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Friday, April 24, 2020

Dermot Kennedy - "The Corner (Lost In The Soft Light Sessions)" [Rock & Alternative]

The Corner (Lost In The Soft Light Sessions)

"The Corner (Lost In The Soft Light Sessions)" music video by Dermot Kennedy
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Dermot Kennedy - The Corner (Lost In The Soft Light Sessions)

Listen to "Lost In The Soft Light" EP:

Production Company: Pavilion Works
Director: Jake Evans
Producer: Alice Gilfillan
DOP: Lorenzo Levrini
Editor: Nielsan Bohl

Debut album 'Without Fear' out now:

Follow Dermot Kennedy:

Music video by Dermot Kennedy performing The Corner (Lost In The Soft Light Sessions). © 2020 Riggins Recording Limited


Equal parts rustic folk and soulful grit, Ireland's Dermot Kennedy offers his own blend of passionate, introspective songwriting in a vein similar to fellow countryman and forebear Glen Hansard. A native of County Dublin, Kennedy began writing songs in his teens, eventually releasing the EP Dancing Under Red Skies in 2013. Honing his craft over the next few years, he found viral success with his single "After Rain," which racked up millions of streams in 2016. Kennedy's follow-up EP, 2017's Doves & Ravens, signaled a more pop-oriented approach with contributions from some heavy-hitting industry players like co-songwriter Charlie Hugall (Låpsley, Florence + the Machine) and producers Stephen Kozmeniuk and Carey Willetts. In 2018, Kennedy collaborated with legendary hip-hop producer Mike Dean for his third EP, Mike Dean Presents: Dermot Kennedy, which inherited some of the poppier sounds of Doves & Ravens, as well as pulling from genres like hip-hop and R&B. The tracks from these EPs, alongside various singles, were compiled onto Dermot Kennedy, a 2019 compilation album. This was followed by two further singles, "Lost" and "Outnumbered," the latter of which marked Kennedy's debut in the U.K. Top 40 singles chart. Both of these were included on his debut album Without Fear, which was released in September that year.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Dermot Kennedy

King Diamond - "Fatal Portrait (1986) (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Fatal Portrait (1986) (Album Stream)

"Fatal Portrait (1986) (Album Stream)" music video by King Diamond
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : King Diamond "Fatal Portrait" (FULL ALBUM)

King Diamond "Fatal Portrait" available now.
Buy Here:

01. The Candle (00:00)
02. The Jonah (06:40)
03. The Portrait (11:56)
04. Dressed in White (17:04)
05. Charon (20:12)
06. Lurking in the Dark (24:28)
07. Halloween (28:03)
08. Voices from the Past (32:17)
09. Haunted (33:48)


Fatal Portrait is the debut album by the heavy metal band King Diamond. The album was released in 1986 on Roadrunner Records. It is the only King Diamond album to date in which guitarist Andy LaRocque does not receive writing credits. Fatal Portrait was produced by Rune Hoyer. Along with The Spider's Lullabye, this is one of the band's only albums which is not a whole concept album. This album has sold over 100,000 copies in North America alone. The title of the album comes from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Wilde describes the painting as “the fatal portrait” several times throughout the novel.

Tags : 1986, 80s, King Diamond

Lil Pump - "Illuminati (w. Anuel Aa)" [Hip-Hop]

Illuminati (w. Anuel Aa)

"Illuminati (w. Anuel Aa)" music video by Lil Pump
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Pump & Anuel AA - "ILLUMINATI" (Official Music Video)

Download/Stream ILLUMINATI:

Follow Lil Pump:

Esskeetit Store

Booking/Business Inquiries:


With a hypnotic flow and mischievous flair, rapper Lil Pump scored a 2017 viral smash hit with the single "Gucci Gang" from his self-titled debut. Chart success and a platinum certification followed, as he went on to collaborate with the likes of Diplo and Kanye West before the arrival of 2019's Harverd Dropout.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Pump

Cirith Ungol - "Forever Black (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Forever Black (Album Stream)

"Forever Black (Album Stream)" music video by Cirith Ungol
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : Cirith Ungol "Forever Black" (FULL ALBUM)

Cirith Ungol "Forever Black" available now.
Buy Here:

