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Friday, May 29, 2020

Christian Lee Hutson - "Beginners (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Beginners (Album Stream)

"Beginners (Album Stream)" music video by Christian Lee Hutson
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description : Christian Lee Hutson's album 'Beginners' is available now // Order here:

Christian Lee Hutson (born November 5, 1990) is an Americana musician from Los Angeles, California.[1]

Hutson began his musical career as a member of The Driftwood Singers, along with Pearl Charles. They released their first EP in 2012 titled We Will Never Break Up. In March 2013, Hutson released his debut full-length album, The Hell With It. On January 6, 2014, his second full-length album, Yeah Okay, I Know was released on Trailer Fire Records. He has released a number of music videos to songs from the album, including for "Castles In The Air", "Ghost To Coast", "They're Gonna Hate Me", "Dirty Little Cheat", and "Mess". Hutson recorded a Daytrotter session in the summer of 2014. In 2018 Christian Lee Hutson met Phoebe Bridgers and the two began a collaborative friendship. Christian has co-written songs on the self titled EP from supergroup 'Boygenius' as well as Bridgers 2019 release with Connor Oberst, Better Oblivion Community Center. Christian's forthcoming album will be produced by Phoebe Bridgers and the first single "Northsiders" was released on March 8th 2019.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Christian Lee Hutson

RosalÍa - "TKN (w. Travis Scott)" [Latin]

TKN (w. Travis Scott)

"TKN (w. Travis Scott)" music video by RosalÍa
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Latin
Description : ROSALÍA & Travis Scott - TKN (Official Video)

Download & Stream "TKN":

Amazon -
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Official Site:

Follow Travis Scott
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Directed by Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA
Produced by CANADA in collaboration with The Directors Bureau
MD/EP CANADA: Oscar Romagosa
MD/EP TDB: Lisa Margulis
Producer: Laura Serra Estorch
Line Producer Los Angeles: Cristina Trenas
Head of Production CANADA: Alba Barneda
Head of Production TDB: Elizabeth Minzes
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff
Production Designer: Brielle Hubert
Production Supervisor: Stephen Predisik
1st AD: Ferran Rial
Stylist Rosalía: Samantha Burkhart
Stylist: Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo
Choreographer: Charm La'Donna
Make-Up Artist Rosalía: Ariel
Hair Artist Rosalía: Jesus Guerrero
Make-Up Artist: Rasheeda Raines
Casting: Sarah-May Levy
Editor: Nicolás Méndez / Carlos Font Clos
Post Production: Álvaro Posadas / EIGHTY4
Color Grading: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill
Post Production Producer: Marina Martínez Campomanes

Tags : 2020, 20s, RosalÍa

Marsicans - "Summery In Angus" [Pop]

Summery In Angus

"Summery In Angus" music video by Marsicans
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Marsicans - Summery In Angus (Official Music Video)

4th single from upcoming debut album 'Ursa Major'
Released 27 April 2020 (Killing Moon Records)

Single streaming options

Album pre-order/pre-save

Video by Oliver Jameson.

Summery In Angus
written and performed by Marsicans

Connect with Marsicans online

Tags : 2020, 20s, Marsicans

Jowic - "My Plan" [Hip-Hop]

My Plan

"My Plan" music video by Jowic
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Jowic - “My Plan” (Official Music Video)

Instagram @joechampness

Tags : 2020, 20s, Jowic

The 1975 - "Then Because She Goes" [Rock & Alternative]

Then Because She Goes

"Then Because She Goes" music video by The 1975
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The 1975 - Then Because She Goes

‘Then Because She Goes’ from The 1975’s new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Out now -

The 1975 and Ben Ditto have curated an online exhibition of 15 artists responding to tracks from ‘NOACF’.
04 Agusta Yr responds to ‘Then Because She Goes’.

Agusta Yr’s art film begins with a downbeat girl in a black hoody sitting at home watching the video for ‘Then Because She Goes’; not the real video, but the video for ‘Then Because She Goes’ inside the real video for ‘Then Because She Goes’. This film is meta from the beginning, and this is only one of its doublings and mirror images.

In the video within the video, a blonde dances wavily on a hillside of swaying blue flowers.

“I wish I was as bad as her,” thinks the girl on the sofa.

