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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Stealing Sheep - "Big Wows (Video Series) (Album Stream)" [Pop, Album Streams]

Big Wows (Video Series) (Album Stream)

"Big Wows (Video Series) (Album Stream)" music video by Stealing Sheep
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Pop, Album Streams
Description :

When they first started out as a band, Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep (guitarist Emily Lansley, keyboardist Rebecca Hawley, and drummer Lucy Mercer) drew from a wide range of sources as diverse as medieval folk, Broadcast, Kraftwerk, and psychedelia. Their earliest releases featured the group sorting out their eclectic sound while always relying on their bewitching vocal harmonies. By the time of their second album, 2015's Not Real, Stealing Sheep had begun to focus on a more direct approach that involved synthesizers and the contrast between warm vocals and cold instruments. As their sound evolved, the band looked toward modern pop sounds and reshaped them in ways that reflected their personalities. 2019's bright and shiny Big Wows was their first big pop statement.

The trio met in 2010 and formed the band in the city over a cup of tea at the Mello Mello café. The group set about writing and rehearsing that summer and began to produce their haunting psych-folk sound, drenched with otherworldly harmonies, jaunty guitars, and almost tribal, hypnotic beats. With a handful of songs written, Stealing Sheep launched into recording what would become their debut EP, What If the Lights Went Out. They found help in first-time producer Joe Wills, who set up a makeshift studio in a school in Toxteth, Liverpool, to record the band's early compositions. Wills' valuable input encouraged some experimental techniques and ultimately helped mold their diverse sound.

Following the release of their second EP, Noah and the Paper Moon, Stealing Sheep began to receive radio play from some of BBC 6 Music's influential DJs such as Lauren Laverne and Jarvis Cocker. The trio's innovative vocal interplay took on a bewitching nursery rhyme quality at times, while their three-part harmonies could be equally haunting and beautiful. The single from the EP "I Am the Rain" was recorded during one fleeting midnight visit to Abbey Road Studios. The reception for the record was positive and they ended up being signed by Heavenly Records. The band recorded their first album proper at a significant spot, the Mello Mello café, with help from producer Sam Crombie. The eclectic, bursting-with-ideas Into the Diamond Sun was released in 2012 and the band toured the U.K. and Europe afterward. While working on their next record, the trio were a part of the 2014 show In Dreams: David Lynch Revisited at the Barbican in London, reinterpreting music from the director's films.

When Stealing Sheep reappeared with new music, the sound was much more focused and direct, with most of the psych-folk removed and a more electronic, upbeat feel added. One of the new reference points for the band was the Pointer Sisters' classic song "Automatic," which was a marked change from their first record. Not Real was released in early 2015. The group kept refining their sound and began working on a new record as soon as they stopping touring. The sessions started at their homes, where basic tracks and ideas were laid down, then expanded to Liverpool's Invisible Wind Factory. The trio by now were playing a wider range of instruments: Mercer used a full drum kit instead of only toms, Lansley took up bass guitar, and Hawley designed her own synth patches. They took a break from recording in early 2018 to set up a Liverpool concert in tribute to the centenary of women's suffrage, then went back to work. Once the songs were finished, they called in a number of producers to mix the songs. Marta Salogni, who had worked with Björk, and Ash Workman, who had credits with both Christine and the Queens and Metronomy, were among those who answered the call and helped shape the band's newly bright and poppy sound. The finished album was Stealing Sheep's take on modern pop and featured songs that had elements of disco, synth pop, and R&B, along with their unmistakable vocal harmonies. Big Wows was issued by Heavenly in April of 2019.

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Mellotron Variations - "Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

"Live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" music video by Mellotron Variations
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Mellotron Variations: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

March 3, 2020 | Bob Boilen -- We've never had an original Mellotron at the Tiny Desk until now. Much like a Hammond organ, it's big, heavy and fragile. When they fired it up, with all its mechanical gears turning tape loops and moving play heads, the 15-year-old geek in me blissed out.a

The Mellotron was a magical 1960s invention that predates sampling. It's a keyboard instrument, with each piano key triggering a tape loop — the sound could be a string ensemble, a flamenco guitar, a saxophone and so much more. Think about the flute sounds on The Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever" and you get the idea.

