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Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Killers - "My Own Soul’s Warning" [Rock & Alternative]

My Own Soul’s Warning

"My Own Soul’s Warning" music video by The Killers
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Killers - My Own Soul’s Warning (Michael Hili Video)

Pre-Order the new album Imploding The Mirage now:

“My Own Soul’s Warning”:

Follow The Killers:

Music video by The Killers performing My Own Soul’s Warning (Michael Hili Video). © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


"My Own Soul's Warning" is a song by American rock band the Killers from their forthcoming sixth studio album, Imploding the Mirage. It was released on June 17, 2020, as the third single from the album.

Album lead track, "My Own Soul's Warning" was written near the end of the Imploding the Mirage sessions. The cover artwork is by American artist Thomas Blackshear.

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Killers

Migos - "Need It (ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again)" [Hip-Hop]

Need It (ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again)

"Need It (ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again)" music video by Migos
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Migos - Need It ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Music video by Migos performing Need It. © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


The currently untitled upcoming fourth studio album by American hip hop trio Migos, formerly titled Culture III, is set to be released in 2020. It will follow up from each member's previous debut solo studio albums which included Quavo's Quavo Huncho, released on October 12, 2018, Takeoff's The Last Rocket, released on November 2, 2018, and Offset's Father of 4, released on February 22, 2019. Quavo claimed it would be released in the summer before the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since said it would be released once the pandemic is over.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Migos

Wallis Bird - "Live @ Rockpalast (2020) (ft. Wyvern Lingo)" [Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert]

Live @ Rockpalast (2020) (ft. Wyvern Lingo)

"Live @ Rockpalast (2020) (ft. Wyvern Lingo)" music video by Wallis Bird
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert
Description : Wallis Bird feat. Wyvern Lingo live | Rockpalast | 2020

Home 00:00:00
Blossoms In The Street 00:02:32
I Know What I'm Offering 00:06:52
Daze 00:12:34
Change 00:16:43
Woman Oh Woman! 00:23:49
That Leads The Way 00:28:53
Salve! 00:37:00
I Am So Tired Of That Line 00:42:37
Encore 00:48:41
To My Bones 00:54:02
In Dictum 00:59:53
As The River Flows 01:04:40

Wallis Bird ist Irin, ihre musikalische Karriere erblühte allerdings in Deutschland, nachdem sich die Studentin für Musik und Songwriting von Dublin aus zu einem Musiker-Workshop aufmacht. Gerne wird Wallis Bird mit Liedermacherinnen wie Ani DiFranco, Janis Joplin, Eva Cassidy oder KT Tunstall verglichen.
Ihre facettenreiche, von der Akustikgitarre getragene Musik ist geprägt vom Rock, Pop und dem Irish Folk, hat aber mittlerweile auch viel dem Soul entlehnt. Ruhige Solo-Akustik-Songs sind ebenso Teil ihres Repertoires wie dicht arrangierte, aufbegehrende Rocknummern, stets vorgetragen mit äußerst kräftiger Stimme und einer Bühnenenergie, die im besten Sinne mitreißend ist.
Schon kurz nach ihrer Geburt 1982 schenkt ihr Vater ihr eine Gitarre. Im Alter von eineinhalb Jahren trennt ein Rasenmäher ihr alle Finger der linken Hand ab. Vier davon können der Linkshänderin wieder angenäht werden. Die kleine Wallis übt von nun an auf einer Rechtshänder-Gitarre, die sie andersherum hält, ohne dabei die Reihenfolge der Saiten anzupassen. Dabei entwickelt sie ganz eigene Grifftechniken, die ihr Gitarrenspiel einzigartig machen. Die Leidenschaft für das Musikmachen sieht Wallis als Bestimmung an: "Wenn ich nicht Musik machen kann, dann weiß ich nicht, was ich auf dieser Erde sonst machen soll. Ich habe festgestellt, dass jeder genau das machen kann, was er möchte. Man muss eben nur dranbleiben."
Mittlerweile ist Wallis Bird überhäuft mit Auszeichnungen, war in fast allen Kontinenten auf Tournee und hat trotz aller musikalischer Abwechslung einen Stil und eine Haltung entwickelt, die sie abhebt vom Gros der Liedermacher/innen weltweit. Die Konzerte des Energiebündels sind ohnehin seit jeher wahre Spektakel.

