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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Neneh Cherry - "Feel It" [Pop]

Feel It

"Feel It" music video by Neneh Cherry
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Neneh Cherry - Feel It

Music video by Neneh Cherry performing Feel It. © 1997 Virgin Records Ltd


Man is the third solo album by Swedish singer Neneh Cherry, released in 1996. The first single, "7 Seconds" was released two years earlier and was a duet with Youssou N'Dour, a famous Senegalese singer who helped make the musical style mbalax popular in Africa. Cherry was nominated for a Grammy in 1994 for the duet.

Tags : 1996, 90s, Neneh Cherry

Amberian Dawn - "Looking For You" [Metal & X-Core]

Looking For You

"Looking For You" music video by Amberian Dawn
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : AMBERIAN DAWN - Looking For You (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order "Looking For You" here:

Out January 31st

Tuomas states:
”This is the Crown Jewel of the album. This song is exactly what so-called ABBA-Metal is all about. Haunting and dramatic keyboards, strong melodies and tons of vocal tracks. I worked closely with Finnish synthesizer artist Kebu to achieve this wonderful vintage keyboard sound. I let myself go into world of 80’s synthesizer music and then my band mates helped me to arrange the song into an AMBERIAN DAWN- song. “

Music: Tuomas Seppälä
Lyrics: Capri
Mixed & Mastered by Emil Pohjalainen
Amberian Dawn: Capri (voc), Tuomas Seppälä (keys), Emil Pohjalainen (guit), Joonas Pykälä-aho (drums), Jukka Hoffren (bass)
Guest Musician: Kebu (keys)

Video produced by Dark Noise Productions
Executive producer: Christian "Chrism" Pulkkinen
Director, Co-Producer, Editor: Artturi Rosten
Director of Cinematography: Henri Marttila
2nd Camera Operator: Artturi Rosten
Gaffer: Atte Heinonen
Stage Lights: Otto Hyyskä
Color Grading: Atte Heinonen
Capri's close-ups: Karri Harju
Capri's makeup on close-ups: Katri Metso
Making of /behind the scenes: Asko Salminen
Set Decorator, Production Design & Location manager: Minja Tuomisalo
Hair, Make-up: Johanna Tuominen
Puppeteers: Joonas Kankare, Hanne Lammi
Adolina_ Elina Ylitalo
Shadow People: Hanne Lammi & Joonas Kankare
Dark Noise Productions and the director would like to warmly thank:
Olli Hakala, Nicholas Pulkkinen, Jupe Louhelainen & Ville Muurinen / Twisted Films, Chrzu, Brinkkalan Talo, Ekotori


An ambitious female-fronted Finnish metal project founded in 2006 by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Tuomas Seppälä and bass player Tommi Kuri, Amberian Dawn offers up an evocative blend of symphonic/neo-classical power metal that invokes names like Epica, Nightwish, and Within Temptation. Fronted by powerhouse lyric soprano Heidi Parviainen, the band issued their debut studio long-player River of Tuoni in 2008 via Finnish label KHY Suomen Musiikki. Fresh off a successful tour with Epica, the band headed back into the studio and began work on their sophomore outing, 2009's The Clouds of Northland Thunder. After inking a deal with Spinefarm Records the group issued a third studio album, 2010's End of Eden, followed by Circus Black in 2012, the latter of which was the first Amberian Dawn LP to utilize a full choir, and the last to feature vocalist Parviainen, who left the band shortly after the album's release to pursue other musical projects. 2013's Re-Evolution saw the band rebooting with a set of re-recordings featuring new singer Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen, and 2014's Napalm-issued Magic Forest offered up the first new set of original material from the group with Virkkunen at the helm. Ever prolific, Amberian Dawn wasted little time getting back to the studio, and released their seventh long-player, Innuendo, in the fall of 2015. October 2017 saw the release of the single "Maybe" in anticipation of the arrival of the group's eighth full-length, Darkness of Eternity, which arrived later that November.

