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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gaahls Wyrd - "Gastir - Ghosts Invited (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Gastir - Ghosts Invited (Album Stream)

"Gastir - Ghosts Invited (Album Stream)" music video by Gaahls Wyrd
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : Gaahls WYRD - GastiR - Ghosts Invited (2019) Full Album

Taken from the album "GastiR – Ghosts Invited".
Release date May 24 (digital), May 31 (physical) 2019.
Release in Norway by Indie Recordings.

Order here:

00:00 - Erk Erilar
05:32 - From the Spear
10:09 - Ghosts Invited
14:33 - Carving the Voices
21:56 - Veiztu Hve 
28:40 - The Speech And The Self
33:40 - Through And Past And Past 
36:41 - Within The Voice Of Existence 

Follow Gaahls WYRD:


Gaahls Wyrd is a Norwegian black metal band based in Norway, formed by the former Gorgoroth and God Seed vocalist Gaahl.

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Glen Hansard - "This Wild Willing (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

This Wild Willing (Album Stream)

"This Wild Willing (Album Stream)" music video by Glen Hansard
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description : Glen Hansard (born 21 April 1970) is an Irish songwriter, actor, vocalist and guitarist for the Irish group The Frames, and one half of folk rock duo The Swell Season. He is also known for his acting, having appeared in the BAFTA-winning film The Commitments, as well as starring in the film Once, which earned him a number of major awards, including an Academy Award for Best Song
Tags : 2019, 10s, Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard - "Don't Settle" [Rock & Alternative]

Don't Settle

"Don't Settle" music video by Glen Hansard
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Glen Hansard - "Don't Settle"

"Don't Settle" by Glen Hansard from the album 'This Wild Willing,' available now
Order at

Metro, street dance, lines.
Life's ordinary side where music infuses magical.
Honesty. Modesty.
It’s about Glen, it’s about music as a kingdom of fraternity.
In his voice, the rage of the courage we need to be brave. To be happy.
It’s about this face of Paris.
Daily life in the lines.
It’s about writing and exorcising.
It's about dancing.
It’s about krumping
I just wanted to make a bridge...


Directed by Nadia Genet
Assisted by Laurent Villeret
Images Nadia Genet, Steven O’Connor , Myles O’Reilly
Editing Nadia Genet, Vincent Rinaldi
Logistic : Mélissande Borg & Sundy Tasker
Very special thanks to RATP and Les Musiciens du Métro

The busker: Guillaume Nothin

The krumpers:
Daiana Migale
Amay Diedhiou
Émilie Ouedraogo Spencer

Choreography: Eddy Casca Kenneth Fogel

Dancers from Flow Academy dance school
Yves-Line Houblon
Maxime Lacotte
Joakim Chardonnens
Sofia Melo Vieira
Ingeborg Ranheim
Iben Vejlsgaard
Sloan Pouezevara
Leo-Pål Solheim
Merryne Koukoui
Yannick Naprix
Olivia Pili
Jana Thaler
Marie Olsen-Bye
Nora Vrenne Kveum
Victoria Therese Selle
Maëlle Bordas
Per Golten Tellnes
Nicolas Jacquet
Ankrys Dimanche
Joanna Simone Guzmán Guevara
Joshua Nickholas Ree
Malcolm Vamur Charlery
Miangola Barège
Maëlys Mornet
Dimo Dimov

Special « Merci » to :
Glen, Claire, Robert
Steve Kamseu, Freddy &Camille Loth, Karine Lehongre-Richard
Olivier Burolleau
Sylvain Roumette
Barbara Crozza, Saya Bringuier, Serge Louis-Fernand
Rachid, Ben, Mourad and Ali from « Les Folies »
Aziz Jbilou
Les musiciens du métro
La Ratp

Merci la vie !

Joseph Doyle: Bass
Ruth O’Mahony Brady: Keyboards, Piano,
String Arrangements, Vocals
Earl Harvin: Drums
Glen Hansard: Vocals, Guitars
Markéta Irglová: Vocals
Una O’Kane: Violin, Viola, String Arrangements
Paula Hughes: Cello, String Arrangements
Katie O’Connor: Violin, String Arrangements
Rob Bochnik: Guitar
David Odlum: Moog
Curtis Fowlkes: Trombone
Michael Buckley: Saxophone
David Smith: Trumpet
Justin Carroll: Keyboards

Official Site:

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Possessed - "Graven" [Metal & X-Core]


"Graven" music video by Possessed
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Possessed "GRAVEN" Official Music Video

 The New POSSESSED album "Revelations Of Oblivion" is OUT NOW.
Order your copy at:

Video Directed by: Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome
Guest Starring: Peter Stormare

Jeff Becerra (vocals)
Daniel Gonzalez (guitars)
Emilio Marquez (drums)
Robert Cardenas (bass)
Claudeous Creamer (guitars)

Twitter: http://


Possessed is an American death metal band, originally formed in 1983. Noted for their fast style of playing and Jeff Becerra's growled vocals, they are often called the first band in the death metal genre. The band is also notable for featuring Larry LaLonde, who was the guitarist of Possessed during the mid-1980s, and went on to join Primus.