#WallisBird feat, #WyvernLingo wurden im März 2020 in der Bonner Harmonie beim #CrossroadsFestival vom WDR Rockpalast aufgezeichnet.

Wallis Bird - vocals, guitarSaoirse Duane - guitarKaren Cowley - keyboardsCaoimhe Barry - drums


Wallis Bird (born 29 January 1982) is an Irish musician. She has released six studio albums, including Architect in 2014 and Home in 2016.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Wallis Bird

Hollywood Undead - "Idol (ft. Tech N9ne)" [Hip-Hop]

Idol (ft. Tech N9ne)

"Idol (ft. Tech N9ne)" music video by Hollywood Undead
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Hip-Hop
Description : Hollywood Undead - IDOL feat. Tech N9ne (Official Video)

Stream/download 'IDOL' out now:

Connect with Hollywood Undead:

Video: William Wombat Felch


Hollywood Undead hail from the streets of Hollywood, California, mixing brash hip-hop, rock, and minor metalcore touches with cocky posturing. With their colorful pseudonyms and unique hockey goal tender-inspired masks, the band debuted in 2008 with Swan Songs, but didn't hit their commercial stride until the release of their 2011 sophomore effort, American Tragedy, which cracked the Top Ten on the Billboard 200 chart. Subsequent outings like Notes from the Underground (2013) and Day of the Dead (2015) performed just as well, if not better, cementing the group's reputation as one of rapcore's leading lights.

In 2018 the Undead released the standalone single "Gotta Let Go," a summery blast of feel-good nostalgia about letting go of pain. The EP Psalms also arrived that year. Two years later, the band released their sixth album, New Empire, Vol. 1. A deliberate attempt to change their sound, it was heavier than before, with more electronic elements.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Hollywood Undead

The Rolling Stones - "We Love You (Lyric Video)" [Rock & Alternative]

We Love You (Lyric Video)

"We Love You (Lyric Video)" music video by The Rolling Stones
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Rolling Stones - We Love You (Lyric Video)

Music video by The Rolling Stones performing We Love You (Lyric Video). © 2020 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.


"We Love You" is a song by the English rock band the Rolling Stones that was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. It was first released as a single on 18 August 1967, with "Dandelion" as the B-side. The song peaked at number eight in Britain and number 50 in the United States, where "Dandelion" was promoted as the A-side and peaked at number 14. The recording features a Mellotron part played by Brian Jones and backing vocals by John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

The single's two tracks were the final Stones recordings receiving a production credit for band manager Andrew Loog Oldham. The recording session represented Oldham's last work with the band before resigning as their producer.

Written in the aftermath of the drugs arrests faced by Jagger and Keith Richards at the Redlands country home of the latter in Sussex that year, "We Love You" opens with the sounds of entry into jail, and a cell door clanging shut. The draconian nature of the sentences handed down to the two Stones relative to the charges prompted a stern editorial in The Times on 1 July 1967, titled "Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?", in protest.

The song's lyrics appear to be "a spoof" of the Lennon–McCartney song "All You Need Is Love", which the Beatles performed on the Our World satellite broadcast on 25 June. Alternatively, as Lennon insisted was the case, in his famous 1970 Rolling Stone interview, the lyrics can be seen as echoing the message of the Beatles song, on which Jagger and Richards were among the many chorus singers. On close examination, "We Love You" espouses a strong anti-establishment stance, proclaiming "we don't care if you hound we and lock the doors around we" and "you will never win we, your uniforms don't fit we."

Tags : 1967, 60s, The Rolling Stones

The Pretenders - "Maybe Love Is In NYC" [Rock & Alternative]

Maybe Love Is In NYC

"Maybe Love Is In NYC" music video by The Pretenders
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Pretenders - Maybe Love is in NYC (Official Video)

The official video for Maybe Love is in NYC by Pretenders. 

Taken from the new album Hate For Sale, out now:

Follow The Pretenders:


Hate for Sale is the eleventh studio album by English-American rock band The Pretenders. It was released on July 17, 2020 by BMG Rights Management. It has received positive reception from critics.

