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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Gypsy Temple - "Today" [Rock & Alternative]


"Today" music video by Gypsy Temple
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Gypsy Temple – Today (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Gypsy Temple has created a true work of art resonating not only with the youth army of fans that is undeniably building but also with fans of any age who lived the musical history of the Pacific Northwest and the extent to which Gypsy Temple honors that history with their songwriting, production and live performance. The ecstatic and churning “Today” is written about contemplating suicide and choosing to live – literally and figuratively, with Lavi-Jones grasping air from a real underwater near-drowning scene to that gasp for air; the moment of decision to keep going because “today is for the breathing.”

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Gypsy Temple - "King Youngblood" [Rock & Alternative]

King Youngblood

"King Youngblood" music video by Gypsy Temple
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description :

Gypsy Temple Play A Game Of Thrones In “King Youngblood” Visual
Civil unrest is everywhere. Our world’s youth scramble for answers to some of our most daunting problems like climate change and the ever dividing political landscape. Gypsy Temple, a revelrous band known as King Youngblood is calling on all loyal houses and bannermen to ride with them into the perilous future to remind the world that “there is always honor in the fight for truth, beauty, and justice”
This homemade visual captures a great fantasy setting despite it being made on a shoestring budget. Gypsy Temple ties their band’s message of poetic unrest and resistance with Game Of Thrones themes and the two go together like House Stark and a litter of dire wolves.
This music video lays the final path towards the release of their debut King Youngblood EP released June 1:

Gypsy Temple is a new American Alt-Rock band formed in Seattle, Washington. Their debut album King Youngblood is a vigorous and efficacious sign that rock and roll continues to be a vibrant musical medium of expression for young people. The album is poised to be a historically important piece of musical work of lead vocalist and principal writer Cameron Miles-Lavi-Jones who delivers an album well beyond his 20 years. Gypsy Temple’s band members are all freshly out of their teens and the ambition and execution of the band’s thoughtful, dynamic songs evoke the days of stadium artists like Soundgarden, infused with the underground soul and speed of Bad Brains, and playing fully accessible anthems not far from the topical and existential anthems of Gang of Youths out of Australia. King Youngblood is a lyrical and musical voice to ignite the upcoming generation of positive-thinking rock and pop fans.

Recorded at Very Juicy’s studio, The Red Room, with producer Maurice Jones Jr. and brought to multi-gold arranger and producer Phillip Peterson at House of Breaking Glass (A$OP ROCKY, Pink, Portugal The Man) for more tracking, mixing and refining the sound, the eleven songs on King Youngblood capture the swinging, searing, and guts-moving ram-tam that have earned Gypsy Temple legendary status supporting regional superstars like Pearl Jam and Ayron Jones (who is a mentor and friend for Lavi-Jones). Lavi-Jones’ vocal performances are simply undeniably some of the best to come out of North America in a long time.

First single “Pick A Number” is a love song as breathtakingly catchy as it is melodically buoyant; its video is a creative play on “Groundhog Day” with a nod to Cameron Crowe’s Seattle grunge love story “Singles.” The ecstatic and churning “Today” is written about contemplating suicide and choosing to live – literally and figuratively, with Lavi-Jones grasping air from a real underwater near drowning scene to that gasp for air; the moment of decision to keep going because “today is for the breathing.”  Conversely, regarding the frailty of mortality, the mordant, most rock heavy emotional and moving album closer “Lay in the Ground” is a mourning song for Cam’s maternal grandmother of Austrian and Romani Jewish descent, of whom he was very close.

The band name’s song “Gypsy Temple” boldly embraces Cam’s nomadic yet joyously creative heritage. “Up Becomes Down was written about a dear friend who was and maybe still is going through a hard time dealing with transgender and gender fluid issues coupled with depression.”  Explains Lavi-Jones, “The line ‘Whenever up becomes down’ / I will always be here holding your crown – inspired our entire HOLD YOUR CROWN youth mental health project.” Gypsy Temple are openly and deeply involved with the National Association for Mental Illness’ outreach to the schools youth mental health.  NAMI has approved Gypsy Temple as the face of their youth outreach program End the Silence on the national level.  This from the same band, who in the fall of November 2018, received a grant from the League of Women Voters and performed for over 80 high schools to register over 3200 youth to vote.  Gypsy Temple walks the activist talk as committedly as their musical focus.

Joining Lavi-Jones on vocals and guitar is Martin Creed, Cory Cavazos (electric cello), Kai Hill (drums) and Hamoon “Moon” Milaninia (bass). They are all classically trained musicians and came up through public school music programs, becoming leaders in their orchestra and school bands. The unexpected punk and prog elements they pull in pack all the power and sensuality into this collection of streamlined but bodacious well-crafted sonically epic songs.

Rounding out Gypsy Temple’s first full-length is the fun romp “Heavy Handed,” a massive jam built from their extensively take no prisoners energetic live show; and the anxiously confessional punk-toned but healing relationship opus “Forget About It, that live is a jaw dropper.” These are all high charged moments within an album of many moods, tempos, ideas, and thoughtfully strong lyrical messages giving us hope that Generation Z is not asleep at the wheel.

Lavi-Jones formed the first trio of Gypsy Temple when he was 10 with fellow Shorecrest high school orchestra members bassist Taylor Wagner and cellist Blair Ziegenhegel. “Part of my reason for naming the band Gypsy Temple when I was ten was to honor my maternal Grandmother Eleanor and her heritage who was proud to tell me about our nomadic musical people on her side of the family and their survival of multiple diasporas that European Jews know to be the blood history of our people.” Lavi-Jones believes their moniker represents a tribute to his people on both sides of his family – African American and Jewish and explains his band’s name means a “Sanctuary for Free Spirits.” “That’s us, that’s definitely us.”  Lavi-Jones affirms, the album is called King Youngblood. ‘Youngblood’ is a name in the black community the older guys will often call the younger guys – keeping us respectful of those coming up but also reminding the young of their elder’s senior-hood. My dad’s brothers call me ‘Youngblood’ all the time.” Embracing all points of race and culture of  Lavi-Jones’ heritage, Lavi-Jones explains, “All of us, the band and the whole production and management team, are extremely conscious of issues of intersectionality. We think about race, we think about the challenges for people of color because our tribe is comprised of a United Nations of ethnicity.”

