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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

King Von - "All These Niggas (ft Lil Durk)" [Hip-Hop]

All These Niggas (ft Lil Durk)

"All These Niggas (ft Lil Durk)" music video by King Von
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : King Von Ft Lil Durk - "All These Niggas" (Music Video)

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Chicago rapper King Von got into his city's drill scene after his fluid storytelling style caught the ear of more-established rapper Lil Durk. Durk signed King Von to his Only the Family label and released his viral 2018 single "Crazy Story," which was included on his debut, Grandson, Vol. 1.

King Von was born Dayvon Bennett on Chicago's South Side and raised in the crime-ridden O Block neighborhood. By his teen years, Bennett had turned to crime himself and would spend years in and out of jail before he began rapping in 2018. After hearing some of his early tracks, Lil Durk took an interest in King Von and welcomed him into the Only the Family collective. His early single "Problems" gained some traction, but it was the captivating narrative of a robbery-turned-shootout on "Crazy Story" that broke through to a larger audience. A video for the song released in late 2018 was streamed over 20 million times. This put King Von on the map and he followed it with the single "Cousins" featuring JusBlow600 in March of the next year. To further his rising career, he relocated from Chicago to Atlanta. His debut effort, Grandson, Vol. 1, landed that September. Featuring Lil Durk on a pair of tracks, the set debuted at 75 on the Billboard 200. The rapper's second set, Levon James, arrived the following March: with a higher-profile list of features including YNW Melly and NLE Choppa, the rapper's second set continued the frantic brag-rap of its predecessor.

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The Foxies - "Anti Socialite (Live)" [Rock & Alternative]

Anti Socialite (Live)

"Anti Socialite (Live)" music video by The Foxies
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Foxies - Anti Socialite (Live)

Growing Up Is Dead available everywhere:


Written by:
Julia Bullock
Jake Ohlbaum
Rob Bodley
Sean Silverman
Alex Silverman

Venue - EXIT IN - Nashville, TN
Stuart Berk - Production Manager
Production Designer - Sooner Routhier 
Lighting Designer's -Brent Maxon & Clare Mathison 
Live Stream Video production/ Engineering - Adam Jones/ ALJ Innovations 
Post Production Video Director & Editor - Devon Roberts  
Audio and Lighting - PRG Nashville

Copyright (C) 2020 The Foxies Music.

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Foxies

Space Of Variations - "Room 57" [Metal & X-Core]

Room 57

"Room 57" music video by Space Of Variations
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : SPACE OF VARIATIONS - Room 57 (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Stream/Order EP “XXXXX” now:

Ukrainian band Space Of Variations released their first animated work! The video was created by the band members during the quarantine.

"In these hard times, when it seems the whole world is going crazy, we, as a band have found ourselves not in the best position. Tours and festivals got canceled. We could not even shoot a video without violating quarantine. Then, we remembered the old idea of creating a hand-drawn animation.

We started looking for someone to bring our ideas to life. Yet, it did not take long to realize that we were the ones to do it best..

About 2 thousand hand-painted frames were created for the video. All work on this project took about 1.5 months while we had a few online gigs. So we're super excited to invite you to our dark universe! Welcome." © SOV




Tags : 2020, 20s, Space Of Variations

Troye Sivan - "Rager Teenager!" [Pop]

Rager Teenager!

"Rager Teenager!" music video by Troye Sivan
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Troye Sivan - Rager teenager! (Official Video)

“Rager teenager!” available now:!

Pre-order the ‘In A Dream’ EP here:

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Director: Troye Sivan
Producer: Troye Sivan
Editor: Brooke James (

An EMI Recorded Music Australia Production © 2020 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.


Troye Sivan Mellet (born 5 June 1995) is an Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and YouTuber. After gaining popularity as a singer on YouTube, and in Australian talent competitions, Sivan signed with EMI Australia in 2013 and released his third extended play, TRXYE (2014), which peaked at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200. Its lead single, "Happy Little Pill", reached number ten on Australian music charts. In 2015, he released his fourth extended play Wild followed by his debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood, whose lead single "Youth" became Sivan's first single to enter the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 23.