Lead single "The Buzz" was released on March 17, 2020 and the album was announced for a May 1 release. A five-month North American tour with Journey was also slated to begin May 15, 2020 and announced in 2019. On March 24, 2020, Hate for Sale was delayed to July 17 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry; the band shared their The Damned tribute "Hate for Sale" the same day. "You Can't Hurt a Fool", was released for free on April 14, 2020.

It is the first Pretenders album since 2002's Loose Screw to feature original member Martin Chambers, who was absent on Break Up the Concrete and Alone. It also marks the return of producer Stephen Street, who worked on the band's albums in the 1990s.

Keyboardist Carwyn Ellis and pedal steel guitarist Eric Heywood are not featured on the recording or the album artwork.

Hate for Sale was met with positive reviews from critics noted at review aggregator Metacritic. This release received a weighted average score of 78 out of 100, based on 14 reviews. Album of the Year sums up critical consensus as 76 out of 100 with 13 reviews and AnyDecentMusic? gives the release a 7.3 out of 10.

Wayne Perry of Associated Press considers Hate for Sale "among the best this legendary band has ever produced" with special attention to James Walbourne's guitar work and songwriting. For the London Evening Standard, Rachel McGrath rated the album a four out of five stars, calling out several tracks and Walbourne's musicianship as well. American Songwriter's Hal Horowitz gave the same score, writing that Chrissie Hynde is as relevant and talented as ever in her over 40 years as a performer. Writing for The Arts Desk, Asya Draganova also points out Hynde's vitality as a punk musician and sums up the album as "a fun, melodic, and memorable listen".

Tags : 2020, 20s, The Pretenders

Bronski Beat - "Hit That Perfect Beat (ToTP 1985)" [Pop]

Hit That Perfect Beat (ToTP 1985)

"Hit That Perfect Beat (ToTP 1985)" music video by Bronski Beat
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat (Top of The Pops 1985)

Top of The Pops performance broadcasted December 12th 1985

Listen to "Hit That Perfect Beat" -

Follow Bronski Beat


"Hit That Perfect Beat" is a single from the British synthpop trio Bronski Beat and appeared on their 1986 album Truthdare Doubledare. It became a popular dance hit and reached number three in the UK charts in January 1986 and reached the top ten in many European countries and across the world.

The video for the song featured frontman and vocalist John Foster alongside the other two band members playing at a Liverpool club called "The State" as well as scenes from in and around Stanley Dock. The song also featured in the 1985 British film Letter to Brezhnev, and can also be heard in the background in the Only Fools And Horses 1985 Christmas special "To Hull and Back", in Sid's Cafe. The number was used as the theme song opening and closing the popular South African television exercise programme, BODY BEAT, directed by Wally Green and presented from 1989 until 1998 by exercise fundi, Dr Phil Joffe. Viewed at 06.10 5 days a week by one and a half million viewers, the show entertained and educated exercisers by filming in venues throughout South Africa, visiting Namibia and Zimbabwe for further shoots.

The song's refrain is also quoted in the Die Antwoord song Beat Boy and video, Zef Side.

The song also appears at the end of A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, where Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett dance to the song's chorus during the film's credits as bassist Jason Newsted walks by bobbing his head.

Tags : 1985, 80s, Bronski Beat

Vitriol - "Hive Lungs" [Metal & X-Core]

Hive Lungs

"Hive Lungs" music video by Vitriol
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : VITRIOL - Hive Lungs (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Taken from the album "To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice", out September 6th, 2019. 

Order now:

Tags : 2020, 20s, Vitriol

Foreigner - "Head Games (Double Vision: Then And Now Live)" [Rock & Alternative]

Head Games (Double Vision: Then And Now Live)

"Head Games (Double Vision: Then And Now Live)" music video by Foreigner
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : Foreigner - Double Vision: Then And Now - 02 Head Games (Live)

Get the live album "Double Vision: Then And Now":


With more than 80 million albums sold and 16 Top 30 hits, Foreigner is universally hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world. Now, ‘Foreigner - Double Vision: Then And Now’ takes viewers behind the scenes as original band members join Mick Jones and Foreigner’s current lineup for the very first time in the band’s 40-year history. Both incarnations of the band share the same stage for an epic performance. ‘Foreigner - Double Vision: Then And Now’ available now via earMUSIC.

