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Thursday, February 06, 2020

August Burns Red - "Defender" [Metal & X-Core]


"Defender" music video by August Burns Red
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : August Burns Red - Defender (Official Music Video)

August Burns Red - Defender
From the album Guardians - Available April 3, 2020
Pre-order at

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Produced by Bret Kalmbach

Directed by Dan Fusselman


They look like clean-cut suburban kids, but when August Burns Red plug in to play, they unleash a precise, powerfully emotional metalcore onslaught that has won them a loyal following among fans of adventurous hard rock. Formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2003, August Burns Red featured vocalist Jon Hershey, guitarists J.B. Brubaker and Brent Rambler, bassist Jordan Tuscan, and drummer Matt Greiner. The group recorded its first demo in 2004, when some of the members were still in high school; later that year, a local independent label, CI Records, released the group's first EP, Looks Fragile After All. Steady touring and positive response to the EP led to the group being signed to noted Christian metal label Solid State Records, which released August Burns Red's first full-length album, Thrill Seeker, in the fall of 2005. Thrill Seeker also marked the recording debut of vocalist Josh McManness, who replaced the departing Jon Hershey.

In July 2017, the band dropped the single "Invisible Enemy" in anticipation of the release of their eighth studio long-player, Phantom Anthem, which arrived later that October.

Tags : 2020, 20s, August Burns Red

Crowbar - "Live At Wacken Open Air (2017)" [Metal & X-Core, Live In Concert]

Live At Wacken Open Air (2017)

"Live At Wacken Open Air (2017)" music video by Crowbar
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Live In Concert
Description : Crowbar - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2017

Louisiana sludge veterans Crowbar delivering their tunes at Wacken Open Air 2017.

00:00 I Am the Storm
03:49 High Rate Extinction
07:29 All I Had (I Gave)
12:25 To Build a Mountain
17:41 Cemetery Angels
21:49 Walk the Knowledge
28:33 Conquering
32:48 Planets Collide
39:37 Like Broken Glass


New Orleans metal band Crowbar originally comprised vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, guitarist Matt Thomas, bassist Todd Strange, and drummer Craig Nunemacher. Once known as the Slugs, the band's slow, grinding, heavy sound has alternately been tagged sludge metal and sludgecore, and has drawn comparisons both vocally and musically to Pantera, the Melvins, and Tad. Debuting in 1992 with Obedience Through Suffering, they subsequently signed to Pavement Music and issued albums including 1993's Crowbar and 1995's Time Heals Nothing. Drummer Nunemacher subsequently left the band, and was temporarily replaced by Jimmy Bower, also the rhythm guitarist for kindred spirits Eyehategod. Bower also played drums in Down, a side project for Pantera's Phil Anselmo and Corrosion of Conformity's Pepper Keenan that also featured Crowbar's Windstein and Strange. Guitarist Sammy Pierre Duet, formerly of Acid Bath, joined up for 1996's Broken Glass following the departure of original guitarist Thomas. Bower elected to refocus on Eyehategod after playing on 1998's Odd Fellows Rest, and was replaced by drummer Sid Montz for 2000's Equilibrium. That association proved short-lived, however; original drummer Nunemacher rejoined later that year, around the same time that bassist Strange called it a career. Jeff Okoneski stepped in on bass, making his first appearance on 2001's Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form. After another round of membership changes saw Duet, drummer Tony Costanza, and Okoneski leave the group in exchange for guitarist Steve Gibb, drummer Tommy Buckley, and bassist Pat Bruders, Crowbar returned in 2005 with Life's Blood for the Downtrodden. Six years later, the band released the ferocious Sever the Wicked Hand in 2011, and three years later, the more brooding Symmetry in Black in 2014. The Serpent Only Lies, the band's 11th studio long-player, dropped in 2016.

Tags : 2017, 10s, Crowbar

Hällas - "Tear Of A Traitor" [Rock & Alternative]

Tear Of A Traitor

"Tear Of A Traitor" music video by Hällas
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : HÄLLAS - Tear Of A Traitor (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Check out "Conundrum": Pre-Order CD / Vinyl here:
Digital Available now:

Swedish psychedelic adventure rock quintet HÄLLAS have been turning heads in the scene for years, and are now on the eve of the release of their new album, Conundrum, available digitally today and in CD/vinyl format on March 20 via Napalm Records. Plus, as an exclusive vinyl special for fans, the album will not only be available in black Gatefold, but also in strictly limited green Gatefold vinyl

Conundrum is the final installment of the band’s mysterious trilogy of albums, inviting listeners on a cosmic ride through a parallel world! The band flexes their sonic muscles amid massive soundscapes and spacey 70’s rock riffs, channeling influences ranging from Pink Floyd and The Devils Blood.

