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Monday, July 15, 2019

Budda Mack - "Get Ya Mind Right (ft Philthy Rich)" [Hip-Hop]

Get Ya Mind Right (ft Philthy Rich)

"Get Ya Mind Right (ft Philthy Rich)" music video by Budda Mack
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Budda Mack Feat Philthy Rich "Get Ya Mind Right" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Get Ya Mind Right” by Budda Mack Feat Philthy Rich.

Budda Mack Feat Philthy Rich "Get Ya Mind Right"
snapchat : budda.mack

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B La B - "Slide (ft. Lil Keed)" [Hip-Hop]

Slide (ft. Lil Keed)

"Slide (ft. Lil Keed)" music video by B La B
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : B La B Feat. Lil Keed "Slide" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Slide" by B La B Feat. Lil Keed.

Tags : 2019, 10s, B La B

Tygers Of Pan Tang - "Live @ Rockpalast (2019)" [Metal & X-Core, Live In Concert]

Live @ Rockpalast (2019)

"Live @ Rockpalast (2019)" music video by Tygers Of Pan Tang
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Live In Concert
Description : Tygers Of Pan Tang live | Rockpalast | 2019

Tygers Of Pan Tang live | Rockpalast | Setlist
1. Only The Brave 00:00
2. Love Don't Stay 04:38
3. Lonely At The Top 08:41
4. Gangland 12:05
5. Euthanasia 17:41
6. Take It 21:27
7. Keeping Me Alive 26:17
8. Glad Rags 31:48
9. Don't Stop By 36:35
10. The Devil You Know 40:37
11. Suzie Smiled 45:09
12. Hellbound 49:44
13. Don't Touch Me There 53:33


Jacopo Meille - vocals
Robb Weir - guitar, vocals
Micky Crystal - guitar, vocals
Gavin Gray - bass, vocals
Craig Ellis - drums, vocals


Tygers of Pan Tang are a heavy metal band, part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. They formed in 1978 in Whitley Bay, England, and were active until 1987. The band reformed in 1999 and continue to record and perform. The name is derived from Pan Tang, a fictional archipelago in Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné fantasy series whose wizards keep tigers as pets.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Tygers Of Pan Tang

Armin Van Buuren - "Make It Right (ft. Angel Taylor) (Live @ The Best Of Armin Only)" [Dance]

Make It Right (ft. Angel Taylor) (Live @ The Best Of Armin Only)

"Make It Right (ft. Angel Taylor) (Live @ The Best Of Armin Only)" music video by Armin Van Buuren
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Armin van Buuren feat. Angel Taylor - Make It Right [Live at The Best Of Armin Only]

Armin van Buuren feat. Angel Taylor - Make It Right [Live at The Best Of Armin Only]

‘Make It Right’ was one of the eleven vocal tracks I included on my ‘Embrace’ album in 2015. Angel Taylor, who sang on the record, competed in The Voice U.S. in 2012, and I really like working with her. She toured with me for the majority of the ‘Embrace’ world tour, and we had such a good connection that I didn’t have to think twice about inviting her to perform at ‘The Best Of Armin Only’.

Connect with Armin van Buuren

Tags : 2019, 10s, Armin Van Buuren

Cheyenne Giles - "Blow The Whistle" [Dance]

Blow The Whistle

"Blow The Whistle" music video by Cheyenne Giles
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Cheyenne Giles - Blow The Whistle (Official Music Video)

Cheyenne Giles - Blow The Whistle is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom! 

Connect with Cheyenne Giles:

Tags : 2019, 10s, Cheyenne Giles

The Cats - "Scarlet Ribbons (Cats In Colour 1969)" [Pop]

Scarlet Ribbons (Cats In Colour 1969)

"Scarlet Ribbons (Cats In Colour 1969)" music video by The Cats
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : The Cats - Scarlet Ribbons - Cats in colour - 30-8-1969 • TopPop

The Cats were a pop group from Volendam. They were one of the most successful bands in the Netherlands from 1968 to 1975. The band’s original line up was Cees Veerman, Piet Veerman, Arnold Mühren, Jaap Schilder, Theo Klouwer and (from 1972 to 1975) Piet Keizer. They developed an original music sound that received the name ‘palingsound’ This style inspired many other Volendam artists, such as Maddog, Left Side, Next One and BZN.


"Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)" is a popular song. The music was written by Evelyn Danzig and the lyrics by Jack Segal. The song has become a standard with many recorded versions and has appeared on several Christmas albums.

"Scarlet Ribbons" was written in only 15 minutes in 1949 at Danzig's home in Port Washington, New York after she invited lyricist Segal to hear her music. The song tells a miraculous tale: a father hears his little girl pray before she goes to bed for "scarlet ribbons for her hair". It is late, no stores are open in their town, nor is there anywhere the father can obtain the ribbons so he is distraught throughout the night. At dawn he again peeps in and is amazed to see beautiful "scarlet ribbons" in "gay profusion lying there." He says that if he lives to be a hundred, he will never know from where the ribbons came.

Tags : 1969, 60s, The Cats

Kamrin Houser - "Abuse Me" [Hip-Hop]

Abuse Me

"Abuse Me" music video by Kamrin Houser
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Kamrin Houser “Abuse Me” (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Abuse Me” by Kamrin Houser.

Kamrin Houser drops his newest visual for his new single “Abuse Me”

For info:

Tags : 2019, 10s, Kamrin Houser

Polo G - "Through Da Storm" [Hip-Hop]

Through Da Storm

"Through Da Storm" music video by Polo G
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Polo G - Through Da Storm 

Video By Ryan Lynch
Prod. By Dj Ayo

Official video for Polo G's "Through Da Storm"
Listen & Download to “Die A Legend” by Polo G out now:

Follow Polo G:
Instagram -
Twitter -


Die a Legend is the debut studio album by American rapper Polo G, released on June 7, 2019. It features his US top 40 single "Pop Out", as well as the remix to the track titled "Pop Out Again" featuring Lil Baby and Gunna. The songs "Finer Things", "Battle Cry" and "Deep Wounds" were also released prior to the album.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Polo G

OBN Jay - "Pikachu" [Hip-Hop]


"Pikachu" music video by OBN Jay
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : OBN Jay "Pikachu" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Pikachu” by OBN Jay.

OBN Jay drops his newest visual for his record “Pikachu”

For info:



Louisiana-based rapper OBN Jay delivers brash, determined lyrics about his life experiences and ambitions. He began receiving attention for his late-2010s singles such as "Big Ole" and "Chess Not Checkers," as well as collaborations with rappers like Quando Rondo and JayDaYoungan.

OBN Jay grew up in Baton Rouge, where he witnessed crime and violence throughout his youth. Inspired by 2Pac and Boosie Badazz, he began rapping at a young age, and he began uploading his music online when he was in high school. 2018 saw the release of tracks like "Stop Playing," "How That Go," and "Big Ole" (with JayDaYoungan) as well as two EPs, Lost Hope and OBN, and mixtape Logic Real Talk. Several more singles (including "Chess Not Checkers" and "Tragic Story") and mixtape No Weakness appeared in 2019.

Tags : 2019, 10s, OBN Jay

OSBS - "Jupiter (ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)" [Hip-Hop]

Jupiter (ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)

"Jupiter (ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)" music video by OSBS
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : OSBS Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan “Jupiter” (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Jupiter” by OSBS Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

OSBS teams up with Hoodrich Pablo Juan to drop the newest visual to their single “Jupiter”

Directed by @bigu1 @dynastydoe
edited by @khrave_ Uneek Music

For info:

Tags : 2019, 10s, OSBS

Krimelife Ca$$ - "Paranoid (w. Young Tone Fresh)" [Hip-Hop]

Paranoid (w. Young Tone Fresh)

"Paranoid (w. Young Tone Fresh)" music video by Krimelife Ca$$
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Krimelife Ca$$ & Young Tone Fresh "Paranoid" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Paranoid" by Krimelife Ca$$ & Young Tone Fresh.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Krimelife Ca$$

M A E S T R O - "Stay Flyy" [Hip-Hop]

Stay Flyy

"Stay Flyy" music video by M A E S T R O
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : M A E S T R O “Stay FLYY” (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Stay FLYY" by M A E S T R O.