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Ren Harvieu - "Yes Please" [Rock & Alternative]

Yes Please

"Yes Please" music video by Ren Harvieu
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Ren Harvieu - Yes Please (Official Video)

Directed by Scott Jones

Song written by Ren Harvieu and Romeo Stodart

Taken from the album 'Revel In The Drama' by Ren Harvieu. Order here:


British vocalist Ren Harvieu is a darkly enigmatic singer with a supple, yearning voice and bent toward mixing '60s pop, soul, and modern alt-rock. Born in Broughton, Salford in the County of Lancashire in 1991, Harvieu was introduced to Irish folk songs and traditional music by her guitarist/vocalist father. In her teens, Harvieu fell under the influence of an array of artists including Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, as well as local heroes the Smiths and even such contemporary artists as Alicia Keys. While in sixth form college, she performed in musical theater and entered several talent competitions before uploading some of her own recordings to MySpace. The tracks caught the ear of music manager Paul Harrison, who brought Harvieu to London to begin work on an album. In 2011, she released the single "Through the Night" and was brought to wider attention touring with Glasvegas. Harvieu was set to play Glastonbury and collaborate with rapper Nas when a freak accident left her hospitalized with two broken vertebrae. After two months of healing and physical therapy, Harvieu recovered and was able to walk again. Her debut full-length album was released in 2012.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Ren Harvieu

Serenity - "My Kingdom Comes" [Metal & X-Core]

My Kingdom Comes

"My Kingdom Comes" music video by Serenity
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : SERENITY - My Kingdom Comes (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order the new album "The Last Knight" here:

Out January 31st


Serenity are an Austrian symphonic power metal band famous for big theatrical concept recordings based on historical figures and/or events. While they were originally formed in 2001, only one original member remains. The band's moniker comes from the science fiction film of the same name -- which was titled for the spaceship in the futurist sci-fi Western television series Firefly.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Serenity

Black Star Riders - "In The Shadow Of A War Machine" [Rock & Alternative]

In The Shadow Of A War Machine

"In The Shadow Of A War Machine" music video by Black Star Riders
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : BLACK STAR RIDERS - In The Shadow Of A War Machine (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The fourth BLACK STAR RIDERS studio album, Another State Of Grace, is out now via Nuclear Blast.
Order at:

Nuclear Blast:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

Apple Music:

On Tour:
More Info:


The Black Star Riders are a hard rock band that grew out of the re-formation of Thin Lizzy. Their roots go back to 2010, when longstanding guitarist Scott Gorham was re-forming the group (again); there have been several resurrections since 1996. Reunion members included Gorham, original drummer Brian Downey, and former keyboard player Darren Wharton, with bassist Marco Mendoza, vocalist Rick Warwick, and a series of guitarists including Viv Campbell, Richard Fortus, Damon Johnson, and Christian Martucci. The band issued their debut album, All Hell Breaks Loose, in 2013, and continued to hone their signature blend of classic rock and roots-driven hard rock on subsequent outings like The Killer Instinct (2015), Heavy Fire (2017), and Another State of Grace (2019).

Tags : 2020, 20s, Black Star Riders

Spinning Coin - "Ghosting" [Rock & Alternative]


"Ghosting" music video by Spinning Coin
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Spinning Coin - Ghosting (Official Video)

Spinning Coin - "Ghosting", taken from 'Hyacinth', out 21st February 2020 on Geographic

Pre-order 'Hyacinth':

Stream & Save "Ghosting":

Directed by Sean Nicholas Savage

Follow Spinning Coin:


The members of the Glasgow quartet Spinning Coin had all been playing in bands, writing songs, and making the scene before they joined together to make fiercely ramshackle indie pop that reminded their future label head, Stephen Pastel, of a "feeling (he) had at the end of the Boy Hairdressers and the beginning of Teenage Fanclub." They formed in late 2014 ostensibly to back guitarist Sean Armstrong on a batch of his songs, but soon took the name Spinning Coin and became something more. Made up of Armstrong (guitar and vocals), Jack Mellin (guitar and vocals), Cal Donnelly (bass), and Chris White (drums), Spinning Coin began playing shows around their hometown and caught the ear of Fuzzkill Records, which released the band's self-titled five-song debut cassette in October of 2015. This recording and their live shows brought them to the attention of Geographic Music, a label run by the Pastels and sponsored by Domino. They home-recorded their first single, "Albany"/"Sides," released it in April of 2016, and soon got to work on a full-length album. Working with producer Stu Evans in Glasgow and Edwyn Collins at his studio in Helmsdale, the band added backing vocals from the Pastels' Katrina Mitchell and Tuff Love's Rachel Taylor. The album, Permo, was issued in November of 2017 by Geographic. Around that time, Spinning Coin added Taylor to the lineup as their keyboardist.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Spinning Coin

