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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Mörk Gryning - "Hinsides Vrede (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Hinsides Vrede (Album Stream)

"Hinsides Vrede (Album Stream)" music video by Mörk Gryning
Added: 22-10-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : MÖRK GRYNING - Hinsides Vrede (2020) Full Album Stream

The Swedish black metal formation will once again unleash their wrath upon the masses with ‘Hinsides Vrede’. It is a furious assault upon the civilized world and a descent into the nether regions of the world beyond. Join us into the maelstrom! Release date: October 23, 2020.

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Recorded, mixed & mastered at Wing studios by Sverker Widgren

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Sweden's Mörk Gryning (which means "dark dawn") was formed in the early-'90s by the multi-talented duo of Goth Gorgon (guitars, bass, keyboards, screams) and Draakh Kimera (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums), who set about recording their ambitiously complex black metal on 1995's Tusen År Har Gått... and 1997's Return Fire. Unable to find capable musicians to round out a reliable touring lineup (among other problems), Mörk Gryning's career stalled for a few years leading up to 2001's long-awaited third opus, Maelstrom Chaos. Counting with the aid of guitarist Avatar, bassist Jonas Berndts, and drummer Nagys, the album's grand sonic vision did not disappoint, and countless new fans were converted to the group's cause during their powerful performance at the next year's Wacken Open Air Festival. Come 2003's equally diverse fourth effort, Pieces of Primal Expressionism, Mörk Gryning had returned to a more economical duo format, with only Aeon (synths, mellotron) added for support.

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