His second studio album Bloom (2018) reached number three in Australia, and number four on the Billboard 200 chart. Its lead single "My My My!" became Sivan's second number-one single on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. In April 2020 Sivan released his first single from his upcoming third album, "Take Yourself Home". Sivan announced the release of his EP, In A Dream, for August 21, 2020.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Troye Sivan

Anaal Nathrakh - "Endarkenment" [Metal & X-Core]


"Endarkenment" music video by Anaal Nathrakh
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Anaal Nathrakh - Endarkenment (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at:
The title track from Anaal Nathrakh's "Endarkenment" album.

Directed and Edited : David Brodsky for MyGoodEye 
Producers : David Brodsky and David Hunt
Illustrator : Tim Kellen
Animation : Tim Kellen and David Brodsky
Director of Photography : Laura Johnson

Extremity has been Anaal Nathrakh‘s stock in trade for more than two decades, and with Endarkenment, they maintain their legacy of aural devastation. However, for all the furor they stir up, the duo have never been a two-dimensional entity, with a great deal of depth involved in everything that they do, and on many levels the new record is distinguished from its predecessors. “I think in terms of feel, it’s brighter, more open and direct than maybe we’ve been in the past,” states vocalist Dave Hunt. “Obviously I don’t mean it’s happy-go-lucky sounding, or suggestive of a sunny disposition. I mean something more like it burns with light rather than glowers with darkness. It’s coruscating.” The evolution since 2018?s towering A New Kind Of Horror has been personal and profound, and is very much in line with that experienced by many of their listeners. “Personally, I feel more cynical, more bitter, with a greater sense that the world is fucked, and is continually re-fucked by people who have no idea what they are doing. Musically, I think we’re more mature – not less frenetic, but better able to channel our energies where they’ll be most effective. That’s an ongoing process, you never finish growing into what you’re doing and being better able to push at the edges of what you can do. But we aren’t interested in evolving what we do, only how we do it. We remain unlike the vast majority of other bands in our sound, and we’re proud of what we do.”

With laying out a plan and then executing it not conducive to the kind of energetic, chaotic vigor Hunt and multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney look for, the band follow ideas where they are taken by them and work spontaneously. Coining the phrase “riding a dragon” when recording – “making music with a sense that all you can do is hang on” – this very much embodies the tumultuous racket thrown up by Endarkenment, with its storms of blastbeat driven violence, frenzied riffing and panoramic choruses that suddenly change the direction of tracks. “We only really know what an album is like after we’ve finished it. Doing it any other way just wouldn’t be right for us.” One thing that was very clear to the band was the album’s title and how prescient it is in current times, standing as the opposite of the Enlightenment, a movement that went against superstition and ignorance. Writing in the album’s liner notes, Hunt says: “There has been, and continues to be, increasingly widespread rejection of Enlightenment-style values such as rationalism, skepticism, the rejection of faith in favour of judgements dependent on empirically verifiable phenomena and so on. There are local versions in many places, but in our native UK, this was summed up by politician/sinister gnome Michael Gove’s famous claim that we’ve ‘had enough of experts’. Thus we enter the age of endarkenment.” With this as an overarching theme, Hunt, one of the more intellectual lyricists in contemporary metal, penned the lyrics to the record, exploring a diverse range of subject areas and looking in often uncomfortable directions.

The music was tracked entirely in Kenney’s studio in southern California while the vocals were laid down in an industrial estate in Birmingham, UK, in a unit just down the corridor from where an S&M porn was being filmed. “It occurred to me not long ago that we haven’t recorded together at the same place twice for ten years or more, and I think part of the reason for that is that is that the place itself doesn’t really affect us. It changes the experience of actually doing it in terms of being there in person, obviously, but it doesn’t really make any difference to the way we work together. Dedicated studios, expensive gear, acoustically isolated live rooms and so on – they’re all great, I’m sure, but give us a quiet room with a lightbulb, a laptop and a shitty mic and we’ll still do basically the same thing. The music and the atmosphere and the inspiration are in us, not in places or pieces of equipment.”