HÄLLAS evokes a bizarre, intriguing world that reincarnates elements of progressive art rock, psychedelic prog and folk, but in an entirely authentic way. HÄLLAS invites listeners into a cosmic adventure accompanied by music forged on tales of sorcery and courage.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Conundrum, the band has released a dreamlike music video for their first single “Tear of a Traitor”. Tommy Alexandersson’s outrageous, slightly gritty voice draws you directly into a mystic atmosphere beyond the real world while flowing Instrumentals and retro fantasy bend the mind.
Tags : 2020, 20s, Hällas

The Undercover Dream Lovers - "Chardonnay" [Pop]


"Chardonnay" music video by The Undercover Dream Lovers
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : The Undercover Dream Lovers - Chardonnay


Directed, shot, produced, edited by Otium
Starring Matt Koenig
Special thanks to Caris Kuhn


The Undercover Dream Lovers is the Los Angeles based, psychedelic indie rock dreampop project by songwriter and producer Matt Koenig.

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Undercover Dream Lovers

Early Eyes - "I'm Enough" [Pop]

I'm Enough

"I'm Enough" music video by Early Eyes
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"

"I'm Enough" by Early Eyes
Stream & download:

Video by Lilacs Media

Directed by Charlie Berg
Producer: Megan Engebretson
Director of Photography: Garrett Wells
Gaffer: Thomas VandenDolder
1st A.C.: Justin Bruellman
Art Director: Anna Gregory
Choreographer: Alexis Lund
Edited by Charlie Berg and Garrett Wells

Official Site:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Early Eyes

Björk - "Oceania (HD)" [Pop]

Oceania (HD)

"Oceania (HD)" music video by Björk
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : björk : oceania (HD)

Directed by LynnFox.

(R) 2004. One Little Indian Records


"Oceania" is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk for her sixth studio album Medúlla. It was written and produced by Björk, with additional writing by Sjón and production by Mark Bell. The song was written by the singer specially for the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, after a request by the International Olympic Committee. "Oceania" was released as a promotional single on 13 August 2004, by One Little Indian Records. The song was written at the ocean's point of view, from which the singer believes all life emerged, and details the human's evolution, whilst accompanied by a choir. "Oceania" was generally well received by music critics, who believed it was the best track from Medúlla, although some thought it was not the best choice for a promotional release.

The accompanying music video for the song, directed by Lynn Fox, features Björk as "Mother Oceania", whilst being jewel-encrusted in dark watery depths, with a colourful sunset and swirling floral creatures above her. A remix of the song, featuring additional lyrics and vocals by Kelis on her point of view of the continents, was featured as a B-side to the "Who Is It" single. A piano version also appeared on the DVD single, and was assisted in its creation by Nico Muhly. The song was premiered during Björk's performance on the Summer Olympics ceremony, and was later included on the setlist of the Volta Tour (2007–08). At the 47th Grammy Awards in 2005, it was nominated in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Cover versions of "Oceania" were done six times, while it was sampled once.

Tags : 2004, 00s, Björk

Silverstein - "Bad Habits" [Metal & X-Core]

Bad Habits

"Bad Habits" music video by Silverstein
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Silverstein - Bad Habits [Official Music Video]

Bad Habits feat. Intervals is taken from Silverstein's upcoming album A Beautiful Place To Drown, out March 6:

Director/DoP/Editor: Wyatt Clough
Producer: Isabelle Deluce + Roger Galvez
First AD/First AC: Roger Galvez
Gaffer: Alex Poutiainen
Key Grip: Shawn Robertson
Swing: Matt Witty
MUA: Rachel Allison
PA: Giuseppe Condello, Alex Yap-Young
Talent: Oshani Cardwell + Bianca Melchior
Stylist: Jess Mori
Props: Tijana Petrovic

Special thanks to YNOT


Silverstein is a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario that formed in 2000. Their band name is a reference to the famous children's author Shel Silverstein, whom the band had admired and read the stories of as children. They have released a total of ten studio albums, four EPs, a compilation album and a live DVD/CD. Their lineup had remained unchanged for eleven years since December 2001, consisting of lead vocalist Shane Told, lead guitarist Neil Boshart, rhythm guitarist Josh Bradford, bassist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler. In September 2012, the band had announced that Neil Boshart had been fired and would be replaced by Paul Marc Rousseau, who also joined Billy Hamilton on backing vocals. The band achieved moderate success with their second studio album, Discovering the Waterfront, which was nominated for a Juno Award and reached No. 34 on the Billboard 200 charts, with the following two albums charting at similar positions. Silverstein has sold over 1,000,000 albums worldwide.