Sam Gendel - "Afro Blue" [Blues & Jazz]

Afro Blue

"Afro Blue" music video by Sam Gendel
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Blues & Jazz
Description : Sam Gendel - Afro Blue (Official Video)

Sam Gendel's "Afro Blue," from his album 'Satin Doll,' due March 13 on Nonesuch Records. Download the track now when you pre-order the album:

Afro Blue Music Video

A Film by Sam Gendel

Featuring the Sam Gendel Concert Group:
Sam Gendel - saxofone
Gabe Noel - electric bass
Philippe Melanson - electronic percussion

Shot and edited by Sam Gendel

Additional footage by Senzo Ueno

Animation elements by Robert Edridge-Waks

Original airbrush artwork by Mario Ayala

Video shot on super 8 film

Music recorded live at the Four Seasons Westlake Village, California


Avant-garde saxophonist, guitarist, and vocalist with a knack for pairing psychedelic jazz with experimental pop.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Sam Gendel

Lil 2z - "R.I.P. Uncle Holas (ft. Trapboy Freddy)" [Hip-Hop]

R.I.P. Uncle Holas (ft. Trapboy Freddy)

"R.I.P. Uncle Holas (ft. Trapboy Freddy)" music video by Lil 2z
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil 2z - “R.I.P. Uncle Holas” feat. TrapBoy Freddy (Official Music Video)

6Am available now

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Directed by DGreenFilmz

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil 2z

SL McKay - "Life Goals" [Hip-Hop]

Life Goals

"Life Goals" music video by SL McKay
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : SL McKay "Life Goals" official music video


SL McKay enlists VADO to share some “Life Goals” in new visuals  

Semaj Mckay (AkA) S.L. McKay grew up in the Far Rockaway, Queens NY, a place they call the 6th borough. S.L lived in the middle of 6 different projects within a 80 block radius with a crime rate through the roof. As a child growing up, Far Rockaway was a drug infested place. He is the youngest brother of 7 siblings and as a young child he was trying to find a way out of the ghetto and knew money was the key. As he and his family were struggling financially within the crack and poverty era of the 1980’s, he helped his family by packing grocery bags at the local stores and would bring home $25 dollars in loose change and dollar bills.

As he grew he listened to rap music such as 2pac, Wutang, Buck Shot, Mob Deep and DMX, It was portrayed that the new error was being a hustler with fast cash, cars and drugs. Selling everything from crack to prostitution which he thought was a fool proof plan. With local gangsters in competition for ownership of drug users and their money, local gangsters would plot on his demise and even talk about killing him in front of his family because they had no idea that was his family. Everyone wanted to know who the guy was from OV (Ocean Village) side trying to take over the block. This lifestyle decision he made would lead him to leveling up on money and power which eventually would lead him to violence. This level-up would cost him 15 plus years of his life in prison. In that 15 years he taught himself discipline, which gave him a better perspective on life and financial (legal) stability. A couple of years prior to his release his sister approached him with the offer to lead a record label in-which he named Alkatraz Music Group LLC. The name was chosen from two reasons. First, in prison they call Far Rockaway Alkatraz because it’s surrounded by water. And 2 it will represent a dead prison in which he can never return to . He made the decision to trust the process and took on the roles of leading artist, CEO and part owner of the company in which wearing three titles drove him to go extra hard. After prison S.L went straight to the studio to start his grind, and has been grinding ever since. He’s on every platform networking in and has taken giant leaps to begin his new chapter of his life and a legal hustle to legacy.

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Pharaoh 808 Mafia - "Spot Light" [Hip-Hop]

Spot Light

"Spot Light" music video by Pharaoh 808 Mafia
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Pharaoh 808 Mafia "Spot Light" - official music video


Masaba K Tyson better known as NOKAP was the Producer’s of Black Gangster Co Produced by ORGANIZE NOISE . He was also featured onPLAYA’S BALL by the OUTKAST. He is the father and consultant to Joshua H Luellen aka 808 MAFIA BOSS .