01. The Call (00:00)
02. Legions Arise (01:04)
03. The Frost Monstreme (04:23)
04. The Fire Divine (09:39)
05. Stormbringer (13:30)
06. Fractus Promissum (19:28)
07. Nightmare (23:37)
08. Before Tomorrow (29:37)
09. Forever Black (33:34)


Los Angeles-based metal band Cirith Ungol formed in 1981, taking their name from a tower which played a key role in author J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. The lineup originally comprised singer Tim Baker, guitarist Jerry Fogle, bassist Michael Flint, and drummer Robert Garvin, and made its debut with the Enigma release Frost and Fire, followed three years later by King of the Dead. In the wake of 1986's One Foot in Hell, both Fogle and Flint left Cirith Ungol, and the band spent the next five years out of action, recruiting guitarist Jim Barraza and bassist Vernon Green for their fourth LP, Paradise Lost. In the wake of Barraza's departure, Cirith Ungol disbanded in May of 1992.

The string of improbable reunions continues with Cirith Ungol, which reformed in 2015 for live purposes and released an album in 2020, Forever Black. Time has changed the music business, and made the band’s stock post-Black Sabbath sound unrecognizable, substituted by a massive E-flat-tuned 80’s vintage attack not unlike old Judas Priest, Iced Earth or revivalist acts like Stormwarrior and Cauldron. This isn’t really Cirith Ungol, but a desperately nostalgic, spineless 2020 clone where Tim Baker wails upon to no avail: the songs are cloned from various 80’s Hard Rock/Heavy/Power Metal acts, and there’s no trace of the band’s previous sluggish ingenuity which at least made them seem funny. That’s the Metal Blade business, folks!

Tags : 2020, 20s, Cirith Ungol

Lennon Stella - "Three. Two. One. (Album Stream)" [Pop, Album Streams]

Three. Two. One. (Album Stream)

"Three. Two. One. (Album Stream)" music video by Lennon Stella
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Pop, Album Streams
Description : Lennon Stella's path to a career in music has featured enough unexpected twists and turns to seem like the plot of a TV drama -- which in her case is certainly appropriate. Lennon and her younger sister Maisy were the daughters of a Canadian country music duo, and thanks to their parents' appearance on a televised talent competition, they were cast on the popular television series Nashville, playing the daughters of a well-known country music star. After several seasons of playing a talented young vocalist, reality started to mirror fiction as Lennon began writing songs for the show, and in 2018 she stepped out as a solo artist and songwriter with the song "Like Everybody Else."
Tags : 2020, 20s, Lennon Stella

King Diamond - "Abigail (1987) (Album Stream)" [Metal & X-Core, Album Streams]

Abigail (1987) (Album Stream)

"Abigail (1987) (Album Stream)" music video by King Diamond
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core, Album Streams
Description : King Diamond "Abigail" (FULL ALBUM)

King Diamond "Abigail" available now.
Buy Here:

01. Funeral (00:00)
02. Arrival (01:30)
03. A Mansion in Darkness (06:57)
04. The Family Ghost (11:31)
05. The 7th Day of July 1777 (15:37)
06. Omens (20:27)
07. The Possession (24:24)
08. Abigail (27:50)
09. Black Horsemen (32:41)


Widely regarded as one of the finest vocalists in all of metal (who possesses a multi-octave range), Danish theatrical rocker King Diamond first rose to prominence as a member of gothic black metal group Mercyful Fate before launching a solo career in 1986. Known for his elastic falsetto, distinctive face-paint, occult leanings, femur- and tibia bone-adorned microphone stand, and seminal 1987 concept album Abigail, Diamond is one of late 20th and early 21st century most iconic heavy metal figures, issuing a slew of quality, narrative-driven albums, including Conspiracy (1989), The Graveyard (1996), Abigail II: the Revenge, and Give Me Your Soul...Please (2007), the latter of which earned a Grammy nomination.