As Lavi-Jones describes it, King Youngblood lyrically is about telling the world there is an army of dedicated, progressive, smart cause-driven young people coming up  – “and coming in the wake of the current government and resurgence of racist people and all of the reactionary badness going on right now; we are here to dial this shit back.”

The band fully jelled over the last couple years after Lavi-Jones and middle school friend bassist Hamoon Milaninia (they played on the same youth soccer team) teamed up and then added drummer Kai Hill who also went to Shorecrest high school with them in Shoreline, WA. A drummer with both mad jazz and rock skills, Hill has been literally “the golden driver” for Gypsy Temple ever since he joined. The second guitarist wilsonlikethevolleyball (aka Wilson Rahn) Lavi-Jones’ classmate and fellow UW Rainy Dog Radio DJ, helped raise the band’s bar for Gypsy Temple’s high energy live show.  Say’s Lavi-Jones, “There’s no turning back now.” Lavi-Jones met cellist Cavazos when the band’s manager was running the historic Columbia City Theater and Cavazos would come to the regular open mic events hosted there.  Cavazos is the buddha of the group keeping them all grounded as they navigate their rise to recognition.

Lavi-Jone is clearly influenced by a wide range of game-changing albums from Nirvana’s Nevermind, to American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, to Kamasi Washington’s The Epic,each contributing to this album’s big cinematic sound that is both historically important and musically just so fucking epic. King Youngblood is a perfect alt rock album, as revolutionary as all the great Northwest bands before them. This album is universal pure musical perfection for freaks into rock and even soul and folk and reflects musical qualities found at the top of the charts by artists affirming Gypsy Temple is playing well beyond their years.

Experience the debut recording of Gypsy Temple with King Youngblood but don’t forget to see them live where you will encounter a lovingly affirming, senses rattling, incredibly unifying if not exhausting experience sharing them in concert with other die-hard music fans. Lavi-Jones charismatically leads his bandmates into building a dramatic experience the scales of which most groups don’t attempt these days. The energy is infectious and intentional.  Like the songs on King Youngblood itself, there is so much love and sharing and important things being taken care of with this band. Lavi-Jones and his Gypsy temple collective have lovingly crafted a collection of technically challenging tracks all of which could be singles in their own right. These songs are all real statements from authentic places in the life of a young artist who has found his voice and continues to grow musically literally every day.  

Gypsy Temple’s brilliant sweep has been perfectly framed in sound thanks to producer Peterson and Lavi-Jones’ take no prisoners approach to the mixes reflecting the power of strong songwriting in the wake of incredibly impactful live show performances that have so honed Gypsy Temple’s musical skills and sound. King Youngblood is beautifully crisp, deeply soulful, and elegantly strong. Lyrically Lavi-Jones delivers tight little multiverses of elegiac bliss and dramatic weaves. This album is going to be a golden classic contributing to the band’s own definition of success. “Success really is and should be simple, make a living doing what we love. We love music,” Lavi-Jones says. “Success is staying honest and true and not losing our souls in this industry.  Success is accepting that not everyone is going to love me or our music but not letting that stop us because more people love us than don’t, so we keep marching.”

Says producer Phillip Peterson,  “Twenty year old Cameron Lavi-Jones offers the best vocals / lyrics of the year. This debut album folds out in multi-levels inside itself, of revelation, confession, musical extrapolation. King Youngblood is perfectly paced, like the perfect novel.”

Gypsy Temple has created a true work of art resonating not only with the youth army of fans that is undeniably building but also with fans of any age who lived the musical history of the Pacific Northwest and the extent to which Gypsy Temple honors that history with their songwriting, production and live performance.

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AV Super Sunshine - "Are You Happy?" [Dance]

Are You Happy?

"Are You Happy?" music video by AV Super Sunshine
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Dance
Description :

Music Video by AV Super Sunshine
Mix by Michael Bradford
© 2019 Victor House Records.  All rights reserved.

Directed By: Philomena Victor
Produced By: AV Super Sunshine
Executive Producer: AV Super Sunshine
Cinematography: Anthony Scarlati, Philomena Victor
Visual Effects/Animation by: AV Super Sunshine
Publisher:  AVM music BMI

CD Available Soon:

Are You Happy (Radio Edit)
©  2019 AV Super Sunshine


AV Super Sunshine asks Are You Happy? 

Happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Researchers find that people all over the world rate happiness more important than all other desirable personal outcomes. Attaining happiness is a global pursuit.  Evidence shows that one of the things that matters most for our happiness is our social relationships and our mental health.

AV Super Sunshine’s new song “Are You Happy” was written to bring to light how mental health issues can affect happiness. As a severe depression and PTSD survivor himself, AV has fought hard and found a road back. His mission is to have fun while sharing what has worked for him in hope others can be helped by his experiences.

His new track launch coincides with the BBC’s announcement for a major new pan-BBC Mental Health season. Like AV Super Sunshine, the BBC has an ongoing commitment on mental health issues.  Millions of people are affected by mental illness. This pan-BBC season will raise awareness, share stories and give tips on maintaining good mental health.
The artist explains, “I heard a BBC public service announcement asking folks not to be afraid to talk to someone about the issue of happiness and mental health. We think that’s a great piece of advice, whether to tell someone you need some cheering up or asking a friend if they need a hug, don’t be afraid to reach out”. AV Super Sunshine continues, “Everyone involved with the song is hoping “Are You Happy” gets people talking and helping one another about the subject”.

