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Friday, May 22, 2020

Enslaved - "Homebound" [Metal & X-Core]


"Homebound" music video by Enslaved
Added: 22-05-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : ENSLAVED - Homebound (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

ENSLAVED present a new single form their forthcoming album UTGARD. 

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Video by Gaui H Pic -
Co-producer - Marita Joensen
Actor - Marita Joensen

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Enslaved are masters of Norwegian black/Viking metal who have, since the early '90s, consistently employed a forward-thinking approach to their craft while retaining their extreme roots. Though they emerged at the dawn of black metal's second wave, they offered a vastly more complex compositional style and rejected the term "black metal" as too limiting. They were right. Enslaved's aesthetic has dictated change as the true constant in their music. 1997's Eld, with its warm production and clean vocals, offered the 16-minute epic "793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne)," devoted to the raid that arguably began the Viking age. Originally regarded by the metal press as "too weird," it has since been reclassified an ahead-of-its-time classic. 2003's Below the Lights marked a creative songwriting expansion; Enslaved were unafraid to explore and depict emotional and psychological states with different instruments. They were delighted by the reception of 2015's In Times; it peaked at number four on the Heatseekers chart. 2017's E was interestingly built from the metaphorical bones of 2008's Vertebrae (a first for Enslaved), but employed almost entirely new strategies in dynamics, instrumentation, and textural dimension as their sound evolved. It won Norway's version of the Grammy for Metal Album of the Year.

 In January of 2020, Enslaved announced the release of Utgard, a new studio outing. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, they postponed its release date until November.

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