When Mellotron Variations keyboardist Robby Grant and I began discussing an all-Mellotron Tiny Desk, we quickly realized that having four of these beasts wouldn't fit behind my desk. So Robby Grant, Pat Sansone (Wilco) and Jonathan Kirkscey performed on the portable — and still incredible-sounding — 21st-century version of the instrument. At the same time, John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood) tackled the original beast.

The sonic landscape they produce as Mellotron Variations is ingenious and impressive. It's a score with the audience as collective filmmaker, each one of us capable of creating imagery in our heads to this music of mystery and sometimes comedy. In the words of my teenaged self, "it was a trip."


"Agent Cha Cha"
"Dulcimer Bill"

Robby Grant: Mellotron; John Medeski: Mellotron; Pat Sansone: Mellotron; Jonathan Kirkscey: Mellotron;

Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith, Jack Corbett; Creative director: Bob Boilen; Audio engineers: Josh Rogosin, Natasha Branch; Editor: Jack Corbett; Videographers: Kara Frame, Maia Stern, Jack Corbett; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Mhari Shaw/NPR
Tags : 2020, 20s, Mellotron Variations

Gost - "Dreadfully Pious" [Rock & Alternative]

Dreadfully Pious

"Dreadfully Pious" music video by Gost
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : GOST - Dreadfully Pious (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

GOST - Dreadfully Pious (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Valediction", out October 4th, 2019. Order now:

Directed by: Diego González Cruz
Cinematography by: Andrés F. Morales
Produced by: Pivote and Plot Studio


Rising from the depths of the underworld, the mysterious producer known as GosT embodies the character of Baalberith, a prince of Hell, on his propulsive synthwave solo project. Channeling the occult, '80s slasher flicks, and John Carpenter, GosT occupies the space between the muscular electro-house of Justice, the rhythmic sheen of Perturbator, and the industrial-dance influence of Dance with the Dead. As a child, the musician behind the mask was raised in the Bible Belt by a country music-loving father. He was inspired by the theatricality of Kiss, the beats of M/A/R/R/S, the dark beauty of Depeche Mode, the Cure, and the Smiths, and pop like Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. He began playing in metal bands as a teenager, eventually drifting toward electronic dabbling by 1998. His background would later seep into the GosT sound. Even without guitars, GosT garnered a sizable fan base within the rock community, with musical progressions, spooky atmospherics, and a Satanic aesthetic plucked directly from the blackest corners of the metal world. Though his initial electronic work was performed under the Nightrunner moniker, GosT was born in 2013. After issuing three starter EPs (Radio Macabre, The Night Prowler, and Nocturnal Shift), GosT expanded to the lengthier short albums Skull and GosT. He released his debut LP, Behemoth, in 2015, quickly followed the next year with Non Paradisi, which was inspired by the fall of Lucifer in Milton's Paradise Lost. Embracing his hardcore and heavy metal roots, GosT issued the full-length Possessor in 2018, which used samples of news reports from the "Satanic panic" of the '80s as a framing device. He returned the following year with the punishing Valediction, which saw him collaborate with producer/engineer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Solstafir, Primordial).

Tags : 2020, 20s, Gost

Marko Hietala - "Star, Sand And Shadow" [Metal & X-Core]

Star, Sand And Shadow

"Star, Sand And Shadow" music video by Marko Hietala
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : MARKO HIETALA - Star, Sand And Shadow (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

Marko Hietala's album 'Pyre Of The Black Heart'! Out now. 

Nightwish's very own Marko Hietala's new solo album 'Pyre Of The Black Heart' is out now!

Nuclear Blast:
Apple Music:
Amazon MP3:
Google Play:




Marko Tapani "Marco" Hietala (born 14 January 1966) is a Finnish heavy metal vocalist, bassist and songwriter. Internationally, he is most known as the current bassist, male vocalist and secondary composer to Tuomas Holopainen, of the symphonic metal band Nightwish. He is also the vocalist and bassist as well as composer and lyricist for the heavy metal band Tarot.