Watch rock and roll history with one of music’s most anticipated reunion events as ‘Foreigner - Double Vision: Then And Now’ celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum 1978 album ‘Double Vision’ with a masterful live performance of the band’s biggest hits, filmed at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA.

Original members Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood, Dennis Elliott, Ian McDonald and Rick Wills take the stage with Mick Jones and Foreigner - Kelly Hansen, Tom Gimbel, Jeff Pilson, Michael Bluestein, Bruce Watson and Chris Frazier - to rock through some of the best-selling songs that bring back the memories that make it feel like the first time for both long-time fans and new generations.

Says Mick Jones, “This was a show that I will always remember! Sharing the stage with the guys that shaped Foreigner in the beginning and the stellar musicians that carry the flag in the new millennium, was a truly emotional moment.”

"We wanted to stage an elaborate production for the very first ‘Foreigner - Then And Now’ reunion concert”, says award-winning executive producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media, who created this explosive rock celebration. “Something unlike any other previous Foreigner show has captured on film, that both visually and sonically breathes new life into their amazing classic songs – the songs that I grew up on - for the fans to enjoy for many years to come. I believe we achieved that in this film and live album."

Filmed in 4K Ultra HD using over 24 camera positions, the concert film features a stunning multimedia set design, with custom CGI animation, lasers, fog, and elaborate FX that elevate this powerful performance to new levels.


"Head Games" is the title-cut and second single taken from the band Foreigner's third release. It was written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, and released primarily in the U.S. in October 1979 while at the same time, "Love On The Telephone" was being released elsewhere. The song's b-side, "Do What You Like" uses multi-layered harmony vocals in the lines of their earlier single, "Cold as Ice."

Billboard Magazine described "Head Games" as a "kick it out rocker" and described Gramm's vocals as "expressive" and Jones' guitar playing as "searing."

"Head Games" reached number 14 on the charts of both the U.S. and Canada and is the official song of the Cup O' Millions.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Foreigner

Dan Deacon - "Adriane In Wonderland (Well Groomed OST)" [Experimental]

Adriane In Wonderland (Well Groomed OST)

"Adriane In Wonderland (Well Groomed OST)" music video by Dan Deacon
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Experimental
Description : Dan Deacon - Adriane in Wonderland (From 'Well Groomed' Original Score) (Official Video)

Dan Deacon - "Adriane in Wonderland", from 'Well Groomed (Original Score)', out now on Domino Soundtracks.

Order 'Well Groomed (Original Score)':

Follow Dan Deacon:
Apple Music:


WELL GROOMED travels a year in the humorous and visually stunning world of competitive creative dog grooming alongside the women transforming their beloved poodles into living sculptures. Watch now:

Director: Rebecca Stern
Producers: Justin Levy, Matthew Mills, Rebecca Stern
Editor: Katharina Stroh
Cinematographer: Alexander W. Lewis

Follow Well Groomed:
Instagram and Facebook: @wellgroomedmovie


Blending a background in experimental composition with a love for pop culture and a penchant for absurdism, Dan Deacon has gained an enthusiastic following and critical acclaim for his highly energetic performances and elaborate recordings. Much of his best-known material, such as 2007 full-length Spiderman of the Rings, contains electronically manipulated vocals and buzzing, neon-like synth tones, and is overwhelmingly giddy and joyous. However, he has also written more nuanced, reflective pieces, such as 2012's America, and is involved with the contemporary classical world. Deacon is highly active as a soundtrack composer as well; among other films, he wrote the music for the acclaimed 2016 documentary Rat Film, which he also appeared in. An advocate of D.I.Y. culture, he is a co-founder of Wham City, a Baltimore-based collective of musicians, performance artists, comedians, and filmmakers who have organized numerous events and tours. Various Wham City members often accompany Deacon on his tours, with upwards of a dozen musicians performing his compositions. Deacon's performances place a heavy emphasis on audience participation, typically involving dance contests and comedic elements.