Produced by M A E S T R O

Follow M A E S T R O on Instagram

Directed by

Edited by

Tags : 2019, 10s, M A E S T R O

American Football - "Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

"Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" music video by American Football
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : American Football: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

July 8, 2019 | Lars Gotrich -- Who would've thought that American Football's fruitful reunion would include a children's choir at the Tiny Desk?

Twenty years after a self-titled debut that featured one heartbroken mixtape-worthy song after another, American Football is writing some of the best music of its career right now. Once an emo trio from Central Illinois, American Football brought its expanded band to the Tiny Desk, including a vibraphonist, backing singer and, yes, six children from a D.C. choir.

American Football's thoughtful and expansive return has yielded two self-titled records in just three years. This set culls from LP3, as it's colloquially known, as Pure Bathing Culture's Sarah Versprille steps in to sing backing vocals for "Every Wave to Ever Rise" and takes a verse on "Uncomfortably Numb," whose recorded versions feature Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell and Paramore's Hayley Williams. These spacious songs acts as revelatory meditations on what it means to grow older in love and relationships, with lovers and family.

For "Heir Apparent," we reached out to members of the Children's Chorus of Washington to sing the coda's quiet mantra. When the 12-to-14-year olds asked frontman Mike Kinsella what the song meant, in order to capture the right emotion, he told them, in so many words, that it was a sad song, but that he'd like them to wear paper crowns while singing it. Just a touch of Kinsella irony, as he grinned ear-to-ear and they sang, "Heir apparent to the throne / The king of all alone."

"Every Wave To Ever Rise
"Uncomfortably Numb"
"Heir Apparent"

Mike Kinsella: lead vocal, guitar; Nate Kinsella: bass; Steve Lamos: drums, trumpet; Steve Holmes: guitar; Cory Bracken: vibraphone; Mike Garzon: melodica, percussion; Sarah Versprille (of Pure Bathing Culture): vocals; Mallory Valmon: vocals; Amelia Lashway: vocals; Jenna Loescher-Clark: vocals; Marika Clark: vocals; Taylor Bowen-Longino: vocals; William Ekrem: vocals

Producers: Lars Gotrich, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kara Frame, Beck Harlan, Bronson Arcuri, Jeremiah Rhodes; Production Assistant: Paul Georgoulis; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR


American Football (stylized as americ anfootball) is an American rock band from Urbana, Illinois, United States, originally active from 1997 until 2000, and again from 2014. Guitarist/bassist and singer Mike Kinsella (formerly of Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc and currently of Owen), drummer and trumpet player Steve Lamos (formerly of The One Up Downstairs, one-time member of The Firebird Band and Edward Burch & the Staunch Characters, and currently of The Geese and DMS), and guitar player Steve Holmes (also of The Geese) formed the band. Despite the group's short initial lifespan, their self-titled debut album became one of the most acclaimed emo and math rock records of its era. American Football reunited in 2014 and have since released two more albums.

Tags : 2019, 10s, American Football

Mallory Knox - "Livewire" [Rock & Alternative]


"Livewire" music video by Mallory Knox
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Mallory Knox - Livewire (Official Music Video)

Pre-order the new album now @

Follow Mallory Knox:


Formed in September 2009 by Mikey Chapman (vocals), Joe Savins (guitar), James Gillett (guitar), Sam Douglas (bass), and Dave Rawling (drums) and named after Juliette Lewis' psychopathic character in Natural Born Killers, a shared love of melodic punk originally brought the Cambridgeshire, U.K. quintet together after they'd played in various local bands.