Tags : 1987, 80s, King Diamond

K Camp - "Kiss 5 (Album Stream)" [Hip-Hop, Album Streams]

Kiss 5 (Album Stream)

"Kiss 5 (Album Stream)" music video by K Camp
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop, Album Streams
Description : Milwaukee-born, Atlanta-raised rapper K Camp started performing in high school as part of a group called HBC. The group split, in part due to lack of ambition, but K Camp took his talent a little more seriously -- albeit without any plan of making a career out of it. He continued to perform and record on his own and, in 2009, released the party anthem "All Night," which gained some popularity in Atlanta. After enduring some business mishaps, including an alleged lack of recognition for his role in the making of Myko Montana's "Do It," K Camp continued to build his reputation through underground releases such as Fan4life, Show Money, and In Due Time. The last of the three featured "Money Baby," one of the best showcases for his laconic, laid-back flow to that point. It was also his first single to chart -- a number 19 hit on Billboard's Hot Rap Tracks. 2 Chainz collaboration "Cut Her Off," the lead single from the Interscope-released EP In Due Time, reached number six and went platinum. Only Way Is Up, K Camp's debut album, followed in 2015 with appearances from T.I., Bun B, and Jeremih, among others. In 2016, K Camp dropped a single with 2 Chainz, "5 Minutes," as well as a mixtape, RARE. Two more mixtapes followed in 2017, K.I.S.S. 4 and SlumLords 2, as well as a single, "Good Problem." Another standalone single, "Switch," arrived in early 2019.
Tags : 2020, 20s, K Camp

Husky Loops - "You Bore Me" [Rock & Alternative]

You Bore Me

"You Bore Me" music video by Husky Loops
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Husky Loops - You Bore Me (Official Video)

Music video by Husky Loops performing You Bore Me (Official Video). (C) 2020 Husky Loops


Hailing from London by way of Italy, Husky Loops are an unconventional rock trio who fuse riffy post-punk with elements of hip-hop and indie pop. A pair of independently released 2017 EPs helped them earn a contract with Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records, where they broke through with the catchy 2018 single "Everytime I Run."

Pier Danio Forni (vocals, guitar), Pietro Garrone (drums), and Tommaso Medica (bass) all met while growing up in Bologna. Although Forni and Garrone went to school together in Italy, the three musicians all ended up moving to London independently, where they later reconnected and formed Husky Loops. Taking the jagged cool of post-punk and merging it with rhythmic influences from Afro-beat and hip-hop, the trio began releasing a series of independent singles and EPs beginning around 2014. Within a few years, they'd built up a significant buzz and, following the second of their two 2017 EPs, signed with Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records imprint.

Their debut single for the label, "Everytime I Run," proved to be a breakout for them and got a boost when it was included on the soundtrack to the high-profile FIFA 19 video game. Following a year of touring and major festival appearances in the U.K. and Europe, they released their third EP, 2018's Spool. Another single, "Let Go for Nothing," appeared early the following year.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Husky Loops

New Kids On The Block - "House Party" [Pop]

House Party

"House Party" music video by New Kids On The Block
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : New Kids On The Block - House Party (Official Music Video)

Stream / download #HOUSEPARTY now:

All net proceeds from the song and our #HOUSEPARTY merch benefit No Kid Hungry:

#HOUSEPARTY merch (benefiting No Kid Hungry):


After his success with New Edition, producer Maurice Starr decided to replicate the singing group by substituting suburban white kids for the young black teenagers. The result was New Kids on the Block, a pioneering boy band that eclipsed the popularity of Starr's previous group while laying the groundwork for the teen pop boom of the late '90s. During the New Kids' heyday, the group reportedly earned over one million dollars per week, and their string of hit singles -- the bulk of which reinterpreted R&B-styled street music for a young female audience -- made them one of the era's most successful acts. Following a botched attempt to rough up their clean-cut image with 1994's Face the Music, however, the boys disbanded, only to reconvene 14 years later for a comeback album and supporting tour.

Tags : 2020, 20s, New Kids On The Block

Dance Gavin Dance - "Afterburner (Album Stream)" [Rock & Alternative, Album Streams]

Afterburner (Album Stream)

"Afterburner (Album Stream)" music video by Dance Gavin Dance
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Album Streams
Description :

Afterburner is the ninth full-length studio album by American rock band Dance Gavin Dance. Released on April 24, 2020, through Rise Records, the album serves as a follow-up the group's eighth studio album, Artificial Selection (2018). Prior to the album's release, the band released the singles "Head Hunter" and "Blood Wolf" in March and October 2019, respectively. Recording sessions for the album took place over a five month period between June and November 2019 with producer Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon, while the vocals were recorded with producer Drew Fulk in Los Angeles, California. The album is considered a musical progression for the band, showcasing experimentation with funk, Latin, rap, and metalcore accompanied with their habitual post-hardcore and experimental rock style.