AV Super Sunshine is building buzz and expanding fan base through radio play, DJ dance pool play, social media, online video, television and cable music programming. With the grass roots support of 250K+ fans across demographic and geographic boundaries, AV Super Sunshine is becoming more than the name of an artist, or a sound, developing into a movement as a symbol of inclusivity.
A native of Wisconsin, AV’s life has been anything but the conventional mid-western psyche. For 15 years he made no music whatsoever. “I got really sick,” he relates. “I had a very big portion of my life that wasn’t very productive. But that’s when I started playing again and really writing from the heart. I began writing what I felt rather than trying to write songs to please.”

“I remember reading an interview with David Bowie where he explained his views about writing from the heart. Bowie felt that because he was a human, if he wrote a piece that moved himself, other humans would be moved too. I believe that. I always write songs from my own experience that other people will understand, with thehope that maybe I can somehow help.”

AV’s newly found motivation began by seizing an invitation to host Wisconsin’s oldest weekly open mic as a way to wean off anti-depressants.  The once reclusive artist got off the couch in 2013 and hit the ground running! Within a few months’ time of showcasing his songs, he received an invitation to record at Ben Folds Studio in Nashville.   While recording at Ben’s, he received his unique name from Grammy nominated, songwriter producer James House who crafted it by combining the artist’s initials of AV with his song title” Super Sunshine Girl” to form AV Super Sunshine.
The AV Super Sunshine name fits both the artist and his music perfectly.  When asked about his songs and inspiration, AV explains, “It’s real personal. I’m a long-term, severe abuse victim but trying to fight the good fight. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, depression and anxiety disorder. I’ve used songwriting as a way to cope.”  He goes on to explain, “I’ve had every kind of treatment imaginable including hypnosis-induced out-of-body stuff.  I recorded everything I’ve been experiencing in my songwriting.  Everything I write is about a true life or an emotional experience I’ve had.”  He shares his Super Sunshine with the hope that his songs will help others with similar circumstances or illness.
AV’s Baby Goodbye was released to CMJ radio as a single in July 2015 and with grass-roots fan support hit #7 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart in October 2015.  A follow up Just Like Kurt Kurt Cobain tribute EP (CMJ Top 100) went to radio in October 2015 followed in May 2016 by a Baby Goodbye CD (CMJ Top 100) which spent 21 weeks on the CMJ chart.  In October 2016, Bass Face, a collection of radio friendly pop-rock-art songs produced by legendary hit maker Michael Bradford is being released to Triple A, Alternative, CMJ and Pop radio.

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Remember The Monsters - "Sink" [Rock & Alternative]


"Sink" music video by Remember The Monsters
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description :

Watch the official music video for "Sink" performed by Remember the Monsters

Music by Remember the Monsters

Produced by Matt Good

Video Directed by Jeremy Tremp


Marking their official emergence in 2016, Remember the Monsters come from the majestic land of Tucson, AZ. This translates into the fiery passion and determination they have for making music and their “never say die” attitude regardless of multiple struggles and roadblocks. Remember the Monsters are always ready for a party, while simultaneously dealing with all of life’s familiar issues, and their music reflects just that. From the hard rocking, no-regrets attitude of their previous material – to the hook-laden, high energy songs of today… This band will never disappoint an audience!

Though relatively low key and new to the scene, Remember the Monsters is not without their merit. Previous releases have seen hundreds of thousands of song streams (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) and millions of YouTube views across multiple fan videos.

Watch the official music video for “Sink” performed by Remember the Monsters

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Core - "Killing Me" [Rock & Alternative]

Killing Me

"Killing Me" music video by Core
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description :

CORE "Killing Me" official music video (c) 2019
Silverstone Records USA
featuring Tom Sizemore
Director: Bruce Haymer-Coleman
Producer: James Fargo
MGMT: Mike Quinn @ Silverstone USA

CORE is an active rock band based in Austin, Texas whose music contains proud elements of harder active rock, modern post-grunge, and killer alt-rock with classic rock overtones from legendary influences. The new album "WHAT I AM" carves out each song with lyrics composed of real-life-events that reach deep inside the minds and hearts of rock fans. From harder songs, to breathtaking new-rock ballads, the young guys in this quartet lay out very catchy choruses while offering up relatable blunt-honest lyrics that combine with powerful guitar riffs listeners can feel. CORE stands out commercially with a familiar style that some radio programmers are calling "Refreshing" and "Needed" giving us the big artist GNR feel of 2017. Do not miss CORE when they perform live!

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The Bomb Digz - "Dream Girl" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Dream Girl

"Dream Girl" music video by The Bomb Digz
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : 1st Single from our EP "SEX ED"

Listen/Download here: ?

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Devin Gordon INSTA:
Kevin Alston INSTA:
Daniel Veda INSTA:


The Bomb Digz announce first single and music video for “Dream Girl” from new EP SEX ED

 Daniel, Kevin & Devin of the R&B group, The Bomb Digz, are rising young teens chasing their music aspirations together! They have been working together for 4 years as an independent project under the direction of Grammy nominated producer, Allstar (whose credits include hit records with SWV, Joe, Blackstreet & many more). These popular artists and social media influencers have amassed millions of followers on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, and millions of streams of their music! Their car cover videos have gone viral, and they have become YouTube sensations inspiring young people to chase their dreams! The Bomb Digz have a diverse appeal, and their target demographics range from male to female ages 12-25 yrs old.
Their new EP project is in the works, and “DREAM GIRL” is the first single & music video:

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William Dolan - "Girl" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Girl" music video by William Dolan
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Girl is a music video that shows it's ok to stand up to peer pressure.

You don't need to be in a relationship to pursue your goals and passions.


