the video tell a cinematic story! Working with Robert Funaro was INCREDIBLE! He has worked on The Sopranos, Scorsese’s The Irishman, USA Networks The Sinner to name a few, so as an actress I was very excited to work with him to bring the video to life. He plays the perfect sly, badass, but cool mobster Father and I am so grateful to have him star in the video! My good friend and extraordinarily talented performer James Daly (Shaw Festival, Letterkenny) plays my love interest in the video James brings the James Dean energy we were looking for in the story, and we had a blast filming.

Overall the video itself is self-explanatory – a young woman trying to prove to her father that she is CAPABLE of taking care of business. The fictional mob family storyline was fun to play and was important to me to prove that women can handle anything and everything. We are BOSSes. The twist ending is left for the viewer to play on the fictional aspect of the story and decide for themselves how the story played out. That was fun for me, as I always enjoy cliffhangers.

The video was shot by Rojo and produced by my amazing team over at Gladiator Records. I hope you enjoy this music video as MUCH as I ENJOYED creating it. ”

Toronto born Taveeta is a budding triple threat known for her various Film and TV roles and her Pop R&B sound. Taveeta landed her first major roles as “Thalia” on The Next Step (Disney/CBBC/Family Channel) and “Valerie” on Make It Pop (Nickelodeon). Taveeta’s TV/Film credits include principle roles on 12 Monkeys (Syfy), Letterkenny (CraveTV), American Gods (Starz), The Sweetheart (Netflix), and most recently recurring roles on (USA Network/Film 44’s) Dare Me, and Netflix’s October Faction.

In addition to her TV/Film accomplishments, Taveeta also made her theatre debut in the winter of 2015 starring in Ross Petty Productions Peter Pan, and then took to the live stage yet again later in his 2016-2017 production of Sleeping Beauty. Taveeta recently released her first EP Resurrection under Gladiator Records, and between projects she directs a dance workshop company she founded called Liberum Dance Project.

Taveeta aspires to continue working in the entertainment industry, and use her role in the industry as a platform to inspire others and promote positive change.

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Akin - "Green Light" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Green Light

"Green Light" music video by Akin
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Akin "Green Light" - official music video


(Akin Busari) is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter. The talented artist pushes the boundaries of music by mixing R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggae with his African roots; Àkin is a one-of-a-kind musician whose diverse background has helped him perfect an original voice that parallels his unique sound. 
Raised in a family of sixteen children, Àkin has learned to use his own personal experiences and the experiences of others to tell stories that relate to diverse audiences and connect to the hearts of many people. First performing when he was 7 years old, he grew up with music in his bones and soon after fell in love with writing his own songs. 

The universal appeal of Akin is sure to make him a household name. His willingness to share his personal experiences not only set him apart from other musicians, but also offers a unique perspective on issues affecting everyone’s lives.  Said in his own words, “My personal vision is to uplift and inspire people through my songs.” Look out for this artist, he is sure to ignite your musical taste buds and satisfy the cravings of music lovers all over the world.

Inspired by artistes like Fela, Tuface and Wyclef, he credits the start of his music career to his mother who loves music and sings about everything.
In 2012, Akin won best Artist at the African Entertainment Awards in Canada. He won Best Toronto R&B/Soul Song and Best Toronto Hip Hop Song at the Toronto Exclusive Awards in 2009 and Best Toronto R&B Soul Song in 2010, was nominated for the Black Canadian Awards in 2015and the Independent Music Award for best song under the Sing Out For Social Action for his song “Harmony”. 
Akin Busari says that his love for music is heavily inspired by significant causes. To him, all it takes to make the world a better place is for everyone to help each other and do their part.

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Younjosh - "Joy" [Dance]


"Joy" music video by Younjosh
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : YOUNJOSH "Joy" - official music video


Born March 16, 1984, Younjosh Chrys Marley, the “KING OF ELECTRO” is a World known DJ, Remixer, Brand Ambassador and Producer. Younjosh has an incredible passion for music and “making people DANCE is his first PRIORITY.”

