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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Riot - "Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95) (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95) (Album Stream)

"Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95) (Album Stream)" music video by Riot
Added: 22-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : Riot "Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95)" (FULL ALBUM)

Riot "Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95)" available now.
Buy Here:

01. Rockworld Theme (00:00)
02. Bloodstreets [Alternate Version] (01:16)
03. Buried Alive [Tell Tale Heart] [Alternate Version] (06:00)
04. Runaway [Instrumental Early Idea Demo] (13:25)
05. Killer [Tony Moore Vocals] (18:30)
06. Maryanne [Rough Mix] (22:11)
07. Medicine Man [Tony Moore Vocals] (27:41)
08. Magic Maker [Tony Moore Vocals] (33:26)
09. Faded Hero [Tony Moore Vocals] (39:26)
10. Sylvia [Outtake] (45:04)
11. Good Lovin [Outtake] (50:23)
12. Creep [Instrumental Outtake] (55:28)
13. Instrumental 1994 [Brethren Outtake] (59:46)
14. Medicine Man [Tyrant Sessions] (01:04:36)
15. Magic Maker [Tyrant Sessions] (01:10:19)


A venerable New York City-born heavy metal outfit that found success in the 1980s via their driving blend of arena-ready hard rock and anthemic power metal, Riot's popularity waxed and waned with the changing musical tides over the years, but they maintained a sizeable fan base overseas, especially in Japan, where they remained a huge draw well into the 2010s. Founded in 1976 under the leadership of guitarist/songwriter Mark Reale -- the band's sole constant member -- Riot is known for their strong melodies and technical acumen, and for the distinctive baby seal face that adorned nearly all of their album covers -- the mascot is affectionately referred to as "Johnny." Since becoming active in the late 1970s, Riot has released nearly 20 studio LPs, with highlights arriving via Fire Down Under (1981), Thundersteel (1988), and Immortal Soul (2011). After Reale passed away in 2012, the surviving members began operating under the moniker Riot V.

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