Created in 1999 with the sole purpose of providing the soundtrack to Armageddon, Anaal Nathrakh comprises Englishmen V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (aka Dave Hunt, vocalist with Benediction and Mistress) and Irrumator (aka multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney, of Aborym, Frost, Mistress, and owner of Necrodeath Studios). Taking their founding cues from Norwegian black metal leviathans such as Mayhem, Burzum, and Darkthrone, the duo recorded two demos before delivering their first full album, The Codex Necro, in 2001. Judging from the mostly positive reviews, the wait was worth it, and subsequent efforts When Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has Sown (a 2003 EP), Domine Non Es Dignus (2004), Eschaton (2006), Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here (2007), In the Constellation of the Black Devil (2009), Passion (2011), Vanitas (2012), Desideratum (2014), and The Whole of the Law (2016), have advanced Anaal Nathrakh into ever more technical and diverse -- but always vicious and nihilistic -- black metal realms, and have yet to disappoint.

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Papa Roach - "Legacy (INFEST IN-Studio Live 2020)" [Rock & Alternative]

Legacy (INFEST IN-Studio Live 2020)

"Legacy (INFEST IN-Studio Live 2020)" music video by Papa Roach
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Papa Roach - Legacy (INFEST IN-Studio) Live 2020

Recorded live as part of the world-wide stream "INFEST IN-Studio" Video-on-Demand June 20, 2020.

Stay in touch with Papa Roach:
Official Website:
Official Store:

© MMXX Papa Roach LLC, under exclusive license to ADA. All rights reserved.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Papa Roach

Christine and the Queens - "La Vita Nuova (ft. Caroline Polachek)" [Pop]

La Vita Nuova (ft. Caroline Polachek)

"La Vita Nuova (ft. Caroline Polachek)" music video by Christine and the Queens
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Christine and the Queens - La vita nuova (feat. Caroline Polachek) [Official Video]

La vita nuova
New EP available here:

Story by Christine and the Queens and Colin Solal Cardo

Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
Produced by Rémy Solomon
Executive producers: Julien Berlan, Elsa Rakotoson, Marie Fioriti
DOP: Crille Forsberg
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Editor: Tianès Montasser
Costume Designer: Jonathan Huguet
Set Designer: Jeanne Ader
Color grading: Fabien Pascal
Guest starring: Caroline Polachek and Félix Maritaud as “The Fauna”
Dancers: Brandon Masele, Emmanuelle Soum, Enzo Boffa, Josh Wild, Liza Lapert, Maji Claire, Patric Kuo, Silvia Contento

Extras:Adam Dahibi, Adam Grandval, Alan Tardif, Alexia Pereira, Aminata Thiboult, Bonnie El Bokeili, Coli-Fary Diouf, Erwan Fale, Eva Studzinski, Fabian Lamy, Fatoumata Diawara, Fleur Dujat, Jordy Van Beghin, Laurent Benhenni, Mariana Benenge, Mélissa Bocoum, Melvin Malheurty, Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, Pricile Ugena, Reihane Grandguillaume, Roxanne Ky, Ryan Meng, Sahné Rasoanaivo, Serena Freira, Stencia Yambogaza, Thomas Lelong, Tidiane Diop, William Dybele

Line Producer: Ophélie Stavropoulos
Production Coordinator: Mélanie Gilbon
First Assistant Director: Juliette Mabille
Second Assistant Director: Elsa Michon
Assistant Choreographer: Benjamin Milan
Casting Extras: Dourane Fall, Conan Laurendot
Leader Extra: Fiona Bègue
Assistant: Hugo Dao

First Assistant Camera: Loup Lebreton
Second Assistant Camera: Dimitri Sorel
Third Assistant Camera: Jimmy Nguyen
Steadicam Operator: Rémi Quilichini
B Camera Operator: Julien Pujol

Art Department Coordinator: Marie-Aubrey Molès
Second Assistant Art Director: Isabelle Lawson
Prop Master: Victor Delbos
Set Decorators: Lisa Boukobza, Gilles Garnier, Clothilde Cras De Belleval, Timon Milon, Laurent Saint-Gaudens, Océane Dufau

Unit Manager: Kim Shewy
Unit Assistants: Marion Prieux, Jean-Fred David, Djibyrile Sy, Romane Botquin, Penelope Ader, Charles Crapart, Alexandre Do, Emilia Massias, Jérôme Babinard, Sacha Hayon
Gaffer: Basile Barniské
Electricians: Adrien Lallau, François Auclair, Vincent Taberlet, Marchal Bedy, Frédéric Chevrier, Lucas Janiszewski, Matthieu Legoupil
Key Grip: Tristan Morin
Grips: Zaher Megdiche, Camille Conroy, Tanguy Bourgeois, Thomas Canivet, Ugo Villaume