In support of the album, the band released the lead single, "Prisoner", on February 21, 2020. The second single, "Strawberry's Wake", was released on March 12. Two more singles, "Lyrics Lie" and "Three Wishes", were released in April. Originally, the group announced a spring tour in support of the album to take place in North America and Europe, however this was postponed due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. They will embark on The Afterburner Tour, scheduled to take place in August and September 2020 with support from Animals As Leaders, Issues, Veil of Maya and Wolf & Bear.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Dance Gavin Dance

Juice WRLD - "Righteous" [Hip-Hop]


"Righteous" music video by Juice WRLD
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Juice WRLD - Righteous (Official Video)

Juice WRLD - Righteous:

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Steve Cannon @stevecannon_

Animation by: Tristan Zammit @tristious, Bao @ndibao, Geoffrey Maclean @geoffreymaclean, Michael Sung @miccool, Alex Sarzosa @alexsarzosa1
Production Company: GradeA
Producer: Brandon “Bibby” Dickinson, George “G-Money” Dickinson and Peter Jideonwo
Animation Story written by Steve Cannon and Jacob Santiago
Drone Operator by David Salako
Color Grade: Kenny Okagaki

Check out more Juice WRLD here:
Soundcloud -
Twitter -
Insta -
Text #999club - 713-999-6031


Juice WRLD became a Top Ten hitmaker delivering introspective lyrics atop melodic production, with echoes of Travis Scott and Post Malone. His heartsick 2018 debut Goodbye & Good Riddance (2018), home to his biggest hit "Lucid Dreams," reflected a wide range of stylistic influences: R&B instrumentation, dreamy beats, and even indie rock melodicism. The momentum built by "Lucid Dreams" helped land Juice's sophomore effort A Death Race for Love (2019) at the top of the charts. Months later, at the height of his mainstream popularity, he tragically passed away after suffering a medical emergency at Chicago's Midway Airport; he had just turned 21. At the time of his death, Juice had three singles in the Hot 100 and both official LPs in the Top 100.

Born Jarad Higgins in 1998, the Calumet Park musician grew up playing piano, drums, and guitar, turning to rap freestyling in high school. Influenced by rock music and Chicago drill from Lil Durk and Chief Keef, Higgins began recording as Juice TheKidd, a moniker derived from his haircut, which resembled 2Pac's in the film Juice. His early tracks were all posted online, leading up to 2017's Juice WLRD 999 EP. Produced by Nick Mira and Sidepce, the set included the singles "Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)" and "All Girls Are the Same." Both tracks would also land on his official debut full-length, Goodbye & Good Riddance (Interscope), which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200 upon release in May 2018. In January 2019 Higgins issued the single "Robbery" ahead of the arrival of the full-length A Death Race for Love, which was released later that March. Death Race shot to number one on the Billboard 200 and was soon certified gold.

He followed with high-profile collaborations with Ellie Goulding ("Hate Me"), Benny Blanco ("Graduation"), BTS ("All Night"), and YoungBoy Never Broke Again ("Bandit"). In 2019, the latter track joined "Lucid Dreams" as the rapper's second Top 10 hit.

On December 8, 2019, Higgins suffered a medical emergency at Chicago's Midway International Airport and died. He had just turned 21. At the time of his death, he had three singles in the Hot 100 and both official LPs in the Top 100 on the Billboard 200. After his death, his verses appeared on tracks by Eminem and G-Eazy.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Juice WRLD

NBA YoungBoy - "38 Baby 2 (Album Stream)" [Hip-Hop, Album Streams]

38 Baby 2 (Album Stream)

"38 Baby 2 (Album Stream)" music video by NBA YoungBoy
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop, Album Streams
Description :

The official playlist of '38 Baby 2' OUT NOW!