He is also a member of the supergroup Northern Kings, and portrayed one of the main characters in Ayreon's 2013 album The Theory of Everything.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Marko Hietala

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - "Sukhe Phool" [World & Reggae]

Sukhe Phool

"Sukhe Phool" music video by Yorkston/Thorne/Khan
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : World & Reggae
Description : Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - Sukhe Phool (Official Video)

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - "Sukhe Phool", from 'Navarasa : Nine Emotions', out now on Domino Record Co

Buy 'Navarasa : Nine Emotions':

Directed by Jack Barraclough

Dance Casting - Kadam Dance
Choreographer/Dancer - Kali Chandrasegaram
Dancer - Parbati Chaudhury

Follow Yorkston Thorne Khan:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan

Relanium - "Leel Lost (Reloaded) (w. Deen West)" [Dance]

Leel Lost (Reloaded) (w. Deen West)

"Leel Lost (Reloaded) (w. Deen West)" music video by Relanium
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : Relanium & Deen West - Leel Lost (Reloaded) [Official Music Video] (???????????)

Relanium & Deen West - Leel Lost (Reloaded) is OUT NOW! 

Tags : 2020, 20s, Relanium

Psychic Markers - "Silence In The Room" [Rock & Alternative]

Silence In The Room

"Silence In The Room" music video by Psychic Markers
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Psychic Markers - Silence In The Room (Official Video)

Taken from the new self titled album, due 29th May 2020 via Bella Union. 

Directed by Leon Dufficy


Tags : 2020, 20s, Psychic Markers

Une Misère - "Fallen Eyes" [Metal & X-Core]

Fallen Eyes

"Fallen Eyes" music video by Une Misère
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : UNE MISÈRE - Fallen Eyes (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Official Music Video for "Fallen Eyes" The debut UNE MISÈRE album "Sermon" is out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records! Order at 

Nuclear Blast:
Apple Music:
Google Play:


Directed and edited by Gunnar Ingi Jones
DP & Grading: Óttar Ingi Þorbergsson
Lights: Óttar Andri Óttarsson
Make up: Halldóra Birta

Produced by Une Misere
Special Thanks: Mymedia4you, Kvennaskólinn í Reykjavík.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Une Misère

Shabazz Palaces - "Fast Learner" [Hip-Hop]

Fast Learner

"Fast Learner" music video by Shabazz Palaces
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Shabazz Palaces - Fast Learner [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"Fast Learner" from the Shabazz Palaces album 'The Don of Diamond Dreams' (Release Date: April 17, 2020)

Shabazz Palaces
On Tour

Director - Stephan Gray?@stephan_gray?? ???
Executive Producer - Evan Brown
Producer - Danny Pollack
Video Production House - Dreambear
Colorist - James Jenkins
AC/Gaffer - Cody Cook
Key Grip - Rebekah Lloyd
Grip - Dave Wilwayco
Wardrobe - Nep Sidhu
Wardrobe - Jaimee Hager
PA - David Flynn
PA - Jacob Geissman?

Starring - Umaara Elliott
Clothing by Nep Sidhu for Paradise Sportif


The first hip-hop crew signed to the Sub Pop label, Shabazz Palaces is the brainchild of Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, although the Digable Planets member wasn’t so quick to admit it. In 2009, Shabazz Palaces released two EPs -- one self-titled, the other titled Of Light -- but Butler's name didn't appear on either. No promo shots, no social networking sites, no interviews, and no press releases were issued by the enigmatic, Seattle-based project, but that didn't stop the local press from throwing praise at these EPs, which hit much harder than Digable while retaining that forward-thinking wordplay. The EPs became favorites at the Sub Pop offices, too, and in 2010, the usually indie rock label signed the project, releasing their debut album, Black Up, in 2011. Next, it transpired that Tendai Maraire -- son of the famous mbira player Dumisani Maraire -- was responsible for most of the instrumentation on that record and that Shabazz Palaces was, in effect, a duo.

