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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Jason Mraz - "Look For The Good" [Pop]

Look For The Good

"Look For The Good" music video by Jason Mraz
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Jason Mraz - Look For The Good (Official Video)

New single "Look For The Good" out now:

New album available June 19, 2020. Pre-Save/Order here:

Watch the lalalalivestream Wednesdays at 10am PT / 1pm ET on YouTube!

Directed by: Darren Doane & Jason Mraz
Filmed at CASS Recycling in Oakland, CA

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Tags : 2020, 20s, Jason Mraz

URBØI - "Soul Groove" [Dance]

Soul Groove

"Soul Groove" music video by URBØI
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : URBØI - Soul Groove (Official Music Video)

URBØI - Soul Groove is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom!

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Tags : 2020, 20s, URBØI

Abysmal Dawn - "Coerced Evolution (3d Music Video, 2020)" [Metal & X-Core]

Coerced Evolution (3d Music Video, 2020)

"Coerced Evolution (3d Music Video, 2020)" music video by Abysmal Dawn
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : ABYSMAL DAWN, "Coerced Evolution" (Official 3D Music Video, 2020)

Taken from the forthcoming album 'Phylogenesis'. Release Date: April 17, 2020. Order here:

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Video Credits:
Aimed & Framed


West Coast death metal outfit Abysmal Dawn formed in 2003 around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Charles Elliott, guitarist Jamie Boulanger, bassist Carlos Arriola, and drummer Terry Barajas. The Los Angeles-based quartet's unique blend of thrash, grindcore, and black metal was first heard on a 2004 demo that circulated throughout the metal community to much fanfare. The band's full-length debut, From Ashes, arrived in 2005, followed by the Relapse-released Programmed to Consume in 2008.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Abysmal Dawn

Phresher - "Big Dawg (ft. Casanova)" [Hip-Hop]

Big Dawg (ft. Casanova)

"Big Dawg (ft. Casanova)" music video by Phresher
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Phresher - “Big Dawg” feat. Casanova (Official Music Video)

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Directed by


Brooklyn MC Phresher was born in 1989 and grew up an athlete before deciding to switch gears at age 21 and pursue a life in music. In the early stages of developing his style, the rapper privately wrote over a hundred songs that were never released, just as an exercise to define where he wanted his music to go. Though Phresher was born and raised in New York, his rap styles were versatile and took on various flavors, some songs more reminiscent of the flows of Southern rappers and others more true to his East Coast roots. Starting right around 2012, he released various singles and EPs online, but it wasn't until his 2016 single "Wait a Minute" that he truly began to take off. That song caught the ear of rap veteran 50 Cent, who collaborated with Phresher and Remy Ma on a remix of the song that drew even more attention to the young rapper. In early 2017 the six-track Wait a Minute EP was released, featuring the hit remix version of the title track and five other trap-tinged bangers.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Phresher

DMA'S - "Silver (Live From O2 Academy Brixton)" [Rock & Alternative]

Silver (Live From O2 Academy Brixton)

"Silver (Live From O2 Academy Brixton)" music video by DMA'S
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : DMA'S - Silver (Live from O2 Academy Brixton)

The Official Live Video for Silver by DMA'S live from O2 Academy Brixton.

WIN signed DMA’S merch, meet & greets and more ?

The new album The Glow is out 10 July. Pre-Order now:

Listen to Silver:

DMA’S live:

Tags : 2020, 20s, DMA'S

Vice Versa - "Poison" [Hip-Hop]


"Poison" music video by Vice Versa
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Young Money Presents Vice Versa - Poison (Official Video)

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Directed by Lil Egg n' Rice:

Produced by Richie Louie:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Vice Versa

Lewis Capaldi - "Before You Go (Live In Australia)" [Pop]

Before You Go (Live In Australia)

"Before You Go (Live In Australia)" music video by Lewis Capaldi
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (Live in Australia)

Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go live in Australia at Nova's Red Room.

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Lewis Capaldi live with Before You Go.