She looks the blonde up on Instagram and, in a Kafkaesque turn, her phone grows larger than her and boxes her, knocks her over.
“We all know how toxic social media is but we fail to consider it a majority of the time,” says Yr. “We compare ourselves to what we see, like the fabulous life of an Insta baddie or a millionaire on a yacht. We get so caught up in this we fail to see who we actually are a lot of the time, we get lost in a whirlpool of seeing ourselves through others—we forget to utilize our own eyes.”

From her perspective, ‘Then Because She Goes’ is reimagined as a ballad of self-realization and female empowerment. The story she writes for it is a romance with a twist: our hero falls into another dimension, a magical green valley, where she encounters the confident, glamorous blonde she’s fallen in love with; only to discover they were the same person all along.

“‘Then Because She Goes’ is both sombre and hopeful,” says Yr. 
“The hero goes through a transformation when she learns to see the baddie inside her. It’s a love story with oneself. A mixture of lightness and darkness; where the main character ends up kissing herself.”
Taking the artistic tradition of the self-portrait one step further, she shows how we all contain multitudes, and how we’re all performing a variety of confusing, and often contradictory, roles in the metaverse.

Music video by The 1975 performing Then Because She Goes (Visualiser). © 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records

Tags : 2020, 20s, The 1975

Shawn Mendes - "Stitches (Live From La)" [Pop]

Stitches (Live From La)

"Stitches (Live From La)" music video by Shawn Mendes
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Live from LA)


Shawn Peter Raul Mendes (born August 8, 1998) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model. He gained a following in 2013, posting song covers on the video-sharing application Vine. The following year, he caught the attention of artist manager Andrew Gertler and Island Records A&R Ziggy Chareton, which led to him signing a deal with the record label. He has since released three studio albums, headlined three world tours, and received several awards.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Shawn Mendes

Cub Sport - "I Feel Like I Am Changin'" [Pop]

I Feel Like I Am Changin'

"I Feel Like I Am Changin'" music video by Cub Sport
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Cub Sport - I Feel Like I Am Changin' (Official Video)


Offering a buoyant variety of indie pop that stresses the pop, Cub Sport (briefly Tim Nelson & the Cub Scouts, then Cub Scouts) hail from Brisbane, Australia. With guitarist Zoe Davis, keyboardist Sam Netterfield, and drummer Dan Puusaari, the band was founded in 2010 by singer and main songwriter Tim Nelson. Nelson started piano lessons as a six-year-old and began writing songs in high school, where he met his bandmates. The title track from their 2012 debut EP, Told You So, earned Cub Sport an enthusiastic audience centered around college radio in the U.S., as well as their native Australia. A second EP, Paradise, appeared a year later, and tour dates and music festival appearances in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia followed. Another EP, Only Friend, was issued in 2015 by Nettwerk, with a handful of EP tracks appearing on the band's full-length debut, This Is Our Vice, which arrived in March 2016. Cub Sport recorded their second album at Nelson's home with him in the production chair. Calling it a personal album inspired by growth, BATS was released by MGM in 2017. A year of heavy touring followed, as did the release of singles like "Sometimes" and "Summer Lover," both of which appeared on the band's eponymous third album in January 2019.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Cub Sport

Sorcerer - "Lamenting Of The Innocent (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Lamenting Of The Innocent (Album Stream)

"Lamenting Of The Innocent (Album Stream)" music video by Sorcerer
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : Sorcerer - Lamenting of the Innocent (FULL ALBUM)

Sorcerer "Lamenting of the Innocent" available now.
Buy Here:

01. Persecution [Intro] (00:00)
02. The Hammer of Witches (00:57)
03. Lamenting of the Innocent (06:15)
04. Institoris (15:02)
05. Where Spirits Die (19:56)
06. Deliverance [feat. Johan Langqvist] (26:43)
07. Age of the Damned (32:07)
08. Condemned (40:08)
09. Dance with the Devil (47:20)
10. Path to Perdition (55:36)