Raised in the Caribbean by his grandmother Constance Marley half-sister of reggae legend Bob Marley. Younjosh’s Grandmother was not only a songwriter but a famous pop / Reggae & gospel singing sensation, which helped inspire his many musical abilities. He spent the early days of his career spinning house & pop music. His mixes quickly evolved into a whole musical production where he introduced a seductive blend of Electro House, deep house, Pop Blend and Hip Hop.

Younjosh released a bootleg of David Guetta smash “I GOT A FEELING AND A HOUSE MIX SESSION (NOTHING BUT THE BEAT PART 1 AND 2)” and the track was discovered online, capturing the interest of many promoters in USA. He began to forge friendships with celebrities whom he’s worked with such as Harvey J,Flo Rida, Usher, Jermaine Dupri and Arty, to name a few. His debut album In Music We Trust reached More than 100 thousand streams 1st month after its release. Younjosh is well known in the Gay & Dance Music community and eventually earned residencies throughout the world. His commitment to his passion for greatness and success has taken him in a world he has built over the last couple of years which has helped him to develop a tenacious work ethic that carried him through many stages of his career.


Younjosh’s whole life has been about music. From playing drums and lead singer of band named “Bethesda”, to starting as a DJ officially at age of 17. His first DJ residency was at Mangos Lounge in 2003 where owners for the Dominican Republic mega Club Nowhere discovered and invited him to a residency. He also DJ’d in Puerto Rico at some local house music bars then later around 2006, he had a DJ residency at Fantasia in the UK. He later moved to New York in 2011 where he was positioned as house DJ for many house music underground lounges & bars.

Now based in the big music city of Atlanta, Younjosh has obtained DJ residencies at prestigious clubs such as Red Martini, Opera night club, Babylon Cafe, Blue Lounge, Believe Music Hall, Havana Night Club & The New Republic to just name few. Younjosh has released countless singles to date and recently dropped his debut album In Music We Trust. With 13 singles, the album is a mix of pop & dance music complete with a trap record featuring actor & rapper Jyoung. He is also the official DJ of Switzerland Group, Kooly Bros and Brand Ambassabor of the clothing brand Execlife.

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Bad Religion - "Do The Paranoid Style" [Rock & Alternative]

Do The Paranoid Style

"Do The Paranoid Style" music video by Bad Religion
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Bad Religion - "Do The Paranoid Style"

"Do The Paranoid Style" by Bad Religion from the album 'Age of Unreason,' available May 3rd

Directed/Edited by Dan Fusselman

Official Site:

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Stevie Nicks - "Edge Of Seventeen" [Rock & Alternative]

Edge Of Seventeen

"Edge Of Seventeen" music video by Stevie Nicks
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Stevie Nicks' iconic #1 hit "Edge Of Seventeen" from the album 'Bella Dolla'. Rhino is proud to present 'Stand Back', a new career-spanning collection to celebrate Stevie Nick's second induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Find your copy here


"Edge of Seventeen" is a song by American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks from her solo debut studio album Bella Donna (1981), released as the third single from Bella Donna on February 4, 1982. The song was written by Nicks to express the grief resulting from the death of her uncle Jonathan and the murder of John Lennon during the same week of December 1980 and features a distinctive, chugging 16th-note guitar riff, and a simple chord structure typical of Nicks' songs.

In the United States, "Edge of Seventeen" just missed out on the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number eleven. Despite not reaching the top ten, it became one of Nicks' most enduring and recognizable songs and has been covered by many artists, notably American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan on her second studio album A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005). The distinctive riff was sampled by American R&B trio Destiny's Child in their number-one song "Bootylicious" (2001), with Nicks making a cameo appearance in the "Bootylicious" music video playing a guitar.

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Stevie Nicks - "Stand Back" [Rock & Alternative]

Stand Back

"Stand Back" music video by Stevie Nicks
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Stevie Nicks - "Stand Back" from the album 'The Wild Heart'. Rhino is proud to present 'Stand Back', a new career-spanning collection to celebrate Stevie Nick's second induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Find your copy here


"Stand Back" is a song by American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks from her second solo studio album The Wild Heart (1983). It was released as the lead single from the album in May 1983 and went to number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the Top Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in August of that year. The song has been a staple in Nicks' live shows since its pre-album debut at the 1983 US Festival, and it has also been included in Fleetwood Mac tour set lists since 1987.