After breaking up in 1987, and briefly reforming from 1990 to 1993, the band reformed under original bassist and vocalist Jeff Becerra in 2007. To date, the band has released three studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums and two EPs.

On May 11, 2017, it was announced that the band had signed to Nuclear Blast Records. The new album was initially set for release in 2018, but was delayed. On March 15, 2019, the album title was revealed as Revelations of Oblivion, and it was released on 10 May 2019, making it Possessed's first album in 33 years. The album entered the UK Rock & Metal Singles and Albums Charts at #7 in its first week.

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Teramaze - "Fight Or Flight" [Metal & X-Core]

Fight Or Flight

"Fight Or Flight" music video by Teramaze
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Teramaze - Fight Or Flight (Official Music Video)

Pre-order Are We Soldiers:

Official video for Fight Or Flight, the opening track from Termaze's new album Are We Soldiers, which is scheduled to be released by Mascot Records on June 21.

Dean Wells says; "'Fight or Flight' really feels like the song musically that bridges the gap between our previous album Her Halo and Are We Soldiers .

It’s a song that refers to a physiological reaction that occurs in the presence of something that is terrifying, either mentally or physically and can be related to many different situations in our lives.

 I think this is one of Brett Rerekura’s greatest vocal performances and I really enjoy the lead guitar like guitar riffs that weave in and out of the track.

 I really enjoy this song for the fact it doesn’t have a chorus that repeats through out the song. Its constant progression is what makes this one of the band's favourite songs and we can’t wait to play this song live."

Video by Wayne Joyner
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Exumer - "King's End" [Metal & X-Core]

King's End

"King's End" music video by Exumer
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Exumer "King's End" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at:
Exumer "King's End" from "Hostile Defiance"

The idea behind Exumer’s new video clip KING’S END is to visually pay homage to the look and visual aesthetics of the MTV/HEADBANGERS BALL era clips from the late 80s and early 90s. Especially when CGI became available as a tool to add effects that were otherwise financially impossible to attain. The clip was entirely shot, edited and directed by Goreminister in Essen (Turock Club) /Germany during Exumer’s last European dates.

Mem V. Stein : “We were approached by our buddy Goreminister, who has his own You Tube channel and is a pretty known character in the Metal scene in and around Essen, if we would be interested in a new video that resembles old HEADBANGERS BALL clips. We instantly were on board with the concept and are now excited to launch something that uniquely resembles the early 90s over the top videos we devoured back when Metal was still on Television.”

"Hostile Defiance", Exumer's fifth full-length, is exactly what its title suggests. A 42-minute full on attack, the thrash faction hold nothing back as they unleash hell as only they can, yet with more variety and dynamics than ever before. "We wanted to sonically progress, incorporating more melodic elements in the music as well as more rhythmic variety," states vocalist Mem Von Stein. "We are a lot braver trying to create an up to date and relevant sound that can easily stand alone in today's thrash landscape without sounding trite or a throwback, and we're challenging the listener not to get too comfortable with one specific feel, tempo or pace. The result is a mixture of material comprising fast and thrashy numbers, melodic hooks and mid-tempo songs." While the album's title is overtly belligerent, the lyrical content is far deeper and more involved, informed by Von Stein's interest and understanding of mental illness, having been working in the field of psychiatry since 2002, and holding the position of licensed master social worker. "Hostile Defiance comes from the term Oppositional Defiant Disorder where a person - mostly teenagers - experience states between contrition and hostile defiance, but at the same time it's a perfect title because it reflects our stance as a band and where we are in our career, refusing to fade away or bowing to trends within the genre."