Make-Up Artist: Manu Kopp
Hair Stylist: Pawel Solis

First Assistant Costume Designer: Sarah Bernard
Second Assistant Costume Designer: Lise Breton
Adjuster: Brice Fernandes
Stylist Extras: Pierre De Mones
Stylist Extras Assistants: Jill Gattegno, Louise Pisselet

Sfx Make-Up Designers: Raphaël Guionnet, Charlotte Arguillere, Antoine Wayne, Cindy Bohn, Joël Mogade, Alexis Kinebanyan, Christophe Mureau

Sound Recordist: Charles Darnaud
Sound Mix: Alban Lejeune, Eliott Sebbag
Sound Mastering: Ash Workman

Post Production: Everest
Head Of Post Production: Sylvain Obriot
Color Grading: Fabien Pascal
Post Producer Fx: Chloé Juillard
Editing Assistant: Ella Dixon
Technical Post Producer: Jeremy Le Bris
Graphists: Vincent Heine, Stephane Gassin, Francois Puget, Damien Thiebot
Title Designer: Julien Seiller
Typographer: Julien Priez
Set Photographer: Jonathan ‘Ojoz’ Adelaide

Special thanks to: Les équipes de l’Opéra national de Paris, Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, Julien Pujol, Silverway, Kodak, Everest, Rvz
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Kawala - "Ticket To Ride (Live Session)" [Pop]

Ticket To Ride (Live Session)

"Ticket To Ride (Live Session)" music video by Kawala
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : KAWALA - Ticket To Ride (Live Session)

Here is the official live session of our new single ‘TICKET TO RIDE’!
Listen here:

Directed by: Do Not Entry
Produced by: Harleymoon Kemp


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A sprightly pop band from the Camden borough of London, Kawala found success in 2018 when their percussive indie folk-inflected single "Do It Like You Do" became a streaming hit. Thanks to their bright, melodic style, they have earned comparisons to bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and Glass Animals.

Kawala were initially formed as an acoustic duo by singer Jim Higson and guitarist/singer Daniel McCarthy, who studied music together at university in Leeds before heading back to North London to immerse themselves in the local music scene. A 2015 appearance on the popular Mahogany Sessions video series raised their profile significantly, and they soon fleshed out the band with the addition of lead guitarist Dan Lee, bassist Reeve Coulson, and drummer Ben Batten.

Kawala issued their debut single, "Small Death," in 2017, following it in early 2018 with "Do It Like You," becoming a streaming success in the process. As Kawala picked up steam throughout 2018, they began making festival appearances at Live at Leeds and The Great Escape, eventually releasing their debut EP, D.I.L.Y.D., later that summer on Mahogany Records.

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Lastelle - "Coping Without A Cure" [Metal & X-Core]

Coping Without A Cure

"Coping Without A Cure" music video by Lastelle
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : LASTELLE - Coping Without A Cure (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Song: Coping Without A Cure
Album: Single (2020)
Hometown: Oxford, United Kingdom


Label: Year Of The Rat Records


Video by
Purple Yam Productions

Recorded by
Jonjo Williams & Jamie Mck at Shaken Oak Studios

Mixed and mastered by
Simon Jackman of Outhouse Studios

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lastelle

Shoreline Mafia - "Live @ Lollapalooza 2020" [Hip-Hop]

Live @ Lollapalooza 2020

"Live @ Lollapalooza 2020" music video by Shoreline Mafia
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Shoreline Mafia Lollapalooza 2020 [Live performance]

Shoreline Mafia - Lollapalooze 2020
Stream/Download -

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California hip-hop collective Shoreline Mafia deliver hedonistic trap rap focused on partying, sex, and drugs. After a slow rise in the late 2010s, they signed with Atlantic in 2018, and released the Billboard-charting Party Pack, Vol. 2 in 2019.