Shutting themselves away for months on end before unleashing their uncompromising sound to the public, it wasn't until July 2011 that the band released their first EP, Pilot. Garnering rave reviews, the success the EP brought saw them playing prestigious slots at some of the U.K.'s biggest festivals, including 2012's Download.

At the beginning of 2013, Mallory Knox released their debut album. Signals peaked at 33 on the Official U.K. Album Chart and reached the number one spot on the Official U.K. Rock Album chart. Later the same year, the band signed to Sony subsidiary Epic Records.

Soon after they headed back to the studio to work on their sophomore album, 2014's Asymmetry; after some initial setbacks -- including a studio fire -- the band hit a creative streak, writing and recording the album in the space of a month.

Three years passed before they returned with a new album, 2017's Wired, which saw release through another of Sony's subsidiary labels, RCA Records.

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Bill Ryder-Jones - "And Then There's You" [Rock & Alternative]

And Then There's You

"And Then There's You" music video by Bill Ryder-Jones
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Bill Ryder-Jones - And Then There's You (Yawny Yawn) (Official Video)

Bill Ryder-Jones - "And Then There's You" from 'Yawny Yawn', out 26th July 2019 on Domino Record Co.

Pre-order 'Yawny Yawn':
Stream & Save "And Then There's You (Yawny Yawn)":

Follow Bill Ryder-Jones:


William Edward Ryder-Jones (born 10 August 1983) is an English singer-songwriter, musician, producer and composer from West Kirby, Merseyside. He co-founded the band The Coral, together with James Skelly, Lee Southall, Paul Duffy, and Ian Skelly, playing as their lead guitarist from 1996 until 2008. He has since pursued a solo career, writing both his own albums and film scores, as well as producing records for other artists and appearing as a session musician.

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Rita Ora - "New Look" [Pop]

New Look

"New Look" music video by Rita Ora
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Pop
Description : Rita Ora - New Look [Official Video]

‘New Look’ out now:

My new album 'Phoenix' is out now:

Follow Rita Ora


Rita Sahatçiu Ora (born Rita Sahatçiu; 26 November 1990) is an English singer, songwriter and actress. She rose to prominence in February 2012 when she featured on DJ Fresh's single "Hot Right Now", which reached number one in the UK. Her debut studio album, Ora, released in August 2012, debuted at number one in the United Kingdom. The album contained the UK number-one singles "R.I.P." and "How We Do (Party)". Ora was the artist with the most number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, with three consecutive singles reaching the top position.

Ora’s second studio album, Phoenix, was released in November 2018. The lead single, "Your Song", reached the UK top ten, and the subsequent singles, "Anywhere" and "Let You Love Me", reached the top five in the UK; the latter single made Ora the first British female solo artist to have thirteen top ten songs in the United Kingdom.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Rita Ora

Jordan Davis - "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" [Country]

Slow Dance In A Parking Lot

"Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" music video by Jordan Davis
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Country
Description : Jordan Davis - Slow Dance In A Parking Lot

Slow Dance In A Parking Lot” appears on Jordan Davis’s album HOME STATE, available now at

Purchase Jordan Davis’s latest music:
Stream the latest from Jordan Davis:
Sign up to receive email updates from Jordan Davis at the “SIGNUP” link on:


Music video by Jordan Davis performing Slow Dance In A Parking Lot. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.


Jordan Carl Wheeler Davis (born March 30, 1988) is an American country music singer and songwriter signed to Universal Music Group Nashville's MCA Nashville division.

After graduation, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and secured a recording contract with Universal Music Group Nashville in 2016.

Davis's debut single, "Singles You Up", came out in mid-2017. He wrote the song with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach. It hit number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in April 2018. The corresponding debut album, Home State, was released on March 23, 2018. Paul DiGiovanni, guitarist for Boys Like Girls, produced the album. "Take It from Me" was released to country radio on May 7, 2018 as the second single from the album. It reached at number one on the Country Airplay chart in March 2019. The album's third single, "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" released to country radio on April 22, 2019.