Both Butler and Maraire were relatively quiet in the ensuing years, but found time to make a guest appearance on AwE NaturalE, the 2012 debut by fellow Seattle alternative hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction. The pair also teamed up with Hussein Kalonji to create the March 2014 album riZe vadZimu riZe under the Chimurenga Renaissance moniker, before they returned that same year with a second Shabazz Palaces studio album, Lese Majesty. Three years later, in 2017, they returned with two further albums, Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz vs the Jealous Machines; both albums chronicled the journey of Quazarz, a celestial being trying to navigate the harsh reality of life on Earth.

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He Is Legend - "Burn All Your Rock Records" [Metal & X-Core]

Burn All Your Rock Records

"Burn All Your Rock Records" music video by He Is Legend
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : He Is Legend - Burn All Your Rock Records

Please update description to:

Music video by He Is Legend performing Burn All Your Rock Records. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

Our new album White Bat is out now:


North Carolina post-hardcore act He Is Legend may have taken their name from Richard Matheson's vampire horror classic I Am Legend (the inspiration for the cult film The Omega Man, among others), but the band's take on screamo is more positive than most groups, so much so that they have to regularly deflect the idea that He Is Legend is a Christian rock band, particularly endemic among those who misunderstand the derivation of the name. He Is Legend formed in 2000, as its members were graduating from high school in Wilmington, North Carolina. Singer Schuylar Croom, lead guitarist Adam Tanbouz, rhythm guitarist McKenzie Bell, bassist Matt Williams, and drummer Steven Bache cycled through a variety of band names and musical approaches before establishing themselves as He Is Legend. After a self-released demo, A Kiss That Killed the One We Love (No One Wins), the band signed with the small indie label Tribunal Records to release their first EP, 91025, in the summer of 2004. Following that, He Is Legend signed with the more established label Solid State Records to release their full-length debut, I Am Hollywood, later the same year. After a two-year break during which the band only released a split EP, Black Unicorn, with the band Classic Case, He Is Legend returned with their second full-length, Suck Out the Poison, in the fall of 2006. Guitarist McKenzie Bell left the group shortly after the album's release and was replaced by Classic Case six-string wielder Mitch Marlow. In May 2009 the band issued the single "The Primarily Blues," in anticipation of the release of their third studio long-player It Hates You, which dropped later that July. By the end of the summer, the band had gone on hiatus, but returned in 2011 for a reunion show in their hometown of Wilmington. More lineup changes followed, with drummer Steve Bache leaving the fold. In February 2014, they dropped "Something Witchy," the first single from their next full-length, Heavy Fruit, which arrived later that August on Tragic Hero. Few, the band's fifth long-player, followed in 2017 and was their first entirely crowd-funded record, it was released in Europe by Spinefarm. For 2019's White Bat, a conceptual effort inspired by Michelle McNamara's best-selling true crime memoir I'll Be Gone in the Dark, they dug into the dankest, grubbiest corners of L.A. to tell the gnarly, sweaty tale.

Tags : 2020, 20s, He Is Legend

Amyl And The Sniffers - "Control (Live At The Croxton)" [Rock & Alternative]

Control (Live At The Croxton)

"Control (Live At The Croxton)" music video by Amyl And The Sniffers
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Amyl and The Sniffers - Control (Live at The Croxton)

From Amyl and The Sniffers 7" EP "Live at The Croxton" out May 1st.
Pre-order here:


Melbourne-based '70s rock-inspired punk four-piece Amyl & the Sniffers emerged in the late 2010s as part of a new wave of punk from Australia's East Coast. Sporting a diverse range of mullets and a lawless attitude, the band channeled the unruly energy of their live shows on EPs such as 2017's Big Attraction, a wild blend that recalled early Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Motörhead, and Courtney Barnett. Their self-titled full-length debut landed in 2019.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Amyl And The Sniffers

Anna Burch - "Tell Me What's True" [Rock & Alternative]

Tell Me What's True

"Tell Me What's True" music video by Anna Burch
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Anna Burch - Tell Me What's True [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Order on Polyvinyl:

"Tell Me What's True" is taken from Anna Burch's sophomore album, If You're Dreaming, out April 3, 2020.