Pharaoh 808 MAFIA started in the HIP HOP MUSIC INDUSTRY when he Produced BLACK GANGSTER for ORGANIZE NOISE & COOL BREEZE , next he was sampled by the OUTKAST on the remix of PLAYAS BALL .He then started several business’s . 1st he started 2COLD M PIRE RECORD , and also A TOUCH OF CLASS ESCORT COMPANY. His biggest business was a Restaurant in Buck head Atlanta Ga called THE CRAB BUCKET SEAFOOD & OYSTER BAR . Next he moved to Las Vegas NV and Beverly Hills Ca and started EUROPEAN PLEASURE ESCORT’S . He then mentored & financed his oldest son SOUTHSIDE aka SIZZLE who started his own Production company with the help of WAKA FLOCKA titled 808 MAFIA which has built a roster of World Famous Producer’s .

Tags : 2019, 10s, Pharaoh 808 Mafia

Arita - "Name Brand (Remix) (w. Young Devon)" [Pop]

Name Brand (Remix) (w. Young Devon)

"Name Brand (Remix) (w. Young Devon)" music video by Arita
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Arita, Young Devon - "Name Brand" remix - official music video


Arita drops visuals for “Name Brand Remix” ft. Young Devyn

Roll out the red carpet and make way — the Caribbean Queens have arrived and, as always, they are Trendy & Way Up! Only Name Brands are invited. Her Majesties, Aritaworldwide, featuring Young Devyn release Name Brand remix and remind us of how powerful it is when Young Queens Collab! ARITA’s smooth sultry vocals meet the lyrical genius and flow of Young Devyn and it’s magical. No words for this one, but if you insist – FIRE HOT could work! An infectious beat makes it impossible not to move and an empowering message of confidence, self-love, style and trend setting attraction evokes a feeling that nothing is impossible! Inspired by the burning desire to encourage self-love and the idea that we are all worthy, ARITA encourages her worldwiders to proudly say:  CALL ME A NAME BRAND, YES I’M A NAME BRAND  

As Hype Magazine recently wrote, ARITA is “Described by many as Beyoncé mixed with Rihanna and a touch of Whitney Houston wrapped in island style.” This is because her voice is a mesmerizing, soulful blend of contemporary with vintage, carrying any genre to pitches far and wide and superseding age, class and culture. Her beauty is a charming reflection of her mixed heritage and her passion, talent and mission through music.

With stunningly beautiful features, ARITA also caught the attention of the fashion industry and became a top model in Trinidad & Tobago, being featured in numerous publications and modeling for top designers, locally and internationally. As if this was not enough, ARITA was also a top athlete (Basketball point guard), captain of her team and MVP three consecutive years, leading her team to Country Championships. In essence, ARITA’s talent has no boundaries.

ARITA is now, in addition to being a recording artist, a popular TV personality on the Caribbean’s leading TV Network, TEMPO. In 2018, she releases her highly anticipated Debut album, “LOVE SICK”, fusing her sexy Caribbean swag with international beats and a new, fresh, original and captivating vibe. The album has 15 amazing tracks, produced by Grammy award winning writers & producers and collaborations with hip hop Legends, Doitall “Chief Rocker” (Lords of the Underground), Doug E. Fresh and legendary dancehall artist, Cham.

With hometown and Caribbean-wide popularity, numerous press & media accolades and an amazing team, this strikingly beautiful, multi-talented artist, musician, model, actress, TV Host/Personality is poised to breakout internationally and, with the release of her debut album, is gearing up for an amazing 2019. “I wish to be a blessing to all those with whom I am privileged to share my music and talent and hopefully make a positive difference in their lives, says ARITA”.

Get up on the latest @

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Only Alena - "#Instalove" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"#Instalove" music video by Only Alena
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Only Alena "#Instalove" - official music video


Las Vegas, Nevada native Alena Irubor signed with Legends Entertainment November 2018 and is gonna capture your hearts one click at a time with her new single “Instalove” now on all platforms.

This multi-talented young artist was born with music streaming in her blood and was shining brightly on stage by age 5. Alena plays piano, writes, sings and is actively seeking to grace your TV and Big Screens with her sparkling smile!

Alena is currently working on her next album for early 2020 release. Following the success of her new single and revamping of her brand Alena is working on evolving her music to include soul, R&B, Pop and Dance to get you up off your feet and help you fall in love, enjoy good times and inspire you to never give up! With the strong team consisting of Celebrity Vocal Coach Rachel Riggs, Writer/Producer B. Lewis, Writer Elle Vee, Manager/Producer/Writer/Mixer Nato Lopez, Producer DJ Replay and Writer Priscilla Rene paving the way, this artist is bound for greatness.

