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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Rory Gallagher - "Live @ Rockpalast (1977)" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ Rockpalast (1977)

"Live @ Rockpalast (1977)" music video by Rory Gallagher
Added: 09-06-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Rory Gallagher live (full show) | Rockpalast | 1977

01. Moonchild 00:00
02. Secret Agent 06:00
03. Calling Card 12:26
04. Out On The Western Plain 20:16
05. Barley And Grape Rag 25:44
06. Tattoo'd Lady 30:41
07. Souped Up Ford 37:29
08. Bullfrog Blues 46:37
09. Bought And Sold 56:43

Die Initialzündung für den Rockpalast war die erste Rocknacht mit Rory Gallagher, Little Feat und Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd, die vom 23. auf den 24. Juli 1977 live via Eurovision übertragen wurde.

Die 1. Rocknacht bedeutete nicht nur für den Rockpalast den Durchbruch. Auch der irische Rockgitarrist Rory Gallagher bekam durch seinen live im TV übertragenen Auftritt einen wohl verdienten Karriereschub. Während des Konzerts, das in der Essener Grugahalle stattfand, zeigte Rory Gallagher, was er am besten konnte: Straight nach vorne gespielten, vom Blues beeinflussten Rock'n'Roll. Von Anfang an brachte der ungemein sympathische Ire die Halle zum Kochen – nicht nur mit seinem virtuosen Gitarrenspiel, sondern auch mit seinem ungebremsten Enthusiasmus und seiner sichtbaren Spielfreude.

Später schrieb der damalige Rockpalast-Redakteur Peter Rüchel über den Auftritt: "Rory Gallagher machte die Show in jeder Beziehung auf. Er sagte uns später, das sei sein bis dahin bester Auftritt gewesen." Gemeinsam mit Gerry McAvoy am Bass, Rod De'Ath am Schlagzeug und Lou Martin an den Keys spielte Gallagher ein kraftvolles Set mit Hits wie "Moonchild", "Out On The Western Plain" oder "Calling Card".

Rory Gallagher - vocals, guitar
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Lou Martin - keyboards
Rod De'Ath - drums


Even with a career cut short by illness and a premature death, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Rory Gallagher left his mark in the blues and rock worlds. His hard-charging, intensely rhythmic playing style on his 1961 Stratocaster still casts a long shadow over rock & roll: Queen's Brian May imitated not only his playing but his gear early on; he credits Gallagher with the root of his sound. Eric Clapton said it was Gallagher who got him "back into the blues." Johnny Marr acknowledges a great debt as well: After learning how to play the guitarist's classic Deuce album track-for-track at 13, he revealed Gallagher's influence throughout his career. Marr also said that he received mentorship and advice on his conduct on-stage and off. Even U2's the Edge and Slash sing his praises and credit his influence. While Gallagher didn't tour the U.S. very often, he lived on the stages of Europe. But he was well-known on Yankee shores for his marathon-length, no-holds-barred live shows at clubs and theaters across North America. While never a major presence on radio in the United States, Gallagher nonetheless racked up a handful of semi-hit singles with "Laundromat," "I Walk on Hot Coals," "Shadow Play," and "Philby," as well as a slew of acclaimed albums from 1971's Deuce and the remarkable Irish Tour in 1974, through Calling Card in 1976 and Top Priority in 1979. Even after the hits, Gallagher continued to pump out high-quality albums including 1982's Jinx and 1990's Fresh Evidence. And following his accidental death on an operating table in 1995, Gallagher continued to win over new fans and influence artists of many stripes, including the mystery writer Ian Rankin, who created a posthumous compilation called The Continental Op in 2013 featuring the guitarist's many songs about spies and suspense.

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