Directed by Anna Burch
Director of Photography: Ben Collins
Editing and Color: Ben Collins
Starring Bart Dangus
Appearances by E.M. Allen, Adam Pressley, Summer Krinsky, Matt Luther & Jon Biedron
Shot at The Film Lab in Hamtramck MI
Special thanks to Josh Gardner, Lara Sfire, Zach Saginaw & Ryan Clancy

© 2020 Polyvinyl Record Co.


Creating lo-fi indie rock with mischievous lyrics delivered with deceptively bittersweet vocals, Anna Burch is an American alternative singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. She developed a taste for the arts early on with an affinity for Disney songs during her childhood years and the work of Fiona Apple in her teens. Burch covered songs by the latter at open-mike nights and by the age of 18 she was recording and touring with her first band, Frontier Ruckus. She eventually went on to share lead vocal duties in the Ann Arbor-based Failed Flowers. It was during this time that Anna began to pen her own material. After a brief hiatus from music while she attended graduate school in Chicago, she returned to songwriting in Detroit in 2014. Her own songs had begun to take on more shape and structure, with friends on the scene encouraging Burch to assemble a live band to begin performing the demo ideas she had. With her ever-changing ideas, Anna eventually began to perform solo shows with a fully realized backing band. Her first official release was an eponymous split single with fellow Detroit artist Stef Chura in early 2016. The singer began earning comparisons to artists like Waxahatchee and Courtney Barnett before fellow Michigan-based musician Fred Thomas sent some of her demos to his label, Polyvinyl. This led to the attention of producer/engineer Collin Dupuis (Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen), who offered to help mix her songs. The result consisted of nine songs that became Burch's debut album, Quit the Curse. The record saw release via Polyvinyl in early 2018.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Anna Burch

Apollo Brown - "365 (ft. Ro Spit, Nametag, Ty Farris)" [Hip-Hop]

365 (ft. Ro Spit, Nametag, Ty Farris)

"365 (ft. Ro Spit, Nametag, Ty Farris)" music video by Apollo Brown
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Apollo Brown - 365 (feat. Ro Spit, NameTag, Ty Farris) // Official Video

“There are cities that get by on their good looks, offer climate and scenery, views of mountains or oceans, rockbound, or with palm trees. And then there are blue collar cities like Detroit, that have to work for a living. Cities that rely on the toughness and resiliency of their people. Cities that will not quit. Detroit has an unmistakable soul; nobody can duplicate what we give to the world.” - Sincerely, Detroit

Apollo Brown - 365 (feat. Ro Spit, NameTag, Ty Farris) // Official Video
From the album Apollo Brown "Sincerely, Detroit"

Produced by Apollo Brown
Directed by Brandon Damon

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group, 2020


Hailing from the West Michigan town of Grand Rapids, Apollo Brown is a hip-hop producer working out of Detroit. In the tradition of left-field beatmakers like the great J Dilla and Madlib, Brown is a man of many influences, with a sound that owes as much to the yacht rock of Seals & Crofts as it does to classic R&B, pulling from all corners of the music world to craft beats that are as interesting musically as they are rhythmically. His vast discography includes the guest-filled The Reset (2010), instrumental works like Clouds (2011), and full-length collaborations with MCs such as Ras Kass (Blasphemy, 2014), Skyzoo (The Easy Truth, 2016), and Joell Ortiz (Mona Lisa, 2018). Brown has also participated in hip-hop groups the Left and Ugly Heroes.