Tags : 2019, 10s, Only Alena

Allegra - "All About Us" [Dance]

All About Us

"All About Us" music video by Allegra
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : ALLEGRA "All About Us" official music video

This is the music video for the debut single by Allegra.
The single has already hit #2 in both the Music Week Top 40 Club Commercial Pop Chart and Music Week Top 100 Club Chart on Freaktone Records via Believe Music.

Produced by Scott Stoddart of the Audiofreaks Music stable, and written by Aileen De La Cruz and Ben Samama with contributions from Warren Meyers and Jenna Donnelly (Doyle).

Allegra's social sites are: 





Tags : 2019, 10s, Allegra

Jay Copes - "Signs" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Signs" music video by Jay Copes
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Jay Copes "Signs" - official music video

Jay Copes releases his new highly anticipated video "signs". After Gillie Da Kid premiered the song as "Song of the week" on his number one podcast Million dollars worth of game the song went viral. Jay Copes and Director Peter Parkkerr decided to present Jay's real life because that was the inspiration behind the song. Watch the ending for the big surprise Jay gives the mother of his kids.


Rising artist Jay Copes, fresh out of New Jersey hits the scene today to give a glimpse of his reality in his video for “Signs”. After Gillie Da Kid premiered the song as “Song of the week” on his Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast, “Signs” went viral. With Jay Copes’ real life being the inspiration behind the joint, it only made sense for him to team up with Director Peter Parkerr to shed light on what motivated him to make such a real depiction of his life –  from courtship, to proposing to the mother of his children to close it out.

Jay Copes has been creating what he calls “Love & Pain” music since 2011. Born and raised in Camden, NJ, Jay realized he could sing at a very young age but did not pursue his passion until he was a young adult.

His journey into music started in elementary school when he entered the chorus and began playing multiple instruments including, the flute, drums, and violin. During high school, Jay excelled in sports and it became his core interest with music taking a back seat. It wasn’t meeting a few new friends in college, that he reverted his attention back to music and became the lead singer of an R&B/Rap group. 

The youngest of eight children and the first to go to college, Jay felt the pressure of attaining a degree, but he wanted to follow his heart’s desire which at this stage was music. Feeling the weight of his devotion to music with daily early morning studio sessions and a full class schedule, Jay realized he had to commit fully to one or the other. He chose his passion for music over college and dropped out to dedicate himself fulltime to his pursuit of a professional music career. 

With this new focus, in 2017 Jay began to transition into an independent artist by honing his sound and cultivating an image. He developed relationships that would create a level of exposure that he had not yet experienced and acquired a team of his own to help propel his career forward.

With life’s beauty and unplanned surprises, in 2017 Copes learned that his girlfriend was pregnant with twins.  He put his dreams on hold to care for his family until he got back in the studio in 2018.

On November 11, 2019, Jay released his much anticipated single “Signs” and is enthusiastic about the response and what the future holds.

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Jon B - "Priceless" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Priceless" music video by Jon B
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Jon B "Priceless" official music video


Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Jon B Releases “Priceless” Birthday Gift To Fans 

As we near 8 years since the release of Jon B’s Comfortable Swagg album, fans will be delighted to know that the multi-platinum recording artist has returned to the studio and is currently putting the finishing touches on next project.

Understand, Jon B’s forthcoming album, features the lead single and Donell Jones-assisted duet by the same name. On Monday, November 11, Jon B debuted the official video for the album’s follow-up single, “Priceless.”

“This video is all about showing a woman that she’s priceless,” says Jon. “You can have anything you want because the whole world is yours.”  

“Priceless,” which will be released on Jon B’s 45th birthday, serves as a gift from the R&B veteran to his longtime fans and supporters. The visuals were shot in various locations across the Los Angeles area, including special scenes at Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, a Black-owned museum and flight school based in Compton, CA that offers interactive exhibits, aviation, and educational programs targeting inner-city youth. Los Angeles native, Dale A. Stelly of Stelly Entertainment (Nipsey Hussle: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Forgiveness), serves as video director.

“Every scene is a complimentary sort of dream sequence where I’m saying how I feel, and my leading lady is just basking in the glow,” Jon B explains.