The band left long-time record label, Victory Records, in 2010; and after a period with Hopeless Records and another period with Rise Records, they are currently signed to UNFD. 

On June 27, 2019, Silverstein released a new single featuring Caleb Shomo titled "Burn It Down". The band plans on recording a new album later this year for a 2020 release. On January 8, 2020, Silverstein released another single titled "Infinite", featuring Underoath's vocalist Aaron Gillespie, along with the announcement of their next album A Beautiful Place to Drown, set to release on March 6th.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Silverstein

Evil Invaders - "Witching Hour (live)" [Metal & X-Core]

Witching Hour (live)

"Witching Hour (live)" music video by Evil Invaders
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : EVIL INVADERS - Witching Hour (Live) | Napalm Records

Order "Surge of Insanity: Live in Antwerp 2018" now:

Says the band:
Venom is a Metal icon and Witching Hour is a true Metal classic, to which we gave our own touch. This is Evil Invaders meets Venom and the extra special element is that our lead guitarist Max is doing vocals on this one, giving the song a new dimension for the fans. The adrenaline we feel on stage when playing this cover track is beyond insane. Despite the blades, the smoke and all the sparks, we think everyone made it out alive.


A punishing Belgian thrash/speed metal unit based out of the city of Leopoldsburg, Evil Invaders draw inspiration from a wide array of metal greats like Motörhead, Exodus, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Death, and early Metallica. Founded in 2007, Evil Invaders dropped an eponymous EP in 2013, followed by their Napalm Records-issued debut full-length outing, Pulses of Pleasure, in 2015. Another EP, In for the Kill, arrived in 2016, with their hotly anticipated sophomore long-player, Feed Me Violence, appearing in 2017, again via Napalm.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Evil Invaders

Lil Blurry - "Important (w. DJ Khaled)" [Hip-Hop]

Important (w. DJ Khaled)

"Important (w. DJ Khaled)" music video by Lil Blurry
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Blurry x DJ Khaled - “ Important” (Official Music Video)

Lil Blurry and DJ Khaled team up to release their newest single “Important “
Produced by My Guy Mars;
Directed by Trill Phil & Motion Family
GFX by Bawsworld

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Blurry

Lil Zay Osama - "BMW" [Hip-Hop]


"BMW" music video by Lil Zay Osama
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Zay Osama - "BMW"

Shot by Dogfood Media

Lil Zay Osama:
?IG: @lilzayosama63

Dogfood Media
?IG: @dogfoodmedia


Chicago native Lil Zay Osama delivers hard-hitting raps about his harsh, violent upbringing, tempered with Auto-Tune-heavy singing as heard on tracks like the 2019 single "Changed Up."

Born in the South Side of Chicago in 2000, Zay's early years were turbulent and filled with legal troubles. After serving a three-year jail sentence, Zay decided to take music-making more seriously, having already started to rap before serving his term. Singles such as "Way Better" and "We Ride" appeared in 2018, and by the end of the year, Meek Mill had namechecked Zay as an artist to watch. "Changed Up" was released late in the year, and it became his breakthrough hit, racking up over 16 million views in the following months. Zay was signed by Warner Bros., which picked up "Changed Up" in March of 2019 and issued follow-up "Trencherous" a month later.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Zay Osama

Trouble - "Didn't Believe In Me" [Hip-Hop]

Didn't Believe In Me

"Didn't Believe In Me" music video by Trouble
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Trouble - Didn't Believe In Me (Official Video)

Album Coming Soon



Earning his nickname with a life of crime that landed him a two-year stint in jail, Atlanta MC Trouble had just signed a recording contract when he was caught in a home invasion that ended in kidnapping and armed-robbery charges. The contract was with Duct Tape Entertainment, and Trouble (born Mariel Semonte Orr in Atlanta, Georgia) was working in the studio with label boss Big Bank Black the day the home invasion went down. He served his sentence until December 17, 2010, and a year later, he used that date as the title of his debut mixtape. In 2014, his album All on Me was released on that very same day. It marked the start of a prolific run for Trouble as he channeled his creative energy into a deluge of mixtapes including #ZayDidIt (2015), Skoob Fresh (2015), Skoobzilla (2016), and Year in 2016 (2017). His 2016 collaboration with fellow Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci, the single "Key to the Streets," reached number 70 on Billboard's Hot 100. In 2018, Trouble signed with Ear Drummer Records, issuing "Bring It Back" with Drake and Mike WiLL Made-It and another Mike WiLL single, "Real Is Rare."