A near mythic band in the doom metal scene, Sorcerer was founded in 1988, but outside of a pair of legendary demos, the band wouldn't release a proper album until 2015. Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 around the talents of John Hagel, Tommy Karlsson, and Peter Furulid (vocalist Anders Engberg and guitarist Mats Liedholm joined the following year), the band issued a demo (Anno 1503) in 1989. A second demo followed in 1992 (both were extremely well-received in the metal community), but the band soon splintered and disbanded (Hagel went on to join Tiamat). John Perez of Solitude Aeternus made both demos available through his own Brainticket Records in 1995, but it would be 15 years before fans would hear any real news about the underground doom rockers. In 2010, Hagel assembled a new version of the group, which included Engberg, Therion guitarist Kristian Niemann, Six Feet Under guitarist Ola Englund, and drummer Robert Iversen, and performed live at the Hammer of Doom Festival in Germany, and in 2011, Perez reissued the original Sorcerer demos on CD with previously unreleased material. By now the seeds had been sown for a Sorcerer resurrection, and the band began discussing plans to a record a proper debut album. Englund left the group in 2012 to join Six Feet Under and was replaced by Peter Hallgren (Rob Rock), and in 2015 the band issued their long-awaited debut studio long-player In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross via Metal Blade Records. A sophomore effort, The Crowning of the Fire King, arrived two years later, again with the support of Metal Blade.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Sorcerer

New Years Day - "Skeletons (Radio Edit)" [Rock & Alternative]

Skeletons (Radio Edit)

"Skeletons (Radio Edit)" music video by New Years Day
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : New Years Day - Skeletons (Radio Edit) (Official Video)

Official video for "Skeletons" (Radio Edit), directed by Galileo Mondol & Ash Costello
Filmed at YouTube in California
Makeup by Erin Nakashima

Stream, "Skeletons" (Radio Edit) -

Limited to 500 in the world! Order ‘Through The Years’, the first box set from New Years Day. All 7 albums are for the first time pressed on custom-colored vinyl! - 

Order/stream New Years Day’s latest album Unbreakable -

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Stream, Download, Purchase Unbreakable via


Employing an opulent mix of spirited pop-punk and flamboyant, goth-tinged stadium rock, New Years Day invokes the dark pageantry of artists like Evanescence, Garbage, Alkaline Trio, and Motionless in White. The band formed in 2005 when bassist and primary songwriter Adam Lohrbach left the long-running first-generation pop-punk act Home Grown to form his own group. Featuring singer Ashley Costello (who usually goes by just "Ash"), guitarist and keyboardist Keith Drover, guitarist Mike Schoolden, and drummer Russell Dixon, New Years Day began gigging locally and building up an online presence via MySpace and other social networking sites.

Still delivering their theatrical brand of pop-punk, the lineup of Costello, Burgess, Rossi, and guitarist Nikki Misery performed in another Warped Tour and delivered the LP Malevolence in 2015, followed by the band's first headlining tour. By the time of 2018's Diary of a Creep EP, Costello had repopulated New Years Day with an entirely new lineup. They returned in 2019 with their fourth full-length, Unbreakable. Included on the album was the single "Come for Me." Early the next year, in celebration of their first decade as a group, New Years Day released a limited-edition box set titled Through the Years that collected all seven of their albums and EPs on vinyl, as well as a Blu-ray of their music videos and a picture book of band photos.

Tags : 2020, 20s, New Years Day

Kygo - "Golden Hour (Album Stream)" [Dance, Album Streams]

Golden Hour (Album Stream)

"Golden Hour (Album Stream)" music video by Kygo
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Dance, Album Streams
Description : Golden Hour is the third studio album by Norwegian tropical house DJ and record producer Kygo. It was released on 29 May 2020 by Sony Music.
Tags : 2020, 20s, Kygo

Lady Gaga - "Chromatica (Album Stream)" [Pop, Album Streams]

Chromatica (Album Stream)

"Chromatica (Album Stream)" music video by Lady Gaga
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop, Album Streams
Description :

Chromatica is the sixth studio album by American singer Lady Gaga. It was released on May 29, 2020, by Streamline and Interscope Records. Originally scheduled for April 10, 2020, the album's release was delayed for several weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chromatica serves as a follow-up to Gaga's fifth studio album, Joanne (2016).

The singer intended the album to be a reminder of her "absolute love for electronic music", and features production from various producers, such as BloodPop, BURNS, Axwell and Tchami. Themes of the album revolve around mental health, healing, and finding happiness through hardship. It also includes collaborations with Ariana Grande, Blackpink and Elton John.