 His 2019 full-length Sincerely, Detroit featured dozens of Motor City hip-hop artists, including Royce da 5'9", Slum Village, and Trick Trick.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Apollo Brown

Anti-Flag - "20/20 Vision" [Rock & Alternative]

20/20 Vision

"20/20 Vision" music video by Anti-Flag
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Anti-Flag - 20/20 Vision

"Dancing on our graves, distractions make us slaves." - INDECLINE

Directed by: INDECLINE
Prisoner/Dancer: David Mayorga

ANTI-FLAG "20/20 VISION" full length album available now:


Making their debut at a local Pittsburgh radio station in 1993, Anti-Flag got together for the sake of responding to their disgust with religion, nationalism, and fascism. Justin Sane (vocals/guitar), Andy Flag (bass/vocals), and Pat Thetic (drums) bopped around their hometown (much to the dismay of skinheads) while recruiting a following who proudly wore torn upside-down flags as patches. In 1997, after releasing a handful of singles, opening for their idols the U.K. Subs, the Exploited, and the Circle Jerks, and briefly touring the East Coast -- which led to the departure of Andy Flag -- Die for the Government was released. 20,000 copies, four bassists, and four North American tours later, Anti-Flag gained their reputation for recapturing the old-school ethics of punk: fast, loud, obnoxious, and anti-everything that ends with an "ism."

Preceded by the singles "Christian Nationalists" and "Hate Conquers All," the politically and socially charged 20/20 Vision was issued in early 2020.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Anti-Flag

Kura - "Gunz In My House" [Dance]

Gunz In My House

"Gunz In My House" music video by Kura
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : KURA - Gunz In My House (Official Music Video)

KURA - Gunz In My House is OUT NOW!

Follow KURA:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Kura

Drea Dury - "Brutal (ft." [Dance]

Brutal (ft.

"Brutal (ft." music video by Drea Dury
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : Drea Dury - Brutal feat. (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Tags : 2020, 20s, Drea Dury

5 Seconds Of Summer - "Old Me" [Pop]

Old Me

"Old Me" music video by 5 Seconds Of Summer
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : 5 Seconds of Summer - Old Me (Official Video)


C A L M // 3.27.20 // PRE-ORDER NOW:


Apple Music:
Official Store:


Music video by 5 Seconds of Summer performing Old Me. © 2020 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records.
Tags : 2020, 20s, 5 Seconds Of Summer

John Gabbana - "About To Be Rich" [Hip-Hop]

About To Be Rich

"About To Be Rich" music video by John Gabbana
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : John Gabbana - “About To Be Rich” (Official Music Video)

Directed by @DirectorMilliex Produced by @Acebankz_

Tags : 2020, 20s, John Gabbana

Mozzy - "Tunnel Vision" [Hip-Hop]

Tunnel Vision

"Tunnel Vision" music video by Mozzy
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Mozzy - Tunnel Vision (Official Video)

Listen to the single “Tunnel Vision”. Out now!

Official music video by Mozzy performing "Tunnel Vision" (Official Video) © 2020 Mozzy Records / EMPIRE


Bringing the spirit of Death Row Records to the 2010s, Sacramento MC Mozzy spits gritty rhymes with ominous productions. Born Timothy Patterson, he began rapping in 2004 under the name Lil Tim, releasing the "U Ain't Ready Like Dat" single in 2010. A name change came in 2011 when he issued the album Money Means Mozzy, which was followed by his 2013 mixtape The Tonite Show, hosted by DJ Fresh. Four mixtapes dropped in 2014, including Free Mozzy, which was issued while the MC was locked up on illegal firearm charges. Gangland landed in 2015 along with Yellow Tape Activities, and 2016 saw the Empire label issue both Beautiful Struggle and Mandatory Check. That same year, he contributed to a slew of collaborations with artists like Dutch Santana, E Mozzy, Juneonnabeat, and Philthy Rich. He followed in early 2017 with Fake Famous, which featured appearances by Iamsu!, E Mozzy, Cellyru, YFN Lucci, YG, G-Eazy, Jadakiss, and many more. After issuing the collaborative Can't Fake the Real with Blac Youngsta and Dreadlocks & Headshots with Gunplay, Mozzy released 1 Up Top Ahk, which debuted in the Top 100 on the Billboard main album chart in the summer of 2017. After appearing on the chart-topping soundtrack to the film Black Panther, Mozzy issued "Nobody Knows" with Jay Rock and DCMBR. A prolific 2018 included the Spiritual Conversations EP, as well as full-length Gangland Landlord. That year, he also joined Kae One for the collaborative set, Run It Up Activities (Team Player Records), which also featured the Jacka, Philthy Rich, and E Mozzy. In early 2019, Mozzy and Berner teamed up for the collaborative mixtape Slimey Individualz, which Mozzy followed up in May with the heartfelt "Legal Guardian/Guardian Angel," a track that paid homage to his grandmother.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Mozzy