Tags : 2020, 20s, Trouble

Cold Chisel - "Killing Time" [Rock & Alternative]

Killing Time

"Killing Time" music video by Cold Chisel
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Cold Chisel - Killing Time [Official Video]

‘Killing Time’ is the second single from Cold Chisel’s late-2019 album Blood Moon, which debuted at # 1 on the ARIA chart.

Stream /Download ‘Killing Time’:

‘Killing Time’ is written by frontman Jimmy Barnes and the band’s primary songwriter Don Walker. It’s unusual in that Jimmy wrote the lyric and Don the music (it’s normally the other way around). It’s produced and mixed by Kevin Shirley.

Listen to more-
Apple Music:
Google Play:

Follow Cold Chisel-


Blood Moon is the ninth studio album by Australian rock band Cold Chisel. It was released on 6 December 2019, and is supported by the lead single "Getting the Band Back Together". It is the band's first studio album since 2015's The Perfect Crime. The band will tour in support of the album from 31 December 2019 until February 2020. The album debuted atop the ARIA Albums Chart, becoming the band's fifth album to reach the summit and first since The Last Wave of Summer in 1998.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Cold Chisel

Hothead1300 - "Fed Babies (w. Wooski1300)" [Hip-Hop]

Fed Babies (w. Wooski1300)

"Fed Babies (w. Wooski1300)" music video by Hothead1300
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Hothead1300 & Wooski1300 “Fed Babies” (Official Music Video)

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Directed by

Tags : 2020, 20s, Hothead1300

Lil Wookie - "Two Nights (w. Guap Tarantino)" [Hip-Hop]

Two Nights (w. Guap Tarantino)

"Two Nights (w. Guap Tarantino)" music video by Lil Wookie
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Wookie & Guap Tarantino - “Two Nights” (Official Music Video)

Freebandz Entertainment Presents Lil Wookie and Guap Tarantino's Official Video to their single "Two Nights"

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Directed by
Creative Direction by
Executive Produced by

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Wookie

Ruel - "Face To Face (Live At Laneway Festival)" [Pop]

Face To Face (Live At Laneway Festival)

"Face To Face (Live At Laneway Festival)" music video by Ruel
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Ruel - 'Face To Face' (live at Laneway Festival)

Ruel performs 'Face To Face' live at St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Sydney.


Ruel Vincent van Dijk (born 29 October 2002), known mononymously as Ruel (pronounced "Rool", after the Dutch name "Roel", short version of "Roelof"), is an English born Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney, best known for his singles "Don't Tell Me" and "Younger". At the ARIA Music Awards of 2018 he won the award for Breakthrough Artist for his single "Dazed & Confused".

Tags : 2020, 20s, Ruel

Amber Run - "Carousel" [Rock & Alternative]


"Carousel" music video by Amber Run
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Amber Run - Carousel

Music video by Amber Run performing Carousel.


British combo Amber Run deliver lush, cinematic alt-pop with a moody and introspective tone. Signing with RCA a year after their formation, a series of EPs paved the way for their dramatic 2015 debut, 5AM. A modest U.K. chart success, its follow-up, For a Moment, I Was Lost, fared similarly in 2017, after which the group continued to explore new sounds with another EP and several singles.