"Stupid Love" was released as the album's lead single on February 28, 2020, and reached number five in both the United Kingdom and United States. "Rain on Me" was released as the second single on May 22, 2020. "Sour Candy" was released as a promotional single on May 28, 2020.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lady Gaga

Lil Yachty - "Demon Time (ft. Draft Day)" [Hip-Hop]

Demon Time (ft. Draft Day)

"Demon Time (ft. Draft Day)" music video by Lil Yachty
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Yachty - Demon Time ft. Draft Day

Music video by Lil Yachty performing Demon Time. © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


Combining feel-good positivity, druggy weirdness, and wild ATLien flair into a style he termed "bubblegum trap," rapper Lil Yachty scored his first platinum single with "One Night" (2016). Within two years, he had a pair of Top Five albums with Teenage Emotions (2017) and Lil Boat 2 (2018), and a Grammy nomination via DRAM's "Broccoli," on which he was featured. Between the release dates of his proper studio full-lengths for the Quality Control label, Yachty's approach shifted from a reliance upon willfully off-key singing and lackadaisical rhyming to that of a comparatively traditional MC, albeit with his irreverent sense of humor still gamely displayed.

In 2019, Lil Yachty issued tracks including "Kryptonite," "Go Krazy, Go Stupid," and "Live Forever." He then teamed up with Lil Gotit, Lil Keed, and Zaytoven for A-Team, a collaborate project that appeared in February 2020 and was preceded by the tracks "Accomplishments" and "A-Team (You Ain't Safe)." The following month, he released the lead single from his upcoming Lil Boat 3 LP; titled "Oprah's Bank Account," the track featured Drake and DaBaby.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Yachty

JayDaYoungan - "Touch Your Toes (ft. Mulatto) (NSFW)" [Hip-Hop]

Touch Your Toes (ft. Mulatto) (NSFW)

"Touch Your Toes (ft. Mulatto) (NSFW)" music video by JayDaYoungan
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : JayDaYoungan "Touch Your Toes" feat. Mulatto (Official Music Video)

Baby23 album out June 5th!

Click here to stream the single at all retailers:

Track produced by Sean Notty with Co-Production by Xeryus

Video directed by Marc Diamond

Follow on Instagram & Twitter
Shop JayDaYoungan Merchandise:


Growing up in a small Southern town, rapper JayDaYoungan rose to fame on sheer talent alone, gaining the attention of millions of fans through his viral videos and uniquely delivered tracks. Early songs followed in the footsteps of influential Southern rappers who came before him, but as he continued to release music prolifically, his style diversified somewhat, as with the R&B-tinged 2018 single "Interstate" and more melodic tracks on mixtapes like Forever 23.

JayDaYoungan was born Javarious Scott in 1998 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Growing up surrounded by the influence of Louisiana hip-hop legends like Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Lil Boosie, JayDaYoungan got into music at an early age and released his first mixtape, Ruffwayy, in early 2017 when he was 18. He quickly garnered buzz for stand-out songs like "Spinning" and "Taking Off" and gained an enormous social media following in the span of a few months. A quick succession of mixtapes followed, with The Real Jumpman23 arriving in 2017 and Wake Up and Taking Off following the next year. Never slowing down, JayDaYoungan released the somewhat R&B-tinged single "Interstate" in February of 2018; the song and accompanying video quickly racked up millions of views and streams online. 2018 would be a huge year for JayDaYoungan, who released two more mixtapes before year's end, 23 and the Billboard-charting Forever 23. Forever 23 spawned the single "Thot Thot," which was among his most popular to date, racking up millions of streams and video views. Along with this constant output of new music of his own, he also collaborated on tracks with peers like Youngeen Ace, Glitchman, and FG Famous, among many others. Before the year was over, he released the single "No Play Zone" in late December. His next two mixtapes, Endless Pain and Misunderstood, saw release in 2019: both debuted even higher in the charts than Forever 23, and yielded several more viral singles.

Tags : 2020, 20s, JayDaYoungan

Armin Van Buuren - "All On Me (w. Brennan Heart, ft. Andreas Moe) (acoustic)" [Pop]

All On Me (w. Brennan Heart, ft. Andreas Moe) (acoustic)

"All On Me (w. Brennan Heart, ft. Andreas Moe) (acoustic)" music video by Armin Van Buuren
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart feat. Andreas Moe - All On Me (Acoustic Video)

The Acoustic Version of All On Me is featured on the brand-new 'RELAXED' album

An opportunity for listeners to wind down and float over the dreamy tones and downtempo beats, Armin van Buuren’s ‘RELAXED’ album offers a change in pace and momentary break from the rush of everyday life. Filled with everything from previously released acoustic mixes to brand-new chill-out versions of iconic Armin van Buuren tracks from the likes of Eelke Kleijn, Just Her, Marsh, TRINIX and more, this two-sided album is that break in the clouds you’ve been searching for all along.