Influenced by Max B, 50 Cent, Three 6 Mafia, and Gucci Mane, the group was formed in 2012 by graffiti artists and rappers Fenix, Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato (the sole Chicagoan in a gang of Los Angeles natives). In their early years, they recorded and partied together, but they didn't cement their status as an official group until 2016. Their debut mixtape, ShorelineDoThatShit, arrived independently in late 2017. Produced by RonRonTheProducer, the set featured the singles "Musty" and "Bottle Service." They signed with Atlantic Records in early 2018, re-releasing ShorelineDoThatShit in May and subsequently issuing Traplantic, Party Pack, and OTXmas before the end of the year. Party Pack, Vol. 2 appeared in September of 2019, reaching number 61 on the Billboard 200.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Shoreline Mafia

Vic Mensa - "Live @ Lollapalooza 2020" [Hip-Hop]

Live @ Lollapalooza 2020

"Live @ Lollapalooza 2020" music video by Vic Mensa
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop

Watch Vic Mensa's 2020 Lollapalooza Performance including "NO MORE TEARDROPS" by Vic Mensa (ft. The Rebirth Brass Band, Malik Yusef & Wyatt Waddell), "16 SHOTS", "WE COULD BE FREE".

Featuring and arranged by PETER COTTONTALE

Directed and Produced by Parallel Production
(Towkio + Todd Barrett)
Seamus Doheny - AD
Austin Vinas - steadicam op
Charles Mcpike III - 2nd camera op, 1st AC
Jeff Salzbrunn - drone op
Paul Elliot - Assistant Proudcer & editor
Towkio and Todd Barrett - 2nd and 3rd editors
Todd barrett - colorist
Sam Malave - cop #1
Jordan Thompson - cop #2
Chicago Bucket Boys - Chicago Bucket Boys
Natalie Newell - runner/ PA
Alison Mae PA

Follow Vic Mensa Online:


Chicago rapper Vic Mensa earned ample underground cred before breaking through to mainstream audiences, as a founder of the SAVEMONEY collective, a member of the hip-hop group Kids These Days, and a solo artist. He made his solo debut in 2013 on Chance the Rapper's high-profile mixtape Acid Rap, and followed shortly thereafter with music of his own. His bright lyrical style called on influences from the more positive side of '90s hip-hop as well as notes from rock and pop music. His unique style and frequent collaborations with Chance the Rapper attracted the attention of Roc Nation, which signed Mensa and issued his 2017 studio debut, The Autobiography.

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Aminé - "Compensating (ft. Young Thug)" [Hip-Hop]

Compensating (ft. Young Thug)

"Compensating (ft. Young Thug)" music video by Aminé
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Aminé - Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Video)

Official music video of "Compensating" by Aminé feat. Young Thug - available everywhere here:

Directed by Adam Daniel & Jack Begert

Jak Knight
Jonathan Ressom
Yosief Berhe
Madison LST
Ava Craddolph
Ebonique Wool
Alexis Howell

A Psycho Films Production
EP: Sam Canter
Producer: Geenah Krisht
DP: Chris Ripley
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
2nd AD: Del Lightcsy
B-Cam: Parker Brooks
1st AC: Jacob Perry
2nd AC: Mason Harrelson
Camera PA: Afolake Akingba
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman
Gaffer: Greg Loebell
Key Grip: Charles Tae
Swing: Genevieve Evans
Wardrobe Stylist: Lisa Li
Wardrobe Assistant: Ashely Sipos-Phelan
Production Designer: Andre Taylor
Art Director: Jevon Dismuke
Set Dresser: Jereme Wood
Set Carpenter: James Bice
Set Carpenter: Nicholas Reynolds
Set Carpenter: Alan Yuen
Set Carpenter: Ashton Warner
HMU: Julie Dinh
Set Medic: Caitlyn Ward
Production Assistants: Jayson Salomon, Deji Bankole, Eric Moots
Pass Van: Malik Riley
Editor: Will Tooke
VFX: Justin Johnson, Max Goodrich, David Baker, Will Tooke
Illustrations: Zoe Hazlett
Tennis Consultant: Liam MacRae

Connect with Aminé:


The career of stylistically left-of-center rapper Aminé took off with the multi-platinum number 11 pop hit "Caroline" (2016) and continued to ascend with the gold-certified album Good for You (2017) and stardom-affected follow-up ONEPOINTFIVE (2018).
A native of Portland, Oregon, Adam Aminé Daniel rapped in high school but didn't take it seriously until after he graduated. It took him a while to find his voice, as heard on Odyssey to Me, a 2014 release the artist quickly put behind him. The radically improved Calling Brio followed a year later, boasting input from the likes of Kaytranada, Tek.Lun, and fellow Pacific Northwesterner Pasqué, as well as askew trap and tribal productions of Aminé's making.