Catfish And The Bottlemen - "Cocoon (Live From Manchester Arena)" [Rock & Alternative]

Cocoon (Live From Manchester Arena)

"Cocoon (Live From Manchester Arena)" music video by Catfish And The Bottlemen
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Catfish and the Bottlemen - Cocoon (Live From Manchester Arena)

Music video by Catfish and the Bottlemen performing Cocoon (Live From Manchester Arena). © 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited


British indie rock outfit Catfish and the Bottlemen rose to success in the mid-2010s with a jagged, garage-laced sound and seemingly tireless work ethic. The quartet had already been at it for over half-a-decade when they broke out with their 2014 Island debut, later cementing their climb with 2016's chart-topping The Ride. Over the next few years, they continued to expand internationally, becoming festival staples in other parts of Europe, the U.S., and Australia. A third album, The Balance, arrived in 2019.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Catfish And The Bottlemen

Sugarland - "Babe (live)" [Country]

Babe (live)

"Babe (live)" music video by Sugarland
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Country
Description : Sugarland - Babe (Live)

Music video by Sugarland performing Babe (Live). © 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


Sugarland, the platinum-selling contemporary country act, began as a trio of songwriters from the Atlanta area, each of whom had enjoyed some level of renown as a solo country artist. Lead singer and songwriter Jennifer Nettles had previously fronted Soul Miner's Daughter, and her gospel background and deep soul approach to country music made her an ideal frontperson for the trio. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kristian Bush had formed half of the critically acclaimed duo Billy Pilgrim (along with Andrew Hyra), which had also released a pair of albums. Songwriter Kristen Hall had already released two solo albums on Windham Hill Records. The three musicians came together in 2002 and independently released Premium Quality Tunes, an EP of demo recordings (available online or at Sugarland shows), later that year.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Sugarland

Dream Wife - "Sports!" [Rock & Alternative]


"Sports!" music video by Dream Wife
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Dream Wife - Sports!

Pre-order our new album "So When You Gonna...":

Follow Dream Wife:

Directed by Dream Wife
Produced by Bella Podpadec
DOP - Bethany Fitter
Camera assistant - Camila Carlow
Edited by Alice Go & Rakel Mjöll
CGI and additional editing by Amy Gough
Set design and props by Alice Go & Bella Podpadec
Styled by Wei Ting
Grading by Okay Studio

Special thanks to the Podpadecs and Paolina Russo.


Named after a 1953 romantic comedy, London trio Dream Wife make a cheeky, sugar-coated mix of garage rock, punk, and ambient pop influenced by David Bowie and Madonna. Formed in 2014 while the members were attending art college in Brighton, Dream Wife features the talents of Iceland native Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals), Alice Go (guitar, vocals), and Bella Podpadec (bass, vocals). Initially, the group came together to play as part of an art project conceptualized around the idea of a band born out of one girl's memories of growing up in Canada in the '90s. The sound worked, and Dream Wife was soon playing other live shows, including an extended tour of Canada in 2015. In 2016, Dream Wife released their debut EP, EP1, on Cannibal Hymns. Their full-length debut arrived at the start of 2018. Dream Wife featured songs from their EP as well as singles "Somebody," "Fire," and "Let's Make Out."

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DTB Chris - "Not Lucky" [Hip-Hop]

Not Lucky

"Not Lucky" music video by DTB Chris
Added: 10-03-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : DTB Chris - “Not Lucky” (Official Music Video)

New York Unsigned Artist
Prod. by Tobi Aitch

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