Side 1
1 Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear (Eelke Kleijn Day Mix)
2 Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Koelle Remix)
3 Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart feat. Andreas Moe - All On Me (Acoustic Version)
4 Armin van Buuren feat. Cimo Fränkel - All Comes Down (Just Her Remix)
5 Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - Shivers (Marsh Remix)
6 Armin van Buuren feat. Ne-Yo - Unlove You (KOLIDESCOPES Remix)
7 Armin van Buuren feat. Angel Taylor - Make It Right (Trinix Remix)
8 Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V. - Drowning (Módl Remix)
9 Armin van Buuren feat. Kensington - Heading Up High (IHF Remix)
10 Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young - Youtopia (LEV Remix)
11 Armin van Buuren & Garibay feat. Olaf Blackwood - I Need You (Aquadrop Remix)
12 Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Modd Remix)
13 Armin van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You (Other Remix)
14 Armin van Buuren feat. Cimo Fränkel - All Comes Down (Acoustic Version)
15 Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear (Eelke Kleijn Night Mix)

Side 2
1 Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (John Ewbank Classical Remix)
2 Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You (Pretty Pink Remix)
3 Armin van Buuren feat. Gavin DeGraw - Looking For Your Name
4 Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali - Feels So Good (LTN Sunrise Remix)
5 Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell - Sex, Love & Water (Melosense Remix)
6 Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Acoustic Version)
7 Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned With Desire (Chill Out Mix)
8 Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman - Therapy (Sebastian Davidson Remix)
9 Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora - Waiting For The Night (Rodg Chill Mix)
10 Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us (Orchestral Version)
11 Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone (Manu Zain Remix)
12 Armin van Buuren - Mirage (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)
13 Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Lost Frequencies Remix)
14 Armin van Buuren - Turn It Up (Clément Leroux Remix)
15 Armin van Buuren feat. Lyrics Anderson - Gotta Be Love (Aeris Remix)

Connect with Armin van Buuren

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Ash - "Shining Light (Boxed Set 2001)" [Rock & Alternative]

Shining Light (Boxed Set 2001)

"Shining Light (Boxed Set 2001)" music video by Ash
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Ash - Shining Light (Boxed Set, 18.06.2001)

Ash performing 'Shining Light' live on the Scottish TV show Boxed Set in June 2001.

Follow Ash:

#ash #teenagewildlife #girlfrommars
Tags : 2001, 00s, Ash

Ash - "Submission (Boxed Set 2001)" [Rock & Alternative]

Submission (Boxed Set 2001)

"Submission (Boxed Set 2001)" music video by Ash
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Ash - Submission (Boxed Set, 18.06.2001)

Ash performing 'Submission' live on the Scottish TV show Boxed Set in June 2001.

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Tags : 2001, 00s, Ash

Ash - "Oh Yeah (Boxed Set 2001)" [Rock & Alternative]

Oh Yeah (Boxed Set 2001)

"Oh Yeah (Boxed Set 2001)" music video by Ash
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Ash - Oh Yeah (Boxed Set, 18.06.2001)

Ash performing 'Oh Yeah' live on the Scottish TV show Boxed Set in June 2001.

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Tags : 2001, 00s, Ash

Blossoms - "My Vacant Days (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)" [Rock & Alternative]

My Vacant Days (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)

"My Vacant Days (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)" music video by Blossoms
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Blossoms - 'My Vacant Days' - Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport

‘My Vacant Days - Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport' is out now!

Recorded live in Stockport on 11th February, we're releasing a new track from the show each week in set order. These songs will make up a full live album 'Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport' which will be released in full on 3rd July. Physical copies of the album will be available later in the year.