Singer/guitarist Joe Keogh, guitarist Will Jones, and bassist Tom Sperring were old friends from grammar school who later met keyboardist Henry Wyeth and drummer Felix Archer at the University of Nottingham, where they formed the band in 2012. An early break put Amber Run on the BBC Introducing Stage at the Reading Festival, and by the end of 2013 they'd signed a deal with RCA Records. Under their new contract, they quickly delivered their debut EP, Noah, in early 2014. Two more EPs (Spark and Pilot) followed in quick succession before Amber Run announced they'd completed their debut album, 5AM, with producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Keane). Behind singles like "I Found" and "Just My Soul Responding," the album reached number 36 on the U.K. albums chart upon its 2015 release. A pair of new singles, "Haze" and "Stranger," arrived in 2016 in advance of their follow-up album, For a Moment, I Was Lost, which was released in early 2017. Continuing to expand their sound, Amber Run's 2018 EP, The Assembly, featured a pair of lush, mostly choral tracks in "The Weight" and "Amen." The fuzzier, more rock-driven "Carousel" single rounded out their year. The moody 2019 track "Affection" again leaned in a more orchestral direction.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Amber Run

Earth Rot - "Mind Killer" [Metal & X-Core]

Mind Killer

"Mind Killer" music video by Earth Rot
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Earth Rot - Mind Killer (official music video)

Taken from the forthcoming album 'Black Tides Of Obscurity'. Release Date: March 06th, 2020.
Order here:

Video credits:
NJV Media

Earth Rot is:
Jared Bridgeman – Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar
Tom Waterhouse – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Colin Dickie – Guitar
Daniel Maloney – Drums

Follow Earth Rot:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Earth Rot

Retrovision - "Switch That (w. Dirty Palm)" [Dance]

Switch That (w. Dirty Palm)

"Switch That (w. Dirty Palm)" music video by Retrovision
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : RetroVision x Dirty Palm - Switch That (Official Music Video)

RetroVision x Dirty Palm - Switch That is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom!

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Tags : 2020, 20s, Retrovision

Crematory - "Unbroken (ft. Robse from equilibrium)" [Metal & X-Core]

Unbroken (ft. Robse from equilibrium)

"Unbroken (ft. Robse from equilibrium)" music video by Crematory
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : CREMATORY ft. Robse (Equilibrium) - Unbroken (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order "Unbroken" now:

Out March 6th

CREMATORY on the new single:
““Unbroken” is a tribute and a thanks to our loyal fans, who have been supporting and encouraging us for over 29 years. Playing in a band is like being in a relationship - there will always be ups and downs and you have to solve all that to become stronger than ever!”


Crematory is a gothic/melodic death metal band formed in Mannheim, Germany in 1991.

The band received its earliest recognition in the mid-1990s by touring with My Dying Bride, Tiamat and Atrocity. Much like the latter two groups, the band had begun as traditional death metal, then evolved with an industrial music and gothic metal musical direction on later albums. The band would receive heavy rotation on MTV Germany, and would also make appearances at various extreme metal festivals, including Germany's Wacken Open Air in the years 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2008, in addition to inclusion on Nuclear Blast compilation samplers.

The band re-signed to Massacre Records in 2006 after a 10-year stint with Nuclear Blast; Massacre had been the band's first label.

Active for over 20 years (with a brief split between 2001 and 2003) they are among one of Europe's longest running gothic metal bands.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Crematory

Ella Vos - "Cellophane (fka Twigs Cover)" [Pop]

Cellophane (fka Twigs Cover)

"Cellophane (fka Twigs Cover)" music video by Ella Vos
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Ella Vos - Cellophane (FKA Twigs Cover) (Official Video)

Listen here:

Follow Ella Vos:


Ella Vos (born Lauren Salamone) is an American pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles.

In 2018 she was named a Vevo dscvr Artist to Watch. Her stage name means "she you" in Spanish.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Ella Vos

DaBaby - "Shut Up" [Hip-Hop]

Shut Up

"Shut Up" music video by DaBaby
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Dababy - Shut Up (Official Music Video)

Song Produced by @iamdjkid

Video shot and edited by @reelgoats


Rapper DaBaby dove headfirst into music, making a sharp turn from petty crime and legal issues to pursuing rap full-time with no previous experience. Beginning in 2015 under the name Baby Jesus but soon altering that to DaBaby, the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper ambushed the music industry with constant mixtape releases, making waves with tracks like 2016's "Light Show" as well as performances at South by Southwest in 2015 and 2017. His style grew progressively harder and more aggressive as his discography expanded, with melodic and lighthearted flows becoming more confident and fluid by 2018's Blank Blank mixtape.