Signed to Republic, Aminé made his major-label debut in 2016 with "Caroline," a freaky-flirty Pasqué collaboration that reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 the following January. Six months later -- just after XXL magazine included him in their 2017 Freshman Class feature -- Aminé issued Good for You, on which he was joined by Charlie Wilson, Ty Dolla $ign, Offset, and Kehlani. The album entered the Billboard 200 at number 31 and eventually went gold.

A collaboration with the trio Injury Reserve, "Campfire," was released in April 2018 and was followed four months later by ONEPOINTFIVE. The reluctantly classified follow-up featured the lead single "Reel It In," among the project's songs informed by the downsides of Aminé's newfound fame. He returned in 2019 with the contemplative single "Places + Faces."

Tags : 2020, 20s, Aminé

Baby Narco - "Potion" [Hip-Hop]


"Potion" music video by Baby Narco
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Baby Narco - Potion

Iced Up records presents Baby Narco
Song produced by : P Dot
Video Directed by Sosa Visions

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Tags : 2020, 20s, Baby Narco

Dave East - "So Confusing" [Hip-Hop]

So Confusing

"So Confusing" music video by Dave East
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Dave East - “So Confusing ” (Official Music Video)

Karma 3 drops August 14th! Pre-Save Now!


David Lawrence Brewster Jr. (born June 3, 1988), better known by his stage name Dave East, is an American rapper, songwriter and actor from Harlem, New York. East started rapping in 2010 . He gained attention in 2014 from his eighth mixtape, Black Rose. Its release garnered the attention of Nas, who later signed East to his record label, Mass Appeal Records, and later in conjunction with Def Jam Recordings.

In 2016, East was chosen as part of the XXL magazine's 2016 Freshman Class. His tenth mixtape, Kairi Chanel, was released in the same year and peaked at number 38 on the US Billboard 200. His debut extended play, Paranoia: A True Story, was released in 2017 with features from Nas, Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown amongst others and peaked at number 9 on the US Billboard 200.

East began his acting career in 2017, where he had a role as himself in Being Mary Jane and The Breaks. He also had a supporting role in the Netflix film Beats (2019) as "Mister Ford". His breakthrough acting role came in the Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga (2019) where he portrays Method Man. His debut studio album Survival was released on November 8, 2019, and peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard 200.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Dave East

The Washboard Union - "Feel Like That (Quarantine Sessions Episode 6)" [Country]

Feel Like That (Quarantine Sessions Episode 6)

"Feel Like That (Quarantine Sessions Episode 6)" music video by The Washboard Union
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Country
Description : The Washboard Union - Feel Like That - Quarantine Sessions (Episode 6)

The Washboard Union perform an acoustic version of "Feel Like That".

Original Version from The Washboard Union album, What We're Made Of.

Connect with us:

Recorded and Produced by The Washboard Union.


The Washboard Union is a Canadian country music group from Vancouver, British Columbia led by principal members David Roberts, Aaron Grain (aka Brett Ellis) and Chris Duncombe.

Aaron Grain and Chris Duncombe met in Kelowna, British Columbia at age 15 when Duncombe's father began dating Grain's mother. Duncombe and Grain eventually moved to Vancouver, where they met David Roberts, who was living in a Point Grey mansion. The three began writing and singing together. They originally performed under the name Run GMC. Their debut album, The Washboard Union, was released in 2012 and produced by Garth Richardson and Bob Ezrin.

In January 2015, The Washboard Union recorded an extended play, In My Bones, at RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Trey Bruce. It was released by Slaight Music/Warner Music Canada on July 10, 2015. The first single, "Some Day", went top 40, and the second and third singles, "Maybe It's the Moonshine" & "Shot of Glory", reached the top 10 and top 5 respectively on the Billboard Canada Country chart. In October 2015, The Washboard Union won the British Columbia Country Music Association Award for Roots Canadiana of the Year.

The Washboard Union's next album, What We're Made Of, was produced by Matt Rovey (Zac Brown Band, Dean Brody) in Nashville and Jeff "Diesel" Dalziel in Toronto and Vancouver over the winter of 2017/18. The album’s first single, “Shine”, was the band’s third Top Ten Country Radio hit which they performed live on the Canadian Country Music Awards and walked away with a CCMA Award for 2017 Roots Artist of the Year.

