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Monday, June 22, 2020

Don Diablo - "Thousand Faces (ft. Andy Grammer)" [Pop]

Thousand Faces (ft. Andy Grammer)

"Thousand Faces (ft. Andy Grammer)" music video by Don Diablo
Added: 22-06-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Don Diablo - Thousand Faces ft. Andy Grammer | Official Music Video

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Thousand Faces is definitely one of my most personal records that I have written so far. Almost seven years ago I lost the most important man in my life: my father. Since that day my vision on life has changed drastically, not long after that I started achieving all the things I dreamed of most of my life. His passing fuelled me with so much passion and dedication which, looking back on it, gave me an unprecedented amount of energy and drive to work harder than ever to make the most out of my life. During these last years I have often wondered what my Dad would have thought if he could see me now. Things got so much bigger than both of us could have even imagined from the last conversations we had. Sometimes when I am performing in front of thousands of fans it feels like I can see him standing in the crowd, nodding his head, giving me his approval. I know my story isn't unique, eventually we all go through similar experiences, it's the lessons we learn from these experiences and the way we handle it that sets us apart. I know Andy lost his Mom ten years ago which also made a huge impact on his life, so on top of his incredible vocal talent he felt like the perfect person to tell this story and by doing so, also making it his story and at the end of the day the universal story for all of us. I hope this song gives you guys hope and the strength to turn something very painful into something very positive, deep down inside I feel my dad is watching over me and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make him as proud as I can. I directed the music video myself because I wanted it to be as open and honest and possible. Love you all, X,

- Don -

Directed and produced by Don Diablo
Edited by Jessey Bijl & Don Diablo
VFX Tim Smit
D.O.P. Kevin Vidal
Gaffer Eva Heinsbroek
1st AC Henry Vrijsen
Colour correction Joppo @ De Grot

Special thanks to Thomas Pieket Weeserik, Alex Scholte, everyone else who participated in the making of this video and of course...My Mom!

Don Diablo
Tags : 2020, 20s, Don Diablo