Stream and download the track now at


English quintet Blossoms burst onto the British scene in the 2010s, quickly rising from local clubs to festival stages within a few short years. Their breakthrough debut landed in 2016 after years of anticipation, topping charts and winning fans with a catchy, synth-forward blend of Brit-pop and indie rock heard on songs like hit single "Charlemagne." Incorporating more new wave influences on their follow-up, 2018's Cool Like You, the band maintained their presence on U.K. charts and on the touring circuit. By the end of the decade, they were selling out shows, including one at a hometown stadium. The group entered a new decade in 2020 with their third LP, the lovelorn Foolish Loving Spaces.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Blossoms

Bleed From Within - "Fracture" [Metal & X-Core]


"Fracture" music video by Bleed From Within
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core

The title track from the album "Fracture", out NOW. Order here:

Filmed by Tom Armstrong
Directed by Tom Armstrong & Craig Gowans


Glaswegian metal band Bleed from Within's combination of crushing guitars with sweeping melodies has made them a favorite on the U.K.'s live metal scene. The band formed in 2005 at their local youth club in Hamilton -- just outside of Glasgow, Scotland -- where they met up to play Lamb of God covers. Initially the band consisted of Scott Kennedy (vocals), Ali Richardson (drums), Craig Gowans (bass), Dave Lennon (guitar), and Scott McCreadie (guitar). In the next two years, the group graduated from covers and managed to self-record two EPs, 2006's Eyes of the Forgotten and 2007's Welcome to the Plague Year. The EPs caught the attention of Rising Records, who signed them in 2008 and released their debut album, Humanity, the year after. Soon after their debut, the line-up underwent some changes, with McCreadie bowing out and Gowans switching from bass to guitar; they hired Dave Provan as their new bassist. In 2010, the group found widespread recognition after taking part in Metal Hammer's Razor Tour alongside Sylosis and While She Sleeps. Capitalizing on their new-found popularity, they released their sophomore album, Empire, later the same year. The next two years saw several more changes, most notably Martyn Evans replacing Lennon on guitar and a switch to Century Media Records; their third album, Uprising, arrived in 2013 on the new label. The rest of the year was dedicated to touring, including support slots for Testament and Megadeth, and a slot on Metal Hammer's Defenders of the Faith IV Tour with Amon Amarth, Hell, and Carcass. In 2014, the band crowd-funded their Death Walk EP, posited as a bridge between their fourth and fifth album. However, their fifth album was delayed by four years as the band worked through personal issues, including Evans' departure. They attempted to continue as a four-piece for a time, although they concluded that they would not be able to operate without two guitars, leading to the arrival of Steven Jones. Their fifth album, Era, was eventually released in 2018, again on Century Media.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Bleed From Within

Doktor - "Boombastic" [Hip-Hop]


"Boombastic" music video by Doktor
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Doktor - Boombastic (Official Video)


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Track produced by Dot Inc
Video by Mally

Tags : 2020, 20s, Doktor

Tadhg Daly - "Figure It Out" [Pop]

Figure It Out

"Figure It Out" music video by Tadhg Daly
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Tadhg Daly - Figure It Out

‘Figure it out’ is a song about longing and struggling to deal with distance between yourself and the people that you love, which I feel is very apt right now. I wrote it to try and express how I was feeling during isolation and being separated from my loved ones. I truly hope that the lyrics can provide some positivity and hope to those struggling most with the world’s current situation and reminds us that love isn’t bound by distance.

The video is the most personal and emotional piece of content surrounding the release for me. It’s compiled of home videos of me and my family from when I was growing up in the 90’s. The only purpose I wanted the video to serve was as a window into the love and fulfilment I felt as a child. The world is going through such a difficult and confusing time right now and I feel personally that I'm craving the sense of wonderment and freedom I felt as a child so we ditched the narrative video we had initially planned and went with this.


Tags : 2020, 20s, Tadhg Daly

Holy Hive - "Float Back To You (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Float Back To You (Album Stream)

"Float Back To You (Album Stream)" music video by Holy Hive
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description : Holy Hive - Float Back To You - Full Album Stream

Holy Hive "Float Back To You" on Big Crown Records

Purchase Limited Edition Translucent Orange LP, Standard LP, and CD in the BCR Webstore:

Stream / purchase digitally here:

Follow Holy Hive:


Gentle folk-rock and retro-soul influences come together in this indie outfit formed in New York City.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Holy Hive

Quintino - "Get You Home" [Dance]

Get You Home

"Get You Home" music video by Quintino
Added: 29-05-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : Quintino - Get You Home (Official Music Video)

Quintino - Get You Home is OUT NOW on Spinnin' Records! 