Scottish singer/songwriter Lewis Capaldi began creating a buzz in early 2017 with the release of his debut single, "Bruises," a brooding exploration of a failed relationship that introduced his intimate piano and vocal sound. On the strength of his lone single, the Bathgate native sold out legendary Glasgow club King Tut's and notched millions of streams before dropping his follow-up single, the equally stark "Lost on You," later that summer. After signing with Virgin Records, Capaldi included both songs on his debut EP, Bloom, and capped off his banner year with a Scottish Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. The front half of 2018 was spent touring in North America and Europe in advance of his next single, "Rush," featuring Jessie Reyez. "Tough" followed a few months later. Both tracks were featured on his next EP, Breach, which arrived in November of that year. Capaldi's debut LP -- titled Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent -- arrived in May 2019 on Virgin EMI and featured the hit single "Bruises."

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lewis Capaldi

Fine Young Cannibals - "Johnny Come Home (ToTP 1985)" [Pop]

Johnny Come Home (ToTP 1985)

"Johnny Come Home (ToTP 1985)" music video by Fine Young Cannibals
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny Come Home (Top of The Pops 1985)

Top Of The Pops performance broadcasted June 20th 1985

Listen to “Johnny Come Home”:


"Johnny Come Home" was the debut single release by British band Fine Young Cannibals, taken from their debut album Fine Young Cannibals.

It is similar to the style of many other of the band's hits, a mixture of rock and ska with Roland Gift's distinctive vocals, as well as a jazz-type trumpet solo. It was released in 1985 and was one of the group's most popular hits. The song tells the gritty realistic story of a runaway youth, and alternates from the first-person narrative, explaining how his arrival in the big city has not turned out as he expected, to the view of the parents in the chorus, expressing their wish that he would come home.

Although it failed to reach the top 40 in the United States, stalling at No. 76, it was a good start for the group in their native United Kingdom, peaking at No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1985. Along with the track "Blue", "Johnny Come Home" did reach No. 9 on the dance chart in the US.

In later years the song's title would serve as the title for a Jake Arnott novel published in 2006 whose plot line is reminiscent of the themes discussed in the song.

Tags : 1985, 80s, Fine Young Cannibals

YS - "By My Lonely (ft. Bandgang Lonnie Bands)" [Hip-Hop]

By My Lonely (ft. Bandgang Lonnie Bands)

"By My Lonely (ft. Bandgang Lonnie Bands)" music video by YS
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : YS - “By My Lonely” feat. Bandgang Lonnie Bands (Official Music Video)

Tags : 2020, 20s, YS

The Rolling Stones - "Take It Or Leave It (Lyric Video)" [Rock & Alternative]

Take It Or Leave It (Lyric Video)

"Take It Or Leave It (Lyric Video)" music video by The Rolling Stones
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Rolling Stones - Take It Or Leave It (Lyric Video)

Music video by The Rolling Stones performing Take It Or Leave It (Lyric Video). © 2020 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.


Aftermath is a studio album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones. The group recorded the album at RCA Studios in California in December 1965 and March 1966, during breaks between their international tours. It was released in the United Kingdom on 15 April 1966 by Decca Records and in the United States on 2 July by London Records. It is the band's fourth British and sixth American studio album, and follows closely after a series of international hit singles that helped bring the Stones newfound wealth and popularity that rivalled their contemporaries, the Beatles.

Tags : 1966, 60s, The Rolling Stones

Kandace Springs - "I Put A Spell On You (Live Session)" [Blues & Jazz]

I Put A Spell On You (Live Session)

"I Put A Spell On You (Live Session)" music video by Kandace Springs
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Blues & Jazz
Description : Kandace Springs - I Put A Spell On You (Live Session)

Music video by Kandace Springs performing I Put A Spell On You (Live Session). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


Jalacy "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins (July 18, 1929 – February 12, 2000) was an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, film producer, and boxer. Famed chiefly for his powerful, operatic vocal delivery and wildly theatrical performances of songs such as "I Put a Spell on You", he sometimes used macabre props onstage, making him an early pioneer of shock rock.

Hawkins' most successful recording, "I Put a Spell on You" (1956), was selected as one of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. According to the AllMusic Guide to the Blues, "Hawkins originally envisioned the tune as a refined ballad." The entire band was intoxicated during a recording session where "Hawkins screamed, grunted, and gurgled his way through the tune with utter drunken abandon." The resulting performance was no ballad but instead a "raw, guttural track" that became his greatest commercial success and reportedly surpassed a million copies in sales, although it failed to make the Billboard pop or R&B charts.