“Girl is a song I wrote about me standing up to peer pressure against having a girlfriend right now. The song means a lot to me as I want others to know, that they don’t always have to be in a relationship, and it’s okay to pursue other interests and dreams.

The song has a funky vibe to it and has a message that even adults can relate to. Girl is a song for everyone. I want everyone to feel that they can be confident on their own, and not feel like they need to have someone to rely upon. I hope everyone gets the message and learns to be themselves, which makes them special and unique.”

William Dolan is a singer, songwriter, dancer & athlete with a passion for social causes, namely ending bullying and cultural diversity and acceptence. William is kind and compassionate. He feels deeply about the importance of faith, family, and fairness.  Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia Canada, Wiliam began studying dance at 4 years old and has trained in ballet, tap, modern, musical theatre and hip-hop. A born entertainer, William now plays the piano and writes songs.  William Dolan’s first single and video “Cadillac” was released in July 2018 and the follow up single and video “Girl” was released in May of 2019.

For all things William Dolan – check out  

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Cherokee - "Goddess" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Goddess" music video by Cherokee
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Long awaited video from Brooklyn bred Soul/R&B singer Cherokee.

Now streaming on all major platforms.
IG @cherokeetheartist
FB: @cherokeetheartist
Twitter: @cherokeeisback
Soundcloud: cherokeetheartist

Directed by Rashidi Harper and Sequoia Emmanuelle
Cinematography Thomas Trail
Edited by Kristian Hill
Styled By Jason Griffin


Brooklyn-bred, neo-soul sorceress Cherokee drops long awaited video “Goddess”  
Just A Brooklyn Girl is a very modest way of describing Neo-Soul sorceress Cherokee, but that’s how she’s titled her new release, a divine collection of sonorous-vocals, sweetly melodic storytelling, and hooked-filled art-R&B that brings her beauty and power back into the ears and before the eyes of perfervid new urban music fans. The bohemian, feminist heroine was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, but this world class model and mother’s music belongs to the world. 
Led by empowering first single “Goddess” her voice weaves sumptuous and detailed imagery through dazzling timeless discotheque riffs and invitations to after-hours spiritual delights. This is the sweetness, the candid, not afraid to be coarse but always classy kind of anthem that gets people grinding and reaching for the skies on the dance floor. As Cherokee says, “It’s all about life and outer space.”

This is followed by the slowed-down diva’s elegant hedonism and survivor’s tale of “Fly Free,” the music continues to entrance; the giddily intoxicated Prince-like pop of “Kaleidoscope Kiss”; the tender cruising crunk of “Time,” with a swank rap from Azomali – a smooth ode to mechanical movement a tricked-out whip on any block (“let’s make time while we got time”); and the roots-chewing hip hop “Old School” which flickers back autobiographically into Cherokee’s past, before she was walking the catwalk, and doing songs with fellow soul specialists Outkast, Jill Scott, Bilal, and Musiq. These are the kinds of songs, with her beautiful creative image, that got her coverage in places like Vogue, Rolling Stone, Essence, Billboard, Jet, and other markets. And her new work is pointed straight towards everyone again, though it was “recorded in various backrooms and bedrooms.” This is global, international DIY groove at its tightest and highest.

Cherokee’s latest was mostly written and conceived by her and lovingly co-produced by her Grammy-crushing husband Neal H Pogue (TLC, Janelle Monáe, Robyn), with the help of some other fierce talents. Pogue has done his usual visionary and extraordinary work of making his lover’s ecstatic musical canvas gleam so her mesmerizing lyrics can really pop and intrigue. (She writes all the words.) Her nods to soul jazz, beautifully odd keys and ambitious harmonies keep every minute on Just A Brooklyn Girl a joyful rhapsody of floating through the city of the blessed mind.

Featuring production skills from David Ott, and Jairus “J. Mo” Mozzee, and background help from Duckwrth, it was produced in Los Angeles. This is a celebratory return of the artist who debuted with the life-changing I Love You … Me, a crucial cornerstone of the Neo-Soul movement of NYC 1999, in which she candidly wrote and sang about a past of abuse and changed pain into gorgeous song craft and let’s not forget about Soul Parade which is now a underground gem. The themes on Just A Brooklyn Girl are just as transforming, but in an elegiac, happier way – which is transcendent tonic to the darkness of these times.

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JayQ The Legend - "Body Talk (explicit)" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Body Talk (explicit)

"Body Talk (explicit)" music video by JayQ The Legend
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : BreakOut Music and Jay-Q are making big moves...

Awesome Director Ben Griffin

Twitter @JayQTheLegend 

Stylist: Maxi


JAYQ the Legend releases hit track and visuals to  “Body Talk”
Former US Marine coming to from New Orleans, JayQ seamlessly combines hip-hop and pop to make music that embraces the joys and pains of life. His authentic, raw style, combined with his deep, sensual vocals, commands and focuses your attention; the enigma, however, that is JayQ, draws you in deep, implores you to explore and move with him.
The new hit single “Body Talk” was co-written by himself and Grammy Winner Soko7 (Drunk In Love, Beyonce and Jay-Z). His debut EP will be released in NYC on June 15th. . The soul-filled body of work captures the essence and realness of classic relationship woes. “Body Talk” brilliantly articulates the sexual tension that exists within a passion-filled argument with one’s lover; it gives a fresh, new look at the struggles lovers have, the need to strive for mutual respect, and the importance of not exacerbating negativity by empowering “Body Language Talk”.