Jon B’s new album will feature a collection of midtempo, dance tracks, and slow jams that made R&B fans first fall in love with the crooner upon his 1994 debut.  “Priceless” was previously featured on season one of BET’s Games People Play and BET Her Live. Fans will be able to stream and purchase the new single when it is released via all digital platforms on Sunday, November 17, 2019, the 40th birthday of Jon’s wife, Danette Buck.

Prior to his rise to fame, Jon B (real name Jonathan Buck) wrote for musicians such as Toni Braxton, Color Me Badd, Spice Girls and Michael Jackson. It was in 1995 when he released his debut studio album, Bonafide, spawning the popular hit and Grammy-nominated single “Someone to Love”, featuring the Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and composer, Babyface. The album was a commercial success as it went platinum, selling over 1 million copies. Jon B released his second studio album Cool Relax in 1997, spawning the top 10 single “They Don’t Know” and two other top 20 hits, one being the last song to feature Tupac Shakur  before his untimely death.

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Jade Massentoff - "Depression" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Depression" music video by Jade Massentoff
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Jade Massentoff "Depression" official music video


Official Video Release!  
Singer/Songwriter Jade Massentoff's song "Depression" is a song that tells the story of depression and suicide. After losing her brother to suicide, she wrote this song to help release the pain she felt while personally dealing with depression after already losing a loved one to suicide the year before.  

Unfortunately, after her brothers' death she never got the opportunity to say goodbye. No Funeral...No memorial. All she has left of her brother are his ashes, which she wears in the form of a necklace close to her heart. This song delivers a powerful message letting everyone know that "DEPRESSION" can win if not treated.

 Special Thanks to...

Jeanette Greenwood- Video Director & Script Writer
Martin De Leon- Editor/Videographer/Co-Writer
Freddie Watkins- Videographer
SubZeroWreckids- Label
Angela Chatman- Wardrobe Stylist
Shel Pinson- MUA/Hair Stylist
Skylar Rackstraw- MUA Assistant
Davina Perry- Set Designer
Caitlyn MItchell- Lead Actress
Michael Drake Jr.- Lead Actor
Zane Rivas- Lead Actor
Destiny Squad Radio Show 
Blu Chandelier Boutique
Mt.Moriah Baptist Church Fort Worth

Thanks to all that has supported and made this come true!

Jade Massentoff releases powerful visuals after losing her brother to suicide

Singer/Songwriter Jade Massentoff’s song “Depression” is a song that tells the story of depression and suicide. After losing her brother to suicide, she wrote this song to help release the pain she felt while personally dealing with depression after already losing a loved one to suicide the year before. Unfortunately, after her brothers’ death she never got the opportunity to say goodbye. No Funeral…No memorial. All she has left of her brother are his ashes, which she wears in the form of a necklace close to her heart. This song delivers a powerful message letting everyone know that “DEPRESSION” can win if not treated.

Dallas sweetheart, Jade Massentoff (@jademassentoff) is an up and coming R&B/Hip-hop artist with a strong passion for songwriting and singing. She has been performing since she was 6 years old in the Dallas area. Her experience in the industry includes having opened shows for artists such as Alicia Keys, Ann Nesby and Marques Houston. She has recently completed working on her EP produced by Grammy Award Winning Singer & Songwriter Adrian Porter and Abraham Poythress forming the mega producing duo machine better known as AP Factor whose roster include Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Big Bang, Aaliyah, Austin Mahone, Lil Wayne, Ciara and more!

Jade is extremely versatile in all styles of music such as gospel, soul, and Rap, making her a force to be reckon with and showing that she is a true artist. She hopes to be an inspiration and wants the world to hear her music! Her newest single is “Depression”, an ode to her brother who committed suicide. This song delivers a powerful message letting everyone know that “DEPRESSION” can win if not treated.

Her advice to young girls across the world is “remain grounded, persevere through adversity and give back to your community”

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El Jay - "My Bae (Remix) (ft Shorty Mack)" [Hip-Hop]

My Bae (Remix) (ft Shorty Mack)

"My Bae (Remix) (ft Shorty Mack)" music video by El Jay
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description :

Music video by EL-JAY ft Shorty Mack performing My Bae 

© 2019 Starz Music Group . 

His first single off his album"Intentions 
Produced by Trequik. 