Although Hawkins himself blacked out and was unable to remember the session, he relearned the song from the recorded version. Meanwhile, the record label released a second version of the single, removing most of the grunts that had embellished the original performance; this was in response to complaints about the recording's overt sexuality. Nonetheless it was banned from radio in some areas. Furthermore, the recording attracted the ire of groups such as the NAACP, "which worried that his act would reflect badly on African Americans."  Hawkins later credited the uproar with a boost in sales due to the perceived taboo nature of his performances.

Soon after the release of "I Put a Spell on You", radio disc jockey Alan Freed offered Hawkins $300 to emerge from a coffin onstage. Hawkins initially declined, reportedly saying "No black dude gets in a coffin alive — they don’t expect to get out!”  However, he later relented and soon created an outlandish stage persona in which performances began with the coffin and included "gold and leopard-skin costumes and notable voodoo stage props, such as his smoking skull on a stick – named Henry – and rubber snakes."These props were suggestive of voodoo, but also presented with comic overtones that invited comparison to "a black Vincent Price." Despite the commercial success of the gimmick, Hawkins resented the schlock-factor that made him famous. He found it exploitative, and believed it undermined his sincerity as a vocalist and a balladeer. In a 1973 interview, he bemoaned the Screamin' epithet given to him by his label Okeh records, saying "If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be Screamin’ Jay Hawkins...James Brown did an awful lot of screamin’, but never got called Screamin’ James Brown...Why can’t people take me as a regular singer without making a bogeyman out of me?"

"I Put a Spell On You" became a classic cult song, covered by a variety of artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nina Simone, Alan Price, the Animals, Them with Van Morrison, Arthur Brown, Bryan Ferry, Buddy Guy with Carlos Santana, Tim Curry, Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Nick Cave in a concert only version, Marilyn Manson, Mica Paris with David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Joss Stone, Diamanda Galas, and Annie Lennox in 2014 for her Grammy nominated album Nostalgia. Hawkins' original "I Put a Spell on You" was featured during the show and over the credits of the 2003 The Simpsons episode "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can".

Tags : 2020, 20s, Kandace Springs

Jaden Smith - "Mission (w. Trinidad James)" [Hip-Hop]

Mission (w. Trinidad James)

"Mission (w. Trinidad James)" music video by Jaden Smith
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Jaden, Trinidad James - Mission

Music video by Jaden, Trinidad James performing Mission. © 2020 MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC

Tags : 2020, 20s, Jaden Smith

The White Buffalo - "Problem Solution" [Rock & Alternative]

Problem Solution

"Problem Solution" music video by The White Buffalo
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The White Buffalo - Problem Solution

Music video by The White Buffalo performing Problem Solution. © 2020 Jacob Aaron Smith, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


The White Buffalo is the project of the earthy, country rock-focused Oregon-born and Southern California-raised singer/songwriter Jake Smith. Following a 2002, self-released album he built a steady following, but became increasingly noticed after a 2008 re-recording of that same LP led to coveted international support slots, as well as film and TV sync deals. His 2014 track "Come Join the Murder" got nominated for an Emmy following its inclusion in the biker drama, Sons of Anarchy and Smith's run of albums that decade traced a natural transition from a largely acoustic-based sound to an altogether rockier and raucous approach. By 2020 he had found a natural home in Snakefarm Records, the country, blues, and roots rock arm of the Finnish metal label Spinefarm.

Tags : 2020, 20s, The White Buffalo

Brahms - "Three Intermezzi for Piano, Op. 117 (Nikola Meeuwsen)" [Classical]

Three Intermezzi for Piano, Op. 117 (Nikola Meeuwsen)

"Three Intermezzi for Piano, Op. 117 (Nikola Meeuwsen)" music video by Brahms
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Classical
Description : Brahms: Drie Intermezzi, op. 117 - Nikola Meeuwsen - AVROTROS Klassiek presenteert! - Live HD

Pianist Nikola Meeuwsen (18) performs the 'Three Intermezzi for piano, Op. 117' by Johannes Brahms. The recording has been made as part of the talent programme 'AVROTROS Klassiek presenteert!', in which young and talented classical musicians get the change to record their debut album.

