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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Dan Deacon - "Snip Snip (from 'well Groomed' OST)" [Experimental]

Snip Snip (from 'well Groomed' OST)

"Snip Snip (from 'well Groomed' OST)" music video by Dan Deacon
Added: 27-08-2020
Genre : Experimental
Description : Dan Deacon - Snip Snip (From 'Well Groomed' Original Score) (Official Video)

Dan Deacon - "Snip Snip", from 'Well Groomed (Original Score)', out now on Domino Soundtracks.

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WELL GROOMED travels a year in the humorous and visually stunning world of competitive creative dog grooming alongside the women transforming their beloved poodles into living sculptures. Watch now:

Director: Rebecca Stern
Producers: Justin Levy, Matthew Mills, Rebecca Stern
Editor: Katharina Stroh
Cinematographer: Alexander W. Lewis


Blending a background in experimental composition with a love for pop culture and a penchant for absurdism, Dan Deacon has gained an enthusiastic following and critical acclaim for his highly energetic performances and elaborate recordings. Much of his best-known material, such as 2007 full-length Spiderman of the Rings, contains electronically manipulated vocals and buzzing, neon-like synth tones, and is overwhelmingly giddy and joyous. However, he has also written more nuanced, reflective pieces, such as 2012's America, and is involved with the contemporary classical world. Deacon is highly active as a soundtrack composer as well; among other films, he wrote the music for the acclaimed 2016 documentary Rat Film, which he also appeared in. An advocate of D.I.Y. culture, he is a co-founder of Wham City, a Baltimore-based collective of musicians, performance artists, comedians, and filmmakers who have organized numerous events and tours. Various Wham City members often accompany Deacon on his tours, with upwards of a dozen musicians performing his compositions. Deacon's performances place a heavy emphasis on audience participation, typically involving dance contests and comedic elements.

Mystic Familiar, his first studio album in five years, was released in 2020.

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