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Donae'O - "The Party's Over Here" [Hip-Hop]

The Party's Over Here

"The Party's Over Here" music video by Donae'O
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Donae'O - The Party's Over Here

Music video by Donae'O performing The Party's Over Here. © 2019 Donae’O, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


Hailing from Northwest London, Ian Greenidge (aka Donae'o) grew up listening to rap, Afrobeat, and Caribbean music, and had a fondness for the likes of 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and D'Angelo instilled a desire to emulate his idols. Donae'o released his first single, Falling, in 2002, a mix of U.K. garage, R&B, and hip-hop; the single was followed by the release My Philosophy (Bounce). Over the next few years, Donae'o released a mix of EPs and singles including Colours, Change, and Devil in a Blue Dress. 2009 saw him appear alongside Lethal Bizzle on the track Go Hard, while also inking a deal with My-Ish Records. Donae'o's debut album, Party Hard, appeared that year along with the single Watching Her Move. Releases from Donae'o slowed over the next few years, yet he kept working, appearing on tracks by the likes of Shy FX, Mike Delinquent, and Foreign Beggars. 2011 saw the release of the free album Indigo Child as well as the singles Big Ben and Move to Da Gyal Dem. Donae'o's third album, The Forest of Zephron, appeared a couple of years later in 2013, and opted for a funkier house direction than his previous material. With a renewed vigor, more releases from Donae'o followed, with singles such as Mami No Like, What Is Love, and My Circle, along with a remix version featuring Wiley and Ghetts. Donae'o also continued with collaborations, appearing on the U.K. charting single Lock Doh by Giggs at the end of 2016.

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Zack Martino - "Mood (w. Dyson)" [Dance]

Mood (w. Dyson)

"Mood (w. Dyson)" music video by Zack Martino
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Zack Martino & Dyson - Mood (Official Video HD)

Get the track here:


Staten Island's Zack Martino produces several stripes of EDM, ranging from heavy, suspenseful stormers to bittersweet, summery dance-pop tunes. A musician since early childhood, he began producing dance music at the age of 11, and began releasing tracks when he was 14. Following gigs in New York City at clubs such as Pacha and C72, he released several harder-edged anthems in collaboration with Uruguay-born progressive house producer Reggio. In 2017, he gained attention for his remixes of songs by Galantis, Two Friends, the Chainsmokers, and others. The solo single "Hold on to Me," one of his poppiest productions to date, arrived by the end of the year, and subsequently hit the Top Ten of Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

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Magos Herrera And Brooklyn Rider - "Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" [Blues & Jazz, Live In Concert]

Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

"Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" music video by Magos Herrera And Brooklyn Rider
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Blues & Jazz, Live In Concert
Description : Magos Herrera and Brooklyn Rider: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

May 15, 2019 | Tom Huizenga -- When the intrepid string quartet known as Brooklyn Rider first visited the Tiny Desk nine years ago, no one knew what the musicians might play. They're as likely to trot out an Asian folk tune as they are a string quartet by Beethoven, or one of their own compositions.

For this visit though, we knew exactly what was on tap. The band, fronted by the smoky-voiced Magos Herrera and backed by percussionist Mathias Kunzli, performed three songs from the album Dreamers, a collection steeped in Latin American traditions.

The versatile Mexican singer, who has never sounded more expressive, notes that these songs emerge from struggle.

Gilberto Gil's bossa nova-inspired "Eu vim da Bahia" is a tribute to his home state. He released it in 1965 as Brazil's military dictatorship took charge. The atmospheric, flamenco-tinged "La Aurora de Nueva York," by Vicente Amigo, sets a gritty depiction of the city by Federico García Lorca, who fell to assassins during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. And "Balderrama," by the Argentine folk legend Gustavo Leguizamón, ruminates on a café which served as a safe haven for artists to talk about their work.

The music and the poetry, Herrera explained, "transcended dark times" for its authors. These fresh performances, imbued with both joy and pain, recall the past and point to the present.

Gilberto Gil: "Eu vim da Bahia"
Vicente Amigo (lyrics by Federico García Lorca): "La Aurora de Nueva York"
Gustavo Leguizamón: "Balderrama"

Magos Herrera: vocals; Mathias Kunzli: percussion

Brooklyn Rider: Johnny Gandelsman and Colin Jacobsen: violins; Nicholas Cords: viola; Michael Nicolas: cello

Producers: Tom Huizenga, Beck Harlan; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Bronson Arcuri, Beck Harlan, Kimani Oletu; Editor: Tsering Bista; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Photo: Amr Alfiky/NPR
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Black Star Riders - "Another State Of Grace" [Rock & Alternative]

Another State Of Grace

"Another State Of Grace" music video by Black Star Riders
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : BLACK STAR RIDERS - Another State Of Grace (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Another State Of Grace is out Sept 6th: 

On Tour:
More Info:


Black Star Riders is a hard rock band formed in December 2012. The band is fronted by Ricky Warwick, and features lead guitarist Scott Gorham, and bass guitarist Robbie Crane. Drummer and founding member Jimmy DeGrasso left the band in March 2017, and was replaced a few weeks later by Chad Szeliga. Another founding member, lead guitarist Damon Johnson, left the band at the end of 2018 to be replaced by Christian Martucci.