Deacon performed a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, consisting of his own pieces as well as compositions by Erik Satie and Du Yun. Mystic Familiar, his first studio album in five years, was released in 2020.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Dan Deacon

The Fall - "Frenz" [Rock & Alternative]


"Frenz" music video by The Fall
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : The Fall - 'Frenz '

A brand new video for The Fall's track "Frenz" which can be found on the album 'The Frenz Experiment' which was released on 29 February 1988. It reached number 19 in the UK album chart, making it the Fall's first Top 20 album.

Directed by Sabrina Nichols & Craig McNeil

The lyric video was made to celebrate the release of The Frenz Experiment expanded a double vinyl and CD to be released on October 23rd 2020 for more information check out
Tags : 1988, 80s, The Fall

Lomelda - "Hannah Sun" [Pop]

Hannah Sun

"Hannah Sun" music video by Lomelda
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Lomelda - Hannah Sun (Official Music Video)

Directed / Produced / Edited by Regina Gonzalez-Arroyo
Director of Photography Olive Goanta
Assistant Director Giuliana Foulkes
Camera Assistant Asuka Lin
Angel / Costume / Title Text by Hannah Read

“Hannah Sun” by Lomelda
From ‘Hannah’ out September 4, 2020 on Double Double Whammy
Written by Hannah Read
Produced by Tommy Read and Hannah Read
Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, fx and synths by Hannah Read
Electric guitar by Andrew Hulett
12-string guitar by Tommy Read
Drums by Charlie Martin

Stream + order on LP/CD/Digital


A pseudonym adopted when she was in high school, Lomelda offers quiet, introspective lo-fi by singer/songwriter Hannah Read. A native of Silsbee, Texas, Read followed in the footsteps of her older brother and sister by starting on the guitar at an early age. As Lomelda, she grew a fan base in the Waco area while in college and added a backing band before self-releasing her 2012 debut, Late Dawn Inheritance. Co-produced by her brother Tommy Read, it featured a small group of guests on strings and drums and was soon picked up by Austin-based Slow Divide Records. After she toured more extensively, Lomelda's second album, Forever, arrived in 2015 via Punctum Records. Released in April 2016, 4E captured a live solo performance of Forever at Waco's Meadows Recital Hall. With word of her low-key, intimate songcraft spreading, Lomelda then accepted an invitation to tour in support of Pinegrove and signed a record deal with Double Double Whammy. The label released her third studio LP, Thx, in September of 2017.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Lomelda

Vio-Lence - "California Über Alles" [Metal & X-Core]

California Über Alles

"California Über Alles" music video by Vio-Lence
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : Vio-lence - "California Über Alles” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Producer: Violence
Engineered and Recorded: Christian Olde Wolbers
Mixed: Christian Olde Wolbers and Wesley Seidman
Additional Editing by Jon Howard
Mastered: Wesley Seidman

Lyrics: Jello Biafra and John Greenway
Sean Killian- Vocals
Perry Strickland-Drums
Phil Demmel- Guitars
Bobby Gustafson- Guitars
Christian Olde Wolbers- Bass

Video credits:
Directed By: Scott Kirkeeng
Produced By: Scott Kirkeeng
Edited By: Dan Brown


San Francisco's Vio-Lence were one of the late arrivals to the '80s thrash metal party, and while they bore all the regular sonic traits of the genre, they never really had the chance to develop in the short time allotted to them.

Eternal NightmareFormed by guitarist Robb Flynn after his departure from fellow Bay Area thrashers Forbidden, Vio-Lence also featured vocalist Sean Killian, guitarist Phil Demmel, bassist Dean Dell, and drummer Perry Strickland. Heavily influenced by thrash pioneers Exodus, the band often chose raw aggression over the more technical style of peers like Death Angel and Forbidden. Despite Killian's vocal shortcomings (the singer seemed incapable of keeping up with the rest of the group's frenetic pace), the band's 1988 debut Eternal Nightmare had more than its share of bright moments. This couldn't be said for their mostly lackluster 1990 follow-up, Oppressing the Masses, nor 1991's Torture Tactics EP, however, and the band fell apart after the recording of 1993's Nothing to Gain.