Strongly influenced by Michael Jackson and Tupac, JayQ performs with a flair of soul and rap. From an early age, he sang in his church choir, which not only honed his vocal abilities, but also enriched his performance skills. Being from a city that incorporates eccentric and theatrical elements into performances, JayQ instinctively commands attention whenever he takes the stage, or even hits the local coffee shop. Fiercely creative, an accomplished poet and lyricist, JayQ always pushes his art to new depths and levels of mindfulness.
JayQ will be touring the United States beginning Summer 2019, after kicking off his “Body Talk” release at the Midem music festival and the BreakOut Music Yacht Concert in Cannes, France. His exponentially growing global appeal is fueled by his raw, passionate, masculine vibe and the driving beat of his music; both of which travel effortlessly across borders and languages. While he considers sleep to be his superpower, given his hectic schedule, the creative genius might find rest, but one thing is certain, JayQ will never be slept on.

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Rotimi - "Love Riddim" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]

Love Riddim

"Love Riddim" music video by Rotimi
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Download "Walk With Me". Out 5/24! Stream: 

Official Video by Rotimi - Love Riddim (Official Video) 

© 2019 FrontRo Music Group / EMPIRE


Rotimi Blends Afrobeats And R&B With New Single “Love Riddim”

This month marks the arrival of Rotimi’s Walk With Me album, the artist’s first full-length release since parting ways with 50 Cent‘s G-Unit imprint. The project is host to a number of tracks that give the fans a true representation of the evolving artistry of the Power star, including  lead single “Love Riddim.”

With the effort, Rotimi also shares accompanying visuals for the cut, employing an elaborate new clip that features appearances from the likes of Apryl Jones, Serayah, even one Michael Blackson as the singer’s likeness literally follows around a love interest while serenading her with sweet nothings of a forbidden love.
Rotimi’s R&B language has changed over the years, from lust-tinged vocals on tracks like “Kitchen Table” to soca chords on “Want More.” After taking some time to examine his musical journey, the multi-talented artist has returned with “Love Riddim,” a cohesive blend of Afrobeats and R&B styles perfect for any dance soirée.

Rotimi’s charting 2017 debut EP, Jeep Music, Vol. 1 features guest verses from 50 Cent and T.I. as well as his breakthrough single “Want More.” The project cemented Rotimi as a strong vocalist and songwriter with a knack for sultry slow jams. Looking ahead to his forthcoming EP, Walk with Me, slated for a May 2019 release, Rotimi is proud of the time he’s put in. “I want my fans to understand that this is something unique,” he says.  
While the sun-tinged lead single “Love Riddim” epitomizes a summer anthem, Walk with Me is a dynamic, genre -spanning project. “It covers all aspects of emotions,” Rotimi adds. With this young artist, there’s no label that could define him. A true creator at his core, Rotimi’s motto encapsulates both his attitude and his art: “No limit.”

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Debbie Gibson - "Girls Night Out" [Pop]

Girls Night Out

"Girls Night Out" music video by Debbie Gibson
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Pop
Description :

“Girls Night Out” is the new new pop anthem from the iconic Debbie Gibson –  inspired by the Mixtape Tour 2019
In anticipation of the soon to be released official music video, pop icon Debbie Gibson releases the official lyric video for “Girls Night Out”, celebrating the unbreakable bond of women everywhere that Gibson has witness while currently on the #Mixtapetour and beyond! #GNO
Currently, Gibson is on the mega successful 53-city, North American Mixtape Tour with New Kids On The Block, Tiffany, Naughty by Nature and Salt-N-Pepa. Her new single “Girls Night Out” is available on all digital platforms.

For 30 years, Debbie Gibson has proven she’s an entertainer of immeasurable talent. From singer, songwriter and musician to actress and dancer, she embodies what it truly means to be an entertainer. A music prodigy, Gibson burst on the Billboard Pop Charts at the tender age of 16 with the self-penned “Only In My Dreams.” The “Original Pop Princess” quickly became the youngest artist ever to write, produce and perform a No. 1 hit song, “Foolish Beat,” and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. To date, she is still the youngest female to hold that record. Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide, performed for British Royalty and hosted “The American Music Awards,” produced by friend and legend Dick Clark.

After conquering the pop world with three consecutive albums and world tours, she set her sights on the theater and starred in 17 musicals in 17 years. Gibson made her mark in the Broadway production of Les Miserables as Eponine. She broke box office records in the London West End production of Grease as Sandy. She then took the stage in the U.S. Broadway tours of Grease as Rizzo and “Funny Girl” as Fanny Brice. Gibson also wowed critics as Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy, The Narrator in the national tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cinderella in the national production of Cinderella with Eartha Kitt, Velma Kelly in Chicago, and, Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of Cabaret with Neil Patrick Harris.
In 2016, Gibson created, executive produced and starred in Hallmark Channel’s “Summer of Dreams,” which featured her new, original song “Wonderland” and a new acoustic version of her self-penned, debut, hit single “Only In My Dreams.” The original movie was the highest-rated and most-watched movie premiere in the network’s “Summer Nights” franchise with 2.5 Million total viewers, becoming the No. 1 rated program and telecast on August 27. “Summer of Dreams” was also the week’s most social original movie premiere across broadcast and cable, attracting the most Uniques and Interactions on Facebook and Twitter combined than any other original movie premiere. She reunited with Robert Gant to walk down the aisle in the sequel, “Wedding of Dreams,” that premiered September 8, 2018 on Hallmark Channel.

Gibson shows no signs of slowing down. She was a cast member of the 25th season of “Dancing With The Stars.” She celebrates the 30-year anniversary of her pop career, including her mega-hit album Electric Youth and biggest single “Lost In Your Eyes,” with her commemorative, retrospective 10 CD / 3 DVD box set We Could Be Together. She has two original Broadway musicals in the works, one with Jimmy Van Patten entitled “Flunkytown” and the other entitled “Skirts” as composer and lyricist with Hilary Carlip and Katie Ford.