The musician:
Nikola Meeuwsen [piano]

On the musical programme:
Johannes Brahms - Three Intermezzi, Op. 117
I. Andante moderato
II. Andante non troppo e con molto espressione
III. Andante con moto

Recording: Muziekcentrum van de Omroep in Hilversum, the Netherlands, March 2020.
Tags : 2020, 20s, Brahms

Dj Esco - "Pop It (w. Doe Boy) (NSFW)" [Hip-Hop]

Pop It (w. Doe Boy) (NSFW)

"Pop It (w. Doe Boy) (NSFW)" music video by Dj Esco
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : DJ ESCO, Doe Boy - Pop It (Official Music Video)

"56 Birdz" available at:

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(C) 2020 Epic Records. With Freebandz


Atlanta-based producer DJ Esco crafts trapped-out, Dirty South beats similar to contemporaries like Zaytoven, Mike WiLL Made It, and Metro Boomin. Born William Moore, Esco made a name for himself as DJ for rapper Future, whom he met in 2008. Also serving as Future's A&R man, Esco has collaborated with Yo Gotti, Rae Sremmurd, Jim Jones, Young Scooter, Plies, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame. His notable mixtapes include No Sleep and Ball Like Me, but his 2015 effort with Future, 56 Nights, takes the crown for notoriety. Conceived during the nearly two months that Esco spent in a Dubai jail from late 2014 into 2015, 56 Nights also features production by 808 Mafia. In 2016, Esco released another effort with Future, Project E.T. ("Esco Terrestrial"). Also inspired by his stint in Dubai, Project E.T. featured "100it Racks" (with Drake, 2 Chainz, and Future) as well as the single "Too Much Sauce" (with Lil Uzi Vert and Future), the latter of which entered the Billboard Hot 200 in late 2016. The Kolorblind project arrived in spring 2018 and featured guests like Young Thug, Rich the Kid, Nas, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, O.T. Genasis, ScHoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, and Future, who appeared on each of the album's 11 tracks.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Dj Esco

Tarja Turunen - "Beauty & The Beat (2013 World Tour Full Concert)" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Beauty & The Beat (2013 World Tour Full Concert)

"Beauty & The Beat (2013 World Tour Full Concert)" music video by Tarja Turunen
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description :

Experience Tarja's unique live album "Beauty & the Beat", recorded during her 2013 world tour! 

“Beauty & The Beat” is something very different than your ordinary rock show, let alone your ordinary classic concert. Its music played in an unorthodox manner, it’s the performance of a wide range of classical pieces and rock songs together with an orchestra and choir. It strikes you with awe.

Originally planned as a one-time event – the first performance was already held in 2011, the show was too successful with fans and critics to simply never happen again. In spring 2013, Tarja Turunen and drummer Mike Terrana again toured throughout the world, from Poland to Russia to Mexico.

The music of “Beauty & The Beat” ranges from immortal classic pieces by Bach, Strauss and Mozart to Rossini, but doesn’t neglect pure rock music like songs from Led Zeppelin, Queen as well as Tarja’s own pieces. All combined with orchestra and choir with more than 100 musicians on stage, an enormous sound, energetic drums and Tarja’s angelic voice.

Tarja and Mike complement each other musically. Whereas Mike bangs his drums with rock attitude, Tarja shines with her crystal clear voice and incredible stage presence; all lulled with the warm, full sound of an orchestra.

Tags : 2013, 10s, Tarja Turunen

Alestorm - "Tortuga (ft. Captain Yarrface)" [Metal & X-Core]

Tortuga (ft. Captain Yarrface)

"Tortuga (ft. Captain Yarrface)" music video by Alestorm
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : ALESTORM - Tortuga (feat. Captain Yarrface) (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order the new album "Curse of the Crystal Coconut" here:

Live the devious buccaneer’s life with ALESTORM as they deliver their smashing homage to the most notorious pirate capital of the world.

ALESTORM on the new video:

produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert
Tags : 2020, 20s, Alestorm

CJ Ramone - "Poison Heart (Live @ Rockpalast 2009)" [Rock & Alternative]

Poison Heart (Live @ Rockpalast 2009)

"Poison Heart (Live @ Rockpalast 2009)" music video by CJ Ramone
Added: 23-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Poison Heart | CJ Ramone live | Rockpalast 2009

Poison Heart | CJ Ramone live | Rockpalast 2009

C.J. Ramone alias Christopher Joseph Ward war von 1989 bis 1996 Bassist bei den Ramones. Bei Auftritten seiner aktuelle Gruppe als Vorband von Die Toten Hosen spielt er unter anderem Hits aus seiner Ramones-Zeit.

CJ Ramone – vocals, bass
Daniel Rey – guitar
Brant Bjork – drums

Tags : 2009, 00s, CJ Ramone