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Quintino is the musical alias of Dutch EDM/progressive house producer and DJ Quinten van den Berg, whose ecstatic club anthems have become staples of dance music festivals as well as the Dutch pop charts. Ranging from big room house to trap, his tracks are always filled with euphoric melodies and hard beats, and his highly energetic DJ sets have enraptured audiences across the world. Active as a DJ since the early 2000s, he broke through near the end of the decade with his smash hit remix of Cidinho & Doca's "Rap das Armas." This was followed by further singles such as 2011's chart-topping "Epic," one of the first big room house tracks to make a major impact, as well as collaborations with EDM heavyweights such as Afrojack, Tiësto, Hardwell, and Steve Aoki. His Go Harder EP series, initiated in 2016, focused on his heavier, more trap-influenced side.

By 2015, Quintino's touring schedule was restless, exceeding 200 gigs a year across the globe, and DJ Mag included him in their Top 100 DJs list in both 2014 and 2015. The following year, he released the Go Harder and Go Harder, Pt. 2 EPs on Spinnin' Records, with Go Harder, Pt. 3: Do or Die appearing in 2017. Go Harder, Pt. 4: EDM's Revenge appeared in 2018, by which point Quintino had climbed into the Top 30 of DJ Mag's annual DJ poll. The Steve Aoki collaboration "Mayhem" appeared during the year, and Quintino additionally released tracks with Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, as well as solo singles such as "How It's Done" and "Inferno."

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Chris Lane - "Take Back Home Girl (ft. Mackenzie Porter) (live)" [Country]

Take Back Home Girl (ft. Mackenzie Porter) (live)

"Take Back Home Girl (ft. Mackenzie Porter) (live)" music video by Chris Lane
Added: 28-05-2020
Genre : Country
Description : Chris Lane - Take Back Home Girl (Live) ft. MacKenzie Porter

Listen to "Take Back Home Girl" here:


Part of a wave of contemporary country singers who rode the R&B-friendly wake left by Sam Hunt in 2014, Chris Lane specialized in smooth yet lively love songs. He had roots in bro country -- his first major supporting tour was with Florida Georgia Line in 2014 -- and played effervescent country-pop tunes, but by the time he released his full-length major-label debut Girl Problems in 2016, he lightly emphasized a softer touch, as evidenced by the singles "Let Me Love You" and "For Her."

In late June 2019, Lane released the romantic single "Big, Big Plans," a song he'd written in order to propose to his girlfriend a few weeks earlier.

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Feenixpawl - "Colors" [Dance]


"Colors" music video by Feenixpawl
Added: 28-05-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : Feenixpawl - Colors (Official Music Video)

Radiant like the sun in the sky, Feenixpawl’s ‘Colors’ is a record that seemingly effortlessly lifts moods with every play. From the playful beat drops to the gleaming vocals and the upbeat vibe, this record offers a touch of positivity to whoever grants it a listen.


Australian progressive house DJs and producers Aden Forte and Josh Soon began working together as Feenixpawl in 2003. The duo spent years honing their production and DJ skills, creating bootleg remixes of pop songs and touring dance clubs across Australia. They became associated with Australian club brand Onelove in 2006, and signed with Sony BMG/Onelove Music Group in 2008. Feenixpawl's early recorded output primarily consisted of remixes, including reworks of tracks by Kaz James, NERVO, and Kaskade, but they released a few singles which immediately became Australian club hits, starting with 2009's "Calypso" and "Seasons." 2012 single "In My Mind," a collaboration with Ivan Gough released on Axwell's label Axtone Records, was the duo's breakout hit, hitting number one on the Australian dance charts and receiving major support from DJs worldwide. Several more singles and remixes followed in 2013, including club hits "Universe" and "Hear Me," and mixes for John Dahlbäck and Marco V. The duo also released their first mix CD in 2013, the second disc of Onelove Sonic Boom Box 2013, a double-CD-split with Avicii. In 2014, the duo released collaborative singles with Disfunktion ("Fuse") and DubVision ("Destination"), and launched Eclypse Radio, a monthly podcast that featured guest mixes by progressive house DJs including Darude and Ivan Gough. In April of 2015, Feenixpawl launched Eclypse Records in conjunction with Jason Forté, and rock label Wind-Up Records; the label's first release was the duo's single "Ghosts," which featured vocals by Melissa Ramsay. Feenixpawl and Jason Forté's single "Blue Sky" followed soon after, and the duo toured the U.S. with Breathe Carolina.

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