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Ice Cube - "Ain't Got No Haters (ft. Too Short)" [Hip-Hop]

Ain't Got No Haters (ft. Too Short)

"Ain't Got No Haters (ft. Too Short)" music video by Ice Cube
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Ice Cube - Ain't Got No Haters ft. Too Short

Ice Cube’s ‘Everythangs Corrupt’ is available now!
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Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Producer: Roisin Audrey Moloney
Production Company: Reprobates
Executive Producers: Doug Klinger, Matt Day
DP: Mike Simpson
PM: David Garcia
Animator: Kevin Eskew


Music video by Ice Cube performing Ain't Got No Haters. © 2019 Lench Mob Records/Interscope Records

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Arch/Matheos - "Straight And Narrow" [Metal & X-Core]

Straight And Narrow

"Straight And Narrow" music video by Arch/Matheos
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Arch / Matheos "Straight and Narrow" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at:
Arch / Matheos "Straight and Narrow" from the "Winter Ethereal" album.

Director : David Brodsky (
Producers : Allison Woest, Jim Matheos, John Arch and David Brodsky
Editors : Allison Woest and David Brodsky
Cameras : David Brodsky and Allison Woest
Crew: James Callahan, Denny Tats and Eugene Pavlico

Thanks to:
The Sellersville Theater & Washington House Hotel & Restaurant, Sellersville, PA
Jeanne Archambault

"We decided that it would be a good idea to use a different lineup and hopefully avoid a lot of the confusion created around the first record. At the same time, we didn't want to give the impression that we were forming a new 'band' that would be touring/recording beyond this current record. With that in mind, I thought it might be an interesting idea to have a few different rhythm sections across the record, to give things a different feel and sound under the familiar top layer of vocals and guitars by John and I." This lineup comprises both present and former Fates Warning drummers and bassists - Joey Vera, Bobby Jarzombek, Joe Dibiase and Mark Zonder - plus other noted musicians, such as the legendary Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament, Charred Walls Of The Damned), Cynic's Sean Malone, and renowned drummer Thomas Lang.


Arch/Matheos is an American progressive metal band.

Arch/Matheos began as a reunion between founding Fates Warning members John Arch and Jim Matheos, who hadn't collaborated since Arch's 2003 EP "A Twist Of Fate" and hadn't fully collaborated for a whole album since 1986's "Awaken the Guardian". In 2010, the duo began working on an album together and brought along three Fates Warning members to the fold. The five members would in turn release their debut album "Sympathetic Resonance" in 2011, under the name Arch/Matheos. The album, while only 6 tracks, clocked at 55 minutes. In August 2018, a follow-up album was announced for release in 2019.

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Russ - "Aint Goin Back" [Hip-Hop]

Aint Goin Back

"Aint Goin Back" music video by Russ
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Russ - AINT GOIN BACK (Official Video)

AINT GOIN BACK is available here:

Directed by Edgar Esteves

Song produced, mixed, mastered & engineered by Russ

Twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess
Instagram : @russ @edgarestevess
Facebook : @russtheone


Russell Vitale (born September 26, 1992) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is known for his singles "What They Want" and "Losin Control", which peaked respectively at number 83 and 63 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Outside of his solo music, he is part of the Diemon Crew, a rap group. His twelfth studio album, There's Really a Wolf, was released on May 5, 2017, and was certified Platinum on April 18, 2018.

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DeJ Loaf - "In A Minute" [Hip-Hop]

In A Minute

"In A Minute" music video by DeJ Loaf
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : DeJ Loaf - In A Minute (official video)

Dej reflects as she prepares to drop her debut album! This is not an album record!


Deja Trimble (born April 8, 1991), better known by her stage name Dej Loaf (stylized as DeJ Loaf), is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. She began her music career in 2011, and released her debut single "Just Do It" in 2012. In October 2014, she released her second mixtape, Sell Sole.

DeJ Loaf rose to greater success in 2014 with her single "Try Me", which peaked at number 45 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was certified Gold on April 3, 2015 in the US. Later that year, she was chosen as part of the XXL magazine 2015 Freshman Class.

