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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Jay Copes - "Signs" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Signs" music video by Jay Copes
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Jay Copes "Signs" - official music video

Jay Copes releases his new highly anticipated video "signs". After Gillie Da Kid premiered the song as "Song of the week" on his number one podcast Million dollars worth of game the song went viral. Jay Copes and Director Peter Parkkerr decided to present Jay's real life because that was the inspiration behind the song. Watch the ending for the big surprise Jay gives the mother of his kids.


Rising artist Jay Copes, fresh out of New Jersey hits the scene today to give a glimpse of his reality in his video for “Signs”. After Gillie Da Kid premiered the song as “Song of the week” on his Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast, “Signs” went viral. With Jay Copes’ real life being the inspiration behind the joint, it only made sense for him to team up with Director Peter Parkerr to shed light on what motivated him to make such a real depiction of his life –  from courtship, to proposing to the mother of his children to close it out.

Jay Copes has been creating what he calls “Love & Pain” music since 2011. Born and raised in Camden, NJ, Jay realized he could sing at a very young age but did not pursue his passion until he was a young adult.

His journey into music started in elementary school when he entered the chorus and began playing multiple instruments including, the flute, drums, and violin. During high school, Jay excelled in sports and it became his core interest with music taking a back seat. It wasn’t meeting a few new friends in college, that he reverted his attention back to music and became the lead singer of an R&B/Rap group. 

The youngest of eight children and the first to go to college, Jay felt the pressure of attaining a degree, but he wanted to follow his heart’s desire which at this stage was music. Feeling the weight of his devotion to music with daily early morning studio sessions and a full class schedule, Jay realized he had to commit fully to one or the other. He chose his passion for music over college and dropped out to dedicate himself fulltime to his pursuit of a professional music career. 

With this new focus, in 2017 Jay began to transition into an independent artist by honing his sound and cultivating an image. He developed relationships that would create a level of exposure that he had not yet experienced and acquired a team of his own to help propel his career forward.

With life’s beauty and unplanned surprises, in 2017 Copes learned that his girlfriend was pregnant with twins.  He put his dreams on hold to care for his family until he got back in the studio in 2018.

On November 11, 2019, Jay released his much anticipated single “Signs” and is enthusiastic about the response and what the future holds.

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