Robb Flynn would quickly resurrect his career with a new band -- the well-received Machine Head, while Demmel and Dell would go on to form Torque.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Vio-Lence

Katy Perry - "What Makes A Woman (acoustic)" [Pop]

What Makes A Woman (acoustic)

"What Makes A Woman (acoustic)" music video by Katy Perry
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Katy Perry - What Makes A Woman (Acoustic Video)

Katy Perry's new album "Smile" out August 28 -

Listen to "What Makes A Woman" here:

Katy Perry Complete Collection on Spotify:

Katy Perry Essentials on Apple Music:

Follow Katy Perry: Website:

Kris Pooley: music director, keys
Devon Eisenbarger: guitar
India Carney: background vocals

Music video by Katy Perry performing What Makes A Woman (Acoustic Video). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


Smile is the upcoming sixth studio album by American singer Katy Perry. It is scheduled to be released on August 28, 2020, by Capitol Records, three years after its predecessor Witness (2017). The album was preceded by the singles "Daisies", "Smile", and "What Makes a Woman". It also includes Perry's 2019 standalone singles "Never Really Over" and "Harleys in Hawaii". She described the album as her "journey towards the light, with stories of resilience, hope, and love".

Tags : 2020, 20s, Katy Perry

Collab - "Hey Man, Nice Shot" [Rock & Alternative]

Hey Man, Nice Shot

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" music video by Collab
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : COLLAB - "Hey Man, Nice Shot" (Mastodon, Stone Sour, In Flames, Royal Tusk, Dragged Under)

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" is a smash single by the band Filter, originally released in 1995.

This Playthrough is a collaboration featuring Royal Tusk's frontman Daniel Carriere, as well as several big names in the rock and metal scene: 
Bill Kelliher - Mastodon (guitar) 
Johnny Chow - Stone Sour (Bass)
Tanner Wayne - In Flames (drums)
Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce - Dragged Under (guitar). 

Performing under the pseudonym "Bracing For Impact" 

Mixed by Joey Bradford

Tags : 2020, 20s, Collab

Glass Beach - "Calico" [Rock & Alternative]


"Calico" music video by Glass Beach
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : glass beach - "calico" (official music video)

"calico" by glass beach from the album 'the first glass beach album' out now via run for cover records

'the first glass beach album' vinyl/cd/tapes and glass beach merch:


An inventive indie combo from Los Angeles, Glass Beach plays a vivid amalgam of new wave, indie pop, jazz, and emo with heaps of punk energy and an affection for chiptunes. Following a handful of self-released singles, they made their full-length debut with 2019's The First Glass Beach Album.

Frontperson and multi-instrumentalist J McClendon -- a native Texan -- previously operated under the solo moniker, Casio Dad, creating frenetic pop songs built around shimmering chiptune melodies and played with emo fervor. The project attracted the admiration of a pair of University of Minnesota Morris students, Jonas Newhouse and William White, who soon befriended McClendon and subsequently moved L.A. in 2016 with the intention of starting a band together. With Newhouse on bass and White on drums, the newly minted Glass Beach spent the next few years constructing their unique sound based around McClendon's demos. A couple of digital singles paved the way for their full-length debut which was appropriately titled The First Glass Beach Album. Just prior to its 2019 release, guitarist Layne Smith joined as the band's fourth member. The album's wild and imaginative sound soon caught the ear of Run for Cover Records, which reissued it in 2020.

Tags : 2020, 20s, Glass Beach

H.C. McEntire - "River's Jaw" [Rock & Alternative]

River's Jaw

"River's Jaw" music video by H.C. McEntire
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Rock & Alternative
Description : H.C. McEntire - River's Jaw (Official Video)

From the album Eno Axis, out August 21st, 2020 on Merge Records.

Starring Jane McNeill

Directed by Jared Hogan
Produced by Parrish Stikeleather, Jared Hogan, Heather McEntire
Cinematography by Drew Bienemann
Camera Assistant Anthony Alvarez
Edited by Jared Hogan
Color Grade by Jacob McKee
Sound Design by Christian Stropko


Blessed with a perfect country voice and the uncompromising determination of a punk rocker, H.C. McEntire (also known as Heather McEntire) is best known as a member of the bands Mount Moriah and Bellafea, as well as for her work as a solo artist. Heather Cecelia McEntire was born in rural North Carolina on September 13, 1981. McEntire was raised in a farming community, and her parents were evangelical Christians who worked as part of Billy Graham's television ministry. McEntire grew up on a musical diet of gospel music, bluegrass, and Christian country music. It wasn't until McEntire went away to college (where she studied creative writing and women's studies) that she felt free enough to accept herself as a lesbian and step away from her Christian upbringing. She also worked at the college radio station, where she embraced punk rock.

