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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Sir Babygirl - "Cheerleader" [Pop]


"Cheerleader" music video by Sir Babygirl
Added: 05-05-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Sir Babygirl - Cheerleader

From the album, Crush on Me: BICONIC EDITION, out now.

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Sir Babygirl
Amanda Houser
Bita Gorgzadeh
Catherine Collison
Harry Hill
Lucie Allouche
Megan Stalter
Sean Bradford
Sydnee Washington

Olivia Cucinotta - Director / Producer
Sir Babygirl - Director
Tim Young - Producer / 1st AD
Nick Massari - Producer
Séverine Kaufman - Choreographer
Corrina Sanni - Costume / Set Design
Grayson Kohs - Cinematographer
Vince Rappa - 1st AC
Connor Smith - GE / Swing
Danielle Gerkens - HMU
Chris Barton - HMU 2nd
Edward Therese - Production Assistant
Chloe Cecil - Production Assistant
Hannah Berman - Production Assistant
Emily Bergerson - Production Assistant
Portal ( - Executive Producer
Meghan Doherty - Executive Producer
Skyler Johnson - Editor & Graphics
Grayson Kohs - Colorist

Special Thanks
Father/Daughter, Jessi Frick, Vivid Kid Studios (Kelly Berezansky, Dave Sweeney, Michael Didyoung), Anthony&, Open House Nursery School, Gino Volpe, Sam Chapman, Anya Schulman, Abby Weems, Flynn Hannon

Music & Lyrics by Sir Babygirl
Produced by Sir Babygirl
Co-Produced by Kid Quiet
Engineered & Mixed by Kid Quiet
Mastered by Sarah Register
Tags : 2020, 20s, Sir Babygirl