In 2018 the group performed in Liverpool, Nova Scotia at the Queens Place Emera Centre.

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Washboard Union

Bryan Adams - "That’s How Strong Our Love Is" [Rock & Alternative]

That’s How Strong Our Love Is

"That’s How Strong Our Love Is" music video by Bryan Adams
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Bryan Adams - That’s How Strong Our Love Is

A song from the album “Shine A Light”, this track was re mixed for the album, so this is the original band track . Bryan is singing LIVE to the TV track. Recorded and filmed on his iPhone.


Shine a Light is the fourteenth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, released on March 1, 2019 by Polydor Records. The album's title track, co-written by Ed Sheeran, was released on January 17, 2019. The album debuted at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Bryan Adams

Toni Braxton - "Dance" [R'n'B, Soul, Funk]


"Dance" music video by Toni Braxton
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : R'n'B, Soul, Funk
Description : Toni Braxton - Dance

"Dance" Available Now!

New album "Spell My Name" August 28th, 2020
Pre-order now:

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Blending fire and finesse, Toni Braxton has wielded broad appeal throughout a career studded with Top Ten pop and R&B/hip-hop hits, multi-platinum certifications, and major award recognition. Soulful enough for R&B audiences yet smooth enough for adult contemporary playlists, sophisticated enough for adults but sultry enough for younger listeners, and equally proficient at heartbroken and seductive material, Braxton made her solo debut at full power during the early '90s. Her first two albums, Toni Braxton (1993) and Secrets (1996), both went platinum eight times over, accompanied by a string of hit singles that included "Un-break My Heart," which ranks among the longest-running number one pop hits of the rock era. Each one of her subsequent albums has been treated as an event, whether it has followed a brief or extended break in studio activity. They have regularly debuted within the Top Ten, highlighted by Love, Marriage & Divorce (2014), a set of duets with long-term collaborator Babyface that made her one of the few artists to be handed Grammy awards in each of three decades. From "Love Shoulda Brought You Home" to her first single of the 2020s, "Do It," Braxton's Top Ten R&B/hip-hop hits span a similar length of time.

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Blueface - "Respect My Cryppin' (ft. Snoop Dogg)" [Hip-Hop]

Respect My Cryppin' (ft. Snoop Dogg)

"Respect My Cryppin' (ft. Snoop Dogg)" music video by Blueface
Added: 05-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Blueface - Respect My Cryppin' ft. Snoop Dogg

Music video by Blueface performing Respect My Cryppin'. 5th Amendment & Entertainment One


L.A. rapper Blueface made a snap decision to abandon his dreams of playing football, and in under a year went from barely contemplating music-making to being one of the more buzzed-about rappers in the game. Taking the name Blueface to represent both an association with the Crips and the "blue" $100 bill, the face-tatted rapper broke out in 2018 with several releases that highlighted his asymmetrical flow and cleverly surreal lyrical style.

Blueface was born Jonathan Porter in 1997, growing up in Los Angeles and moving around the area a lot before attending college at North Carolina's Fayetteville State University on a football scholarship. After dropping out of college, Porter found himself back in L.A. and hanging out with his friend TC4800 for a studio session. He randomly took the mike, rapping for the first time in his life. He developed a polarizing style that incorporated lines that wandered in and out of meter as well as provocative, ear-catching lyrics heavy on slang and clever imagery. His first track to break through on a bigger level was "DeadLocs" in early 2018. He followed the viral track with the even more successful "Thotiana" a few weeks later. He began doing tours of high schools and meeting fans at area malls. This grassroots promotion helped him build a devoted fan base and he quickly issued new music to keep them interested. The Famous Cryp mixtape, an EP entitled Two Coccy, and a collaborative mixtape with Trendd called We Over Famous all showed up before the end of 2018. Later in the year, Blueface signed with long-running rap superpower Cash Money Records. He began 2019 with the new single "Bleed It." A handful of additional singles followed including the Rich the Kid collaboration "Daddy," which was featured on his Dirt Bag EP later that year. A long-labored debut studio album was first announced in October of 2019, with a release date for December of that year. After being pushed back multiple times, Find the Beat finally arrived in March of 2020. The album featured guest appearances from a large cast of big-name rappers, including verses from Gunna, NLE Choppa, DaBaby, and many others. The album broke through to the Top 100 of the Billboard charts, peaking at number 64.

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