By the early 2000s, McEntire had learned to play guitar and co-founded the indie rock band Bellafea; the group released an EP, Family Tree, in 2005, and they struck a deal with Southern Records, who issued the LP Cavalcade in 2008. In 2010, McEntire looked back to the country and gospel sounds of her youth as she formed the group Mount Moriah with Horseback guitarist Jenks Miller. Playing music that viewed the sounds of the American South through a prism of indie rock, Mount Moriah issued a debut EP, The Letting Go, in 2010, with their first full-length album, Mount Moriah, following in 2011. The duo signed with the respected indie label Merge Records, and issued their second album, Miracle Temple, in 2013. During their downtime from Mount Moriah, McEntire and Miller made music with their side project Un Deux Trois, and she toured as part of Angel Olsen's backing band.

After Mount Moriah dropped their third album, How to Dance, in 2016, McEntire found herself struggling with depression and felt at loose ends with her bandmates. While working on a project for Girls Rock -- a group that uses music programs to empower girls, women, and people of marginalized genders -- McEntire met Kathleen Hanna, founder of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and the Julie Ruin. Hanna urged McEntire to record a solo project, and helped her sort through the songs she considered for the album. In February 2018, Merge released McEntire's solo debut, which was titled Lionheart and credited to H.C. McEntire.

Tags : 2020, 20s, H.C. McEntire

Limbs - "Empty Vessel" [Metal & X-Core]

Empty Vessel

"Empty Vessel" music video by Limbs
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Metal & X-Core
Description : LIMBS - Empty Vessel [Official Music Video]

LIMBS' track Empty Vessel is out now:

Engineered/produced by Matt Johnson
Drums engineered by Nick Bellmore
Mixed/produced by Sam Guaiana
Mastered by Mike Kalajian

Video co-directed/edited by Chris Klumpp and Christian Lawrence


A fiery post-hardcore unit based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, Limbs employ a punishing blend of caustic riffs, explosive blastbeats, and eerie atmospherics. Since coming together in 2013, the band has gone from being regional noisemakers to becoming the first American group to sign with Australian heavy music indie UNFD. Formed in 2013 under a different moniker, the band underwent a number of personnel changes before settling on a core lineup consisting of Chris Costanza (vocals), Daniel Nelson (drums), Josh Kowalski (bass), and guitarists Jordan Hunter and Tyler Martin. The band issued its debut EP, Admissions, in 2014, followed by a second EP, Sleep, in 2017, the latter of which was produced by Underoath's Tim McTague and released via Equal Vision Records. The following year saw Limbs ink a deal with Aussie hardcore label UNFD -- home to Northlane and In Hearts Wake -- and issue their full-length debut, Father's Son, which was produced by Saosin guitarist Beau Burchell.

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Billie Eilish - "My Future (live)" [Pop]

My Future (live)

"My Future (live)" music video by Billie Eilish
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Billie Eilish - my future (Live)

Listen to “my future”, out now:

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future (Live). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


"My Future" (stylized in all lowercase) is a song by American singer Billie Eilish, released on July 30, 2020. Eilish co-wrote it with her brother Finneas O'Connell, who also handled the production. The song marks the first original release by the singer since the single "No Time to Die". Described as an uptempo lo-fi and R&B-based ballad with influences of soul, jazz and ASMR videos, the song's lyrics address Eilish contemplating about her past and the effects it had on her outlook on life and the future, discussing how she is ready to put the past behind.

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The Avalanches - "Wherever You Go (w. The International Space Orchestra)" [Pop]

Wherever You Go (w. The International Space Orchestra)

"Wherever You Go (w. The International Space Orchestra)" music video by The Avalanches
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : The Avalanches - Wherever You Go (Live In Lockdown With The International Space Orchestra)

During the global lockdown of 2020, The Avalanches teamed up with a team of intrepid scientists, astronauts and engineers from the SETI Institute and NASA for a musical performance like no other.