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Ezra Furman - "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" [Rock & Alternative]

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

"I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" music video by Ezra Furman
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Ezra Furman - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (Official Video)

'I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend' is taken from the album 'Twelve Nudes' by Ezra Furman, released 30th August 2019 via Bella Union:

Director: Alix Spence
Producer: Sari Thayer
Choreographer: Sarah Prinz
Dancer in Red: Brandon Mathis
Dancer in Blue: Jobel Medina
Cinematographer: Ashton Witt
Stylist: Britton Litow
Hair and Make Up: Caroline Ljusterdal
Colorist: Philips Shum
First AC: Nancy Lin
Gaffer: Yoann Cifuentes
Styling Assistant: Chris Youngblood
Behind the Scenes Stills and Video: Caitlin Dennis
Behind the Scenes Editor: Alex Brown


A thoughtful lyricist taking his poetic inspiration, songcraft ideas, and even a few fashion cues from Bob Dylan, Ezra Furman sings in a nasally style similar to the Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano while making unpretentious indie folk/indie pop that's raw, deep, and achingly sentimental. As students at Tufts University, guitarist Jahn Soon, bassist Job Mukkada, and drummer Jordan Kozer formed the Harpoons as Furman's backing band in 2006 and self-recorded Beat, Beat, Beat in their dorm rooms with the help of engineer Dave Kant of Outtake Records. 

After self-releasing a limited run of the album and making their first tour of the States, producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) took notice and pulled the band into the studio to record. The result was Banging Down the Doors, a sincere, awkward, and moving debut released by Minty Fresh in August of 2007. 

Only a year later, despite extensive touring, Furman found time to write another album's worth of material, and the second Ezra Furman & the Harpoons record, Inside the Human Body, was released in October of 2008. Mysterious Power followed in 2011 before Furman released his first solo album, Year of No Returning, in 2013. By 2014, his reputation in the indie world had grown considerably, especially in Britain, leading to his signing with the London-based Bella Union label later that year. 

His second solo release, the critically acclaimed Perpetual Motion People, was released in June 2015. After extensive touring, Furman decided to wind down his live band the Boyfriends, reshaping them into the Visions. 

In keeping with the spirit of change, Furman altered his sound for the next record, 2018's Transangelic Exodus, which featured a darker, more dramatic approach with a clutch of songs about synthetically created outlaw angels, those who love them and fear them, and those who refuse the current state of repression in the 2010s political world order and are likely to be persecuted for it. 

After providing the soundtrack to the Netflix series Sex Education, he issued the punk single "Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone."

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The Menzingers - "Anna" [Rock & Alternative]


"Anna" music video by The Menzingers
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Menzingers - "Anna"

"Anna" by The Menzingers from the album 'Hello Exile' available October 4th
Pre-order at

Official Site:


Though they would later relocate to nearby Philadelphia, punk rock unit the Menzingers came together in Scranton, Pennsylvania and included former members of local ska-punk bands Bob & the Sagets and Kos Mos. Tom May (vocals, guitar), Joe Godino (drums), Eric Keen (bass), and Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar) released a self-titled demo in 2006, and after it found its way into the hands of folks at Go-Kart Records, the guys earned a spot on the impressed label's roster. The Menzingers' debut full-length, A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology, subsequently came out in the summer of 2007. The record went over well and the band found its name spreading steadily among punk fans, especially among fans of groups like the Lawrence Arms. They hooked up with Red Scare Industries next and a four-song EP, Hold on Dodge, was released in May 2009; it was followed by tour dates alongside Broadway Calls. The Menzingers eventually headed back into the studio to work with producer Matt Allison on their next full-length, Chamberlain Waits, which was issued amid growing hype via Red Scare in April 2010. The following year, the Menzingers signed on with punk giant Epitaph Records, and in 2012 they released their third, more mature album, On the Impossible Past. The band continued to grow and refine their sound, incorporating elements of earthy and earnest heartland rock into their sound, a trend that was evident on their 2014 album, Rented World. For the 2017 follow-up, After the Party, the band reflected on hitting their thirties and reminisced about their younger days, with fans comparing the results to their earlier work.