Black Star Riders began when members of the most recent line-up of Thin Lizzy decided to record new material, but chose not to release it under the Thin Lizzy name. While Thin Lizzy continues on an occasional basis, Black Star Riders is a full-time band, described as "the next step in the evolution of the Thin Lizzy story". The band's first album, All Hell Breaks Loose, was released on May 21, 2013, and the follow-up album, The Killer Instinct was released on February 20, 2015. The band's third album, Heavy Fire, was released on February 3, 2017, and reached number six on the UK Albums Chart.

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Steven Dove - "The Unlimited Dream Company (Album Stream)" [Album Streams]

The Unlimited Dream Company (Album Stream)

"The Unlimited Dream Company (Album Stream)" music video by Steven Dove
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Album Streams
Description : Steven Dove - The Unlimited Dream Company (Full Album)

'The Unlimited Dream Company' is an original soundtrack, composed by Steven Dove, for the JG Ballard novel of the same name. Out now on Bella Union. Order here:


1. Blake i (0:00)
2. Black ii (3:15)
3. Miriam St. Cloud (6:09)
4. Did You Dream Last Night? (9:14)
5. Shepperton (10:40)
6. Starks Death March (14:04)
7. Blake iii (15:49)
8. Reflection (Miriam Breathes) (17:45)
9. Bonfires! (21:35)
10. The Unlimited Dream Company (22:36)
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Euson - "Both Sides Now (TopPop)" [Pop]

Both Sides Now (TopPop)

"Both Sides Now (TopPop)" music video by Euson
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Euson - Both Sides Now • TopPop

Julio Bernardo Euson (Aruba, April 12, 1941) is an Aruban singer, who was popular in the Netherlands in the early 70s. He is best known for his hit Both sides now from 1971. With this song he became the first Dutch Antillean with a Dutch Top 40 hit

This recording of 'Both Side Now' was recorded at the Grand Gala Du disque live for AVRO TV on 15 February 1974

Tags : 1974, 70s, Euson

Emeli Sandé - "Extraordinary Being" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Extraordinary Being

"Extraordinary Being" music video by Emeli Sandé
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Emeli Sandé - Extraordinary Being

Music video by Emeli Sandé performing Extraordinary Being. © 2019 Virgin Records Ltd


Real Life is the upcoming third studio album by British signer Emeli Sandé, scheduled to be released on 21 June 2019 by Virgin EMI Records. Sandé co-wrote all tracks on the album, and the album was produced by Troy Miller. It includes the lead single "Sparrow".

Sandé's intent was to inspire "hope and confidence" with the album, particularly for those "who have been marginalised, forgotten or kicked down by this invisible oppression that's always there.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Emeli Sandé

YBN Nahmir - "Tweak" [Hip-Hop]


"Tweak" music video by YBN Nahmir
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : YBN Nahmir "Tweak" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Tweak" by YBN Nahmir.

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Directed by Louie Knows
Produced by Kaneki

YBN | Art at War


Breaking through with a viral hit when he was just 17, YBN Nahmir went from being an online gamer to a rap star virtually overnight. Along with friends YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Nahmir made up the core membership of the sprawling YBN collective, with all three of the main players rising to enormous success around the same time in 2017. Singles and videos streamed in the millions and hit the Billboard charts, as did 2018's YBN: The Mixtape, an album-length release that collected the brightest output of the collective's early days.
Born and raised in Birmingham Alabama, YBN Nahmir was Nick Simmons before he founded the YBN crew in 2014. Simmons' own music and the YBN collective both grew out of a community of teenaged online gamers, and Simmons' fan base initially formed around his presence as a gamer that sometimes included him freestyling during games of Grand Theft Auto. Eventually, he developed his exuberant and combative style -- one inspired by major Bay Area figures such as E-40 and Mozzy -- and started uploading tracks to social media platforms. Things broke wide open for Nahmir with his 2017 single "Rubbin Off the Paint." In less than a month the song's video had been viewed over 20 million times and by the end of the year it had hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 46. Vince Staples took note of the song and issued his own remix version, furthering Nahmir's already viral visibility. New singles followed quickly, tracks like "I Got a Stick," "No Hook," and "Bail Out" all doing numbers but the brief and confrontational "Bounce Out with That" was the strongest follow-up to his initial hit, reaching the Billboard charts and being streamed hundreds of millions of times. In April of 2018, he inked a deal with Atlantic Records and in the fall of that year released YBN: The Mixtape with the other members of the collective. The release proved as successful as their respective singles and included guest spots from Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Cuban Doll, and other established stars.