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Coca Vango - "Snow (w. Light Skin Keisha)" [Hip-Hop]

Snow (w. Light Skin Keisha)

"Snow (w. Light Skin Keisha)" music video by Coca Vango
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Coca Vango x Light Skin Keisha “Snow” (Official Music Video)

Coca Vango and Light Skin Keisha drop their latest record and the visual called “Snow”


Directed by
@dabigpicture and @ADreamVisionEnt


Southern rapper Coca Vango became known for his self-proclaimed "cocaine flow," a smooth approach that blended melodic rap delivery and a floating, narcotic singing style. Jumping into rap seriously in his late teens, he was first recognized in Atlanta's underground rap scene for his Jugg Rich mixtape series. Released in 2016, Jugg Rich 2 featured cameos by Bandit Gang Marco and Yakki, and led to further exposure for the emerging rapper. Later that year he appeared on Project Pat's "30" single and released upwards of three more mixtapes. Over the next several years he honed his trippy trap sound with several singles and mixtapes, including 2018's Motivational Purposes Only.

Coca Vango was born Rashad Best in Decatur, Georgia in 1990. He went through various troubles on the way to a life in music, being expelled from school for bad behavior and later being fired from a heating/cooling job when he missed work because he was up late performing his music at open mikes. Low-paying jobs and tough times persisted as he worked toward his creative dreams, releasing his first mixtape, Remember the Name, in 2013. His reputation slowly grew and he gained the attention of more established artists like Project Pat and Polow da Don on the strength of his Jugg Rich mixtape series. The 2016 mixtape Jugg Rich 2 included the song "Recipe," a lurching trap banger that made the rounds in Atlanta's underground rap circles and opened the doors for Vango to collaborate with new connections on a flood of additional mixtapes. Van Gogh, Cocaine Flow, and Cocaine Flow 2 all spilled out over the course of that year, and he continued on with Runway Juggin in 2017 and Motivational Purposes Only in 2018, both with high-profile features from Jazze Pha, Bigga Rankin, Asian Doll, and others.

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Moa - "Joy And Pain" [Pop]

Joy And Pain

"Joy And Pain" music video by Moa
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : MOA - Joy and Pain (Official Music Video)


After spending many of year being hypnotized under the influences cabaret style vocals of Billie Holiday, Louise Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Iceland native Moa eventually followed in their footsteps as a jazz singer while still in high school. But after recording a full-length album of acid-jazz tunes, she felt that it was time to move on into the genre of electronica. Having the chance to lay down some vocal tracks on the occasional techno single followed a collaboration with Eythor Arnalds, resulting in the 1994 industrial rock project Bong. Even thought the band reached some success in Iceland and press attention in England, Moa eventually moved on upon Bong's disband to start her own gig of combining her early influences of jazz, blues and classical with her love for dance, techno and synth pop. Tommy Boy Records took notice to Moa's sound and released her first full-length "Universal" in 1999.

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Bennie Bates - "That's A Fact (w. Coi Leray)" [Hip-Hop]

That's A Fact (w. Coi Leray)

"That's A Fact (w. Coi Leray)" music video by Bennie Bates
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Bennie Bates & Coi Leray "That's A Fact" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "That's A Fact"" by Bennie Bates & Coi Leray.

Bennie Bates and Coi Leray drop their newest single “That’s a Fact” directed by Picture Perfect and UpstateGroove

For info

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Memphis May Fire - "Heavy Is The Weight (ft. Andy Mineo)" [Rock & Alternative]

Heavy Is The Weight (ft. Andy Mineo)

"Heavy Is The Weight (ft. Andy Mineo)" music video by Memphis May Fire
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Memphis May Fire - Heavy Is The Weight ft. Andy Mineo (Official Music Video)

Download, purchase and stream "Broken" here:

Directed by Caleb Mallery


Memphis May Fire is an American metalcore band formed in Nashville, Tennessee and currently signed to Rise Records. The band currently consists of vocalist Matty Mullins, lead guitarist Kellen McGregor, bass guitarist Cory Elder, and drummer Jake Garland. Formed in 2006, they have released five studio albums and two EPs to date. Their fourth album, Unconditional, debuted at No. 4 on the US Billboard 200 and atop the Alternative Albums chart.

On September 19, 2018 the band released a new track titled "The Old Me", and information was later leaked that the new album would be titled Broken. It was released on November 16.