The Avalanches, The International Space Orchestra, and CLYPSO perform 'Wherever You Go' (Live In Lockdown).

Stream/download Wherever You Go (feat. Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry, CLYPSO) by The Avalanches here:

Edited by Liam Oz

B-Roll Footage by:
Ryan Pittman - NASA Ames Research Center
Janice Bishop, Lukas Gründler, and Franck Marchis - SETI Institute

The International Space Orchestra:
Aileen Aniciete - Choir
Alan Ni - Viola
Annette Rodrigues - Ukulele
Barbara Jo Navarro - Trumpet
David Roland - Dobro/Ukulele
Elisabeth Giessler - Violin
Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom - Choir
Frank Caradonna - Piano
Greg Schmidt - Ukulele
Joel McKinnon - Bass Guitar
John Bresina - Choir/Rhythm Section
John Cumbers - Choir
Julia Schorn - Harp
Lothar Determann - Tenor Saxophone
Katie Gründler - Flute
Janice Bishop - Clarinet
Lukas Gründler - Trombone
Markus Gründler - Euphonium
Marianne Cooper - Violin/Viola
Marianne Ryan - Choir
Matt Linton - Cello
Melanie Lean - Choir
Andrew Henry - Choir
Michael Gross - Trombone
Miryam Strautkalns - Choir
Matthew Daigle - Guitar
Oliwia Baney - Cello and other instruments
Rei Ueyama - Violin
Sora Ueyama - Bubbles and Toys
Rodney Martin - Percussion/Clarinet
Rusty Hunt - Baritone Saxophone
Tamra Scott-Hunt - Choir
Ryan Pittman - Banjo
Sarah Hobart - Choir
Scott Poll - Violin
Taylor Hobart - Choir/Harp
Ted Garbeff - Violin
Vanessa Kuroda - Piano
Evan Price - ISO Conductor & Musical Director
Nelly Ben Hayoun - Director & Founder of ISO

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Never mind digging in the crates -- the Avalanches seem to find a new purpose for each vintage recording they touch. Bent on filtering their all-encompassing record collections through sampling and original instrumentation owing most to hip-hop, the Australian group truly arrived in 2000 with Since I Left You. An expansive suite in the lineage of sample-based landmarks such as Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, and DJ Shadow's Endtroducing....., the album distinguished itself with an unbridled sense of joy -- exemplified not only by the sound of whinnying horses -- and minimal original vocal content, left to ingeniously recontextualized voices from disparate sources. Even in the wake of numerous awards, sales certifications, and the attainment of a global following, its stature continued to heighten through the release of the group's long-anticipated 2016 follow-up, Wildflower, a more collaborative effort offering new shades of psychedelia. Since topping the album chart in their home country, the Avalanches have previewed their third album with 2020 singles on which they've been joined by Blood Orange and Rivers Cuomo.

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Kane Brown - "Be Like That (feat. Swae Lee & Khalid)" [Pop]

Be Like That (feat. Swae Lee & Khalid)

"Be Like That (feat. Swae Lee & Khalid)" music video by Kane Brown
Added: 20-08-2020
Genre : Pop
Description : Kane Brown, Swae Lee, Khalid - Be Like That (feat. Swae Lee & Khalid [Official Video])

Kane Brown "Be Like That" with Swae Lee and Khalid is available now!
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Kane Allen Brown (born October 21, 1993) is an American singer and songwriter. Brown first came to the attention of the public through social media. He released his first EP, titled Closer, in June 2015 and followed it with a new single, "Used to Love You Sober", in October 2015. After Brown signed with RCA Nashville in early 2016, the song was included on his EP Chapter 1, released in March 2016. He released his first full-length album, the self-titled Kane Brown, on December 2, 2016. The single "What Ifs" came from this album, and in October 2017, Brown became the first artist to have simultaneous number ones on all five main Billboard country charts. Brown released his second album, Experiment, in November 2018, which became his first number one album on the Billboard 200.

On August 14, 2020, Brown released his third EP, Mixtape, Vol. 1, which includes "Cool Again", "Worldwide Beautiful" and "Be Like That", as well as four other tracks.

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