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Nolan The Ninja - "Bloom" [Hip-Hop]


"Bloom" music video by Nolan The Ninja
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Nolan The Ninja - BLOOM | Official Music Video

“I wrote “BLOOM” after I wrapped up the first master of ‘SPORTEE’ last year. I was in a whole new space. It’s more of a ‘new chapter’ energy. At least, that’s what I aimed to channel. Something very relaxed but celebratory at the same time.”
-Nolan The Ninja

Shot & Edited by: Cylent Media
Produced by: Diego
Additional Vocals by: Phil Swish

From the album "SPORTEE"

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group 2019


Nolan Chapman, also known as ‘Nolan The Ninja’, is a emcee, producer and rapper from Detroit. Nolan The Ninja is a throwback in many regards. Nolan delivers a special blend of two different styles; nostalgic yet modernized. In an era where many are just thrust into the realm of music without having gone through a proper stretch of artistic development, Nolan has been through the gauntlet and honed his abilities to the razor's edge over the past few years.
Ultimately, Nolan The Ninja is a promising placement within the genre of hip-hop. Through his words & production equipment, he’s creating a legacy for himself.

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Hypno Carlito - "Cook County (w. Ty Money & Prince Eazy)" [Hip-Hop]

Cook County (w. Ty Money & Prince Eazy)

"Cook County (w. Ty Money & Prince Eazy)" music video by Hypno Carlito
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Hypno Carlito, Ty Money & Prince Eazy "Cook County" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Cook County" by Hypno Carlito, Ty Money & Prince Eazy.

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Produced by Trippy 4rm Da Crib
Heart Of The City Films

Tags : 2019, 10s, Hypno Carlito

Madison Cunningham - "Life's What You Make It" [Rock & Alternative]

Life's What You Make It

"Life's What You Make It" music video by Madison Cunningham
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Madison Cunningham - Life's What You Make It (Talk Talk Cover) ft. Tyler Chester, Sam Weber and Abe Rounds

Pre-order Madison Cunningham’s new album ‘Who Are You Now’, out August 16:

Video by Jayden Becker-
Engineered by Tejas Leier Heyden

Apple Music:


Singer/songwriter Madison Cunningham is a gifted performer with a literate, harmonically nuanced approach to folk and pop music. She first grabbed attention performing around Los Angeles in 2017, the same year she issued her debut EP Love, Lose, Remember.
A native of Costa Mesa, California, Cunningham was introduced to the guitar at age seven, and grew up singing along with her four sisters in church where her father was worship pastor. By her teens, she was performing regularly, as well as writing her own songs, drawing inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, and Jeff Buckley. In 2017, she recorded her debut EP Love, Lose, Remember with producer Tyler Chester (Blake Mills, Sara Watkins, Hayes Carll). That album, along with regular shows in Los Angeles and opening spots on tour with Punch Brothers, helped widen her audience. She eventually signed with Verve Forecast, and in 2018 issued the single "Beauty Into Cliches."

Tags : 2019, 10s, Madison Cunningham

NUUXS - "Safe" [Pop]


"Safe" music video by NUUXS
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : NUUXS - Safe (Official Video)

My new single ‘Safe' is the first single from my upcoming mix tape 'Red Tape Vol.2' is out now. Listen at:

Follow me on

Tags : 2019, 10s, NUUXS

5 Seconds Of Summer - "Easier" [Pop]


"Easier" music video by 5 Seconds Of Summer
Added: 23-05-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : 5 Seconds Of Summer - Easier

EASIER // 05/23/2019 // PRE-SAVE:


Apple Music:
Official Store:


Music video by 5 Seconds Of Summer performing Easier. © 2019 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records.


5 Seconds of Summer, often shortened to 5SOS, are an Australian pop rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, formed in 2011. The group consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Luke Hemmings, lead guitarist Michael Clifford, bassist Calum Hood, and drummer Ashton Irwin. They were originally YouTube celebrities, posting videos of themselves covering songs from various artists during 2011 and early 2012. They rose to international fame while touring with English-Irish band One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour. They have since released three studio albums and headlined three world tours.

The band released their third album Youngblood on 15 June 2018. It became their third number one album in their home country. In the US, 5 Seconds of Summer became the first Australian act to achieve three chart-toppers on the Billboard 200 chart. They also became the first band (not vocal) to have their first three full-length albums debut at the top in the US. They went on the Meet You There Tour to support the album.

Tags : 2019, 10s, 5 Seconds Of Summer