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Nav - "Price On My Head (ft. The Weeknd)" [Hip-Hop]

Price On My Head (ft. The Weeknd)

"Price On My Head (ft. The Weeknd)" music video by Nav
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : NAV - Price On My Head ft. The Weeknd (Official Video)

Get Bad Habits now:

Connect with NAV:

Video Director: Kid. Studio
Video Producer: Julian Nieva
Video Producer: Ryan Hahn
Video Producer: Vince Tran
Video Editor: Noah Kendal
Cinematographer: Charlie Owens
for Kid Studio Inc

Music video by NAV performing Price On My Head. © 2019 XO Records, LLC and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Punjabi-Canadian hip-hop recording artist NAV (aka Navraj Goraya) had his first taste of fame when reality TV star Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat video of herself singing along to his song "Myself." The mysterious star had been steadily building a large following through a string of releases via his SoundCloud account, beginning in 2015 with "Take Me Simple." Along with the Jenner endorsement, NAV accumulated a number of high-profile connections that propelled his career forward. In January 2016, his track "Take Me Simple" was featured on fellow Canadian Drake's OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1, and later that same year he appeared on -- and in the video for -- hip-hop star Travis Scott's single "Beibs in the Trap." With his profile steadily increasing, he signed to XO, the Canadian record label founded by the Weeknd. His self-titled mixtape appeared in early 2017, and it was chock-full of his by-now-trademark silky vocals and slick beats. The release was preceded by the lead single "Some Way," which also featured the Weeknd. That same year he also put out the Perfect Timing mixtape, on which he collaborated with Atlanta-based producer Metro Boomin. NAV's single "Wanted You," which featured Lil Uzi Vert, charted on Billboard's Top 100 and he followed up in early 2018 with the solo single "Freshman List." Both tracks were featured on his debut studio album, Reckless, which was released on XO and Republic in May of that year.

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Denzel Curry - "Black Balloons / 13lack 13alloonz (ft. Twelve'len, Goldlink)" [Hip-Hop]

Black Balloons / 13lack 13alloonz (ft. Twelve'len, Goldlink)

"Black Balloons / 13lack 13alloonz (ft. Twelve'len, Goldlink)" music video by Denzel Curry
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Denzel Curry - BLACK BALLOONS | 13LACK 13ALLOONZ ft. Twelve'len, GoldLink

From the album ‘TA13OO’
available via Loma Vista Recordings
Stream/Order TA13OO: #DenzelCurry

Directed by Zev Deans

Produced by Wes Hager
Shot by Christopher Raymond
Concept by Zev Deans, Mark Maturah & Denzel Curry
Production Supervisor: Zori Davidkova
2nd Unit: Thomas Jones
Gaffer: Julian Tran
1st AC: Jorge Mejia
2nd AC: Alberto Innella

Key Grip: Jon Kesl
Best Boy Electric: Andy Snee
Best Boy Grip: Hansel Manzueta

DIT: Zenin Lindsay

Denzel Curry
Brendan McGowan
Courtney Hill
Richie Adomako

Production Design, Architectural & Interior Design & and Character Illustration by Zev Deans

Wardrobe by Harrison Johnson of @vestmentclothing
Stylist: Beth Hynes

MakeUp by Beatrice Sniper
Asst Makeup: Trudy Mack-Simms
Hair: Mara Schiavetti

Art Direction by Theodora Blasko

Miniatures by @fabhaus & Zev Deans, with the help of Brendan McGowan, Rachel Kitson, Wes & Zori

Choreography by Theo Koppel

Drone footage shot on location near Las Vegas, NV, by Daniel Feighery

Motion Capture on site by Sam Rolfes

Background Actors:

Te'neshia Washington
Jenell Maya
Trudy Mack-Simms
Brittney Savage
Deshon Everette
Domani Estrada
Naomi Garcia
Kuma Augustin
Korbel Jones
Hasan Gray
Mitchell Tuckette-Williamson
Dellauno Thomas
William Manning
Tommy Tolentino