Video directed by Christopher Jackson
Cinematographer Konrad Sedochenkoff. 

Major shout out to sponsors @capitalgainsco @iroochidenim for supporting us.

‘MY BAE REMIX ’ the SINGLE out now:

Follow EL-JAY:

El-Jay’s high-energy Neo-Soul, R&B and Pop flow music captures the heart and transport audiences back in time as era of classic soul. Entertainment and music have always been present in El-Jay’s life as he began to demonstrate creativity while showing interest in acting, music, and modeling at an early age. Apart from teaching himself how to dance at the tender age of five, El-Jay drew inspiration from Michael Jackson. He began to mimic Michael’s every move and entertained others with his adaptation of this well-known artist. El-Jay was born in Northridge, California and being the oldest of three children of multi-platinum artist, Rome, whose big hit was “I Belong to You”, he has a lifetime of musical influence from his father.

During his middle and high school years, El-Jay put music on hold and jumped into playing sports. After his first year of college, he was drawn back to his musical roots and he picked up where he left off with his singing, writing, acting, modeling and dancing. Given El-Jay’s raw talent and true nature, his reaL potential came to the fore when he had the opportunity to sing on Rome’s independent album “To the Highest” as well as “People of This World” video. El-Jay was featured in the movie “Never Heard” directed by Josh Webber and his song was on the official soundtrack of the movie. He also appeared in major TV shows, countless commercials and music videos with over 700 million views including “Swang” by Rae Sremmurd, “F with Your” by KidInk, “Bio Terra Commercial”, and “Jay The Cheater”. El-Jay landed his first lead movie role in “Babylon” portraying a character named Legend.

In 2018, El-Jay won the Hollywood Music Media Award for Best Rap/Hiphop, while his hit singles, “My Bae: Remix” with 41 million streams.Recently, he released a new album “Intentions” which is projected to be full of radio smash hits.

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Rixh Rose - "Chanel 101" [Hip-Hop]

Chanel 101

"Chanel 101" music video by Rixh Rose
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Rixh Rose "Chanel 101" official music video


Little Rock known as the home of former President Bill Clinton, Little Rock Nine, Dallas Cowboys Jerral Jones, HBO series Banging in the Rock and Ball Hawg  Records, Arkansas first minority independent Hip Hop record label with artist Playboy Shane whom released its first album title MOB HITS as a teenager and on to many more including the billboard charting single “What U Gon do?“ featuring Houston artist Lil flip. 

Rixh Rose kicks off the recent release “21” with the new single “Chanel 101” 

Ball Hawg Music presenting the John Barrow Neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas with office located downtown. CEO Diago “Playboy Shane” Faynè a pioneer leader for the new generation of artists Rixh Rosè, Don Dolla, Zay’lon Fly Boy Pat, featured Artist J Sqruipt and Producer Stupid Ed Boi on the Beat. Management CEO “Playboy Shane“. Ms. Lydia Harris Death Row Records Co-founder and Vanessa Diamond a former major label marketing, promoter and tour management executive.

Ball Hawg Music releasing “21” celebrating Ball Hawg 21st anniversary with 21 songs on Nov 21,2019 on all music platforms and selective stores. 21 was recorded mostly in Atlanta at Patchwerk, Private Sounds and 808 Mafia recording studios. 21 has songs produced by platinum producers’ Squat beats, Yunglan, 808 Mafia, Ghost and Cormill. For years Arkansas artists has been overlooked by the major labels and A&R until recently QC signed an artist from Arkansas.

Ballhawg has hot artists who can go bar for bar with any artist and bringing the heat, intensity, and versatility to the world on this project. Everyone on the label is full of power, integrity, respect, and moves in unity. Ballhawg music is on track to becoming a major powerhouse for independent artists, producers, and engineers. 21 will solidify that Arkansas can hold its own in the Music industry

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Parris Ladame - "99" [Hip-Hop]


"99" music video by Parris Ladame
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Parris Ladame "99" official music video


Parris Ladame drops official music video to hit single “99”

The Olu Visual God directed visuals finds Parris Ladame lounging in bed and dozing off thinking about being BIG. A fairy wakes her up and tells her she won’t be big if she’s asleep which wakes Parris up bigger than life walking downtown Indianapolis. Then the video transitions to numerous encounters with multiple men with different gifts to give to Parris to gain entry into her house in which she takes the gifts and closes the door.The video pokes fun at the things women have to go through every day of different guys trying to persuade girls with gifts to get them out on a date or in their bed. The catchy tune makes it easy to follow along and every girl and guy can relate to both the video and song.

