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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Deez Nuts - "Live @ Rockpalast (2014)" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ Rockpalast (2014)

"Live @ Rockpalast (2014)" music video by Deez Nuts
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Deez Nuts live | Rockpalast | 2014

Setlist | Deez Nuts Live | Rockpalast | 2014
1. Shot After Shot 00:00
2. I Hustle Everyday 02:44
3. Stay True 06:43
4. Dtd 09:52
5. What We Eat Don't Make You Shit 12:29
6. Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You 14:00
7. Popular Demand 17:01
8. Go Fuck Yourself 20:18
9. Band Of Brothers 22:23

Das Quartett aus Melbourne ging 2007 aus der Auflösung der Metalcore-Band I Killed The Prom Queen hervor. Die australische Hardcore-Truppe wurde damals von Drummer JJ Peters ins Leben gerufen. Ihren Namen haben sie vom gleichnamigen Song von Dr. Dre. Was zunächst als unbekümmerte Jam-Session in Peters' Studio begann, entwickelte sich schnell zu einem erfolgreichen Musikstil.
Im Bereich des Metalcore gelten die Australier mittlerweile als feste Größe und sind vor allem für ihre offenherzigen Texte bekannt. Deez Nuts zelebrieren in erster Linie einen kräftigen Rap, den sie hier und da mit Metal-Elementen und Hardcore Punk vermischen. Bereits im Jahr ihrer Gründung brachten die Vier ihre erste EP raus: "Rep Your Hood".
Nach "Stay True" (2008) und "This One's For You" (2010) folgte 2013 ihr bis heute erfolgreichstes Album "Bout It", für das sie Tracks mit sieben anderen Bands und Musikern aufgezeichnet haben, unter anderem mit Madball, Suicide Silence und den Architects.

JJ Peters - vocals
Matt Rogers - guitar
Sean Kennedy - bass
Alex Salinger - drums

#DeezNuts wurden 2014 beim #SerengetiFestival vom WDR #Rockpalast aufgezeichnet.


Former I Killed the Prom Queen drummer JJ Peters founded Deez Nuts in Melbourne, Australia, in 2007, taking the band's name from a Dr. Dre song. Equally influenced by hardcore punk and hip-hop, the group's lyrics focused on partying as well as hustling, and the group's 2008 debut album, Stay True, appropriately contained a cover of Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right." The group spent much of 2008 touring Australia and Europe, and the sophomore full-length This One's for You appeared in 2010. Deez Nuts' third album, Bout It, was released in 2013, featuring numerous guest appearances from across the hardcore scene, including members of Architects, Madball, and Suicide Silence. Their fourth album, Word Is Bond, followed in 2015, featuring more introspective, less party-centric lyrics than previous efforts. The group's fifth studio long-player, 2017's Binge & Purgatory, featured the singles "Commas & Zeroes," "Discord," and "Purgatory." Two years later, the album You Got Me Fucked Up featured heightened production values and integrated driving heaviness with bouncy pop hooks.

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Asher Angel - "Nobody But You (w. Cmc$)" [Pop]

Nobody But You (w. Cmc$)

"Nobody But You (w. Cmc$)" music video by Asher Angel
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : CMC$ & Asher Angel - Nobody But You (Official Video)
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Singer/songwriter, guitarist, and actor Asher Angel made his teenage debut in 2017 with the upbeat pop/rock ditty "Snow Globe Wonderland." Born in Paradise Valley, Arizona, the young Angel honed his acting chops with local community theater roles before moving to Los Angeles, where he was cast on the Disney Channel show Andi Mack. In late 2017, "Snow Globe Wonderland" was released in conjunction with the Disney Channel's Holiday Celebration special.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Asher Angel

TJ Porter - "Get Back (ft. Jay Gwuapo)" [Hip-Hop]

Get Back (ft. Jay Gwuapo)

"Get Back (ft. Jay Gwuapo)" music video by TJ Porter
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : TJ Porter - “Get Back” feat. Jay Gwuapo (Official Music Video)

TJ Porter and Jay Gwuapo drop the visuals to their newest collabo ”Get Back”


Directed by:


Rapping was a passion for TJ Porter from a young age, but he put dreams of being a professional musician on the backburner when he started to make gains as a basketball player in his early teens. When his best friend died in a gang-related shooting, the 15-year-old Porter was moved to change course, returning to rap with a renewed sense of purpose. His inspired and often autobiographical lyrics of struggle and perseverance shone through on several early singles as well as his 2019 studio debut, Voice of the Trenches.