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a highly prolific rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who has attracted a loyal following for his uncompromising street narratives. He debuted as one of 2015-2016's rising talents, but that trajectory altered slightly after a six-month prison sentence. Following his release in 2017, he became a regular fixture on the Billboard charts, frequently issuing mixtapes, EPs, and singles. His debut album, Until Death Call My Name, hit the Top 10 when it appeared in 2018, and 2019 mixtape AI YoungBoy 2 topped the chart.

Originally known as NBA YoungBoy, the rapper was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in Baton Rouge in 1999. Inspired by local artist Lil Phat, the young Gaulden started rapping and recording. His debut mixtape, Life Before Fame, arrived in 2015 and was quickly followed by a trilogy of releases titled Mind of a Menace. Shining a spotlight on his gritty and violent upbringing, YoungBoy displayed a talent for wordy bars, combining the spirits of contemporaries like 21 Savage and Boosie Badazz. In 2016, he released the 38 Baby mixtape, which featured fellow Baton Rouge rappers like Badazz and Kevin Gates. Before I Go Reloaded, a collection of previously released tracks, was issued at the end of the year, as the future of his burgeoning career remained uncertain. In 2017, after he was released from prison, he issued AI YoungBoy, which featured the single "Untouchable." The effort debuted in the Top 25 of the Billboard 200. Months later, YoungBoy issued Fed Baby's, a collaborative mixtape with Moneybagg Yo. He quickly followed Fed Baby's with Ain't Too Long, a short mixtape that debuted as a streaming video playlist before landing on the Billboard 200.

YoungBoy's first official full-length, Until Death Call My Name, was released in April of 2018, and soon charted in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 album chart. The album included guest appearances from Future, Lil Baby, and Birdman, as well as the Top 40-charting single "Outside Today." Less than a month after the album was released, a mixtape titled Master the Day of Judgement appeared. A trilogy of EPs, 4Respect, 4Freedom, and 4Loyalty, arrived the following August and September. All three were then combined with an additional EP's worth of material as 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4WhatImportant. The restlessly prolific artist released two additional mixtapes, Decided and Realer, before the end of the year. In October of 2019, he released the mixtape AI YoungBoy 2, which debuted at number one. Still Flexin, Still Steppin appeared in February of 2020, and reached number two on the chart.

Tags : 2020, 20s, NBA YoungBoy

Throw The Fight - "Misery" [Metal & X-Core]


"Misery" music video by Throw The Fight
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Throw The Fight - Misery [Official Music Video]

Misery is the second single off Throw The Fight's upcoming album "Settle Your Sins" out summer 2020 via Bullet Tooth. Download/stream:

Download free tunes and get on our VIP list:

Follow Throw The Fight:

Tour Dates:

Personal accounts:

Produced, mixed and mastered by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland
Filmed by Kris Weiser, Ryan Baustert, Kade Kastelitz, Jeff Baustert on our iPhone's
Edited by Austin Scherzberg


A hard-hitting post-hardcore unit based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Throw the Fight specialize in hook-driven melodic metalcore that invokes names like Bring Me the Horizon, Funeral for a Friend, and Story of the Year. Founded in 2003, the band issued a handful of demos and EPs before signing with Cordless Recordings in 2008, a netlabel owned by Warner Music Group, and releasing their debut studio long-player In Pursuit of Tomorrow. The band's sophomore outing, 2012's What Doesn't Kill Us, was produced by John Feldmann (the Used, Atreyu) and released via Bullet Tooth Records. Transmissions, the band's third full-length and second for Bullet Tooth, followed in 2016.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Throw The Fight

Blossoms - "The Keeper (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)" [Rock & Alternative]

The Keeper (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)

"The Keeper (Plaza Theatre, Stockport)" music video by Blossoms
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Blossoms - 'The Keeper' - Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport

'The Keeper' - Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport' is out now!

Recorded live in Stockport on 11th February, we're releasing a new track from the show each week in set order. These songs will make up a full live album 'Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport' which will be released in full on 3rd July. Physical copies of the album will be available later in the year.