Parris Ladame a female rapper native to Indianapolis Indiana sparked her music career in High School where she began writing poetry and started attending local poetry clubs. These interests and influences matched with her life experiences quickly pushed her into the recording studio. Parris signed to Bag Music Group in early 2017 and soon after dropped her latest mixtape  “Every Dolla Counts” featuring her hit singles “Gettin it” and “Popped a Band” available on  and

Parris’ single Hang Up (available on all streaming outlets) exploded early 2018 and has her booked all year which earned her the cover of the NUVO City Paper as well as Song of the Year & Female Artist of the Year at the Midwest Leak Awards. 

Bag Music Group dropped Parris’s much anticipated new project Mood Swings on June 28th 2019 and set to put a major push behind her latest hit single “99”! 

Be sure to follow her @parrisladame on all social outlets to keep up.

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Lil James Tucker - "Nice Things" [Hip-Hop]

Nice Things

"Nice Things" music video by Lil James Tucker
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil James Tucker "Nice Things" official music video

Nice Things by Lil James Tucker

Copyright (C) 2019 Nice Things.

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JAY - "Paradise" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Paradise" music video by JAY
Added: 16-01-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : The (Official) JAY "Paradise" Music Video


JAY, Joseph Lopez, is a Hispanic 15 year old musician/songwriter and over all music lover. Ever since he was a small child music has been a major part of his life. “I’ve always had a passion for music, and an ambition to create” says JAY. He grew up playing in the church watching and feeling the worship music and started playing drums when he was around six years old. At age nine, he picked up his first acoustic guitar and started the journey of writing as he learned different styles of music from his dad.

While having a passion for music Jay’s parents have an amazing passion for missionary work, specifically for unfortunate children all over but mostly in Mexico where conditions are very poor. His family began to bake cakes and sell them to raise money for these missions with all the hard work and money raised for children in Mexico to have a pair of shoes on their feet. As a family they go out to the mission field every 2 years, with all the money raised from those prior 2 years. Wanting to use his talent to help his family to raise money for this cause, Jay started releasing music late 2018. Jay states, “I released an EP in May 2019, titled “Helping Hand”. It was there that the Helping Hand Foundation was born bringing music to the missions and worshipping with people in need. I also believe that music brings everyone together. Because in reality, music is a universal language. I think it’s amazing that you can create something beautiful out of nothing.” 

Creating all his songs in his basement with a cheap old guitar amp, laptop and old microphone, Jay was able to create songs that would go viral overnight on social media. Even the song Paradise, the Single that caught the attention of Vyne Entertainment/Devyn Records Owner Dave England’s son Devyn, was made on a whim overnight for the social media fans asking for more. Jay states, “There was so much crackling background noise you can even hear my fire alarm beeping from the low battery! That just goes to show that you don’t need a lot to create, all it takes is a vision, the ambition to fulfill that vision and the will to act on it.”

Paradise was supposed to release on a Friday through Spotify, but there was a mistake with the upload and it was released a day early. Little did Jay know that Dave was about to launch Vyne Entertainment’s new addition Devyn Records that very same day. Devyn, Dave’s son, showed him the track and Dave immediately grabbed his son’s phone and called Jay to ask him to be the first artist on his new label. They tested the water by releasing the demo version of Paradise that weekend with a TikTok video letting everyone know the big news and in 2 hours it went completely viral. Within 3 days the video was over 1.2 million views and the real work to take the track international started.

Within one week of meeting Dave the song was in the hands of 36 gold and platinum credited producer Mark Berry and team member Phil Mann who together would help create the version that was released. With the track in the middle of production they used the unfinished version of the song to cut the video right away with Cleveland’s own Premier videographer Brett Vance. “It was probably one of the most fun days of my life! Everyone most important to me was there as well as some industry people that wanted to be in my video. Also It was the last good sunny day so we got really lucky!”, states JAY.

With the track and video now completed, Vyne has been able to secure some amazing deals for JAY that have taken the song “Paradise” and JAY to the International main stage in the music industry. With the Road now beginning for JAY’s Music Career, we look forward to what’s next.

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