DaBaby was born Jonathan Kirk in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. By age six, he'd relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and spent his adolescence engaged in street life. In December 2014, Kirk made a quick decision to become a rapper, taking the name Baby Jesus and issuing his NonFiction mixtape a month later. Never having been on a stage before, he headed to South by Southwest in the spring of 2015 and began making a name for himself with his visceral live performances. Kirk changed his name to DaBaby, going so far as to explain the "political reasons" for this decision in the lyrics to "DaBaby (Intro)," a short introduction to 2016's God's Work Resurrected, his first mixtape under the new moniker. This release featured a cameo from Boosie Badazz and began to attract the attention of fans and peers alike. Multiple mixtapes followed in the coming months, with 2017 offering Billion Dollar Baby, Baby Talk, Baby Talk 2, 3, and 4, as well as Back on My Baby Jesus Sh!t. 2018 continued in a similarly prolific fashion with Baby Talk 5 and Blank Blank. In November of 2018, while shopping with his family at a Walmart in Huntersville, North Carolina, Kirk was approached by several men. An altercation occurred and gunfire ensued, resulting in the death of 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig. Kirk, while involved in the dispute, did not admit to firing the fatal shots and was not charged with any crime connected to the incident. DaBaby's regional acclaim and endless hustle led to a major-label deal in 2019 when he signed on with Interscope. The label quickly released Baby on Baby in March of that year, a sharply produced full-length that was preceded by increasingly surreal videos for singles "Suge" and "Walker, Texas Ranger." After a string of features, DaBaby returned to solo work in September that year, releasing introspective single "Intro." A deeply personal track that dealt with the death of his father, "Intro" became the first single from his sophomore album, KIRK. Featuring major-label contributions from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, and Migos, the album was released later that month.

Tags : 2020, 20s, DaBaby

Queensryche - "Portrait (Lyric Video)" [Metal & X-Core]

Portrait (Lyric Video)

"Portrait (Lyric Video)" music video by Queensryche
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : QUEENSRYCHE - Portrait (Lyric Video)

QUEENSRŸCHE – Portrait (Lyric Video). Taken from the album "The Verdict", released March 1, 2019.
Order now:

Tickets and upcoming tour dates can be viewed here:

Order the latest album “The Verdict” here:


The Verdict is the fifteenth studio album by American heavy metal band Queensrÿche. It was released on March 1, 2019, through Century Media. It is the third studio album recorded with vocalist Todd La Torre, who additionally performed drum parts on the album due to the absence of drummer Scott Rockenfield. The record was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

The first single from the album, "Man the Machine", was released on November 16, 2018. This was followed by the second single, "Dark Reverie", on January 11, 2019. Additionally, a music video was made for "Blood of the Levant".

Tags : 2020, 20s, Queensryche

Roger Jeager - "For Better or For Worse" [Rock & Alternative]

For Better or For Worse

"For Better or For Worse" music video by Roger Jeager
Added: 06-02-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Roger Jeager "For Better or For Worse" - official music video

Find out more here:

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Indie rocker Roger Jaeger releases visuals for track “For Better or For Worse”    

“It’s a special song to me; the storyline was inspired by a couple potential relationships that didn’t quite work out; but, it’s an honest cry of my heart. “For Better Or For Worse” presents the idea that “I’ll go anywhere with you; no matter what,” and some of the lyrics coincide well with the theme of the FALL OFF THE EARTH project.  It’s a simple song that warms the heart.” – Roger Jaeger

Tulsa-born, Roger Jaeger made his first trip to India in 2005. Enamored by the welcoming and nourishing culture, and captivated by its music, the Oklahoma native made India his second home where he honed his writing and music production craft, and learned to play sitar proficiently. Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its native people and the arts. Settling in, he became a teacher at The University of The Nations in Lonavala, India where he teaches “Songwriting 101” one or two times annually. Rejuvenated by the life experience and foreign education, he released the album BEACON as a re-entry into the U.S. indie music arena in 2013.

Two years later, Roger followed with his sophomore album titled START OVER (Nov. 2015). His music has since been featured on major television networks including Discovery, MTV and NASCAR to name a few. With musical influences ranging from One Republic and The Fray, to Jimmy Eat World and Coldplay, Jaeger melds his spin of contemporary indie pop music with traditional Indian string and pedal tones borrowing from mysterious, meditative and beautiful compositions traditional to Indian music. His abstract writing and contemplative lyrics bridge together heart-wrenching desperation and mythical ideologies while subtly revealing the songwriter’s gentle and thoughtful character. Jaeger’s adventurous and fervid spirit is woven throughout his music, most notably in the upcoming release of his third album FALL OFF THE EARTH (Nov. 2018). Calm, cool and collected yet, willing to take the leap to “the other side,” Roger Jaeger is the perfect contradiction.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Roger Jeager