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Betraying The Martyrs - "Parasite" [Metal & X-Core]


"Parasite" music video by Betraying The Martyrs
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - Parasite (Official Music Video)

Betraying The Martyrs // Rapture // OUT 9/13

Pre-Order / Stream:

Directed by Igor Omodei



Based out of Paris, France, Betraying the Martyrs temper the punishing brutality of deathcore with melodic flourishes pulled from symphonic and progressive metal, giving it a theatricality that feels distinctly European. Formed in 2008, the band, which at the time was made up of singer Eddie Czaicki, guitarists Fabien Clévy and Baptiste Vigier, bassist Valentin Hauser, keyboardist Victor Guillet, and drummer Antoine Salin, would self-release its debut EP, The Hurt the Divine the Light, in 2009. A lineup change in 2010 would see Betraying the Martyrs parting ways with Clévy and Czaicki, recruiting guitarist Lucas D'Angelo and singer Aaron Matts to bolster their ranks for the release of their full-length debut for Sumerian Records, Breathe in Life, in 2011. Drummer Salin would eventually leave the band the year after the album's release, but Mark Mironov stepped in to replace him that same year. Their sophomore album, Phantom, arrived in 2014.

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Bhad Bhabie - "Get Like Me (ft. NLE Choppa)" [Hip-Hop]

Get Like Me (ft. NLE Choppa)

"Get Like Me (ft. NLE Choppa)" music video by Bhad Bhabie
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : BHAD BHABIE "Get Like Me" feat. NLE Choppa | Danielle Bregoli

ME n Choppa stole a lemonade truck
Stream Get Like Me feat. NLE Choppa now at



"Cash me outside, how bou' dah?" With one catch phrase, a young Danielle Bregoli -- known by fans as Bhad Bhabie -- was launched into a pop culture landscape that would eventually land her a record deal. Just 13 years old at the time, Bregoli was a guest on a troubled teen episode of the Dr. Phil talk show. Facing an antagonistic audience, she challenged them to settle the score outside the studio with her famously accented threat. Thus an Internet sensation was born. A video of her appearance went viral in early 2017, becoming a popular meme. As her notoriety grew, she appeared on remixes of songs by young trap rappers like Kodak Black, Tee Grizzley, and Lil Yachty. In August, she issued "These Heaux," her debut single as Bhad Bhabie. The song broke her onto the Billboard Hot 100, making Bregoli the youngest female rap debut in chart history. Soon after, she signed with Atlantic Records.

Bregoli's first output for the label arrived late in the year with "Whachu Know" and "I Got It." Another single, the gold-certified "Hi Bich," was remixed with YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid, and Asian Doll. In March 2018, she released "Gucci Flip Flops" with Lil Yachty, weeks before embarking on tour. "Trust Me" with Ty Dolla $ign and "Yung and Bhad" with City Girls followed that summer, just before the release of her debut mixtape, 15. She returned in 2019 with the single "Bestie," which featured Kodak Black.

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Reese Youngn - "Major Payne" [Hip-Hop]

Major Payne

"Major Payne" music video by Reese Youngn
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Reese Youngn "Major Payne" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Major Payne" by Reese Youngn.

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Shot & Edited by Treeburke

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Madison Cunningham - "Manifest (Andrew Bird Cover)" [Rock & Alternative]

Manifest (Andrew Bird Cover)

"Manifest (Andrew Bird Cover)" music video by Madison Cunningham
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Madison Cunningham - Manifest (Andrew Bird Cover)

Pre-order Madison Cunningham’s new album ‘Who Are You Now’, out August 16:

Filmed and Edited by Robbie Jeffers
Recorded by Tyler Chester
Mixed by Tejas Leier Heyden

Apple Music:


Singer/songwriter Madison Cunningham is a gifted performer with a literate, harmonically nuanced approach to folk and pop music. She first grabbed attention performing around Los Angeles in 2017, the same year she issued her debut EP Love, Lose, Remember.

A native of Costa Mesa, California, Cunningham was introduced to the guitar at age seven, and grew up singing along with her four sisters in church where her father was worship pastor. By her teens, she was performing regularly, as well as writing her own songs, drawing inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, and Jeff Buckley. In 2017, she recorded her debut EP Love, Lose, Remember with producer Tyler Chester (Blake Mills, Sara Watkins, Hayes Carll). That album, along with regular shows in Los Angeles and opening spots on tour with Punch Brothers, helped widen her audience. She eventually signed with Verve Forecast, and in 2018 issued the single "Beauty Into Cliches."

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Sauce Walka - "Unfair" [Hip-Hop]


"Unfair" music video by Sauce Walka
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Sauce Walka "Unfair" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Unfair" by Sauce Walka.

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The confrontational Sauce Walka is a Houston-based rapper with an exuberant, sporadic delivery similar to Young Thug. Among his releases are the Sorry 4 the Sauce mixtape series (2015-2017) and highly animated tracks such as "Sauce Overload" (2018).

Born Albert Walker Mondane, the rapper makes up one half of Sauce Twinz, along with Sancho Saucy. He began releasing tracks and mixtapes in 2014, as well as appearing on releases by Slim Thug and DJ Holiday. Sauce Walka gained notoriety in 2015 when he accused Drake of using Houston's hip-hop culture, stealing its dance moves, and not supporting the local hip-hop scene; during the year also released the first two volumes of the mixtape series Sorry 4 the Sauce. The cover of his 2016 mixtape Holy Sauce targeted Drake, as well as other rappers such as Famous Dex and Future. Across the next couple years, Sauce Walka's rate of output remained consistent with Sorry 4 the Sauce 3, additional tapes including Drip God and Sauce Ghetto Gospel, and loose tracks highlighted by "Sauce Overload."