TJ Porter was born Terrence Reaves and grew up in a Harlem housing project. He was turned on to golden age hip-hop by his uncle, who played him Nas and Tupac when he was a boy. By his preteen years he was rapping regularly for fun, but he took more of an interest in basketball, at which he also excelled. In 2016, his best friend Juwan Tavarez was killed in a violent crime. A young Porter looked back over text message conversations he'd had with Tavarez before he was gunned down, and realized the encouragement and support his friend was showing in regard to his skills as a rapper. Inspired to honor his fallen friend, Porter put his basketball aspirations on hold and started rapping full time, first self-releasing a few tracks online. It was his 2018 single "Tricky" that caught fire, leading to a contract with Def Jam before the young rapper was even out of high school. From there he released more singles, looking to New York legend 50 Cent for inspiration, hoping his tracks could re-create the powerful, ubiquitous energy of his rap hero's prime years. Porter's introspective and often melodic studio debut, Voice of the Trenches, arrived in June 2019, featuring just one guest slot by Chicago rapper Calboy on the song "Flooding the Streets."

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Oh Hiroshima - "Live From Krokbornsparken" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live From Krokbornsparken

"Live From Krokbornsparken" music video by Oh Hiroshima
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Fast Forward to 12:00 min for the start of the performance

OH HIROSHIMA – Live from Krokbornsparken (#NapalmSofaSeries) | Napalm Records

Welcome to a free live stream show with Oh Hiroshima!
The show is streamed from Krokbornsparken in Hällefors, Sweden's oldest peoples park.

The show is free but it is possible to make donations to support the band and cover the costs of the show. Use this link for that purpose:

Grab Oh Hiroshima's latest album , "Oscillation" here:

The band is joined on stage by guitarist Jalle Furingsten and cellist Ellen Hemström.

Audio overlord ov the eternal void: Anton Sundell
High priest ov production and visual warlock: Philip Saxin
Vegetarian barbarian ov camera entrapment: Hanna Welander


Oh Hiroshima are a post-rock band originally from Kristinehamn, Sweden formed around 2007 by Leif Eliasson and Jakob Hemström, who were later joined by Simon Axelsson and Hemström's younger brother Oskar Nilsson. The band is noted for its subdued electronic instrumentation, abstract guitar texturing, and use of vocal soundscapes.

Beginning as an experimental music project between Eliasson and Hemström, Nilsson officially joined the group as their drummer in 2011 during the writing process for debut album Resistance Is Futile, having before recorded bass with the group. Axelsson joined the band that same year as their bass player.

The first releases by Oh Hiroshima were the demo EPs Empty Places Full of Memories and Tomorrow, released in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Their first album, Resistance Is Futile, was self-released digitally in 2011. Their second album, In Silence We Yearn, was self-released digitally in November 2015, and on 1 July 2016, Fluttery Records re-issued the album on CD. A vinyl version followed on 2 December later that year through Napalm Records. In 2018, the band's debut LP was re-issued physically as well—on CD by Fluttery Records on 22 February, and on vinyl by Napalm Records on 7 December.

Founding guitarist Leif Eliasson departed from the band in July 2018. In October 2018, they announced that they had signed a deal with Napalm Records for their third album and on 26 July 2019, Oscillation was released.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Oh Hiroshima

R Dollas - "Gunnin For Me (ft. Casanova 2x)" [Hip-Hop]

Gunnin For Me (ft. Casanova 2x)

"Gunnin For Me (ft. Casanova 2x)" music video by R Dollas
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : R Dollas - “Gunnin For Me” feat. Casanova 2x (Official Music Video)

Label: Savvy Music Publishing

Tags : 2020, 20s, R Dollas

Lil Kee - "Can’t Trust Myself" [Hip-Hop]

Can’t Trust Myself

"Can’t Trust Myself" music video by Lil Kee
Added: 15-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Lil Kee - “Can’t Trust Myself” (Official Music Video)

Lil Kee “Can’t Trust Myself” available now everywhere!

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Directed by

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lil Kee