Stream and download the track now at


English quintet Blossoms burst onto the British scene in the 2010s, quickly rising from local clubs to festival stages within a few short years. Their breakthrough debut landed in 2016 after years of anticipation, topping charts and winning fans with a catchy, synth-forward blend of Brit-pop and indie rock heard on songs like hit single "Charlemagne." Incorporating more new wave influences on their follow-up, 2018's Cool Like You, the band maintained their presence on U.K. charts and on the touring circuit. By the end of the decade, they were selling out shows, including one at a hometown stadium. The group entered a new decade in 2020 with their third LP, the lovelorn Foolish Loving Spaces.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Blossoms

Dune Rats - "Aussie Pub Rock Lives On Forever (Mini Doco)" [Rockumentary]

Aussie Pub Rock Lives On Forever (Mini Doco)

"Aussie Pub Rock Lives On Forever (Mini Doco)" music video by Dune Rats
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rockumentary

DUNE RATS release MINI DOCO of their 'HURRY UP AND WAIT' album AUS tour.

Stream/buy 'Hurry Up And Wait' here:

Production Company: Dune Rats
Executive Producer / Co-Director: Dune Rats / Matty Woo
Co-Director / DOP / Edit: Tom Healy Producer: Dune Rats / Matty Woo
Additional Cinematography: Tom Healy

David ‘BunnyMan’ Herington - Stage / Guitar Tech
James Boundy - Front Of House Engineer
Eric Coelho - Monitor Engineer
Sam Jarousek - Lighting Designer / Operator
Emma Hawkes - Production Manager
Jo Bushing - Merchandise Manager
Tim Peterson - Production Advance
Visual Artist - Lee McConnell

Chris Peruch
Kelly Jansch
Angus Black

Brae Fisher
Jeremy Baker
Lachlan Simpson
Josh McCoy

Ruby Fields
Adam Newling
Tas Wilson
Patrick Rogers

Danny Bues
BC Michaels
Brett Jansch

Leroy McQueen - Gooch Palms

Secret Sounds Touring, Village Sounds, BMG, Sony ATV, Sydney Inflatables (especially Tom) and all of the local crew that helped pull this thing together.

Every single legend who bought a ticket and came to a show. This would not happen without all of you. Thank you!


Tags : 2020, 20s, Dune Rats

The Kooks - "By My Side (Isolation Orchestra)" [Rock & Alternative]

By My Side (Isolation Orchestra)

"By My Side (Isolation Orchestra)" music video by The Kooks
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Kooks - By My Side (Isolation Orchestra)

Hugh here. I've been working on a special project during lockdown to help raise money for those in need - I've recorded a song with my band and some isolating musician friends, and we’re putting it out and donating all proceeds to the local food bank here in Hackney.

This is an unprecedented time for food banks. We’re all being affected in different ways by this virus, but it’s the most vulnerable people that are being hit the hardest. Let’s all make sure we’re keeping that lifeline going because for some people, it’s all they have right now. And we have to be there to support them.

Food banks can be found around the world. Find out how you can help by getting in touch with your local food bank and donating what you can at this time - be that food, household essentials, money, or your time. A good start in the UK is the Trussell Trust:

Thanks for listening. Stay safe x

Follow The Kooks:

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Kooks

The Him - "Tragic (ft. Amber Van Day)" [Dance]

Tragic (ft. Amber Van Day)

"Tragic (ft. Amber Van Day)" music video by The Him
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : The Him - Tragic (feat. Amber Van Day) [Official Music Video]

The Him - Tragic (feat. Amber Van Day) is OUT NOW!

Follow The Him

Follow Amber Van Day:


The Him are a Dutch EDM duo consisting of Jeroen Kerstens and Steven Berghuijs. The pair write uplifting yet bittersweet vocal-driven dance anthems about love, heartache, and summer, including "Midnight Hearts" (2015) and "Nothing on Us" (2018).

Kerstens and Berghuijs, both from Amsterdam, first collaborated in 2013, when they entered a Tiësto remix contest. They soon began writing original songs, such as 2014's "Skinny Dipping," and they collaborated with Sam Feldt on the 2015 singles "Drive You Home" and "Midnight Hearts," both released by Spinnin' Records. "Feels Like Home" appeared on Scorpio Music at the end of the same year, subsequently becoming one of the duo's most heavily streamed tracks. The Him remixed tracks by Martin Garrix, the Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus, and others, and they performed at major festivals such as Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza. They continued releasing singles such as "I Wonder" and "Nothing on Us," and 2018's "Always" reached the Top 40 of Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. The duo's 2019 output included "Unstoppable" and "Found Me."