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Madonna - "God Control" [Pop]

God Control

"God Control" music video by Madonna
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Madonna - God Control (Official Music Video)

This is your wake up call. Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities. Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. NOW. Volunteer, stand up, donate, reach out. Wake up and insist on common-sense gun safety legislation. Innocent lives depend on it. Join me in supporting the following organizations:

Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Producer: Violaine Etienne
Line Producer: Peter Sprouse
Head of Production: Jennifer Gee
Director of Photography: Eric Broms
Production Designer: Emma Fairly
Costume Designer: B. Åkerlund

Listen to Madonna’s latest release here:

Help Us Give Back…
Raising Malawi
The Ray of Light Foundation

Stay in touch with Madonna…


"God Control" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her fourteenth studio album, Madame X. On June 26, 2019, a music video directed by Jonas Åkerlund was released. The music video depicts a shooting scene in a nightclub that resembles the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, and contains a call to action in favor of gun control.

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Issues - "Tapping Out" [Metal & X-Core]

Tapping Out

"Tapping Out" music video by Issues
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Issues - Tapping Out (Official Music Video)

Get tickets and VIP to see Issues on tour all summer at

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Directed by Dillon Novak


Issues is an American metalcore band based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 2012. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Tyler Carter, lead guitarist AJ Rebollo, bassist Skyler Acord, and drummer Josh Manuel. They are known for their unique combination of metalcore, nu metal, pop and contemporary R&B.

Following original member Mike Bohn and Tyler Carter's departure from Woe, Is Me, the duo formed Issues with keyboardist Ben Ferris, bassist Cory Ferris, guitarist AJ Rebollo, and drummer Case Snedecor, subsequently signing to Rise Records. The Ferris brothers departed from the group prior to the release of their debut Black Diamonds (2012). Snedecor left the band in 2013 and was replaced by drummer Josh Manuel while Ben and Cory Ferris were replaced by keyboardist and disc jockey Tyler "Ty" Acord and bassist Skyler Acord, respectively. The band released their debut studio album, Issues (2014), which was praised for its DJ-based breakdowns and mixture of metalcore and post-hardcore, charting at No. 9 on the U.S. Billboard 200. The band released their remix album, Diamond Dreams, in November 2014. Their sophomore studio album, Headspace, was released in May 2016. Bohn announced his departure from the band on January 4, 2018. Issues is expected to release their third studio album in 2018. On November 16, 2018, Lead Vocalist Tyler Carter tweeted out that recording of their third album had been finished.

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Bruce Springsteen - "Western Stars (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Western Stars (Album Stream)

"Western Stars (Album Stream)" music video by Bruce Springsteen
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description :

Western Stars is the nineteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, released through Columbia Records on June 14, 2019. It was produced by Ron Aniello, who worked with Springsteen on his two previous albums: Wrecking Ball (2012) and High Hopes (2014). The album marks Springsteen's first new studio album of completely original material since Wrecking Ball.

Springsteen said a documentary on the making of the album is being planned. However, he is not expected to do a tour for the album and announced that he will shift focus towards recording a new album with the E Street Band in the fall of 2019.

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Daughtry - "Used To (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)" [Rock & Alternative]

Used To (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)

"Used To (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)" music video by Daughtry
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Daughtry - Used To (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)

Daughtry performing "Used To" at AOL Music Live!, Red Rock Casino, 2007

Listen to Daughtry:

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Daughtry is the debut studio album by the American rock band Daughtry, the band formed and fronted by American Idol fifth season finalist Chris Daughtry. It was released on November 21, 2006, by RCA Records. The album is the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history and the band's best-selling album.

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Daughtry - "What About Now (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)" [Rock & Alternative]

What About Now (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)

"What About Now (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)" music video by Daughtry
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Daughtry - What About Now (AOL Music Live! At Red Rock Casino 2007)

Daughtry performing "What About Now" at AOL Music Live!, Red Rock Casino, 2007
Listen to Daughtry:

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"What About Now" is the seventh single and final track from American rock band Daughtry's self titled debut album. The song is a ballad, that was written by Ben Moody, David Hodges (both former members of Evanescence), and Josh Hartzler, who is married to Amy Lee (the lead singer of Evanescence). It is one of only two songs on the album not at least co-written by Chris Daughtry. The song was announced as the band's next single on their website. It was officially released in the U.S. on July 1, 2008.

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Essence Of Datum - "Pendulum" [Metal & X-Core]


"Pendulum" music video by Essence Of Datum
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Essence of Datum - Pendulum (Official Music Video)

Taken from the forthcoming album "Spellcrying Machine". Release Date: August 30, 2019.
Order here:



The project ESSENCE OF DATUM was formed by the guitarist Dmitry Ramanouski in 2011 in Minsk, Belarus. After recording of the first demos, the band was joined by the drummer Pavel Vilchytski, who is currently and irreplaceable part of the duo and the reason behind the machine-gun rhythm section.

From the very beginning the project was planned as instrumental progressive metal. The prominent feature of the band is raw sound, various musical and stylistic elements, using oil painted artworks as album artworks and numerous references and easter eggs which are scattered across albums in profusion. All albums are pierced by the common scenario and concept which binds them together into a single story.

On November 20, 2013 the first full-length album 'Event Horizon' was released. The concept of the album was a journey through the surrealistic world where creatures dwell that exist in unconscious state and do not reflect or react to the environment they live in. By repeating their reflex and instinctive routine they are doomed to remain confined in ignorance about the metamorphoses and fundamental alterations that occur in their Universe. After a few dozens of gigs and festivals in the support of their album the band went on with recording the second album 'Nevermore' (released on June 20th, 2017) in Minsk based studio Forz, with whom they are productively collaborate to this day.

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The Soft Cavalry - "Never Be Without You" [Rock & Alternative]

Never Be Without You

"Never Be Without You" music video by The Soft Cavalry
Added: 27-06-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Soft Cavalry - Never Be Without You (Official Video)

The self titled album from The Soft Cavalry is due 5th July on Bella Union. 

Order the album here:


So… The Soft Cavalry. What is it? A happy accident? A lovers’ story? A crisis of faith? In reality, it’s all of these.