Set PAs:
Natalia Loff & Avery Baldwin

Steven Leo
Nick Mahoney
Camile Muschio

Shot at Umbra Studios in Newburgh, NY

Editing // GreenScreen VFX by Zev Deans
Sound Mixing by Brendan McGowan
Palace CGI by AUJIK
Motion Capture 3D characters animated by Sam & Andy Rolfes
Color Correction by Hechanova Digital
Illustrations, Title Cards & Poorly-Animated Cartoon Scenery by Zev Deans

Arthur Lyman’s ‘Moon over a Ruined Castle’ reimagined by Evan Crankshaw /

Based on concepts by Denzel Curry, Mark Maturah & Zev Deans

Special Thanks to Adam Farrell, Lower East Coast, Goldlink & Kazz Laidlaw, Umbra Studios, Anthony Hechanova, Andrew Kramer & Rachel Kitson

Music video by Denzel Curry performing BLACK BALLOONS | 13LACK 13ALLOONZ. © 2019 PH Recordings, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


Denzel Rae Don Curry (born February 16, 1995) is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Raised in Carol City, Florida, Curry started rapping while in sixth grade and began working on his first mixtape in 2011, when he was attending school. Influenced by underground Florida rapper SpaceGhostPurrp, the mixtape was later featured on Purrp's social media, giving Curry local attention and resulting in Curry joining Purrp's hip-hop collective, Raider Klan.

Curry left Raider Klan in 2013, releasing his debut full-length album a year later while still in high school, titled Nostalgic 64 on September 3, 2013. He has gone on to release two more projects, Imperial on March 9, 2016, and Ta13oo on July 27, 2018, which debuted at number 28 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Alejandro Escovedo - "Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

"Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" music video by Alejandro Escovedo
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Alejandro Escovedo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

March 20, 2019 | Felix Contreras -- When Alejandro Escovedo and his backing band known as Don Antonio set up behind the Tiny Desk, their first sounds were blistering loud. That's when we broke the news: We wouldn't amplify Alejandro's voice. We got a slightly sullen look from the band; but despite the toned-down volume, they were all still amped up.

The musician, who once opened for the Sex Pistols, obliged with a smile and seemed to appreciate the difference between being pelted with spit and debris by punk rock fans and being showered with loving appreciation in the NPR Music office.

Escovedo pulled the three-song set from The Crossing, the most recent chapter in his ongoing odyssey and a typically hard-rocking, literate saga about two teenagers looking for their American Dream of rock and roll and beat poetry.

The close quarters of the Tiny Desk allows for a kind of backstage insight into the musical and visual interplay between Escovedo and the veteran Italian band Don Antonio. Lead guitarist Antonio Gramentieri is the perfect foil for Escovedo, who adds a heavy dose of edginess to the sound with his power strumming.

Alejandro Escovedo fans are a close-knit group. We've followed his lead and have been treated to various musical aggregations over the years. But as you see in this video, this setup seems to be working just fine and may be his strongest yet.

Set List
"Teenage Luggage"
"Something Blue"
"Sonica USA"

Alejandro Escovedo: lead vocal, guitar; Antonio Gramentieri: vocals, guitar; Denis Valentini: bass; Matteo Monti: drums; Nicola Peruch: keyboard; Gianni Perinelli: tenor sax; Franz Valtieri: baritone sax

Producers: Felix Contreras, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kimani Oletu, Kara Frame, CJ Riculan; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Production Assistant: Adelaide Sandstrom; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR
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Feeder - "Fear Of Flying" [Rock & Alternative]

Fear Of Flying

"Fear Of Flying" music video by Feeder
Added: 27-03-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Feeder - Fear Of Flying (Official Video)

Pre-order the new album 'Tallulah' here:

Follow Feeder:

© 2019 Feeder under exclusive licence to Believe


Feeder are a Welsh rock band formed in Newport in 1994. They have released 10 studio albums, 12 compilations, four EPs, and 40 singles. They have spent a total of 182 weeks on the singles and albums charts combined as of 2017, and have accumulated 25 top 75 singles between 1997 and 2012. At their peak of commercial success, Feeder won two Kerrang! Awards in 2001 and 2003 (Best British Live Act and later Best British Band).

Between 2010–2017, the band charted four more top 20 albums, with the latest of these being 2017's The Best of Feeder their second consecutive top 10 album. In 2019, the band signed a new deal with Believe UK.

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