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Him

Tyler Bryant - "Out There (w. The Shakedown)" [Rock & Alternative]

Out There (w. The Shakedown)

"Out There (w. The Shakedown)" music video by Tyler Bryant
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Out There

Music video by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown performing Out There. © 2020 Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


Texas guitarist, singer, and blues-rocker Tyler Bryant started playing guitar at the age of six; by 11 he was good enough to jam with adult players and it was clear what his future avocation would be. He moved to Nashville during his senior year of high school (he finished his classes and coursework online and graduated after the move), and he has really never looked back, developing into an explosive and talented blues and hard rock guitarist, even playing Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival at the age of 15. Along the way, Bryant assembled a powerhouse band, the Shakedown, comprised of Caleb Crosby on drums, Noah Denney on bass, and Graham Whitford, the son of Aerosmith's Brad Whitford, on second guitar. Quickly earning a buzz on the blues and rock touring circuit, the band opened shows for the likes of Aerosmith, B.B. King, and Clapton, among others, and released an EP, My Radio, in the spring of 2011, following it with a seven-track album, From the Sandcastle, in the fall. A 12-track full-length, Wild Child, recorded in analog with engineer Vance Powell, appeared early in 2013. The success of Wild Child helped to land the group a deal with John Varvatos/Republic Records, who would put out their 2015 EP, The Wayside. The following year, they supported Guns N' Roses on tour. In 2017, they returned with the eponymous full-length Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, featuring the single "Heartland." Truth & Lies followed in 2019.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Tyler Bryant

Youngr - "Reminiscing (ft. Podramu)" [Pop]

Reminiscing (ft. Podramu)

"Reminiscing (ft. Podramu)" music video by Youngr
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Youngr - Reminiscing ft. Podramu (Acoustic)

Memories Acoustic EP is out! Yippee! Go check it out y'all! Let them sooth your day! I'll leave you with a video of me and my good friend @Podramu performing a stripped-back rendition of Reminiscing.

Stream the Acoustic EP here:

Video by LSK productions

Connect with Youngr:
Tags : 2020, 20s, Youngr

The Alligator Wine - "Lorane" [Rock & Alternative]


"Lorane" music video by The Alligator Wine
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative

Taken from the album "Demons Of The Mind", out April 24th, 2020. Order now:

Directed by Christian Mack

Additional Editing by Jonathan Kirchgessner

Source: Jordan Belson - Mysterious Journey & Epilogue
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(0) - "Sortfugl" [Metal & X-Core]


"Sortfugl" music video by (0)
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : (0) - Sortfugl (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Get the new album "SkamHan" now:

The band states:
“The album SkamHan is for us the natural sequel to the (0) EP which came out almost 3 years ago. We have been looking forward to releasing the album and although it does happen in circumstances we could never have imagined in any way, we are happy to share the music with you. We do so in the humble awareness that the world faces a huge challenge and that large parts of humanity are exposed to conditions that we unfortunately do not know the final consequences of. But one of the things that binds us together is music. SkamHan deals with issues such as depression, desperation, isolation, separation and shame. Occasionally one has to dig into the darkness and accept that life is also dark. Enjoy the darkness!
With many greetings and hope for all good”
(0) - MA, FJ, MC, JK and JU
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Daniel Maunick - "Macumba Quebrada (Album Stream)" [Dance, Album Streams]

Macumba Quebrada (Album Stream)

"Macumba Quebrada (Album Stream)" music video by Daniel Maunick
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Dance, Album Streams
Description : Daniel Maunick - Macumba Quebrada (Full Album Stream)

Daniel Maunick 'Macumbra Quebrada' is available on Vinyl, CD and digital from links below:

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00:00:00 01. Macumba Quebrada
00:04:02 02. A Vicious Circle
00:09:16 03. Until The End
00:15:32 04. Biology
00:23:46 05. Amnesia Haze
00:25:01 06. Orbitus
00:32:15 07. Only U
00:38:37 08. Sombra Do Dragao
00:40:56 09. Fallen Notes
00:46:20 10. Dirty Trix
00:51:17 11. Red Doves
00:56:56 12. One Nite Stand
01:02:46 13. Archangel (06:30)
01:09:16 14. As Light Fades

From Far Out Recordings’ in-house producer, Daniel Maunick’s debut solo album Macumba Quebrada conjures scenes of collective hedonism from start to finish. Spanning Afro-Brazilian spiritual dance ceremonies, late-eighties Detroit techno parties and jungle and broken beat raves in nineties London, Maunick celebrates our instinctive, age-old desire to come together and lose our sense of self.