For Steve Clarke, The Soft Cavalry’s self-titled debut album is equally a labour of love, and the first record he’s masterminded from start to finish, with invaluable contributions from his wife, Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, on co-vocals and spiritual/practical guidance, and Steve’s brother Michael, who produced the record.

The band’s music is a particularly British brand of intense cinematic drama. Melodic and timeless, the album lands in the atmospheric dimensions between Pink Floyd, Talk Talk and Mansun. A record radiating midlife crisis but equally enormous elation; a helix of fear and hope, aching for resolution. A record Steve emphasises that he “needed” to make.

The Soft Cavalry is also that rarity: a musical project that began life on an industrial site in Reading.

Additionally, the album is a way of rewriting a man’s narrative, and proof that relative late bloomers (Steve was in his late thirties when he made the album) can make the record of their dreams.

In 2014, Steve was stuck. Divorced since 2011, the intervening three years had been, “a haze,” he admits. Since the late nineties he’d played bass and sung backing vocals in bands (both studio and live) and sessions, while also working as a tour-manager. His new assignees were reformed Home Counties faves Slowdive.

“I was hungover in the back of my van trying to work out how I was going to fit all the band’s gear into this confined space whilst I still had all of mine from the show that I’d played in London the night before,” he recalls. “The second of two sold-out shows at Hammersmith Apollo with David Brent!”

On that industrial site in Reading, Steve was introduced to Rachel. A year later, they were living together in Devon, before marrying in 2018. Rachel not only, “turned my world upside-down,” but unwittingly provided, “the catalyst,” for The Soft Cavalry. “I’d always had ideas but never felt that anything I had to say was worthy of anyone’s attention, let alone my own,” he says. “I wish that I could have done this fifteen years ago but, in reality, I simply couldn’t have. But I’m not one to overly wallow. I’d rather plough the various levels of confusion into songs.”

The Soft Cavalry is equally an exercise in creative and personal therapy. The first songs Steve wrote for the album were less about confusion than Rachel-inspired paeans to fate, love, new beginnings: ‘Passerby’ (“Waters break and we are born restlessly into the arms of this unknown”), with Rachel’s gorgeous lead vocal underlining the arrangement’s Slowdive-adjacent ethereality, and ‘Spiders’ (“strand of woven thread / Could be the start of something beautiful?”), a starker, shivery ballad with a feeling of suspended animation. But as Steve opened up, the past began to seep in; years of frustration, anxiety and confusion.

“I was wide eyed and unrealistic,” he remembers. “Never expecting my many flaws and doubts would ever catch up with me. Inevitably they did.” He cites his upbringing, in the Midlands with church-going parents. His father’s law work encompassed, “handling the aftermath of death and marriage breakdowns. When I was nine, we moved to Amsterdam where they ran a rehab centre – as you do! We lived on the top floor of an old Dutch building with recovering heroin addicts living below us. From a young age, I saw what life was like for others.”

When Steve next wrote about Rachel, the title ‘Never Be Without You’ – the album’s one clear moment of AOR pop levity – sounded lovey-dovey but the song evoked, “the bumpy start to our relationship. While other relationships were falling apart.”

Rachel: “Steve was like a tornado when we first met. And I already had a son. Things were complicated.”

The Soft Cavalry is something of a life’s work – a chance for redemption, a heart-to-heart with the self. ‘Bulletproof’ addresses, “struggle and fear, and making sense of it in your head.” ‘Only In Dreams’ admits, “accepting you’re not the finished article that you’d like to be.” Two brooding epics were fired by his Christian upbringing: ‘The Velvet Fog’ – “my doubts with faith, but not being able to shake off my past, even today” – and ‘The Ever-Turning Wheel’: “always trying to thumb my way back to something I had when I was younger, something simpler.”

If the album has a theme, reckons Steve, “it’s recovery versus new doubt. I’m there, in the middle. The word that kept coming back to me was ‘resilience’. With the right mentality and people around you, especially family, we get through, and find a level of hope.”

Even what Steve calls the “post-apocalyptic” scenario of ‘Careless Sun’ (“all we can do is wait for the banks to burst and baptise our abandoned fear”) finds room for optimism. “It’s like, how the hell is this all going to pan out?” he says, meaning our current political and social malaise. “But you have to muddle your way through, and find peace at another level.”

The Soft Cavalry became something of a conversation, even couple’s therapy. Steve, says Rachel, “is always writing, his head always full of lyrics.” Rachel, says Steve, “reins me in when I get obsessed. She’s a good editor. She says my songs can still work without sections of words, that leaving spaces is OK.”

As Steve assembled songs, his invited friends – keyboardist Jesse Chandler (Mercury Rev, formerly Midlake), guitarist Tom Livermore, drummer Stuart Wilkinson and multi-instrumentalist/album producer Michael helped mould the record’s breathtaking sonics. Says Steve, “I’d grown up with guitar bands and I didn’t want it to be overly guitar-y. We evolved things by trying out ideas. We’d build things up, and then strip them back, and build them again.”

As the album progressed, Rachel formed Minor Victories in 2016 while Slowdive had a gap in the schedule, alongside similarly holidaying members of Mogwai and Editors, for a self-titled album that she and Steve contributed vocal melodies and lyrics to: “it got the cogs turning on a writing and lyrical level, and gave me a certain amount of self-belief,” he says.

After he and Rachel finished their album, Steve found a name for it, out of thin air: The Soft Cavalry. “I can’t explain its literal meaning,” he says. “It just made sense.” Might Rachel be the cavalry? “Maybe! It would be subconscious, but that makes sense too, strangely.”

The Soft Cavalry will play live, starting around the album release. So, this happy accident, lovers’ story, crisis of faith, labour of love and therapy session is set to continue – Steve’s already got the next installment written, titled The Lost Decade. Lost versus found. Recovery versus self-doubt. The Soft Cavalry has arrived.

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