Tags : 2019, 10s, The Menzingers

Gauche - "Dirty Jacket" [Rock & Alternative]

Dirty Jacket

"Dirty Jacket" music video by Gauche
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Gauche - Dirty Jacket (Official Music Video)

From the album "A People's History of Gauche," out now on Merge Records.


Rhythm-forward Washington, D.C. punk band Gauche was formed by members of other highly active bands like Downtown Boys and Priests. Far from a side project, their sound was heavy on dance grooves, saxophone, and shouty vocals, juxtaposing fierce political lyrics with party-ready instrumentals on their 2019 album A People's History of Gauche.

Originally made up of Jason Barnett, Perry Fustero, Cameron Hartofelis, Laurie Spector, Daniele Yandel, and Mary Jane Regalado, Gauche formed in the mid-2010s. The band's membership and instrumentation were fluid, with players switching instruments, but all the songs were written by core members Yandel (who was also busy as a full-time member of Priests) and Regalado (who played in Downtown Boys). This mercurial lineup of the band recorded their 2015 cassette release Get Away with Gauche. They toured frequently and solidified the band with the inclusion of saxophonist Adrienne C.N. Berry.

In 2016, a reshuffled lineup of the group worked on recordings for what would eventually become their first proper album. Fustero and Hartofelis had moved on, and new keyboardist Pearie Sol contributed to the sessions. The songs were finalized and slated for release on Merge Records as A People's History of Gauche in July 2019. While waiting for their album's release, the band scored an opening slot for the Bikini Kill reunion shows that happened that year.

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Striking Matches - "Medicine (Studio Live)" [Rock & Alternative]

Medicine (Studio Live)

"Medicine (Studio Live)" music video by Striking Matches
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Striking Matches - “Medicine” - LIVE

Striking Matches perform their song “Medicine” live from Nashville

Directed by Josh Kranich


Striking Matches is an American duo consisting of guitarists/songwriters Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis.

Meeting in a guitar seminar class at Nashville's Belmont University in 2007, Zimmermann and Davis combined their talents and began honing their songwriting and performance skills.

The duo became signed to the newly revived I.R.S. Records label, their debut album Nothing but the Silence, produced by T Bone Burnett, was released on March 22, 2015. The album debuted at No. 25 on the Top Country Albums chart, with 1,800 copies sold for its debut week. It also reached No. 1 on UK Country iTunes.

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Lost Kings - "Live @ Ultra Europe 2019" [Dance]

Live @ Ultra Europe 2019

"Live @ Ultra Europe 2019" music video by Lost Kings
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Lost Kings - Live @ Ultra Europe 2019

INSTAGRAM - @wearelostkings
TWITTER - @wearelostkings


Lost Kings is an American DJ duo consisting of Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz, based in Los Angeles. The duo gained popularity beginning in 2014 through their official remixes for artists such as Imagine Dragons, Krewella, Halsey, Vance Joy, Echosmith, Rihanna, and Tori Kelly, and through their original progressive house music. Managed by Disruptor Management, a joint venture at Sony Music Entertainment, they signed to Disruptor Records/RCA Records in October 2016.

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Afrojack - "Live @ Ultra Europe 2019" [Dance]

Live @ Ultra Europe 2019

"Live @ Ultra Europe 2019" music video by Afrojack
Added: 15-07-2019
Genre : Dance
Description : Afrojack - Ultra Europe 2019

Thanks for watching and don't forget to vote for the DJ Mag Top 100

Connect with Afrojack:

Tags : 2019, 10s, Afrojack