Daniel Maunick practically grew up behind the mixing desk. As the son of Brit-funk legend Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick (of Incognito fame), he found himself immersed in music from an early age, and quickly became involved in London’s drum n’ bass, acid-jazz, house, broken beat and soul scenes, releasing his first production at the age of sixteen on Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay’s Talkin’ Loud label. Since then, he has produced albums by the likes of Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Terry Callier, Incognito, Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti and Sabrina Malheiros.

Reflecting his dual residence between Rio de Janeiro and East London, Macumba Quebrada features deep house stompers and broken bangers littered with Brazilian rhythms - in the form of both dusty percussion and Maunick’s intricate drum programming. But the album sees Daniel draw inspiration from across the black music continuum, and the rich histories of communal celebration in Detroit techno, Chicago house, London D’n’B and New York disco. Bringing all this together in explosive peak-time club tracks, moments of eerie ambience, South American swing and tribal earthiness, Macumba Quebrada expands on Maunick’s recent vinyl-only EPs ‘A Vicious Circle’ and ‘Sombra Do Dragao’, with a 13-track double LP and 14-track CD and digital release.

Taking its title from a syncretism of South American spiritual practices, the cover art is photograph taken by acclaimed French photographer and self-taught ethnographer Pierre Verger, who travelled the world documenting civilizations that would soon be effaced by progress. Settling for good in Salvador, Brazil, Verger became initiated into the Candomblé religion, eventually officiating rituals and ceremonies within the community. Without having become an ordained priest, Daniel Maunick shares both Verger and Far Out Recordings’ love for Brazil: its people, its culture and its music.

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Breathe Carolina - "Drive (Godamn Remix)" [Dance]

Drive (Godamn Remix)

"Drive (Godamn Remix)" music video by Breathe Carolina
Added: 24-04-2020
Genre : Dance
Description : Breathe Carolina - Drive (GODAMN Remix) [Official Music Video]

Breathe Carolina - Drive (GODAMN Remix) is OUT NOW!

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The multifaceted Colorado-based unit Breathe Carolina debuted in the late 2000s with a genre-mashing EDM/post-hardcore/electropop sound, breaking through with the 2011 single "Blackout" from their third album, Hell Is What You Make It.

Founded in 2006 by Kyle Even and David Schmitt, the Denver group's blend of synth-based beats and melodic screaming first appeared on the public radar in 2007 with the self-released Gossip EP. It was followed in 2008 by the band's first full-length for Rise Records, It's Classy, Not Classic, which featured all the tracks that appeared on Gossip with six additional new songs. Hello Fascination was released in 2009 and peaked at number 43 on the Billboard 200, and in 2011 the group released its third full-length, Hell Is What You Make It, home to the breakthrough single "Blackout."

Though founding member Kyle Even left the group in 2013 to focus on being a parent, Breathe Carolina would continue without him, eventually releasing a fourth album, Savages, in 2014. The set recruited guests Karmin, Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), and Tyler Carter (Issues), and featured the singles "Collide," "Bang It Out," "Sellouts," and "Savages." The following year saw the release of a new single, "More Than Ever," a collaboration with Ryos featuring vocalist KARRA. It was issued via the Dutch indie Spinnin' Records.

Over the next year, Breathe Carolina had a prolific streak, releasing a bevy of high-profile singles and a pair of EPs in 2016's Sleepless and Oh So Hard. They collaborated with artists like Blasterjaxx, APEK, Haliene, and more. Another EP, Coma, again for the Spinnin' label, arrived in 2017. The following year, they issued the sequel EP Oh So Hard, Pt. 2. 2019 brought collaborations with Raven & Kreyn on "Stronger" and with Jordan Jay on "All I Need."

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